Wednesday, June 29, 2005


beEnnn sick for 3 days loo...!! neber go sch since ytd and todae...also dunno wad happen to mie..start sch of day 1 i sick liaox..hahs..!!

having fever on and off...terrible headache..giddiness...flu...backache..!! alot of sickness horx..?? hee!! my mother say its virus lehx..also dunno wad izzt..anw, i miss sch..!! seriously missing sch...

todae at first wanted to go to sch de..budden..6.30am woke up..realise i having chest pain..i dunno ish muscular or wad...when i walk..also pain...onli sit down den notx pain..the feeling ish like poky poky..needle like..weird horx..? den..also suddenly i having sore throat and headache..todae daddy having booking at cant fetch mie to todae have to go to sch by myself..but mummy asked mie notx to go sch lors..coz if my chest pain come back again arh..den howx..? den i ok lorx..!! after going to the restroom den i go back Zzzz again..been slping non-stop siax..!!!!!!

anw, todae ishhh nicole jie jie(koR koR gf) 21st bday..!!! bought her a handphone wire chain..with her name heartshape..notx cheap ohhhh..!! hahs..!! but its nice..!! i lubb it manx..guess someday i go buy one for myself too..keke....=)..heard from her dat she lubb least i an xin abit larh horx..heee..!!

to nicole jie: happy 21st bday..!! hope u enjoy ur bday party..sorry dat i cant attend ur party..=)...!! from tml onwards, u are 21..u will have the key to freedom..wheee~!! a real adult lady..wahaha..~!! anw, wish u have an enjoyable day and hope all ya dreams come true..!! `lubb u..*muaCkx*....!!

okays..!! goINg back tO rest soon..feeling very sleepy..!! going back to sch tml..!! haha..~!! cant wait..coz i miss sch so badly..^_^...siao ritex..?? first time hearing mie saying dis..lolls..=P

Sunday, June 26, 2005

*_babIe bAbiE baBIe_*

hAHs..!!okayss..!! i noe now ishhh damnnn early..coz the time now i am updating my blog ish 3.11am..and i am still wide awake..!! coz now i am at my cousin hse..i can't slp..and every1 ishhh sleeping already..?? wad shld i do to make myself slp?? count the numbers of sheep?? lolls..!!

anw, todae sim sim came to my hse at around 12.30pm..she came to pass mie the shirt..from bangkok..ask her to buy for mie a pinky polo looks so sweet..!! lubb it..!! hahas..!! den we went to bugis together to meet kate..she came all the way from england to here during her holidays..and she came to visit sweet of her eh..??

hmmX..while we were on the way to bugis..take bus 61, dis stupid driver..suddenly stop halfway of the road..for like dunno wad reason..scolding a taxi driver..!! wah liew..!! deNNn..he came up of the bus apologising to us..den dere ishh one lady..was like shouting so loud scolding the bus driver saying dat she ish in the rush..and saying dat everyone ish waiting for first..i thought dat she was at fault larh..coz i dunno wad was happening den she anyhow scold..haix..!! but in the end...i sayyyy..!! the stupid driver ish at fault....!! cz.since the bus can still move..he can just drive first..later then complain to company wad..why must he complain at the side of the road..stoping..?? and like causing everyone to wait..?? haiyo..!!

we reach bugis at around 1 plus..den we went to deception..the make a handphone chain wire name for nicole jie(kor kor gf)..her bday ish on thurs..hee..!! i already started my i guess i will be too busy to attend her 21st bday party..=)

after ordering, we went to the open market..coz kate wants to shop for brown slipper for her fren...we shop first it was difficult to find..but in the end..after our hardwork..we managed to find it..!! whee~!! we shop for like 1 hr for a slipper..haha..!! dennn...we went back to bugis shopping centre and went to neoprint to take picx..wahh..~!! so qiao happened to meet marmie..!! hee..!! wif her qiao..den we took neo print together..we took 1 onli..den mie, kate and sim went watch batman begins..the show ishh nice..!! i lubb it manx.!! u all must watch okayss?? i guess dere ishh gonna be part 2..hee..!! joker will be coming out..=)

the show starts from3.40pm to 5pm plus..i can't remember..haha..suffering from stm..lolls..!! den we went to take the beauty rules machine..and i went off first..having dinner at sa kor hse...whee~!! the babie makes my day sweet..!! her eyes so big..when she was awake..haha.!! her nose looks like kai lin..hee.....we played with her so much...asking her notx to slp and play with us..haha..!! her name is wei lin..sweet name yepx..? we left the hse at around 9 plus..den i staying overnite and justin's hse..he was showing mie de erm..!! gun z game? haha...when i first play it..i was so noob..dun even noe how to control..and i take a long time in order to noe them..lolls..!! den he bth..haha..!! anw, its a fun game manx..u guys shld go and try.!! and di it..if i'm notx wrong it takes about 1hr plus to download it..=)

ok larh..i think i better turn in now...getting veryyy late..!! tml also dunno wad time i will wake up..i try to slp..hee!! though i noe i am still wide awake..O_O....

