Thursday, January 20, 2005


todaee i am so damn tired.. woke up 5 plus to study my geography test for todae.. yesterday stay till 12am to finish my lit.. write until i "pom" on the table.. kekeke.. den i woke up immediately jump onto the bed to Zzzz...

okiEz.. todae's lesson for bio is so boring.. can fell asleep.. change to an NIE trainee teacher.. for course i guess.. she is ms wong.. taking over mrs leong.. i wan MRS LEONG!! lolx.. she teach betta man.. i tell u arh.. dis ms wong.. tok so soft..!! den i donno wad she toking abt.. den i c everybody also wan to Zzzzz... liaox.. hahas.. during lit lesson was quite okie.. did some grp work of the new story.. and u noe wad? i am the lit rep again..hahahs!!but nvm larh.. i enjoy doing it.. kekeke..

after recess leh.. maths... another boring lesson.. he went thru the hmwork.. den he say mon den pass up.!!! whee!! i am sure i can pass up on time.. but i could not concentrate wad he was toking abt coz suddenly my kneel was hurting!!.. i dont noe why also.. i think if tml still pain i gonna put a kneel guard.. to stop the pain.. yepz!! den my stomach also beri pain out of the sudden.. i was like.. "pls stop the pain!!.." lolx... hee.. next.. time passes so fast and den its geography!! everyone was like.. oh no!! "si xing dao le"... hahahs.. den everyone hope dat mrs low will forget abt the geog test.. keke.. we were like "shhh.. everyone keep quiet okie?? dont remind her anything abt the geo test.." lolx.. all praying so hard.. when we get in.. tala!! guess wad she say..?? she says "alright girls pls get rdy for ur test!!.." den all the face. oh my god!!!... suzanna was pleading wif mrs low say "pls postpone.. we got so much homework to do and we dont even have time to study.. " she did not accept it.. haix!! my heart was like beating so fast.. all i studied came blank!!!!!! my god... i couldnt remeber a single stuff!!.. but lucky got some in my mind.. but i knew dat i am gonna fail this test!! and dat's for sure.. haix.. wad to do?? everyday somuch homework and test till i got not enough time to study.. haix haix haix....!!!

after sch neh... went for lunch with my frenz.. den went for guitar wif cheryl... it was so boring at first.. wishes dat i could go home.. hehe.. but after a while.. not boring liao. .joan was so kind dat she teaches us how to play the new song... kekeke.. den we were like learning the chords and stuff.. not long.. mr toh came.. den he teached everyone of us lor.. we play the song!! kekeke.. so nice to hear!!.. hmmX.. after dat went home lo.. so sLeepY manz.. lucky tml holiday.. .can slp till late late like a pig!! kekeke..

Sunday, January 16, 2005

("v")haPpI bDaY tO mE!!!("v")

14/01/05 was my bday but den we celebrated on sat instead at my hse as everyone was working and busy with their things on fri.. hee.. den my mother was like.. since fri is ur eng bday and sun is ur chinese bday.. why not celebrate on sat instead?? hahahs...

den i okie lor?? since dis yr i 16 yrs old lo.. time passes so fast.. haix.. me getting older and older.. den later become ah ma liao.. kekeke.. *bleahx*.. went for my organ class at 1pm.. den after my organ class neh.. go meet my "brother", andrew and his gf.. go give michelle her present.. todae's her bday manz.. hehehe.. okie.. den met my mummy and jean (my little cousin).. hehehe..

went to kfc to have my lunch... ate zinger.. yum yum!!.. den got dis luo suo fren of mine arhx.. go msg me say he also at ps worx... den i was like.. uh-oh.. hahaha.. anw, also cannot c him larh.. coz my mama and my cousin wif me.. evening den i meet him coz he got present to pass to me.. hehehe... while waiting for my mama to buy, my fren, sandy go call me.. say she not coming anymore as she is beri tired.. becoz of "someone..".. she was kinda pissed off.. so i say nvm lor though she apologised to me.. hee... juz don wanna force ppl to come.. yepz!!

after eating.. we went home to prepare for my party!! ahhh!! so excited.. heeee... reach home le.. den popo(grandma) came.. i was like so happi... i donno why also.. wheeeee!! c larh.. i went crazy liao.. okie.. went online also to chat with my frenz!!!!! hehehe.. hmmX.. abt 530pm, i went offline.. den 545 i left my home.. and meet dis doggie.. heee.. i beri bad hor? lolx.. dis fren can say.. a very good buddy larh... always dere for me when i m feeling down.. blah blah blah.. kekke.. met him at the bus stop.. den i realise.. wahhhhhhhhh!!! why u give me such a big box of present!! my god!!! hahahas.. i was so shocked.. kekeke.. i also nd to go to redhill mrt to fetch gen gen.. hehehe.. den he accomapany me gooo.. so nice hor?? kekeke.. we chatted on the way... reach liao.. den we say bye bye!! coz gen gen reaching lo.. keeee.. i keep wondering.. wad thing is inside?? aiyo.. the box so bigggg!! hhahas...

