Sunday, October 31, 2004

>>rEaLLy eNjoyEd MysElf toDay<<

woke up at 9am todae.. my dis mummy arh.. go to my rm... "eh!! wake up lo" havent even 930am yet... aiyo!!! dont let me slp.. den we tok tok tok.. hahah!!!

wake up.. go brush teeth.. wait for daddy to buy breakfast back.. coz todae he off.. don nd to go work.. so shiok!! hahahs!! ate wan ton mee... 1030 go pom pom... style my hair nice nice.. den go out lo... met sim at great world bus stop at around 1115am.. if i'm not wrong.. when she first saw me.. she was like.... ahhhhh!! so cute!! lolx... den i hahaha... after dat.. we walk to find my dis marmie...

go mac dere.. marmie not dere worx.. donno whr she gone to.. so we went to sit down.. wait wait wait.. we were thinking eh?? whr is jessica... ??hmmX.. mayb she is inside helping... so we wait and wait and wait.. wait until cannot wait.. we went to mc cafe and check it out.. while walking dere.. dis marmie arh.. shout until so loud.. so "malu" hahaha.. she shouted.. "GERALDINE........SIM!!"... sim turned around.. she felt so malu.. yuan lai ta zai ice cream counter... chey!!!!!! we go and sit down again and wait for her to get changed... change until so long... hahaha... aiyah.. old liao.. kekekeke.. we ate french fries and a drink.. tok tok tok... !! hehhe... we forever like dat de.. right?????

after eating.. we wanted to go watch movie.. den dere is 2 nice guy.. i tell u.. i was so touched by dem.. ok.. here is the story ok?? got 2 guys approach us, ask us if we want to buy from dem tickets.. its a complementary tickets for 3.. juz nice for us.. den he ask if we want.. the price is surppose to be $8.50 but he lower the price to $6.50... at first we were not sure mah.. so we asked dem to wait first.. we go upstaris and checked it out.. coz we have to leave at around 4plus to go to the macritchi (donno how to spell) reservoir.. jessica's father fetching us go.. so nice of him right?? anw, we went up.. but we found no suitable timing.. we wanted to watch yesterday once more but here no more liao.. but tiong ve.. den nvm lor.. we went down to find the guys again.. ask them c wad show we can watch wif the tickets.. den dey say.. but den those are the shows dat we dont wanna watch... in the end dey gave it to us.... we reject it at first.. coz beri paiseh mah... also not nice to juz accept it... but in the end dey juz gave it to us.. we were so touch.. sim almost cried after dey walked away.. i was so touched too...!! wanted to take photos with dem den show these two nice guys.. but dey walked away liao.. hahaha!!! so touch!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! SobX.. kkz... we went up again... den ask if tiong ve.. den the counter say ve.. got space also... in the end we use the tickets to watch dat movie.. so nice of dem!! we got free show to watch... ahhhhhh!!!! so nice... so sweet of dem.... hehehhee...

went to tiong and watch.. the show is damn nice!!! beri touching.. i cried in the show.. sim cried the most... hahaha... recommended show! muz go watch k??? hehehe... sammi and andy.. o.O...

after the show at around 330pm.. we went to find jessica's father... didnt noe her mother was dere also.. but anw, dey fetched us go.... dey are so funni!! u hear the way they talk to each other u wanna laugh!!!!

reach dere liao leh.. donno why oh.. me and sim sat the car.. feel like vommitting.. normally i sit other ppl's car not like dat one.. got car sick.. no idea also.. kkz.. we walked into the reservoir and find dem.. gen, ah ma, minnie dey all... we say hiiiiiii!!wanted to take photos with dem.. but dey ve to "fall in" liao... prepare for the concert.. hehehe. so we went back.. den went to find one nice chair for the three of us to sit.. hehehe... we took some photos while sitting down..
dis is deir stage...:
dis one is the side view..

dis one is the front view...

hehehe.. dere is one funni part.. let me tell u ok? while the performance started.. everyone sat down and watched right?? suddenly it rain beri heavily.. me and sim took out the umbrella shelter the boss (jess).. hahaha.. den suddenly the rain so big.. sim 's umbrella.. turn the other way round.. hahahahaha!!! we laugh till peng.. oh my god manz... !!!! hahahaha!! realli beri funni... marmie also beri scared of ants.. muz chase the ants away one.. hahaha.. the ant so poor thing manz... lolx..

realli having soo much fun!!! after the rain stopped.. finally manz.. kept my umbrella.. den i took out the digital cam and we 3 took together... let me show u one by one... ::
me and marmie...

me and sim...

the three of us....
1) me,jess and sim

2) puffy faces

3) de siao bin

hehe.. dat's all we took... hehehe... after taking.. we talk and talk and talk again.. abt 6pm.. we walked to the stage dere go find dem..
while waiting for dem sim and jess took picx:

wanted to take picx with dem de... den we tok and tok and tok and tok to each other until not enough time.. den in the end we neber take picx with dem liao.. so wasted hor??? saw one realli beautiful and big doggy.. took a picx of dat too.. wanna c??
hehehe.. here u go:

also saw some tortise so cute.. swimming in the water.. hahaha.. took one of it too....
tala!!! can u c the tortise swimming?? hehehe..

hehehe.. abt 630 like dat.. marmie's father fetched us go tiong each jap food.. so nice of dem can?? dey are juz so damn funni!!!!! the way dey talk.. hahaha.. i tell u.. u will surely laugh till u pengz... !!!!!!!! after eating.. dey fetched me and sim home.... ahhhhh1!!really beri nice of dem.. we are so lucky today.. met so many nice ppl... hehehe...

had an enjoyable day todae!!! uncle and aunty!! thank you!!!! hehehe..