Friday, June 24, 2005

*_nEw sPecKy_*

went out with mummy and grandma to chinatown to buy for my babie kuzzin 1 mth old present..and guess wad? i came to know kor named her wei lin..sweet name eh..?? so dat means kai lin and wei lin..SWEET!!

wanted to eat dim sum..coz popo wants to bring us eat there..hahas..~!! and guess wad..? we happen to meet my mummy cousin "biao jie"... but i dunno wad to call just call her aunty lorx..=) qiao worss..but i see her also xin tong..!! her skin all very wrinkled[izzt like dis spell?].. worst than least popo one onli abit..her skin still very nice..!! hee~!!..see also i xin tong..haix..!! anw, hMmx..! she joined us for lunch..just happen dat the stall didnt we went to another dim sum stall downstairs..notx at the market..den dey chat chat lorx..!! i just keep quiet and eat..hee!! enjoying the food..!! yummy~!!

after dat, we bid gdbye to her..den we went to people's park complex to poh heng jewellery..saw a cute little piglet bracelet for wei lin..! somemore can engrave her nice..!! ^_^...den we also bought for her a piglet necklace..just nice 1 set larh..den nicer..share wif 5 notx bad larh horx..?? after dat 4 plus Le..!! popo going home le..den mie and mummy went to bukit merah to collect my new spects..!! so happy~!! it suits mie..!! so nice...!! and guess how much?? it cost $35...^_^ horx.??

dis is a picx of my new spect and mie..!!! must tell mie nice anotx hor..? haha..!! *bleahx*
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

guess wad?? when i first wore it..i feel like i am "floating" whee~!!!!! hahas..!! i was kinda goggy..but after wearing it for awhile..its much have to get used to it yepx..!! but still not realli used to it larh..keep on thinking the spect will drop and keep on pushing it up when it didn't drop at all..coz my old framless spect is loose..and it keeps on falling down!!! which ishhh so sickening!!!!! and the screw ishhh always so!! i dun have to worry dat much..!! hehehehe~!!
after dat..met daddy at the seven eleven dere..we went to the hawker centre to buy food backie..!! den went home le...

a simple day for mie..!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


whee.~!! went out with marmie, ah ma and my "er" mei..=).. had an enjoyable time sia~! took so many photos on neos and my digi cam..^_^...

met ah ma at 145 bus stop at 1pm..den we took bus together to meet marmie and er first marmie doesn't wanna come..but due to our begging...and irritation..she decided to gooo..! hahas..!!

when we reached bugis..went to mrt station to wait for demMm..just nice..gen was out..haha..!! so qiao he...abt 10 mins later, marmie came..!! =)

we went to take neos first..and guess wad...??!! we spend 2 hrs on a neo-print shop..!! power horx..?? hahas..!! anw, this wld be our last outing le lar..after dat nov..den can go out...must wait for likee 3-4 months more..? zZzzz.....!! luBb thE neoS tO biTx man..!! den we walk walk...went to pastamania to have dinner..and we took some digi picx dere......kEke..!!

dIs iShhh mIe>maRmie>ah mAa..secRetLy toOk aT beaUty ruLes maChinE...=P
Image hosted by

maRmiE[jEss] in bLue...aHHh mA[jIA En] in yeLLow..eR mEi[gEn] In whiTe...
Image hosted by

miE..aH mA...eR mEi..
Image hosted by

gEn & miE
Image hosted by

marmiE & aHHh mA
Image hosted by

2 sLeePy hEaDs
Image hosted by

theNNn afteR eaTing..wEnt ouT dEn waLKed tO the bRidgE dere..tryIng tO taKe sOme de siAooo phOtos..hEee...

egYpT dAncE..?? hAhs
Image hosted by

whR r u lOOkinG...??
Image hosted by

after dat..hMx..we went downstairs......walk walk.....ah ma wants to look for some ear-rings..and saw them.....dere 1 shop the ear-rings are all kinda sweet..kKEe..!! 3 for $10..shld be not bad yea..?? mIe bought 2 and ah ma bought 1...she bought the same starry ear-ring with mie..the silver one..and i bought another white and pink star ear ring..hehE..!! wonder why i lubb stars so much...coz dey are lovely..?? keke..!!

