Friday, November 25, 2005

*_chiLdren holiday programme_*

thought that my index finger wld be betta.but i was wrong! it just get worse..i couldn't straighten it.. and my palm is also getting affected..guess i have to eat my medication mom advised me nt to do any more trimming wif pen knives anymore...otherwise my condition is gonna get back againx..oh well..!

yays! todae is the children holiday programme.guess wad..? i mis them to bits manx! haben been seeing them for lyke 6 mths.well basically.we had dis programme every 6mths..for the kids to have some fun..hee! first we had introduction...the old kids who came b4 remembered me! so happy! den we had lots of fun dere manx...being bullied..and molested by them..haishyo! instead of the bigger ones bully them become the young ones bully mie and sim..sobs! lolls..

tell u wad we did dere okays..??

first day:
we played games wif them..such as erm...darts..bowling....gladys was so cute! the youngest one as well as jeff...he is just so adorable...when i look at him..i am in love wif him liao..i was joking wif sim dat..we come here is to eye on small boys instead of older guys..lolls..!!

dis is my bf! look at his eye brow! hahas..!! so adorable manx..
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sim kept on calling him xiao xin..i have no idea why..but she says his hairstyle looks lyke u agree.?? i don realli agree though..

oh yea! i am married wif 7 wives and husbands..lolls! i have no idea how come i was married...all the kids just chiong to mie and sae..i wan to marry u! and i was lyke..arhhhs..!!!!! hahas...saw dis kid..i call him pui pui..cos he is so chubby and adorable...

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don't u agree..?? hahas..!! dat was actually so call sim's laogong...but after dat it becomes another boi who becomes her laogong! which is considered as my ex! its so complicating ehs..?? okays! during tea-break time..while lining up..bring them to the cafeteria..he came to me and sae i wan to hold ur hand! and i was like why? and he says "becos i love u!"..haha! cute the end i let go of his hand..and he went to sim and holds her hand...den i disturb her sae..i divorce him...don lyke him..! haha!! and he goes to sim...and he says." i love u"....lolls...

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so qin mi ehs...hahas..!! aiyo! i just don i shi dai like change already..dey noe wad boy-girl are smart now ehs..hahs! and `euu noe wad..? kids these few days are so pervertic! aiyo! i don wan to mention already. cos i was too embarassed..!! oh my god!

we watched chicken little for our movie time...shhh! its pirated! =X... i lub the fishy and the small alien! dey are just so adorable...but i find that the voices are too matured for the cartoons...when u have watched the movie u will noe... its a nice cartoon! go watch..!

the movie ends abt an hr plus..and all chiong out! and we did ers! art and craft after god! the rings are so hard to open..basically..dey are surpposed to ring the stars together..and it will be dangling! den can hang in the god! my fingernails all got scratches man! so difficult to open up the rings...and fingers start to pain i cannot put down my hand straight..i have to bend it! painful sia..i have to keep on putting the cream b4 it gets worsen!

yeas! 5.30pm...going back home time! me and sim cope 2 packet home and dat i can hang in my room! its so gd bye to the kids! 6pm..go home lo..sim cant eat much..otherwise she wld vomit..and we were thinking whr to eat for dinner..and we decided pastamania at hf...and we went! =)...yummy! somehow we didnt have much appetite to eat..guess the 3 of us were too tired bahs....=P...

i slept so early! 10pm! oh my...=) "zhao shuei zhao qi..dui shen ti hao"...!

second day:
its raining in the morning! mark attendance for the kids...was surpposed to bring the kids to west coast park...but it was raining! so in the end we brought them to sci centre instead..bring them out was such a headache sia! kids running around! shouting at them..asking them to line up in twos! my mum was the worse! stress arhs! she got kinda pek chek too..cos daniel kept on running around on his own..haiyo! poor mama...dey were so the end! the kids were grp in grps of kids will follow mie and sim.heh heh! i feel like i am a teacher manx..okays! now i understand how xin ku of being a teacher liao..cos it wasnt running around...but we had fun ehs! hee! and i enjoyed being wif them...

we brought them to entertainment centre..and we saw dis mini cute cars..the kids all..chiong arhs! and took a photo of them! =) dey loves taking pics manx!
just lyke us! heh heh..
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after dat brought them to other places..glad dat they were enjoying themselves..seeing them happy just make my day too! i just love kids manx! den after dat..brought them to see chicks and other stuffs...the kids so call playing place..hahas! i forgot wad dat call le..dey seems enjoying dat section most! running around...playing all kind of stuffs...sliding down the slide..aiyo! den we went into the studio section..pretending to be on news....

