Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Day 1: 24.10.05
went to sch todae in the morning..and guess wad..?? together with our class and mm..the total were onli 12 gurls went to sch...lolls..!! but and sandy arhhs..couldn't realli we were too hyper going to chalet to meet them le..!! wheeehheeehee..!!

btw, todae ish my mama bday..!! celebrated wif her ytd le..i bought her a bday cake...hahs..!! though its just a simple one...yepx..!! wanna wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

ok back to the subject...actually me and sandy motive to go to sch becos of mt lessons..becos its gonna be our last day of attending mt lesson loo..!! but in the end...though we didnt go..cos god told us not to go by gibing us signs..noe how..?? we kept on flipping coins..deciding whether to go for mt lessons or not..and guess wad..?? its a miracle..whenever we throw the always go to tail..or head...if we decide on which side not to go for mt lessons...99% turn out to be notx...miracle rite..?? after mt..was eng was funn..!! mr sng told us some experience he had...and finally..!! sch ends..!! went home with ah ma..and i reached home..

mama was at home..she cooked for me noodle..den i packed my stuffs...bathe and went off..on my way to chalet..!! so excited..!! when i reached dere..shi hui, cheryl and gen escort me to the room..i realised dat..the room decoration changed..and also for the bbq pit as turned out to be nicer and neater..yepx..!! i `lubb the way it is now...the fridge has upgraded to bigger one..the toilet has change to a nicer one...everything has change for the better..whee~!! was in the room..chatting wif them......and not long after...went for bowling..!! we seriously had a great tyme...and had some pictures here though..

how do u bowl?? let me teach `euu some steps..!! haha..i noe it sound kinda lame..but i have the movements...

1st: take ur suitable weight ball for ur hand to hold..
2nd: when its ur turn, wait for all the pins to settle and be ready...
3rd: take ur ball
4th: step onto the land
5th: look at the dots..and aim for the pins...
6th: when u are ready, walk straight..and roll the ball straight...!!

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tala..!! wanna see how `euu score in the end...stand dere and look..!!
Image hosted by

did `euu do a ggd job...??? lolls..

during the second round of the game..everyone was getting high..due to our budget...we decided not to continue except huiying and cheryl..hahas..!! but we still take turns to bowl...

dis is cheryl and suzanna..
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the macho lady..!!
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just then, cheryl was getting bored..and she tried a new way..but turning her body..facing the pins backwards..and roll the ball..unfortuantely, it didnt work..!! =(

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neXt..!! su's turn...trying to act abit gu niang..!!
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now!! hui ying's turn..she tried another method by kicking the ball to the pins..for fun..!! haha..!! however it failed too...and in the end..she hurt her ppl..!! neber ever try to "mo fang" her okayss..?? `euu will end up hurting urself..=P
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2nd game is over..and we decided to take a grp asking one of the workers working dere...
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overall for the bowling trip..i did a combi photo..!! as a rememberance..!!
just a simple one..=)
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and after taking, we went to have dinner..stomach was growling lyke mad..!! the food dere was lousy manx..didnt realli had the we quickly eat and went back to the room to watch tvv..!! wahahahhaa..~!!

abt 9pm or 10pm...went to prepare the bbq stuff for day 2...had a great tyme...though it was tiring though..and cheryl's family came to help out too...and we did it finish sucessfully..!! oh yea..!!
while clearing the stuffs..!! dis cheryl go splash water at me..and this was my reaction..okayss..!! i noe i look kinda retarded and toot..!!
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oh ...i'm so tired..!! carrying bucket of water in..!!
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finally..!! everything is done..and we get to rest..!! den while waiting for one another to bathe finish, wE tooK pIcx..!!

sUzannA look kinda eRr..?? retarded?? aha..
Image hosted by

i don wan to live anymore..!! i am leaving..!! bye..!!
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sexy guRL ehHs..??
Image hosted by

happie..?? sad..?? angry..??
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okays..!! the floor is getting tooo filty..! its time to clean up the mess..!! chiong arhhs..!!
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su: arhhS..!! i'm beinG tied up..!!
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ohmy goshhh..!! "mummy" su..?? jian gui arhhs.!!
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dennn..mie and my two dotters..went to take photos in front of the mirror..i `lubb dis pic to bitx manx..!!
Image hosted by

phoTogenic gurls..!! click click snap it..!!
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all pics are done..!! ok..time to go and bathe..and turn in early.....the time is already past two gotta wake up early..!!