Image hosted by

after walking...we bo liaox..went outside bugis..wee are so zhi lian..!!!! haha..!! ppl thought we siao..go outside just to take picx..!! lolls..!!!!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

whEee..!! just nice its 5.30pm den we went bid gdbye le..coz all of them need to be home early..guess dey got something on bahx..!! realli had a great time..!!! luBBb toDay to biTx..!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

*_bAbIe cousIn maKEs mY daY_*

ytd, went to class today by myself..keke..!! after lesson met sim sim at action city...i was so surprised..suddenly see so many ppl..haha..!! eric, bratt, sam and sim..hee..!! was freezing cold lehx..!! when i came out frm class..=)

took a neo wif eric and sim..den we walked around orchard lorx..!! coz sim wanna buy eRmx..father's day gift...yepz..!! whole day i was so listless...i dunno why also..keep feeling so sleepy...den somemore i was feeling abit sick chest pain for awhile...hand somemore pain for awhile the whole day...was kinda quiet lorx...

dis sam and bratt arh..forever chatting...hahas..!! but dey damn de siao...sim sim was so pissed off....lolls..!! poor her..but i also larhh....wasn't realli in the mood to realli joke..normally i also very noisy de...haha...!!

went to heeren to walk walk...den eric got prank call by dunno whoOo...idiotic person..sim help out lorx....though i wanna help but...i seriously no mood to do anything..all my mind was...i wanna go rest..!! hahas..! i sound so bad..hee..!! den his ex-gf called....realli wish arhh..dis type of gurl can disappear manx..! idiotic....stop disturbing my fren..!!!! den sim was pretending to sound like his gf...hee..!! just dunno how she got his new number...he seemed very pissed off...but we try all ways to help him lorx......realli hope dat his ex wld leave him alone and stop pestering him....idiotic gurL..!!

anw, luckily sam went off first at 4pm at taka followed by bratt lorx..heng arh..!! den the noise level down liaox..whee..!! haha..!! dEnnn...left mie,eric and sim...denw we walk walk to wisma..go mac sit sit..den chat chat...once i sit down..oh~!! shiok manx...!! hahas..!! den we play each other hppp...i was lying down.....feeling slpy..!!Zzzz....haha..feel so lazy..we tok tok until ehhh..6pm den we went off gdbye to dem..den mie go meet vanessa jie at yew tee den we go together to sa kor hse to see babie..!!

when i reach qiao! cindy jie and sherry jie was dere too.....den we chat for awhile lorx...after dey ate dinner...the nanny brought the babie out..!! sooo ke aiii..!! she ishh so sweettt...!!!pinkish gurL..!!
Image hosted by

dat ish a picx of her when she first came out from hospital...^_^...cute horx..?? she just make my day...keke..!! babies just make my day...i dunno why also...kEke..!!

went off at 10pm....with cindy jie dey all..vanessa jie went off at 9pm..coz she having dinner at home...=).. she fetched us to boon lay mrt station..den we took train back..reach red hill, went to hawker centre to buy cheng teng and dao suan..daddy wants to eat..^_^....cooling also larh..coz the weather so hot..

reach home..wahh..!!i drink the cheng teng..!! shiok tv...den went to scan some picx.....went online also.....and guess wad..??

mie and sim sim chat from 1.30am to 3am...solid horx..? haha..!! den todae i woke up at 1pm...Zzzzzz...!!

anw, todae ish father's day..wish all fathers a happy father's dayy...!!*winx*

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

*_nEw baBiE kuZziN_*

whee..!! i gonna have a new babie kuzzin soon..!! sa gor is giving birth her 2nd we gonna have mei mei..! =)..welcome our new kuzzin..!! lolx..!!

she is gonna gib birth at kk around 130pm...guess all of us are excited...hahas..!! cant wait to see the cute little babie...keke..!! okayss.!! enough of the babie..=)

hmmX..going to hospital for appt for the hand later...see wad the doc say..these few days keep having dat electric feeling again...sianx..!! miE later gonna meeet my mommy later at around 3pm...

okie lar..todae will be a short entry todae..will keep ya update soon..!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

*_daY aT eaSt cOast_*

met eric and sim at harbour front..went to have lunch together...sim surppose to return disk to eric..but she forgot in the end..eric bai lai yi tang le..hahas..!! anw, after lunch abt gdbye to eric..den mie and sim sim went to ps to catch a bus to east coast...

surppose cheryl dey all coming de..but in the end dey say wanna go bugis instead to play dunno wad snow......sooo..!! in the end mie and sim went to east coast together instead..keke..!! reach ps arhh...when i went up the go out...i tripped and fell..!! got scratched by the escalator.........coz we wanted to hurry..afraid dat we might miss the shuttle... thought it bleeds abit..but i hack care larh..!! haha..!!

hmmX..when we went to the shuttle bus stop..realise dey didnt put any timing..haix..!! hai wo wo men bai zhou yi tang...soo in the end we took 16 dere lorr..b4 dat we went to this fashion toilet first..den i go wash my leg abit...clear away the dirt..hee..!! denn we chu fa..!!