abt 10 mins later she come lo... den she bought me a cute doggie cushion.. so cutie!!! hahahs.. love it alot.. and she wore so classy and nice!! hahahs.. hardly c her wear like dat.. coz later she also nd to go to a restaurant to have dinner with her parents.. arhhhh!! hahaha... make me jealous onli.. keke.. den we chatted non-stop on the way home....

reach home liao leh.. ah kim larh.. my relatives come lo!!! heee. .so happi.. the 2 of us went to my room and chit chat.. seeing so many soft toys.. wait i show u my bday party pictures.. hahahas.. den baowei came.. den slowly misa dey all came.. so happi dat my fren came!! thanx for coming and the singing u all sang to me.. plus give me ur presents!! realli love it alot... thanx!!!! hahahs...

when all of us came.. all of my frenz watching and playing the ps2.. dynasty warrior 4..haha.. so funni.. den cut cake looooooooo.. all like.. wheeeeeeee!! bday gal!!! go go go..!! i was like blushing liao.. kekeke... den we took the picx.. show ya!!
the faces abit small so hope ya dont mind...=)

1)aLL SingIng bDaY sOng tO mE...

2) my familY.. except daddy not inside coz he went to malaysia to attend funeral... =(

3)mY pEng yoU..: baowei, aiyue,faith,misa,mie,sim&gen

4)mY mUmmY siDe[noT alL cAmE]:

5) mY dAdDy siDe[nOt aLL cAmE]:

6)mY kuZzINs:

7)mIe cUttINg thE cAke:

8)mIe anD AunTy vIrgiE:

9)mUmMY, koRkoR, mE anD nYcoLe jIe (koRkoR's gF):

last but not least.............. m
10)mY bAobEis sOft toY biRtHdAy pReSeNts:

aren't all of dem cute?? kekeke..

anw, realli thank all of u guys who came to my bday party.. realli had a great time.. !! *muaCkZ*

all of dem left at abt eh.. 12am plus bahx.. if i'm not wrong.. kekeke.. i was like so tired after packing the whole stuff.. and jump to the bed after brushing my teeth.. and huggs all my baobeis!! to Zzzzzz...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

>.<-hElpIng thE tsUnAmi PpL->.<

dis morning.. the lessons almost all were boring.. i was so tired as yesterday night i slept at abt 130am.. doing dat lit proj.. haix.. everything also i do the most thing.. so poor thing hor? kekeke..

anw, lit lesson.. i was kinda stress coz to me.. i did alot of stuff.. writing the whole lit characterisation.. den jermain was like presenting.. den gen was helping her also.. but den.. jermain keep wanting me to present.. i was thinking in my mind dat.. i already did so much.. and u all didnt do much stuff... to me its not fair.. i was like so fan.. i donno wad happen to me also larh.. whole lit lesson i was damn tired... den gen was like.. "don't stress urself.. juz relax".. i try to keep myself cool by keeping quiet.. and not saying anything..

anw,lesson till 12:15pm.. den went to have lunch.. and off we go to the red cross place.. all of us were like so excited.. somemore todae is shi hui, my dotter's bday.. tml is my bday lo!! so fast.. hehehe... alot of army guys and some of the workers dere.. den it was like when we got down the bus, all of dem staring at us.. as if we were like the vip.. hahas.. i felt abit uncomfortable actually.. hehe..

at there leh.. the person-in-charge brief us wad to do and den we start.. wuhooo!! all so excited.. me and dotter in charge of putting the bottles in the bag.. den geraldine beside me also.. hehehe.. all of us so united man..!! it was so damn fun!!! hahahs.. we juz couldn't stop doing.. me arh.. carry bottles, boxes of biscuits until my hands all so painful and rough... now my thumb got blister.. my grp members mostly deir finger nails got cut.. so poor thing hor?? coz all doing beri fast.. hahaha.. and guess wad?? yesterday the sec3 did the same thing as us.. dey did a total of 10,000 packets.. for us..sec 4 and 5, we broke deir record.. ours is 11,100.. so happi right?? total of yesterday and todae is 36,000.. so by tml i hope dey can reach the target... and help all those unfortunate ppl dere.. actually to me.. i dont mind doing dis everyday to help those ppl lor.. these little foods dat we were packing, to us is beri little but to dem is alot.. every packet/food.. means alot to dem.. =)
realli had a great time.. hehehe!!!

way back home.. i was so exhausted.. feel like sleeping.. dont feel like doing anything else.. hehehehe!!! how lazy i am right?? hahahs.. now at home.. nd to study my accounts.. tml got test siax.. sianz man... but going out too!! to enjoy myself!! hehehe.. den sat also.. whee!! muz have alot of fun this month.. otherwise. .the rest of the month i muz realli work beri hard le.. kekeke..