Day 2:

woke up around 8am plus..didnt realli slp...and i was trying to slp..cos was lyke too excited..hahas..!! denn dey were lyke.."okay larhhs..!! don disturb ker le can tell she is realli beri tired.." den i continue to slp..another 1 hr more..and den i woke up..dey were watch a sound of music bahhs..if i'm not wrong..its a nice show..

9am..!! baowei early canx..?? we were lyke..why did `euu come so early..bbq haven even start...and she said she came early becos of sandy..den we told her sae..she coming early becos she is gonna help us with the bbq stuffs..haisyoo...dis woman arhhs...but most of us ignore her larhhs..i noe its kinda bad...but just cannot take it lorrs..

next..!! i went to wash up and ate cup noodles for breakfast..waited for cheryl and aiyue as well as hui ying and the rest to come back...whee.~!! and dey are back..we went for cycling..oh yeahh..!! had a great tyme..and sandy learnt how to cycle...but not bad..heee.~!! she learnt abit by bit le..just lyke me.!!keke..during the ending of the tyme of cycling..cheryl hurt her leg..haishh..!! everytime go out chalet or camp with us..she confirm got injuries...and i was the one cleaning her injuries..see her screaming out of pain xin tong..!! my dotter worrs...den i don dare to clean more..otherwise she gonna was kinda deep cut larhhs...den poor sandy and huiying..piggyback her back to the way i bandaged for her lyke beri serious lyke dat...

on our way back to the chalet..luckily a man working at downtown east came to ask and asked wad happen to cheryl..den we told her dat she injured her leg and sprained her ankle..den he was lyke.."wahh..!! who wrapped for her..??" den all of dem point at me..!! i was lyke..."uh-oh..!! is dere anything wrong"..haha.!! den he said.."hmmX.!! not bad..!!" den i "phew..!!' keke.!! he thought was a serious one..budden in the end was a kinda small cut..or shld i sae medium cut.?? hmmX.!! anws..den he turn the wound for her lorrs...cheryl was screaming for pain..can tell she was shivering..poor gurl..!! after all done..!! we went back to the chalet..and den have a gd rest...

look wad dey done to su..!!
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2pm we reached the chalet room..den was preparing all the bbq stuffs..look how busy we it was raining heavily..we decided to do the chalet..
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su :the chicken..!! i cant wait anymore..!! i gonna eat it..!!
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su: lalala..!!
using corn as her microphone...-_-"
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its 5pm..!! bbq starts..!! it was started drizzling..and den it turning we want to start the fire..we do not want to gib it the end..!! dey did dis..look how adorable dey are..!! haha
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miss umbrella..!!
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as the rain didnt and cheryl told su and hui to pray to god to stop the rain..and god blessed us..!! thank god man..!! otherwise we cannot do our bbq le..and we saw rainbow..!!
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isnt it beautiful..?? hardly can see it manx..

there were a grp of guys...damn idiotic..was trying to compete wif us.."see who start the fire first..!!" den we "okay..!!" haha..!! budden in the end we loose larhh..cos of e rain..keke..!! at first we won..den becos the rain came again..and we lost..haisya..but i dont care larhhs..doesnt matter..and in the end...hui's church fren came to start the fire in the end..

while, ah ma, xiaomei and dotter cheryl went out for awalk for awhile..cos we feel went walk walk..and saw dis grp of guys...performing cool..!! at first we didnt realli care larhh..until we walked one round..and we u-turn again and watched deir performance..!! we were the only grp clapping and cheering for them..dey were so happy..haha.!! den while playing..den came towards us and plae..aiyoo..!! so malu..budden still feel so honoured..!! heh heh..!! dey were beri friendly..and played a song specialy for us nehhs..!! so happie...oh gosh..!! we forgot to bring out my and ah ma ran back..and took the cam to take pics with them..!! keke...once in a life-time..wahaha...and luckily we were in time..=)

Image hosted by
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we had abit of communication difficulties..cos..!! dey were from dey didnt realli understand wad we were toking abt..till we do sign language..?? haha..!! and den dey went off to perform..whee..~!! yays..!! here comes my brps mates manx..dey came for and ah ma went to find them while cheryl and ai yue went to buy some stuffs...

we had a gd chat..and was bbqing for them the food..had a great tyme manx..and we share the food wif each other worrs..nice ehhs..?? increase our bonding..!! den after dat dey went to plae xbox..while me and ah ma continuing bbqing..