sim was the camera women...
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ready set action!...hie!! welcome to kiddy are the host for the day..
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keke! afta dat..dey were running around..exploring the things! okay kids! its 11.45am already! tyme to go...!! it was hard getting them back cos dey didnt wan to go back..hee! dey enjoyed themselves too much...and finally..all the grps were back..and its time to go back to cyberhut! =)....

lunch time! the parents went to fetch them for lunch..the cafeteria food sux sia! cos dey change ppl already..i prefer the ones in june..dey were so much nicer! oh well...just eat bahs...

todae movie time..we watched hercules..and sherry jie came along help out...hmms! one watch except two kids and the adults..haiyo! haha..guess dey watched b4..some of the kids say its dey didnt wan to watch...i think becos its dark..den all the evil cartoons bahs..dats why...but its not a bad show after all i find..

after movie time was er...tea break! gave them eat donuts and nuggets at the cafeteria..dey love it! after eating..the kids came to me! oh my!!! i got tickled! arhs! help me...pull up my shirt somemore...worse till! my back was pull up...lucky my reaction was fast to pull it down! my god! i am being molested and bullied by them..poor me! my mum saw me so jia lat..until she scolded them..poorthing..hahs! den dey stopped..and i went to the toilet..cos i was kinda embarrased and kinda pissed..but i told myself..dey are just kids...dey do not noe anything..its ok...i went out of the toilet..and went to ask them to line up..and we were back to the cyberhut...!

we played games..."aeiou"..londer bridge..musical chairs..and eagle chase chicks..haha! so fun! somemore its the last day! haish! i gonna miss them so badly! for 6 mths..i am not gonna see them...prize giving time! heh heh! pui pui got a price! hahs...somemore can show up funni manx! anw, thanx for the an muo u gave me! so shiok..!! haha!! next time can open a shop liao! u did a great job...!

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he also an muo for sim too..!! look how comfortable sim is..after prize giving..we went to take a grp photo..cos i cant bare to leave them..these are some of the photos..

sim and her laogong!
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sim's laogong! nice pose he got...

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gladys! i love her to bits! she is so adorable! but of cos not the one on the right..=x
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me and jiaxuan! the violent girl!
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me and pui pui!! he won the prize!
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sim and the kids..!!
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dont u think the two red girls look like jin jin and wan wan on tong xin yuan 2? hee! if u watched the 7pm channel 8 show..
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my last grp photo wif the kids..
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5.30pm! parents fetched them home...=(..bye bye kids! see ya 6th months later..

our last pic at the cyberhut b4 leaving..
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okay dats all..for the children holiday programme..will have 6th months later..! gee! i keep on repeating..hahs..!! gonna miss them to bits!

went to noodle hut at hf to have dinner wif mummy and full! the noodle are not bad to eat..budden! too not nice...heh! after dinner..went home...gonna sleep early..!!

dats all folks..!! ta-ta..!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


been working these 2 days wif sim.thanx to her for introducing to me dis job..although dis job is easy..but i got injured! arghx! hahas...! and so was sim's mum..poor thing...let me tell u wad happen later..

sim's aunty was warning us dat we have to be serious dis time and not playing a fool.cos its a veri impt job.when we heard it.we were lyke.oh my god! she is scaring mie! shld i take dis job...?? think once..thinking twice...ok agree! and her aunt doesnt want to tell us the pay too...but i don really mind.cos as long as i got dis job and er! it can kill tyme too! so ok! lets work!

sim gave me a wake up call! and we went to work together. we were 5 mins late..but her aunt was even later! heh heh...den when she looked at me...

aunty karen: oh! its u again!
mie: heh heh...

in my mind! i was actually trying to joke wif her.."ya lor! its mie again! miss me? haha!" -__-"..

and we went up to the office together.oh yea! were so excited..but we have to wait.cos, the goods haben arrive yet. uncle kenny was surpposed to deliver the goods to the office marhs. while waiting, mie and sim were chatting away.luffing..talking all the craps la..

aunty karen: u 2 arhs! tok tok tok..laugh laugh laugh...wads so funny?
ker&sim: nth...hee!