Saturday, October 30, 2004

>>i cUt my haIr aGaIN!!<<

hEhE.. after organ class.. went to carrefour to meet my mother.. we walk walk walk.. bought some tibits to de tiu hse... we ate eh.. kfc for lunch.. went to taka library to return bks den go to de tiu hse lo...

we took mrt dere... when we reached yew tee.. *boOm!!* heavy rain.. wah.. so big can?? c also i *pa pa*!! hahaha.. went to ntuc to buy some tibits again.. instead of going to de tiu hse we went to sa gor hse instead.. suppose to meet vanessa jie at her hse.. but becoz heavy rain den somemore she sick.. so better ask her stay at hm.. coz she made appointment with the hair saloon dat i wanna cut hair mah.. so in the end we asked her to stay at hm... ask sa gor to bring me instead lor...

reach the place.. i didnt noe dat the saloon is inside a hdb flat.. hahaha.. i was so surprise... she go cut cut for me.. eh.. not bad eh.. somemore so cheap worx... $6 nia.. i everytime go saloon is like $16-20... if i'm not wrong.. dono larh.. hehehe... next time i wanna go dere and cut again.. she is so friendly.. hehehe...

after cutting.. suddenly feel so light.. so shiok manz!!! went back to sa gor hse and bathe... feel so fresh.. after dat sa tiu fetched all of us to de tiu hse for dinner.. sit sit for a while.. till 9pm.. went home....

abt 10pm... me and marmie chat on the phone... hahaha.. discussing abt tml... den suddenly we changed subject again.. hahaha!! always like dat de.. right?? hehehe.. we ahem!! gossip here and dere and again... *shhHH*..

marmie arh.. u dont be afraid tml okay??? i will try to be dere around 11 am to pei u... den after dat we go out together with sim dey all... slp tight!! lub ya... dont slp so late otherwise tml beri tired... got panda eyes.. hehehehe... !!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

>>mArmiE tHanK yoU!!<<

last day of sch todae... miSs 3J so much!!! next yr donno whether we will split up anot.. haix.. hope not so bah!!

haha.. todae concert item was so funii!! i didnt noe dat mr tan is the santa claus.. he is so spotting manz!! hahahaa...... so entertaining.. everyone was like laughing and laughing... den we had the.. hmmX.. christmas pagent.. all the angels and elves.. the sec 1s are so cutie!! den the sec 3 of coz.. dey all are so sweetie!! especially claudia from our class.. she look so sweet... but too bad we didnt won the prize.. hehehe... all of dem are so creative.. dey made their dresses by demselves.. its a waste dat i didnt brought my cam with me.. otherwise i wld took it and share with u all and c..hehehe... after the whole concert.. ms quek wants to c all the obs girls.. so we went dere for briefing... gen and me.. coz sim went for eldds meeting and bao wei got red cross mah...

after the briefing.. me and gen went back to class.. gen was like so sad.. coz she brought the cam but no film.. and she cant take photos with the seniors.. so sad hor?? ya lor.. i also sad.. haix.. cant bear to part.. we went back to class.. jenica was alone.. she also like beri sad like dat.. but she beri funni.. talking to winnie the pooh.. hahah.. coz she loves dem too much!! a while later.. me and gen went to her locker to help to take sim's books... coz nd to clear liao mah.. met nat after dat.. sim forgive her lo.. but also gd larh.. at least we dont ve have to avoid each other liao.. hehehe... in class leh.. nat brought her cam.. so we took pic with her.. not long after.. we pack all our things and went out of the class to meet sim at the staff rm.. pass to her all the things... stay for a while.. den me and marmie went to tiong to have lunch...

hahaha.. at mac.. i tell u.. we talk non-stop.. first we gossip here and dere.. ahem!! hehehe.. den we tok tok tok den tok until saw a huge doggy.. so cute!! somemore its fur cover its eyes.. hahaha.. den when u c like no eyes like dat.. its so cute!! i juz lub dogs too much!! hahaha... after seeing the dog.. we change subject.. we go and talk abt the dog story.. hahaha!! it was so funni.. realli had fun todae with marmie.. thank you marmie for accompanying me todae!! *muaCkiEz*

abt 1 hr later den went back home lo... reach home leh.. i open the door.. i thought no one was at home.. den i saw a lady shoe.. ah ha!! caught my kor kor red handed.. i knew he brought his gf home... secretly somemore!! hehehe... somemore close his room door... think i dont noe.. hahah.. nvm... den i go watch tv... a while later i think he knew i came back worx.. he go and lock the rm's door.. as if i wan to enter like dat.. lolx.. i was like... don't hide from me.. hahaha.. i thought mommy knew abt it.. so i call her.. but she say donno.. somemore wan to scold him.. wah... i jia lat liao.. i thought i gonna get killed by him.. but she neber call so heng manz.. hahaha.. he came out of the room somemore singing away... so happi mood...