its 10pm..and its tyme for them to go back le..!! not to!! me ask misa to take the photo for us..
Image hosted by
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walked out with them..! not to forget..the bbq bill..!! haha!! pay money pls..?? den dey were lyke.." haishyo..!! almost "cheng gong"le..hahas..!! den i was lyke.."heh heh"...walked to them to bus stop..den walked back to chalet again...

whee..~!! den "brother"..!! surppose tocome at 10 plus..but becos of his work..had to work in the end came at abt 1130pm instead..poor thing..cannot catch the last bus so he had to walk from mrt dere to ku ta le..!! =)..not bad..can xun bian exercise..keke.!!

suzanna and me went to meet him while sending ai yue off to his father's car..hmmX.!! den serve him some food lors..its raining again..poor in thend i helped him bring the food to the the staircase and jia en..accompany him..and he stayed bian..!! no bus back in the end..cannot leave him alone stay outside with him lorrs..somemore my frens asked him to slp inside the room lorrs..if not he beri poor thing..i kinda feel abit bad larhhs..

okayss..!! everyone bathe...!! chat chat..!! i was damntired...but surppose to tong till the next morning..all thanx to the movie..!! the incredibles...introduced by cheryl..!! who slept first..!! haha..!! den follwed by first we were active cos we plae some games..den we were so hyper till we watched this movie..and in the end the survivor is jia en..!! clap clap..!! so now i noe..cannot watch movie in the late nite..otherwise i definately going to fall asleep..den brother gonna nag again..!! sae i pang seh him.!! sae wad watch sun rise..haha..!! but luckily neber promise tong till 5 am plus..den i Zzzzzzzzzzzz le..

Day 3:

day passes so fast..and todae ish the last day of the chalet..everyone woke up early...and packed all our stuffs and went home by mrt...when i reached home..!! change and i BOMB!! on the bed..!! to my lala land..!! till 11pm..!! from 2pm till 11pm lehhs..!! song horrs..?? haha!! woke up 11pm just to ve my dinner... okayss..!! tml got sch..back to my lala land le..

Monday, October 17, 2005


i woke up at ehhh..!! 6.45am..!! okkk..den i lie lie...can sae at 7am larhhs..den i got up to wash up, bathe, drink a cup of milk to keep me away from hunger..den wait for ah ma to call me..!! and i went downnnn..her papa fetched me.!! whee~!! and we went to the dental centre together..!!

and guess wad..?? we reached at 7.50am..!! we are the first one....haha!! cos, we were so early....somemore my appt is like 9.30am..?? dis is my first time coming i nd someone to guide me here...and i decided to come with my ah ma.!! jia en..keke..!! we waited for like eRrrs...8 plus...?? and pat pat well as sandy..took the numbers and get ready for registration...

awhile later..oh~!! its my turn to go in..and mine was operator 13..actually was 14 budden my operator wasnt ready so in the end i went to 13 instead...she was a nice lady manx...ahas..!! kept on asking me whether i was ok..lolls..!! concern marhhs...she was asking me whether i wan to wear spects or first i thought dat the goggles was kinda toot toot type..till she show me and sae.. " i think u better wear this goggles..its much better.." den i see..!! wahhh`!! so my mind...heee~!! den i "okayyy!!!!!"..haha!! sua ku right..?? den she checked my teeth..and said dat my teeth was alright like..just dat some parts neber bursh properly..opps..!! =X... den she went to approach the senior for check...cos she is a trainee marhhs...dis trainee is not bad ehhs..!! after checking...den she.."okayss..!! let me do polishing for `euuu"...

u noe wad..?? at first..she got a vacumm..u noe..?? the tube dat is put in ur suck up all the dirty dirts inside ur mouth..?? i was so toot dat..i thought dat was an oxygen..?? my god..!! guess i watch too much shows..?? haha!! den i was like breathing so shiok..till i realise sucks..lolls..!! look how gundu i am..?? abt 20 mins later..i am done..!! went out and saw ah mahhh...!! waiting..den i quickly rush to the rest room..!! oh my~!! so urgent..during the polishing of my teeth, i was like.."pls.!! hurry up finish..!! i nd to go to the restroom..!!' haha..!!