guess wad?? when we reach east first we are surpposed to dropped at the right bus stop..but..!! we over shot..coz both of us thought there is 1 more stop..!! next time..try not to be a smart alec..!! okayss.?? hee..!! hmmX.. den we walk walk here and dere..ask a guy for the end he gave us the wrong direction..due to my "smartness.." we didnt trust him and went out own way...hehehe..!! and in the end..we manage to reach east coast..wahahaha....^_^...

we went cycling..........for 2 hrs...guess wad..?? i drop my spects...accidentally while cycling..coz dere is a huge bump when i turn into the jetty..and luckily i break in time...or else i will fall until kana jia spects fell..and i step on it..and my spects dented..!!!!!!! so xin tong..but happy also coz..!! i going to get a new spects..haha..i went on blur and blind for the whole day...hee..!! though i cant see numbers but i can still c notx so bad larh hor..?? i am just so "lucky"...hee..!! den i was disturbing sim say "god wants me to get a new spects...=) its fated.." lolx..!! we took some picx......den i wore my capppy...!!

toOk a phOtO oF miE wiTh mY dEnted sPects..!! kINda jiA laT hoRx..?
Image hosted by

tOOk sOMe aT e 1st jEttY tOO..
1)i lUbb diS piCx mAnn..!! loOk sO coOL Eh..? thanX tO sIM..hEe..!!
Image hosted by

2) sIde vIEw oF miE
Image hosted by

3) iTz uS..!!
Image hosted by

after dat..we continue to cycle........i was behind sim...gibing direction..after dat i used to it le..den i cycle without her direction..den we cycle together..keke!! up slopes down slopes..wheee..!! we took quite alot of picx though..had so much fun...

we weNt tO resT aT aNotheR jeTtY...aNd a qUieT pLAcE..hEe..
thEsE aRe thE phOTos..
1) luBb dIS piCx tOO..!! hEe..
Image hosted by

2) enJoyINg thE scEnaRy..
Image hosted by

3) miE oN bIke..
Image hosted by

4) sIm oN biKe..
Image hosted by

5) tooK aT 2Nd jEttY..
Image hosted by

6)ouR baCks...!!
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

7) acT coOLx.
Image hosted by

while cycling back..there was one idiotic guy..abt our age arh..go bang onto sim...

dis was wad happen okayss..??

i was cycling...den sim was behind mie.....den while i cycle..i heard "bang"!!! den the guy still dare to kaoz!! dey actually saw each other and wanted to siam...den dey happen to cycle at the same direction so bang..and hit onto sim's head......poor thing....she black out for 2 secs sia~!! i was rubbing her head...coz she was in real my heat arh..i was like..'" u dont noe how to say sorry izzt..?? still dare to kao..!! still dare to say she dunno how to cycle arh.." wah liew..dis type of guy get lost larh..!! hahas..!! okie..i sound so mean..anw, i ddunno why sim go and apologise to him...she was saying dat she wants him to feel guilty....oh well....!! hee..!!

after dat...let her rest for awhile....den we cycle back again.....go and return the bike...she was telling mie dat..from young..she was being pushed by a student who is big size down the she fainted...e doc told her dat if she hurt her head again..she gonna have brain damage in a few yrs hope dat nth goes wrong to her bah..yepz..!!

anw, went back home at around 7.15pm....took bus 16 home lor..with sim..buttermm..she dropped off first at ps dere to change bus first wanted to take shuttle..but becos must wait until so long dats why we decided to take bus..yepz..!!

wE took 3 photos...but just show u the nicest one..? yepz..!! easier also..dun ve to see until lao hua yan..haha!!
Image hosted by

reach bmm lehh..!! mummy habeen have to wait for 20 mins for her..went to take a seat..around the ticket office dere...wah sehh..!! i have so much difficulty okie..?? trying to look at the numbers..bth..!! =(.. hahas..den wait wait..and u noe wad.?? when mummy walk to mie arh..i thought is a man okie..den until she open her mouth..lets gooo..from far larh..she gave mie hand signal..den i noe its her liaox..keke..!!!!

reach home..lucky daddy managed to fix my spects..wakaka..!! heng arh..!! or else cannot walk tv properly..i realise my degree drop..even my spare spects also too heavy for mie ehhh..!! hee..!! for awhile my spects ishh okie..!!so happy..!! but still better buy a new one lor..just in case this thing happen again..yepz..??