i go pom pom.. i dont care him.. hahaha.. 15 mins later leh.. i wanted to practise organ mah.. den he also wanna go out liao.. i was in the room.. when i come out arh.. his gf outside the hse liao.. so fast "bOOm" go out.. hahaha.. afraid to c me izzt? lolx.. juz jk.. wasted.. didnt get to say hi to her.. hahaha.. nvm i will wait.. lolx...

tonight leh... i wonder sg idol who going to be voted out.. i guess its either going to be christopher or leandra.. slyvester was so cute yesterday!! i like him!! olinder also.. her voice is powerful manz.. taufik.. ok larh.. not bad.. hehehe..

i going to cut hair tml worx.. why?? coz my mother ask me go cut de.. say wad my fringe too long liao.. cover my eyes.. so irritating.. hahaha.. den i say ok lor.. go cut lor.. somemore she say wad.. b4 obs u better cut hor.. if not beri ma fan.. blah blah blah.. all the naggings come out.. *pengz*..

Thursday, October 28, 2004

>>sO fUN!!<<

yesterday me, gen, marmie, sim and kor(joshua) talked on the phone together... hahaha!! so funni... all of us went crazy on the phone.. lolx.. coz we helping sim to write the letter to mr tan mah... we talk from 9-11pm... hahhaa!! den suddenly the phone hung... after dat i didnt call back le.. i go eat.. coz i beri hungry.. donno why yesterday so fast hungry de.. weird... hehehe... guess got worms in my stomach?? lolx..

it was so fun todae.. hahah!! wanna noe why??? hehehe.. okays!! i tell u why... coz suzanna and sim is back.. lolx... todae sim went back to sch.. den she looked so worried...

erm.. at first, marmie, cousin (jermain).. the three of us playing eng chess.. i tell u is damn fun playing wif jermain.. hahaha!!! she donno how to play mah.. so i taught her... eh.. she not bad can?? one round onli noe how to play liao.. fast learner.. but somehow abit blur blur.. hahah!! she is such a cute girl... okay.. next round we played checkers.. den me and marmie not sure how to play mah.. so i go find sim.. she down dere alone.. so lonely writing song.. den i purposely ask her to play with us so dat she wont feel so bored.. c i so caring!! hahaha.. den she also not sure.. .so in the end how?? in the end we invented our own rules.. hahaha!! anyhow play... can laugh until u pengz!! after dat gen come... go and ka jiao me and sim.. we so poor thing.. we are the victims... right?? lolx..

ahhhh!! its juz so fun todae!!! u can laugh till u pengz.. somemore minnie and jia en came to our clas.. den all of us were like discussing abt our family tree.. somemore draw the tree on the board... hahahhaa!! suddenly mr sng came.. wah sway manz.. somemore we laugh till so loud.. den everyday act guai guai hor??.. hahaha!! he asked jia en and minnie to go back to their own classes...

sudden quiet... o_O.. den we make noise again.. hahha!! todae our family are so playful... why arh??? i don understand.. i feel so crazy todae also.. and innocent.. hahahaha!! b4 sch ends leh.. we were discussing whr to go during the holidays... hehehehe... den now still planning not sure..

oh!! tml last day of sch lo.. so appi.. but still need to go back to sch during the holidays.. damn sian can? haix.. wad to do neh?? but tml is half day.. wheeeppppiii!! celebrating christmas tml.. so early hor? coz the sch kiasu mah.. haha.. jkjk.. will end sch at 1030am.. den marmie dey all ask c wan to go out anot.. we will c how first.. hehehe,.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

>>woRriEd fOr hEr<<

emergency exercise todae... lolx.. anw, erm.. in class leh.. the same old thing lor.. wad can i say again?? its........ "sianz".. bo tai ji zhou.. lolx..

sim bo lai sch.. so sian.. hahhas!! anw, we got back our total overall marks.. i pass!! weeet---u--weeet!! lolx.. did improve abit larh.. hehehe.. i every yr also improve de. though didnt did beri well for sa2 but my ca2 pulled me up.. so i passed 5 subs but failed 2.. those reading types.. combined humans and sci.. next yr muz pass!!! my goal!!! muz remember...!! hahha.. crazy me...

suzanna also neber come sch.. so in the end.. i checked the marks for sim and suzanna.. realli beri worried for sim.. i juz donno wad to do?? frenz?? wad shld i do?? i donno how to tell her straightly... realli.. when i check the marks for sim with mr tan.. he told me dat she might retain as she onli pass her lit and eng.. and she needs to pass one more subjects... now her highest for the other subjects is chinese which is 45.. he said dat he is gonna asked ms mak to pull her up her chinese marks.. so dat she could promote to sec 4.. i juz realli worried for her.. he also told me to tell her dat.. she has to prepare a letter of how she is going to improve her subjects by tml.. and ask her to c mr tan... i donno how to gen ta ka cou... by todae i have to tell her... ah!!

at abt 6pm plus.. she msg to me.. ask her how is her marks.. did she retain.. i do not dare to ans her.. i kept giving her excuses like.. i am having tuition cannot tell her.. blah blah blah.. and she is my bestest frenz.. we noe each other beri well... from the tone i wrote to her.. she straight away noe something is wrong.. and i juz donno how to tell her.. and she said she wants to die... from dat part.. i noe dat she is already beri sad and i do not wan to hurt her further.. but i ve no choice.. wad shld i do?? any one can help me?? haix....