den slowly one by one came..!! and we waited for dat "ben siao jie"..shi come with cheryl..and u noe wad..?? dey came at 10am plus..we were like waiting for 2 hrs for them..?? shi hui somemore wear till..wee..uuu..weet!! so sexy..somemore put make-up..diao..!! -_-"...dats her..lolls..but nvm larhh...we thought its ok..cos her appt time was like 1030am..den dey came..and went for registration..onli for shi hui cos cheryl just accompany sweet of her eh..?? we were so hungry dat we ook cheryl's sweet and eat all...thanx to them..if not we long long go have breakfast liao..keke..!!

finally ish shi hui's turn..!! my god..!! she take 1 hr to finish..!! poor me and ah ma were like staying dere fo 5 hrs le lorr..!! wah piang ehh..!! we were kinda pissed off larhh..but haishhh..also bo bian..her teeethh got some problems..but luckily now ok le larhhs...after dat..we took a taxi down..cos me and jia en were so hungry dat we cant stand it anymore...

went to bm mac to eat...and met jermain too..!! yum yum..!! and denn..!! we went to the library..cheryl wants to search for some of er...knitting books stuff..yeahh~!! argh..!! she is so pervertic..sshowing us the model..who neber wear..u noe..?? ok..i cant continue..dotx dotx..

hmmX.~!! den kelvin called up...and den me and jia en went to meet poor thing..and nice of him..!! go pass us the bbq stuff menu...and the pricing...all the way from jurong east to bm..!! and den he went for job interview at town..and he got in..!! happy for him...

me and jia en went back to library..den told them abt the thing..and den..!! went to ntuc to check the pricing..heee.!! and cheryl is the mi shu..lolls..!! recording down all the pricing..whee.!! finally..we settle half of it..!! now..!! we have to confirm how many ppl going..!! =)...den we noe the quantity..!!after dat..went to hawker centre to have a drink..and went to a cheap shop..heard dat dey are selling trendy, we happily walked dere..but unfortunately, dey were old designs..=(...okays..!! its 4 plus...time to go home...

in the and jia en were so tired...whole morning in detal and now..whole afternoon in bm..heh heh...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

*_cuT haiR_*

wokE up at 1030am..cos the weather is just so nice to slp..Zzzzzzzzzz..!! =)

hmmx..!! went to wash abit on my organ..den prepare to go for class...heyss..!! u noe wad..?? i am the only one in class todae...oh my~!! was kinda fun..hahs..!! gotta practise alot on my sight reading manx..kept on making yr is gonna be my exam..jia you..~!!

after class..went out den grandma,mama and my grandma's fren...hee.!! of cos..went to greet them..den went to call sim..first time..!! she is so punctual..haha..!!!!!! she broke record..2pm sharp..she came..den we went to ajisen to eat...mmmmmmmmX...!! yummm!! sim and i were chatting away...mama realli took a long time to order food manx..must decide..haha!! but nvm larhh....dey wan to eat wad just order lor..keke..after eating..we were so full dat..we cant eat anymore..otherswise i realli gonna usual mochi..haha..and her fav flavour..yam...other den dat she wont eat..=P...while waiting for them to chat finish..sim and i were trying to be lame..being like a small little kid and a child...trying to pronounce simple eng..lolls..!!

after eating..went to pay the bills and den..we went to mark and spencer..while yi po and popo went off to carrefour with yi po's maid to buy grapes i think..if i'm notx wrong...den we bid gd bye...

we enter mark and spencer..buying our stuffs...and dis woman arhhs..kept on disturbing me..we were fighting on something stupid larhh..lucky i have my mama to protect me...okay..!! we sound kinda childish..hahs..!! haishh..wad to do..?? dis is us...

okayss..!! after paying all the stuffs..i was asking my mum if dere is anything for me to bring home..den she gave me some of the stuffs..and also the bacon my bag is kinda!! i looked at sim....

sim: wad????
ker: heh heh..!! bai tuo...
sim: nooOoo..!!!! since when i agree.??
ker: i noe `euu are a beri nice girl...and ur bag can squeeze inside.!!
sim: noooo!!!!

i tried to self-service to put inside

sim: okokokok..!!! i put i put..!!!!!

hahas.!! and i won the battle..