whole leg so suan...didnt slp siax..until mother got so fed up dat...sshe say.."next time dont go cycling already larhh..!! give all this prob.."haix..!! how i noe this wld happen right? oh well..! guess its my fault too..!! guess how i slp..?? hee..!! use 2 pillows...a boster[izzt like dis spelt?] and my tigger soft toy to surpport my leg..=)

anw, todae ishh much better notx to worry yepz..?? however still cant walk too much...=)

okIEx..!! thoSe aRe thE piCx wE toOK fRom mIe aNd koR koR nEw diGi cAm..kEke..!! cAsIo-eXLim-eX-Z55...thE phOtos aRe kiNDa biG..sOO eRmmx..!! hoPE yaA dUnnn mINd..?? hEe..!! iF iT doEsnT aPPeAr..u vE to waIt foR a liTtlE whiLe moRe tO upLoaD iT okAys..?? cOZ..thE siZe aRe biG..!! hEe..soRri foR the incOnvIenCe..!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


after my organ class..went to shop shop around ps...go shop things for tml my uncle side.i donno dem..but from wad i noe ishhh my papa's cousin bahh....=)

but see here and got nth lehh..since already 4 we took mrt there to airport straight lorr..coz todae vannn coming backie..!! keke..!! met sa gor and kailin at changi airport mrt station wif her new maid..wahha..!! now sa gor is consider not the shortest ishh the maid..hahs..!! we so bad hor..??

anw, took sky train to t1..wahh..the skytrain so many ppl sia..i guess todae ish wkend..dats why so many ppl..reach t1 liao..walked to gate 16...wahhh..the plane landed at 5pm arh...abt 515pm, the ppl all come out liao except her....wait and wait till abt 545pm den she come first she thought mayb she not inside the plane arhh..!! scare us..but den we saw her mayb its we wait..keke..!! den when she come out arhhh...she blah blah blah everythin...until we reach her hse..she still blah blah blah..haha..!! non-stop..!! but can tell she having alot of fun i wish i can go to aust with her...den we have fun together..hahs..!!so jealous..*bLeaHx*...

in the mrt arh..kor kor called mie..ask me which one to buy..he asked me to choose between olympus and nikon brand..den i say nikon lor..coz i think e function better..coz he also say olympus not so gd larh..onli think ishhh cheaper lor..den i say buy the nikon one lor..somemore slim and nice..wan to buy must buy gd gd de mahh..den can last longer...rightx..?? but it cost $599....ex right..?? but its nice larh...since we share half half so not so bad each person abt $300 like dat lor..i count it as $600 larh..easier also..hehe..!! den he say he pay everything..and say he left $30...wahh piang..!! he realli pok gai..!! reach yew tee..went to atm machine to transfer to him the money..bth..!! haha.. now i also pok gai le larhh..!! must save money again....zzzzzZzzzz..!!

reach her hse..had dinner...den she showed us wad she bought..she bought for me pressie..!! so sweet of her.....!! the box was beautiful..somemore got letter for me..keke..!! inside the pressieee..its figurine...=)..nice hor..?? angel figurine..!! den she gave mie a bottle of sweets..these sweets cant found in sg de..onli aust den haf...its hand made..dey are so nice..!! and colourful...its nice to eat..onli come to my hse den can get to eat..hiak hiak hiak..!! she also gave me a packet of bubble gum....heee..!!

abt 9pm..we went home looooo...!! say bye bye to demmm..!! =)......

Friday, June 10, 2005

LasT dAy oF chILdReN hoLidAy pRogRaMme..

same thing...woke up at 7am to pack my stuff and chu fa....!! reach alexandar hp at around 840am like dat...shi hui met us dere...den we up to cyberhut together...

was very surprised when i first enter in..dey were like.."jie jie"!!..den i "hallo"..haha..!! guess dey warm up wif mie already..?? keke..!! i put my bag den went to the arcade room to take a look at them......den also help the kids to log on to the comp...coz dey ask me to help dem..keke..!! after dat, i showed to shi hui the theatre room lorr...!! den dis vennice and cheyanne followed well as marve...dey are so hyper active...!! dey disturb mie..!! i disturb demmm backkkie..!! keke..!! so funn...deennn..time go to zoo..!!

everyone was so excited..dey brought quite alot of tibits if like going dere for pinic..!! hahas.. after everyone assembled already..brought them to board the first aunti fifi was sitting with vennice and cheyanne..when me and shi hui board the bus....dey were asking aunti fifi to sit another seat and asked me to sit wif bad hor..?? haha..!! den aunti fifi disturb me..say suddenly i so close to dem..guess i played too much wif dem liaox..hahs..!!

when we reached to the zoo..everyone chiong arhh..!! have to ask dem to line up..dis cheyanne and vennice keep asking mie to hold deir hands..den i hold for awhile lor...but den..after a while..its time to do my job..i have to force to push their hands away from mie..telling them i have to look after the rest otherwise dey wouldnt let me go..=)....coz i am paid to look after the kids and not to play rightx..?? the 2 meis meis...gladys and audree and her mother met us at the entrance..keke..!! dey are so adorable..both are 4 yrs old onli..