okay.. now another topic.. i tell u arh.. todae the stupid emergency exercise is damn wad lor.. haix.. wad to do leh?? wad if the sch realli on fire or kana bomb?? hahahs!! choy!!!! its damn hot sia.. den everybody was like suntanning?? hahaha.. den i was joking with my frenz say.. its not the sch on fire.. is we all kana burnt.. hahah.. worse hor? lolx.. chao ta liao... realli damn hot.. den dis cheryl dey all keep asking to dang ta men.. so dat dey dont feel so hot.. wah!! as if i deir maria like dat.. but who ask me so kind larh.. so hao xin.. hahaha.. coz i don wanna squat mah.. i rather stand.. hehehe... after a while.. went to look for mr low.. den me, cheryl,shi hui, ai yue and baowei was like talking abt a maths.. little while later.. dat ms goh come.. den she ask us why are we here.. den we reply her say.. we are asking mr low abt a maths stuff.. den she say.. hello?? dis is an emergency exercise.. how could u do dis.. go back to ur places..!! i was like.. wad the... haix.. forget it.. so, we went back.. a while later the teachers dismissed us.. and recess!!!

abt 1pm later leh.. we go hall watch concert... suddenly my whole body feel so weak can? i was so hungry.. den in the hall.. in front of me was marmie.. den i was telling her i beri hungry i cannot ta han later after sch we go eat first.. i was sweating like hell.. seriously.. non-stop.. pool of water.. hahaha!! okay larh. abit kua zhang.. hahaha.. it juz flow non-stop.. yepz!!

after sch neh.. i ok le.. in the end neber eat.. den me,baowei and marmie went to find ms wong to ask abt the bio question.. coz got one question we dont understand mah... after she explained.. she asked me if i wan bio remedial.. den i say i wan.. she says she is going to give me one to one tuition during the holidays.. hehehehe!! she is so nice and sweet of her!! realli thank her manz.. den she gave me her email.. so, dis sun gonna email to her c when she is free to have remedial lor.. i also ask marmie to come along with me also if she wants.. den i wont feel so lonely also.. hahahhaa!!

tml shi erm.. a maths exam lo... muz wei wo jia you ok?? hahha... muz realli pass dis exam... study quite hard for it.. if jenica dont pass.. den i surely wont pass de.. anw, wish me all the best!! hehehe..

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


so sianz todae manz.. in class do nothing... if i noe todae so sian shld ve brought my a maths textbk to sch manz.. go revise... den at the same time can ask mr low..

my flu is getting bad man.. flow and flow and flow.. flow until got tears got my eyes.. den drip down.. hahaha..!!

sim neber come to sch again.. den gen got so bored den she keep de siaoing me.. i so innocent.. hahaha... sim not here den she come and ka jiao me.. pok here and dere.. hahaha!! in class got nothing to do mah.. den me and marmie tok tok... play cards with baowei and gen and irina as well as marmie.. we played poker cards.. "dai di".. played monopoly also.. but for awhile onli..kekekeke!!

todae arh.. ms wong go show us the erm.. drawings of donno wad artist.. i forgot his name liao.. its so difficult to c e drawing.. so confusing.. its abt a war.. and he wants to create peace.. yepz!! something like dat... am i right?? hehe.. lit lesson leh.. mrs chan taught us a new story... it was interesting.. den she told us the back yrs of 90s.. 80s..70s.. century of wad dey do.. its so funni!! guess she is in a beri gd mood todae... dat's why... kekeke..!!

later got a maths tution at 4pm.. but i think she is gonna be late larh.. for sure one!! hehe... everytime also like dat... though she always come late but her teaching is quite gd.. once she explain to u arh.. u will understand liao..

tml is dat stupid.. emergency exercise.. run here and dere.. sian arh!!! also donno for how long... but got concert item of the deepavali thingy lor.. wonder wad izzt abt.. hehehe.. let's find it out tml..

Monday, October 25, 2004

>>rAinY dAy<<

rAin rain go away.. come again another day... lolx... hahahs.. these few days been raining siax.. coz why? end of the yr is approaching.. wahaha... time pass so fast.. day by day... hehee...

okay!! todae no pe... coz alot of ppl bo bring pe shirt.. so in the end.. me.. baowei, sim and gen.. 4 of us.. tok tok tok. .den dis gen.. so notti todae.. keep bullying me... *bish*... u c larh.. dotter bully mother.. hahas!! my marmie todae quite down coz she failed 3 subjects.. and erm.. she surppose to meet her sister(frenz) bestest fren.. their anniversary.. den she was thinking of cancelling it becos of her results... so ke lian!! but in the end she still go.. coz i ask her to go de... hehehe...

we did nth in sch todae.. hmmX.. onli checking of ans for bio and maths.. den check paper of geography and lit.. i same as marmie.. failed 3 subjects.. did damn badly dis yr.. not only me but the rest of the pupils in my class.. die manz.. standard dropped.. why?? coz papers are getting tougher and tougher.. baowei was like so sad.. coz she failed quite a number of subjects which she didnt expected it.. dat she has done so badly.. suzanna also.. haix... all my buddies all sad sad de.. i also beri sad.. but i tried to look on the bright side.. hehehe...!!