-the end-...


ok next..!! went to the toilet...and sim was taking such a long time till she msg me..and said she is doing some big we waited for her lorr..i was trying to adjust my bag..and suddenly..!! piAkk..!!i was like..oh shucks!! my sling bag god..!! the stripe came out...and i have to be like those business ppl..?? like carrying a laptop..?? hahs..!! at first..we wanted to go to suntec..but in the end..we decided not cos of my bag..guess i am not fated to go dere..?? den we bid gd bye to mummy..she went to take mrt..and sim wants to buy accompany her lor..and she had difficult choosing the watch..cos..dere are quite number of watches suit her..but in the end she chose the pink one..guess becos of her shirt she is wearing..?? keke..!!

and den..she was asking me whether wan to take neo anot..?? i was like.."u wan den sae larhh.."hahs..!!! and den she went to change the coins...den later i will return her the money..and we decided to take the cocoa machine...kinda miss this one..

yummy!!bacon rashes..!! my fav..!!
Image hosted by

i `lubb dis..!! colour me..!!!
Image hosted by

dis one is rather cute..sim has to support my leg..!! hahs..!! cos i simply donno how to adjust it..!!
Image hosted by

whaha..!! my fav..!! i climb the bar..and i was panting away...cos i have to balance.!! hahas..sim looked kinda weird in this pic..?? =P
Image hosted by

dis pic look kinda sweet
Image hosted by

ok after taking..and we went to bus stop to take bus home..and we met popo dey all qiao..!!! somemore taking the same bus..hahs..

at first..e bus was 174...and sim told me was `124 and i trust her..and i said bye bye to dem..cos i didnt noe wad bus dey were taking...and in the end..yi po was telling me dat dat bus was 174..and i looked at sim...hahs..!! bo eyes..!!!!! lolls...cheat my feeling..but luckily..behind was 124..i was like..`euu heng..!! =P...

sim: wad?? dats wad i said wad 124..
ker: as if.!!
both: haha.. qiao..we took the same bus...but dey were on their way to e and sim were sayin those lame stuffs..haishh.!! haha!! we just kept on entertaining ourselves...i simply jus lubb dis gurl manx..bu kuei shi wo de sister+best fren..haha!!

yeahh!! we reached home...we sang song..listen music........while waiting for the time to pass 6.30pm.. for me to cut hair..den went online to scan the picx...

6.30pm pass..its time to go..!! and i reached...

me: amy zai marhh??
hairdresser: zai deng yi sia..

dennn~!! we waited..and she came out..

she: ahh girll..!! ni lai le..lai zhuo..

i went to sit..haha!! as usual..ask her to cut anyhow in..!! wad hairstyle suits me larhh..!! don anyhow think arhss..?? keke..

den cut cut..!! arhhs..!! she was kinda pulling my trim..den i was trying to "ren"..haha..!! den she was asking me.."pain arhhs.." ..den i "yea"..

after cutting mm..!! at least my hair looks so much neater..haha!! but toot larhh..cos why..?? i gues mayb always when u just cut u will just simply look toot till ur hair grew longer..=)

bought chicken chop for dinner...wahh..!! my hse tv..all also spoil..ahha!! living room one not went to dining hall and watch..budden...the vcd player spoil..cos we were planning to watch la pi xiao xin..since its not working..we shall watch channel u..shi zi lu kou barh...i went to bathe...den came out..wahhh mum mum..! we cant finish our food though..we were so full..should have just order just one packet..

hmmX..!! after eating...went to the room...and we did recording on our singing...ok la..!! quite least better than last time one.haha!!!! nicer somemore..i lubb it..den i took a pic on my hairstyle..kinda look toot..!!

went to my brother's room to upload it..happily chatting..and saw my "mei fu"..den we were like disturbing me..till sim gt so pek chek with me..haha! fighting the key board...somemore the keyboard is wireless de can put anywhr also nvm..

okayss..!! dis is my new hairstyle..i noe its look kinda toot..but i gues from here cannot realli see the change barhhs... wait till u see me in real life,,den u noe le,=P...

i look kinda kiam pa in this pic
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

den sim was hoping that her mother will allow her to take taxi home..but in the end she just say "see u at home"..!! haha..!! went with her to bus stop..and mei fu was chatting with her..ohhh~!! so sweet of him right..?? haha!!

ok la..!! gonna cut beri short...cos..i tired liao..Zzzzzzzzz

Friday, October 14, 2005


hmmX.!! didnt went to sch todae as i was having a bad tummy ache..heee.~!! so i told let her noe..keke.!! guess been eating alot ytd..thanx to sim..!! hahs.!! her recommandation..lolls..