look after the rest were such a headache..!! have to ask them to line upp..den the boys behind were damn playful..have to keep reminding dem to stand in line.....!! sometimes can be beri pek chek u noe..?? but overall its fun....heee..!! and u noe wad..?? first time i being called teacher..!! wahh`! i feel so honoured...haha..!!

we took some grp photos in the zoo..using the company's digi cam..but i also took some picx using my hppp...!! we took some too on our way back to cyber hut...

after reaching cyberhut...the parents went to fetch them for lunch....mie and shi hui ate western..spegatti, fish and baked beans as well as sweet corn..its so nice..!! the gravy taste good..!! yummy!! keke..!! the food dere are getting better...=)..

after having lunch..went back to cyber hut...den watched with the kids mr bean cartoon...i was kinda sleepy..somemore the theatre so cozy...makes me wanna fall asleep..but i dun dare to...keke...abt 330pm..brought them to cafeteria to have tea break..ate french fries and fruit jelly..the kids enjoyed the french fries man..!! all kids are like dat..yepz..??

after eating...go bring dem to the washroom to wash deir hands..dennnn line dem up again to cyberhut..played bowling games with dem....i just had so much fun..!! haha..!! after playing...den i gave them play by themselves the bowling..gladys was so cute...i keep playing with her..haha..!! i put the pins...she go and make all the pins notti right..?? den i buai ta han..!! use the pin wanna beat her...of coz not realli beat larh..just softly..her mother was behind leh..wait later she say i torture her daughter..haha..!! she scream scream scream..!! chao si ren..!! haha..den i tired liao..i sat on the couch...den these kids...use the bowling pins all disturb mie..!! den ask mie play monkey with dem...the 2 christophers..!! while i was sitting..kept on disturbing mie.........keep on doing my hair..lucky not messy..*whew*...

i sian liao..den went to the arcade room..hee..! go check on the kids...den took picx with vennice onli..coz not enough time..keke..!! abt 5pm..was prize presentation..send all the kids to the theatre..but de briefing and prize giving..den the parents came brought them home...was kind se bu de...!! so sad..see dey all leave...keke..!! marve was so sweet..! she gave me a card..!! hahas..!! so sweet of her...

say bye bye to the kids..!! *buAix*...!! ^_^....when all kids left...we pack up everything..and close the cyberhut....and also took our pay..and realise dat when i wan to gib aunty fifi $10 change..i realise i didnt bring my wallet..!! how careless i was....!! so nd to get from mummy $10..go back den i return her bahhs.....

yEp yEpz..!! these are the picx i took in my phone..!! rdy to see dem..?? keke!!

1) mIE & doTteR ouTsidE zOOo sOuvEniR sHop...
Image hosted by

2)daTs uS agAin.. dO u c anY diFfeReNce..[ we diDnT woRe ouR spEcTs!! lolls..]
Image hosted by

3)diS iS ouR meI mEi..chEyaNNe..!! aRen'T shE aDoraBLe..?
Image hosted by

4) smILeY..!! tOOk iN buS..
Image hosted by

5) miE anD chEyanNe's hAnd baTtLe In thE buS..!!
Image hosted by

6)sIsTeRs..: chEyaNNe aNd vEnniCe
Image hosted by

7)sQueEzY vEnniCe
Image hosted by

8) dIs iSH chEyaNNe jiE jiE..vEnicE..!!
Image hosted by

9) toOk iN aRcAde..whILe reStinG..
Image hosted by

10) doTTeR & vEnnIce..
Image hosted by

11) toOk iN coZY theAtRe..
Image hosted by

12) miE & vEnnIce..!!
Image hosted by

-nO moRe-...

dat was how my children holiday programme start and ends....!! mY meMorAbLe daYyyyy..!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

chiLdReN hOLidaY pRogRaMMe...

woke up 7am in the prepare wif my mommy..go to her alexandar office hp building for children holiday been joining for a very long time manz..every since i was in pri 2 i guess..?? young hor..?? but now, i am working there to help..!! wahaha..!!

dis programme is going to be held for 2 days...just 2 days..short..!! and gd.!! dun nd so headache...*bleahx*..

anw, miee went to wash up and prepare all my stuff..den around 8 am, cheryl came to my hse to change...den the 3 of us chu fa together...!!

reach there lehh..u c all the kids guai quiet and cute..!! haha..!! first we had the introduction..whr children introduce themselves...dennn...we went to had breakfast.....serve them breakfast.....sOOooooo cuUUttteee..!! dey were asking.."can i have somemore".. we had french toast and hashbrown...*yuMMy*..!!

dEeeennn, ask them to line up..while me and cheryl go clean up all the rubbish on the maria hor..?? hee..!! well...since we are paid to do we must do it...!! look after the kids yepz..!!

reach to cyberhut again..dey..chiong arhhh..!!!!! we had ring toast game...and colouring contest....some children didnt have the patience to do it..dey do halfway......pass the work to miee..and say.."jie jie..!! i dun wan to do liaox.." i was like.."dun wan den nvm lorr..!!" coz the colouring paper too big....take a long time to colour finish...i understand it..kEke..!! at abt 12pm, their parents fetched them for lunch.....mie, aunty fifi, aunty sandra, mummy and cheryl...went to cafeteria for lunch...i had grilled chicken...wahhaa..!! its nice..!! and drank lime juice..thought its damnnn sour..., buT..!! its nice..!! and i managed to drink finish...whee..!!