todae sim so ke lian.. kana molested by sabrina.. hahahs..!! coz sabrina keep saying dat she is toro but she is actually dont even look like toro? lolx.. den she keep hugging her and kiss her on her lips?? touch her legs?? wah.. ahem!! den i like beside dem.. doing nothing.. laughing like hell.. hahas!! but i manage to rescue sim.. lolx.. coz sim was composing the songs den i was trying to edit some of dem.. keke...

now a maths... was fun todae.. mr low gave us some sums.. and i can do it for some of them but some forgot liao.. den he went through with us.. hope i can pass dis yr.. hehehehe... den got gd future for me.. lolx.. hahs... it was real fun todae.. den sandy was so sleepy todae due to the cool weather... den me and suzanna was so crazy todae dat we keep on laughing... donno why also.... den baowei so quiet... becoz she was sad... haix... den she scared she retain... but i am sure she wont.. coz she is so smart...!! hehehe...

msg to baowei: heyo.. don worry too much k? i am sure u will promote de... i surpport u manz.. jia you!! next yr all of us work hard together.. den we get gd grades jiu happi lo!!! hehehe.. still got 2 more yrs to go..!!

back to myself.. hehehe..!! had a bad flu todae keep sneezing... all becoz of who? sim lor... she larh.. pass her germs to me... hahahs!! aiyah.. also due to the weather larh.. kekeke...surppose to have tuition todae de.. but in the end i changed it to tml.. coz todae i was damn tired.. den also not feeling well... so cancel lor.. in the end make it to wed and tml... as the exam is on eh.. thurs... yepz!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

---oRgaN clAsS--

early in the morning 930am woke up.. hahas... was like gong gong wan.. coz mummy bringing "popo"(grandmother) go bukit merah polyclinic c doctor to refer her to gh for checkup as she got chest pain... yepz.. so she have to wake me up at dat time so dat i wont overslept coz later 1pm got organ class mah.. hehehe!!!

now i am so free... so sun bian lai online lor.. check check.. keke!! den abt 11am going offline practise organ for half and hour den go pom pom le.. go prepare to "chu fa"!! hehe..

hahas.. u noe wad yesterday?? i was showing to my mother the picx dat is shown on the right>>>>?? yepz? in the handphone larh... den she say... like jap girl like dat.. lolx... den i was like don't i look cute? hahas.. i was being beri wu liao larh.. coz while waiting for the mrt to go temple.. i was real bored.. so juz show her lor.. hehe... den she say.. don't u noe wad cute realli means??? it means.. u are adorable but ugly.. den i was like huh? realli arh?? hahahs... i didn't realli noe dat.. hahahs!!!

dis morning.. sore throat real pain.. can hardly swallow a saliva.. hahs... no voice.. but now can le.. got voice but beri low.. heheheh.. muz drink lots and lots of water..... ^.^

Friday, October 22, 2004

---rEsUltS oF paPErs!!--

so scary can? got back my accounts, ss, combined science bio and chem,eng, e maths and mother tongue paper back.... oh well.. some of dem were disappointed and some of them were happi larh.. but most of dem happi.. and i am glad dat i do not have to worry anymore whether i will retain.. kekeke!! hoooray!!!

u noe arh? while checking of papers.. dis mr low.. came to us.. den tok to us say arh.. "todae u all whole day checking papers arh?" den we say"yah!!! den a maths test how??? " after dat he say "aiyah den in that case mon u all stay back. .den after dat i will go through the things dat u all dont understand.. wed is ur paper.." den we all agree lor.. aiyah.. surppose to be todae wan leh.. den i was like mentally prepared and he say.. argh!! qi si wo le.. hahahs...!!

ok.. after sch neh.. cheryl and i went for guitar for a while lorx.. till 330pm?? den went off... coz cheryl got tution den i meeting mommy later to temple.. go pai pai.. hehehe... coz last time remeber?? been having nightmares?? so shi fu asked me to go down to pray lor....

oh yeah u noe wad?? i dreamt of de gor yesterday.. (my 2nd aunt)... she passed away i think a yr ago?? becoz of cancer.. been dreaming of her 4 times le.. hhehehe.. so happi.. den its like.. i dreamt of her in daddy's rm... den my uncles and aunties were all outside playing cards... den i went to the rm.. and she was dere giving me signal.. den i tok to her lorx.. i cried in front of her... den i ask her to go into my body... and she went.. i can feel the pain manz.. its so damn real.. den after dat.. mummy dey all outside.. i went out.. den i donno wad happen.. she went out of my body.. and i ran to the living rm crying say de gor juz came to visit us.. den i cried... den my mother was like.. "ai yah.. u forever crying one larh..." den suddenly i felt very cold.. and i woke up.. de gor told me not to worry for her too much.. she is gd... blah blah blah.. glad to hear dat though.. hehehehe....

okiex. i gotta go pom pom liao.. get rdy myself... later meet mummy... tata!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

---sORe thrOat--

hahas.. yesterday and todae been having sore throat lorx.. den todae my voice change liao.. wahahaha!!! hmmX.. got a bit of flu also.. everytime oct period always like dat one... hehe..

so fast.. tml fri lo... my a maths exam... die manz!!! todae gotta study real hard... den can enjoy lo.. somemore tml might be taking some papers back to check... *pa pa* lehx.. scared i fail... den jia lat liao...!!