Thursday, January 06, 2005


met marmie at 715am at the sch library again.. both of us are like getting closer and closer right?? haha.. isnt dat great...?? lolx..

todae was a nice weather.. assembled at the hardcourt todae.. so happy..!! but quite uncomfortable..coz i miss last yr place whr 3J sat... sit at a new place like abit guai guai de.. hee.. when we reacehd the hard-court.. we were like finding whr is 4J?? whr is 4J.. den saw jia en dey all sitting in a grp.. always the same gang.. hahhaa!! went to sit with dem.. we chatting for like 10 mins like dat.. baowei sat with us also.. dis time her target is jessica.. jessica was like.. "pls don't pls don't.. stop toking to me!!"hahaha.. coz she find it irritating mah.. as baowei keep asking her question abt studies... sometimes everytime hear sure got irritated.. i kana last yr so i understand her feeling.. now, i juz donno why.. i juz keep on avoiding her.. izzit becoz i am scared of her asking me stuff or wad?? i juz dont understand... i feel so bad at times when i gave her those cold shoulders.. and toking to her unfriendly.. not as casual as last time anymore.. haix.. its like everyone avioiding her.. so ke lian hor??

lessons for todae are quite fine larh.. u noe my emaths teacher is who again?? its dat mr low again.. sickening can?? those who drop down to band 2 or 3 were like so happy!! dey no longer in mr low's class lo...!! haix.. u noe wad?? eh.. shi hui's band's teacher was his "tu di".. hahaha.. abt the same teacher as mr low also.. so heng arh.. neber go to the same class as her.. but den for the another band is ms wong ker cin.. everyone wants to go dat class.. coz her teaching is damn good.. haix.. everytime kana the teacher dat i dont like at times.. but wad to do?? we all "geng" mr low hen you yuan.. hahaha!! mr sng's lesson.. was quite okie todae.. we did erm.. oral practise.. everyone was like so "guai".. hehe.. so quiet even when he is not in class.. doing his homework for the other period as he was attening the sec 1 camp orientation mah.. geography lesson was quite boring to me.. coz juz copy notes and listen to mrs low explaination onli.. sianz... den shi hui and i was like toking and toking for a while.. to keep ourselves awake.. muz pay attention u noe?? hee..

after sch leh.. marmie and i went to the "fu lao shi" locker to put our holiday assignment.. den went back home..

go back home.. nd to do the same thing again lor.. study hard for tml's chem's test.. got some topics i dont understand siax.. nd to call marmie to explain to me le.. i muz pass my chem no matter wad.. heee!! gotta do maths homework also.. sianz!! ahhhh...!!!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005


3Rd JaNuaRy 2005, mOndaY:
first day of sch..!! yippi..!! donno why so happy also.. hahaha.. realli had a great time todae.. long time no update dis bloggy and finally now i am back to update again!! got miss me mah?? hahhaa..

hmmX.. let me think wad i did todae... met my marmie at 710 outside the sch library coz got alot of sec ones at the foyer mah.. somemore raining.. den also waited for sim sim.. my great grand dotter... hmmX... i sound old?? heee.. we assembled in the hall todae... yepz.. den i realised dat mr tan is our form teacher.. yeah!! so happy!! den mdm lim is our co-form.. everyone was actually thinking dat she is going to be our form teacher.. everyone was like,"eee.. i dont wan her!!" haha.."pls dont!!!".. so heng.. heee..

went back to class neh.. some of our last yr 3J gals.. got seperated.. den some of the 3mm and 3p girls also got seperated.. everyone got mixed up.. hmmX.. den all so sad.. u noe wad?? my candixz family are together!! haha.. except for sim sim and gen.. so sad.. *sobx sobX*.. but nvm.. got recess time mah.. we can get together.. hee.. its great to have all my gd frenz with me.. shi hui, hui ying, sandy, cheryl and ai yue from 3mm come to our class.. yeah!! haha.. we like.. tok and tok and tok and laugh non stop one..

durin recess.. i was kina tortured by dis dragon.. gen!! hahah.. cheryl and the rest thought we are crazy.. coz we laugh and laugh and laugh.. we are so lame.. -_-''.. haha!! marilyn was with us also.. all our gd mates are together..!! how nice eh?? heee

our teachers!! yeah.. i am quite happy with our subject teachers larh.. dey are gd though.. hee... so, i'm not worried.. the best is mr sng is teaching our class eng.. my god!! all so happy.. though he is beri strict and he is the dm.. but everyone loves him.. coz his teaching rox!! agree??

the teachers also told us dat we onli have 8 more months to prepare for ourself to sit for our papers.. the timing is so short can?? i feel so stress le..!! hahaha.. but i will work beri beri hard for it to score.. i will make sure dat i will not retain and get good grades..!!

after sch neh.. went home lo... coz later got tuition.. and i havent finish my tution work yet!! notti girl right? kekeke..

now wad am i doing?? chatting with my buddy on msn... me and sim sim boss or shld i call it as eh.. doggie?? hahaha... anw, this fren of mine is realli great to have.. hahs.. alright... will stop here.. guess i write too long?? =)