1 hr later...yay! arrived...den sim's si yi..came to teach us wad to do..and the other helper too..i donno how to spell her name..its pronouce as dis..wee-zi..yups! okay wad we surppose to cut cut the so call sticker number..and paste onto the hard paper..and den add another sticker quotes at the back..its alot manx! soon, sim's mum came to help. aiyo! tell u arhs! the stickers..dey neba draw lines..until me and wee zi had to measure..whether its accurate anotx..thinking how to paste onto the hard paper manx! headache....

and finally..!! sim's si yi came to help.! and its i went to help sim to cut the stripes of sticker...and she went to do another job..seperating the cards and put them accordingly. i was cutting! its so fun..! we did till abt ers..8 plus..and went for gd bye to them...

went for ajisan for dinner...`euu noe wad? while eating..we were eyeing on the guys beside us...i donno why! sim's mother was lyke.."lets play a game"..."follow the style they do.." i was lyke.."diao.."...okays! lets play...hahas!! den we starting to choose which guy we want..and den......we play..talking all the craps and stuff..when dey ate finish...we wanted to see them...arhhs!! dey look...eeee! okays! i noe i sound bad..but dey are not local...heh...sim's got a betta taste..although she chose a girly guy..but its the best among the 3...lolls..

den we started to tok abt joe...toking bad abt him ehs...tsk tsk! but it was realli funny...thanx for the dinner aunty!

we chat till the restaurant want to close manx! took 61 home..and i am home..!! backaching! old woman already...hahas! the next day i have to wake up at 8am plus..cos dey were planning to reach the office at 10.30am! oh mY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sim gave me a wake up call again! quick go prepare..!! oh yea yea..and catch the 61 wif her and her mum..continue the work again..!!

reach abt 11am..start work! we were happily doing..until i heard from sim's mum.."ouch!" i got a shock..thought wad happen...and i saw..bleeding! oh my god! she cut her hand from the sharp pen knife..quickly she went to wash her hand..and wee zi sent her to hospital to stop the bleeding and do stiches..ohmy! its realli a deep cut manx..and her mum still happily saying.." i am going for stiches! wait for me ok?" haha...interesting mother..=).. and sim were left alone in the office..we were so noisy..haiyo! sometimes..we were thinking mayb if they are around it wld be so much better..was listening to the radio..and i heard taufik...! yucks!! okay..i admit dont lyke him..neither his voice...when i heard his singing..i was like eee..pui pui..i apologise dat..cos! i noe its realli bad of me..but i just donn lyke his singin la..just speaking the truth...okays! 2pm..dey are back..and we went for lunch..whenn i saw sim's mother..hand..oh my! so thick! so cute! she was lyke keep on saying repeatly abt her hand..ya i understand! cos it was realli beri scary..imagine..the cut..!! the bleeding was so bad! oh my! heart pain sia!

ok after having our lunch we had ice cream..and went back to office..oh yea! continue working..was damn tired my hand..and i use the sharp pen knife..i don care le..cos the others were not as sharp as this..haha! was cutting and trimming..and sim was hand was pain again..old sickness come back again...but i heck care! cos i just wan to finish it quick and fast...was surppose to meet jess and jia en as well as gen todae..budden..was too busy..its just too many..!! we still got so many to in the end it was cancelled...creating unhappiness wif jess..oh well! we have to choice...sorrie jess!

sim's mother went to have a gd rest.! yea! finally 8pm..oh yea! we finished all the blues and left the green...we left the aunties to finish tml...cos tml will be working for my mum hand was so pain..especially my second finger..i cant even keep straight..i felt nth..totally nth...and den.!! sim was trying to straigten it..but it was so painful...and now..i am typing on my middle finger..on my right hand onli..interesting ehs? choice..tingling! went to mos burger to eat.and went home..tired day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


heys! guess i haben been updating my blog for quite some tyme yeas..?? was busy wif my family chalet and my cousin's didnt realli hab the tyme to update my blog..hmmX.!! my cousin's wedding was a simple one...yepx! just wish dem a happy marriage..bai tou dao lao and erm..!! hope can get a baby soon? hahas.!! normally ppl wish new marriage couples are lyke dat rite..?? somemore next yr cny i can get extra ang bao liao! oh yea yea...hahas..greedy woman..

okays..!! i shall update wad i did todae bahs..recently..betta than last wk larhhs..haha!! me also lazy to liao..getting beri slack..was chionging on vcd shows..lolls..!! now gonna finish le..cannot chiong liao..lolls..