whole day not going out.. wheee!! c me so gd gurl.. lolx.. praising myself onli...

hmmX.. yesterday went out with mummy to chinatown in the evening.. den at went to "this fashion" saw some nice clothings.. hehehe.. in the end juz bought one jeans.. kekeke.. went dere for dinner also.. went back abt hmmX... i guess 10pm like dat lor.. ta pao food hm... keke.. watch the shanghai noon...

k larh.. i think dat's all for todae... gotta go liao.. bye bye!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

--a.maThs rUinEd mY hoLidAyS!!--

yeah... all papers are finally over!! wuhooo... hehehe.. todae chinese paper hor.. okie larh.. i noe how to do.. heng manz.. kekeke.. at first so worry.. "so le yi kou qi" hehehe..

after paper... actually surppose to go out de.. den sim sick.. so cannot go out.. later she gonna c doctor.. den my marmie jess.. going out with frenz.. den also surppose to go out wif joyce de.. she says she going out with her stead.. hahaha!! den nvm lor.. todae i stay at hm and feng.. hahaha!!!

went to teacher's rm todae.. coz marmie wanna go find donno which teacher larh.. den saw mr low.. hahaha!! everywhr i go sure c him one.. lolx.. kkz.. den after dat i say "hi mr low!!" he looked at me "gong gong" den.. kekeke.. i asked him the a maths how.. .guess wad he say? a maths exam change to fri coz sat sch not open... argh!! wad the hell.. i got so worried.. i not even prepared for the test... die manz!! so many chapters to study.... he always like dat one.. so sickening.. thurs have to go back sch lor.. for remedial.. idiot larh.. surppose to go out de.. den now my marking day holidays no more liao.. thanx to him man.. hahaha!! nvm.. use the holidays to spend time with my a maths... kekekeke...

Monday, October 18, 2004


damn sianz todae can? woke up at around 530am in the morning.. juz to study finish my ss.. and bloody hell.. i didnt finish my ss.. my structured essay didnt finish lor.. and the paper is like for erm.. 1h30mins?? so short.. got souce base and structred essay.. so many things to write and call us to write within 1h30mins.. its impossible for most the us... den jenica and jessica.. the same old thing lor.. niam niam niam.. die manz.. i scared i gonna flank my ss.. haix.. dis end of yr paper.. is damn jia lat.. donno wad i gonna do with it.. and why the teachers all set so hard wan.. i was so sleepy also.. i write write write.. hahaha.. den i buai ta han.. nd to slp like for 5 secs.. den i wake up again.. so exhausted.. somemore air-con de.. so comfortable lor.. kekekeke...!!

accounts.. another one.. got time no finish but no time to check finish.. when i checked the profit and loss dat part.. i suddenly c eh.. i wrote the wrong number.. den i have to change all over again.. die manz.. den ms ng annouce say we left 5 mins.. wah!! my hands "zun" quickly write on a new piece if accounts paper.. wah.. damn messy lor.. havent count finish yet.. and mr chandran go collect... shyt manz!!!! die larh.. so many papers cannot finish.. donno wad to do with it!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!

tml last paper lo!!! den can feng le!!! whee!! hehehe.. going shopping.. i donno larh.. tml also donno do wad.. tml den our family(frenz) decide.. hahaha.. family outing!!! lolx....

later gonna finish studying my chinese... muz work realli hard for my last paper.. hehehehehehe!!! donno wad will happen if i retain.. lets hope not!! i cannot take it!!!! choy choy choy!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2004


maths paper 2? wad can i say? its sux siax.. why? dat "toppid" elango..[band2 maths teacher] go and set the paper till so damn difficult.. even the maths expert, jenica also donno how to do the sums.. wad the hell.. idiotic teacher siax... worse than mr low... at first i thought mr low is always the one setting a beri difficult paper.. now is dat pui pui, black black elango... haha.. i beri mean hor??? haix..

den its like everyone.. especially jenica, jermain and jessica.. all complain say.. "stupid elango!! set so difficult.. i feel like killing her.. ask her go and die larh.. set till so wad... den the numbers all so weird one..." haha.. dey all niam niam niam.. wah kaoz.. hahaha.. so funni.. all of us complain here complain dere.. ahhhh!! realli feel like ah bisH her.. argh!! think also angry.. guEss going to flank my maths siax.. die manz... kkz.. let's not think abt it.. lit leh.. no time to finish lor.. the same thing again... alot of ppl also bo finish... these teachers arh.. don noe how to set timing one... muz set longer next time.. kekekeke...

i went hm by myself todae.. wheeeee!! den i ate sandwich.. yum yum!! mouth itchy.. hehehe...

hmmX.. feel like changing the blogskins again... hahaha.. den do nice nice.. when i finish my exams le.. i free liao den i go do.. hehehehe!!! after exams leh.. going shopping!!! wheeee!! hahaha... if not everytime wear same clothes also sian.. but after buying the clothes leh.. broke liao.. hahaha!!!

kkX.. dat one after exams den tok.. hehehe.. todae gonna take half day off... hahaha.. not going to study for half a day.. wanna take break... so tired and sleepy... keke.. later somemore got chinese tuition.. got ting xie.. ahhhhhh!! whole bk somemore.. learn till i siao...