stayed at home the whole day..till ermx.!! let me think abt 7pm..?? and i left home to meet missy ong and vanessa jie..hahs..!! i had a great time manx...guess wad..?? i was kinda late..and both of them too..and luckily dey just reached..abt the same time as me..wahhaa.!! den went to causeway point to walk around for awhile...and found a neo-print job..!! i am notx sure whether its a "must-do-thing"..for me..!! hahs..!! anw, habben took with missy ong must take with her..hahs..!! den we went to take 2 machines altogether..i lubb all the photos..all looks so sweet..hahs..!! my this little cousin is onl 6 yrs old..and dis is the first time i went out with her without any parents around..keke..!! guess its..?? cousins outing yea..?? hahs..!! we took a stand for her to stand dat she will look taller den can fit into the cam..hahas..!! don nd to carry her...heng..!! wheeheee...

the machines dere were mostly old ones...but nvm larhhs...i don mind..keke..!!

dis is the first machine we took..:
i `lubb dis one..we look so swit..!!
Image hosted by

tongues outx..!!
Image hosted by

eR...!! we look kinda weird..hahs..!!
Image hosted by

muaCkx..!! sO aDoraBLe..i `lubb dis too..!!
Image hosted by

2nd machine..!! was the wall one..whr u get to change the different wall colours for the background..?? hahs.!! we were queuing up for it..saw a number of small kids inside the machine..guess dey were taking family photos..hahs.!! all of them look so adorable...doing those cute poses..=)...den when dey finish we were abt to go in...the stupid 3 malay gals go inside without queueing..vanessa jie was kinda pissed off..!! and me too...den i was like..haishh..nvm larhhs...later we dash in..make sure no one cuts in again..!!

and finally..!! we are in..wheeheee..!! den we were like testing...change the walls and all that..hahs..!! cos i also beri long neber take le..and its kinda fun..=)..we were trying to adjust...whr to stand so dat we can see missy ong too..and finally we got it..=)..tala..!! these are our poses..!!

oh mYy..~!!! money money..!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

ok!! i look kinda retard in this picx..!! don luff..!! =X
Image hosted by

yePx..!! daTs all...den went to cut them...and we went to gelare[izzt like dis spelt?] to eat ice-cream..chocolate..yummy!! hahs..!! guess our mouths are itchy..hahas..!! we shared a mini waffle..while waiting for the arrival of ice-cream..we went to find a seat..and dennn...dey gave us some napkins as well as the number plate..haha..!! den we were trying to be "sua ku"...disturbing kai lin to put the napkin into her shirt..lolls..!! like those gudu ppl neber go eat western food b4 in a restaurant...?? =)..and me too...i was like tell vanessa jie.."faster pai hor..!! beri malu de lehhs.." we were laughin away..

Image hosted by

kailin: wo shi bian hao 10!! number 10....contestant number 10...!!
Image hosted by

kai lin: oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image hosted by

after enjoying our ice-cream..!! its time..!! and we went down to the fun fair..and let kailin enjoy herself..sitting train la..vehicle merry go round..ferries wheel and slides...castle hse..haha.!! and she did enjoy herself...=)...seeing her enjoying herself just makes my day..=)..

heh..!! dis is her sitting in her lorry vehicle..*bRoom*
Image hosted by

whee~!! she is sliding down..!!
Image hosted by

kL: i'm in a hole!!
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

KL: i'm climbling..!!
[at first she didnt dare to climb till vanessa jie helped her up..den she build up her courage..and kept on climbing repeatly..]
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and one more..!! she made a gd fren dere..hahs..!! =)..the mei mei also beri cute..

ok..!! the time is already 10 plus..its time for us to goo....went to pasa malam walk walk..and i bought her 10 stickers...different types...anw,its cheap la..10 for $1 onli...keke.!! walk walk...den kl bought some snacks home for sa gor dey all to eat...=)...and we went home.....took mrt....while waiting for train..kl was looking at her stickers..hahs..!! den i was looking at my hp photos..of sweet and adorable..!! and we decided to take a final picx...
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and the train came..went to take a seat...and was chatting happily wif each other..till yew tee..dey went back home..and i went back all the way to redhill mrt station..daddy's night driver fetched me nice of him..of cos..!! daddy is in the car also larhh..with one of his fren..cos..todae was his first day..getting his new car..!! the whole one gone le..=(..kinda miss it..keke..!! anw, dis car arhhs..can tell its heavier..the movement...and the seat is higher..!! and den..the door is auto cool..but kinda scary also...=P....

at first i didnt noe..i cant open the door..i was like.."uncle..!! help me open the door" in chinese..den he..! ohhhh~!!..haha..!!! keep forgetting....;)

ok..!! 11.30pm..i reached home loo..!! home sweet home........!!