115pm..reach back to cyber hut..and we watch the cartoon madacasdar..izzt spelt like dis..?? i always cant get the spelling right..forgive mie..!! hehe.. the movie wasnt that nice though....but funni larhh..!! keke..!! last till abt 3 plus..den had tea break....the kids suddenly so hyper...i dunno why...dis cheryanne who is 5 yrs old and her sis, vennice, 7 yrs old..keep on disturbing me and cheryl...haha..!! somemore play "lao ying zua xiao ji".. lolls..!! we just cant grow up..haha..!! dey are so cute..! lubb demm...i c if i can take photo wif them den i show how cute are dey okays..?? another small little girl girl name gladys also so ke ai..!! 4 yrs old nia....i just lubb kids..!! dey are so adorable..!!

after eating..reach back to cyberhut....!! everyone chiong arhh..!!!!! suddenly so active..the boys went to play counter strike..haha..!! den dis mei mei, cheryanne and vennice..want to play comp..den i let them plae...wahh..not bad lehh..!! dey comp pro okayss.?? noe how to cancel and all dat...haix..!! now kids sooo smart..!! not like me..i onli like dunno pri 3 den learn comp stuff..?? hahas..!!

nOt long..went to do art and craft..!! did sand art...eRmmm..its like u tear of the sticker and u pour the sand on the sticker..?? yepz..!! now everywhr also kinda common...this cheyanne and vennice arhh..buai ta han them..."jie jie..!! can sit with us.." den i okay lor..!! den helped them with their art them....they are so damn creative..mix the colour and do it....i just help them to take the colours and tear out the yellow pieces....dey were like "jie jie!! help me help me!!!" den i "wait wait..!! one by one hor..??" the rest of the kids also....den aunty sandra disturbed me.."wahhh...geradine stress arh..!!" haha..!!

realli had a great time manz..!! so fast one day go by le..tml going to zoo..!! going to be part time nanny..!! tired arhh..!! but nvm..!! as long as i had fun...i dun mind...^_^ are just so adorable..!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

*_sEndIng oFf vAnnn tO chAngI aiRporT_*

okAyss..toDaE gonNA bE a bEri bEri loNG jouRnaLL.. aRe u rdYyy tOooo c..??!! haHAs...!!

aLrighT..ytD wAs de gor death 2nd death anniversary..ate steamboat for dinner....yummmy!! but me, sherry jie, sa gor and vanessa jie was the first batch to eat..coz we were dammnnnn hungryyy..!! so the soup doesnt taste dat nice yet...=)

was eating halfway..suddenly a beautiful and big butterfly flew was realli rare..coz..its very hardly to see such a big butterfly flew in...all of us were saying dat de gor ishhh backkkk.....miz her so much sia~!!!.. was toking to herrrr....after i have eaten my dinner....silently went to the place she was landing at........

abt 8pm..the prayers started..she flew to the pots of flowers...near her photo..she knew we were praying to she stayed still..amazing right?? after the prayers...she flew to the place near us whr we was so cool..if i'm not wrong she left the hse at around 12 am plus..when all my big big kuzzins went off...=)

guess wad?? at, justin and min min was preparing to tong the whole nite..and in the end min min was the first to slp..den vanessa jie went to slp..she needs a gd rest coz she will be flying to aust in the morning at around 9 in the end, onli mie and justin didnt slp for the whole nite..we realli tong until the end manz..!! i was playing the sims 2 and justin was playing his online games..gunbound and conquer....around 4am plus..we were so bo liao dat..we played pinball games in the computer trying to challenge..lolls..!! at last it was 5 am..i went to bathe...den came out...we to justin rmmm go de siao demm..!! hahas.. everyone suddenly so hyperactive.....!! so the siao lang..!! somemore taking video frm my phone....hahs...

hmmX..all done..630ammm.!! chu fa..!! go changi airport..!! we took taxi dere..!! reached dere..vanessa jie went to check in first..den we went to teminal2 to had breakfast at burger king.....all were like so sian like dat.. too tired liao...keke..around 830am, vanessa jie went in....its time..!! we took a picx b4 she goes off...den say bye bye..!!!