Thursday, October 14, 2004

--sO heArtaChE--

hahaha.. i tell u arh... todae chem paper i lost 6marks!!!! ah... *bish bish bish**chuang qiang]* haha... coz its like the paper is like for 1h15mins lor.. den i do do do.. so shiok.. den suddenly the teacher shout say.. candidants u left 9 more mins.. ah!!!! biSh!! chiong arh!!! faster write.. haix.. next time muz learn how to write faster.. somemore i noe how to do one leh.. so heart ache.. hahaha...

bio ok larh.. noe how to do.. quite easy but tricky... until jermain,jenica and marmie arh.. say the ans.. i kang jiong liao.. all the questions all so tricky.. ah!! die manz.. hope i pass this 2 papers bahx..

after paper leh.. the 5 of us.. gen,me,sim,suzanna and baowei we go canteen put our bags den we go to the restroom.. sim say... ah!!! i got a big eye bag!! den gen saying.. me and ker ker got bigger eye bag den u!!! ours is like tea bag... hahaha!!! but seriously hor.. i didn't noe i got such a big eyebag till i went back and look at the mirror.. wah.. beri thick can?? going to be panda liao.. hahaha.. me,zan,sim and baowei.. went to bm mac to have our lunch.. den todae donno why arh.. dis suzanna so siao!!! laugh and laugh and laugh.. say wad also laugh.. buai ta han.. den dis sim arh.. go take my phone.. take take take photo of herself.. take liao.. eeeeeee!! not nice.. take another one.. eeeeeeee!! not nice.. until outside of mac, she took another photo.. ok!! dis one nice.. hahaha.. den dis baowei leh.. so quiet.. all behaviour so weird todae.. hahaha!!! ahhhhhh!! i guess all of us too stress le bah.. nvm.. juz ren more 3 tian.. den our stress will be free..!! happy mah? hahaha..

den u noe wad? i forgot to bring my key.. so in the end leh.. my papa fetch me home.. kekeke.. i so forgetful.. old liao mah.. hahaha.. later gonna study my lit.. den still got wad? oh.. maths!! yeah!!! my 2 fav subjects.. muz score beri beri well... hehehe..

yesterday i saw my kor kor gf...hehehe.. not bad eh.. quite sweet looking.. hehehe... but i juz took a glance onli. .coz yesterday.. erm.. daddy ask me go downstairs mah.. den after dat saw his gf standing beside a car.. my kor kor go rent car from his frenz.. yepz.. den i turn around.. den i was thinking.. eh?? dis gal like beri familiar leh.. den i look again.. den she stare at me.. den i turn back again.. hahah.. but its confirm her.. hehehe.. not bad eh...?? haaha.. den arh.. when he go downstairs.. he beri the kanasai.. ask her to take photo for him with the car.. sit on the car somemore.. buai ta han..-_-''.. hahaa...

ok larh.. will end here.. gotta go study le..

--sO heArtaChE--

hahaha.. i tell u arh... todae chem paper i lost 6marks!!!! ah... *bish bish bish**chuang qiang]* haha... coz its like the paper is like for 1h15mins lor.. den i do do do.. so shiok.. den suddenly the teacher shout say.. candidants u left 9 more mins.. ah!!!! biSh!! chiong arh!!! faster write.. haix.. next time muz learn how to write faster.. somemore i noe how to do one leh.. so heart ache.. hahaha...

bio ok larh.. noe how to do.. quite easy but tricky... until jermain,jenica and marmie arh.. say the ans.. i kang jiong liao.. all the questions all so tricky.. ah!! die manz.. hope i pass this 2 papers bahx..

after paper leh.. the 5 of us.. gen,me,sim,suzanna and baowei we go canteen put our bags den we go to the restroom.. sim say... ah!!! i got a big eye bag!! den gen saying.. me and ker ker got bigger eye bag den u!!! ours is like tea bag... hahaha!!! but seriously hor.. i didn't noe i got such a big eyebag till i went back and look at the mirror.. wah.. beri thick can?? going to be panda liao.. hahaha.. me,zan,sim and baowei.. went to bm mac to have our lunch.. den todae donno why arh.. dis suzanna so siao!!! laugh and laugh and laugh.. say wad also laugh.. buai ta han.. den dis sim arh.. go take my phone.. take take take photo of herself.. take liao.. eeeeeee!! not nice.. take another one.. eeeeeeee!! not nice.. until outside of mac, she took another photo.. ok!! dis one nice.. hahaha.. den dis baowei leh.. so quiet.. all behaviour so weird todae.. hahaha!!! ahhhhhh!! i guess all of us too stress le bah.. nvm.. juz ren more 3 tian.. den our stress will be free..!! happy mah? hahaha..

den u noe wad? i forgot to bring my key.. so in the end leh.. my papa fetch me home.. kekeke.. i so forgetful.. old liao mah.. hahaha.. later gonna study my lit.. den still got wad? oh.. maths!! yeah!!! my 2 fav subjects.. muz score beri beri well... hehehe..

k larh.. gerRy will sign off here now.. busy busy busy.. kekeke..

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

=tErRibLe niGht maRe//sTrEsS!!!=

exams have started.. i am feeling so stress now... haix... y like dat leh? everyday slp 1-2am... beri late hor? wad to do..???

yesterday had a beri terrible nightmare!!! dreamt of a ghost touching me... cant c the face.. but can feel the current.. when my mother come to my rm.. it stop.. the feeling stop.. but when she go out.. the pressure comes back again...!!! i tell u its damn pain... its like touching my body and neck!!!! beri beri scary.. when i scream for help.. no voice.. its like i was dumb.. till i chant prayers.. den its like getting beri painful.. i force myself to move den can.. or else donno wad to do.. i whole day didnt slpt well last night... terrible.. everday been having nightmare.. fri dreamt of evil frenz,sat maths paper, sun was alright.. den mon dreamt of monster.. and today?? dreamt of ghost...!!! haix.. yesterday midnight woke up.. so scared.. den its like ending part right? got erm.. two coins behind my neck.. broke worx.. den left two $1 coins beside my bed.. weird right? i wonder wad does it meant.. hmmX... dont dare to sleep back worx.. cry and cry and cry.. take 3 joss sticks.. den pray.. after dat... wah... tears flows down.. drip drip drip... after dat, i go balcony.. pray pray pray... wah.. wad god i also pray.. jesus larh... buddhism.... tok tok tok lor.. beri jia lat...

den in the end.. mummy pei wo slp.. 2 person squeeze on one bed.. haix.. den she play the chanting music on my hi-5 set.. i slept at 2am.. coz i continue to study my accounts.. dont dare to slp.. cry to slp manz.. haix.. i so poor thing hor? den dis thurs.. its chu yi.. so me and mummy going to shi fu dere.. den ask him to pray for me lor... also mummy gonna ask him.. if dere is any meaning to my nightmare... donno larh.. will c it tml...

okie.. dont think abt it liao.. i not gonna slp on my bed tonight... beri scared.. everytime sleep on my bed got nightmare de.. so i decided to slp the other bed.. erm.. i got two beds connected de.. for those who came to my hseb4, u all will noe.. yepZ...

haha.. u noe arh.. dis morning i woke up at 6am?? den guess wad happen? i dreamt of my 2nd dream dat my mother slap me.. den i was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! den my mother was asking wad happen to u??? got nightmare again? but den i ignore.. den i continue to slp.. den when i woke up at 615.. den i told her wad happen lor.. den she laugh and laugh and laugh den i also hahaha.. coz the dream is really beri weird.. haha!!

anw, hmmX.. todae is my accounts paper.. well. .noe how to do.. my eyes was like so puffy?? den i c the things all small small de.. hahaha.. my family was like asking.. ker!! wad happen to u??? look so tired.. somemore ur eyes swollen... go hm have a gd rest ok? hahaha... den i was like orh... den i no mood to tok also mah.. mood quite bad lor..

chinese tuition leh.. no mood to learn.. haix.. so tired.. wan to slp also don dare to slp.. muz ve someone to pei me den i dare to slp.. or else.. if i got nightmare again?? i will go crazy.. realli...

so many things have happen... exams stress den my cousin in jail... den got dis terrible nightmare.. haix....!!!!!!!!!!! stess stress stress!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! when izzt gonna end????????????????????

tml got geography paper.. haix... gotta study real hard to pass.. wish me luck.. hehehe..

Friday, October 08, 2004

.::.fInaLly fINisHEd dOInG mY bLOgG!!!.::.

yeah!! so happy.. finally finish doing my bloggy... hahhaa!! at first no title.. den i ve to delete the whole blog.. den renew it again.. haix.. so ma fan hor??? den now got title.. and everything are back to normal.. hehehehe...

so now.. u can enjoy ur stay at my blog.. kekeke.. ^^

kkX... wad did i do todae..???
in sch leh.. baowei these few days been feeling beri down..she told me her problems two days ago.. and dis problem is kinda serious... sorri dat i cant tell out.. coz i promised her not to do so.. yepZ... haix.. feel troubled for her also.. she's not been herself these few days.. and i am worried for her... staring daze at the board or wadsoeva.. not paying attention.. ppl tok to her also doonno.. laugh suddenly.. haix.. due to her stress also i guess.. but mayb after exams are over.. i think it wld be fine... hope the problems wont neglect her studies... will try my best...

okiEx... u noe waD? todae, me, sim and gen are so crazy todae.. we like siao za bo.. hahaha.. laugh and laugh and laugh after the last 3 periods.. we toktok tok abt the ghost story thingy.. den we joke around.. and somemore my dotter, gen gen... i wanna disown her.. so notti can? keep bullying me.. hahaha!!! =x... she sooooooo cute!!!! we laugh for 3 periods non-stop.. can u imagine dat? haha.. it was fun todae... hehehe....

after sch leh.. i go hm.. have lunch with papa at the market at telok blangah rise.. den go back hm..

go hm neh... i sing song listen music.. title is this is the night.. lub dis song beri much... beri emotional.. hehehe... okok.. den after dat.. i go online lor... doing my dis bloggy thing.. one thing lost den another thing lost.. so pek chek!!! but now ok liao.. so appi!!!! keke...

todae mummy neh.. go malaysia... sunday den come back.. miss her so much.. den todae the hse like so quiet.. no noise.. coz i cant disturb her!! haha. .everytime she come back i will ka jiao her de.. hehe.. so bad hor??

kkX.. gerRy will end her okay?? i gotta go practise my organ liao... tml got organ class somemore gotta study... 3more days to exam... die!!!

*tag me.. if u are here!! kekeke.. xie xie ni.. *