we took sky train back to t2..den took mrt..we slept all the way can..?? of coz..!! we needa change train too...we were slping so shiok till tanah merah stop..dennn when we changed train, it was so crowded..went to the door dere..leaning...standin still and Zzz.....haha..somemore we so bth until we sit down on the floor and slp.. i woke upp..!! and i saw 2 seats..i told min min and she rushed to the us the 2 seats den she went to other place to sit sweet of her ehh..??

i was so sleepy dat i almost fall my head to e other person beside me..luckily i woke up in time..*phew*...!!slept all the way till red hill..took 145 home..wahhh..slept in the bus was so shiok..!! somemore can "qiao" leg..lolls..

reach home..i went to change..den min min went to my rm to slp wif me..and justin when to kor kor's rm to slp..switching on air-con so around 1050am..min min woke me up..den i fetched her to the bus stop..coz she got something on in e afternoon i guess...?? yep..!! after fetching her..i walked back home..reach home..boomm!! on the bed..keke..!! look how shagged was i??!!

slept all the way till 7pm...had dinner...den around 8 plus justin and aunty virgie went home..coz aunty virgie todae came to my hse to clean...keke..!! so shiny and clean...wahhh..~~!! hahas..c also shiok..!!

but realli..had a gratz time todae..!!!

Friday, June 03, 2005

II-hAppY bDaY tO sAndY..!!-II

went to sch todae to collect repoort bk..and ss remedial as well...met my small dotter at foyer at 10ammm..guess wad..?? she is late..!! hahas..eRmm..15 mins barhh... ytd also...worse 1 hr late....!!!! lucky todae my xiao mei and baowei came early...den we chat keep me off from boredrom...*bleahx*

mr tan went thru with us on the mid-yr exam paper ends at around 1130am...den we collected our report bks...haix..tok abt it..feel like dying can..?? results are getting bad to idea wad happen to me also... now.. all i can do now..ishhh to study damn hard...and show to everyone dat..."i work hard..!!" and dis is my effort...!! yepz??

stayed in sch till 1.10pm like dat..small dotter[cheryl], big dotter[shi hui] and emperor[sandy] went to my hse...shi hui went back first to change and brought to my hse white chicks..!! the show ish damn funni...hahas..!! male-->female... lollx..

cheryl went off at 3pm..coz she got tuition...guess wad?? todae ishh sandy birthday...

happy birthday sandyyy..!!! lubb ya to bitz..!! we have been such a great frenz for like since sec 1...=) keEkEe...wiSh aLL yA dReaMs coMe tRue..aNd sTaY daT chUbbY aNd cuTe aLwAys..!!

me and shi hui gave her a surprise mini-party..we do our own d.i.y. ice cream with candles for her to blow..and added some fruits...!! and we took some photos too..!! it was so funnn... she was so touched dat she almost cry...her face blushhh..!! hahas..!! we sang her a bday song and let her make a wish.. how sweet of us ehhh..?? keke..!!

these are the picx..!! toOk fRom mY phOne :
1) our creativity d.i.y ice creammm!! nice marrhh..??
Image hosted by

2) bDaY gUrL
Image hosted by

3)"dA" doTteR & eMpeRoR...
Image hosted by

4)miE & eMpEroR..
Image hosted by

5)gRp pHoTo..[ lOOk aT sAndy faCe..sOOO reD..!!]
Image hosted by

6) mY 2 doTteRs...
Image hosted by

7)miE & "dA" doTteR..
Image hosted by

---thE end oF phOTos----

we played uno stackoooo...and i was the one who destroyed everything..whahahaha..!! evil hor..?? keke.. !! dey went home at 6pm..mie pei dey all go downstairs..den i went back home....

came..!!!!!! : aunty jo, aunty kris and aunty ros...the mahjong queens..!! mother's gang..brang brang brang!!!! all the cards soound...*noIsy* ehhh..!! but nvm larrhh..dey have fun can le..!! guess dey are gonna play till like mid-night or later than dat bahhh.... (-_-)Zzzzz.....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

*___oRaL woRkshOp__*

rEacHEd sCh aT ArounD..erMx..1245pmm..met mARmIe iN tHe fOyeR... she arhhh...duN wanna take up my calls..dun wan to reply my sms...haiyooo..until i wait for her to come..was surprised dat she came to schhh with fu lao shi..hehe...

then me, jess, yanna and claudia went up to hall for the oral tok...Zzzzz...slp slp..!! sianx arhhh..!! but of coz i so guai..sure listen to the tok right..?? keke..was li lao shi was kinda funny...hahas..!! she was demostrating to us how to to sit properly..lolls..!! must behave like girls...we were laughing away...!! ^_^.....tml must reach sch by 8:45ammm...

later gonna ve chinese tuition at 4pm..for my oral.. scary lehhh..!! wait tml see the invigilators..all fierce fierce one i die..!! :)..

okays...!! will write till here for todae..wish me luckkk!! *hugs*