alrite..back to the subject...woke up at 12pm todae..`euu noe wad..?? i overslept..cos sim didnt gave me wake up call..and my alarm clock also donno got ring anotx..was sleeping lyke a pig! haha! slept at 2am wake up later..kekekekeke....till my mother woke me up..was saying its already 12pm still don wan to wake up...i was lyke..oh gosh!!!!!! get up, go wash up have breakfast..didnt eat much...den i msg to jess dat will reach abt 2.30pm..wahhs..!! den she scolded mie..!! sae wad...i make her stay up so late becos of mie..cos she wants to watch the hk show..adoi..!! i also donno i will wake up so late marhhs...was apologising to her..den she nag nag nag..lolls..dats her style..wad to do...must pity mie..haha!!

mie didnt finish my breakfast..cos i realise i was realli beri late le..!! den quickly went to have a bathe..den took bus to sim place and meet first i thought i was late..but in the end..guess who was the lastest..?? it was gen..!! cos she forgot to charge her must wait for her phone to be charge finish b4 she gets out of the in the end she reach commonwealth at 2.30.and dat is lyke the tyme to meet jess at 2.30? oh my..!! den when we reach city hall le..saw jess..den she complain arhhs complain....!! den i orh orh orh......also no choice marhhs..rite..??keke...

we walked to marina square..cos dey re-renovated nicer and looks much better looo..!! last tyme looks so old...heee..!! went to have lunch at kfc..ate zinger..was toking craps..haish!! as usual larhhs..finally..jess can eat in peace wif us..!! till she reminded us..heh heh..!! den we began again..till she cannot ta han...and she regretted telling us...hahas!! but in the end still can eat in peace larhhs...she tried to sae er xin things to mie to loose my appetite..however it doesnt work.!! wahahahahha!! *grins*..after eating..went to walk around marina...was actually looking for the shop name skin which is er..!! he yao sun's shop..wanted to take a look wad kind of stuffs she is selling marhhs...den we were joking dat...after skin..will have face shop, nose shop, eyes shop, mouth shop...!! all the organs name..lolls..!! sounds bad...but was just joking don take dat in mind..walk walk!! and we saw jobelle, amanda and alysia..!! so qiao...just sae hi and we walked off...unfortunately, we didnt get to see the in the end we gave up..and walk around againx...saw gv!! heh heh...are u thinking wad i am thinking..?? heee~!!

we saw the show title.."just like heaven"...!! oh!! immediately..i wan to watch le..den dey also wan to..!! the show is nice and funni..recommanded..!! heee~!! seriously...the show was 4.45pm..when we bought the ticket was around got 1/2 hr more..den we walked around again..and went outside of marina square..and took some photos..

do u think dey look lyke tourists? just came to sg..?? lolls...sounds bad ehs..??
Image hosted by

the wind was strong..!! look at deir hairs..?? so cooling..haha
Image hosted by

grp photos.!! we used ehs..?? gen was surppose to piggy back mie..but in the end i think...better dont cos i was wearing skirt..later "zao geng" u noe..?? haha!!!!beri maluating!
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Image hosted by

the background behind is nice ehs..?? `lubb it
Image hosted by

okays..!! took took..!! sim and gen was doing a lame video..a sound of music..hahs..!! i think better not show better..i prefer the real characters acting than the imitation..haha!! so ppl..!! dun buy piracy stuffs ehs..?? haha!! nono..!! or shld i sae imitation..cos..!! it doesnt look as nice as original...lolls...sounds lame..-_-"..

after watching show..went to walk to esplanade..!! dis jessica..!! forever lyke dis..!! it was raining..actually not realli dat heavily..she was shouting lyke hell.!! i wan to go back..i don wan to walk to esplanade already..!! its raining..!!eeee..EEE!!! i don wan to get wet..!! i was lyke..keep quiet larhhs..!! `euu don wan face i wan face de larhhs..haha!! somemore i was sheltering her alot...i wasnt realli sheltering myself..cos i scared of her getting wet..later she complain even more..!! she was shouting and shouting..lyke wan to cry liao..den i beri scared..i kept quiet..until we reached to the traffic lights...she was laughin away..wah piang..!! gao she mo marhhs...haha!! but in the end still shouting..arh arh arh non-stop..haiyo..!! i wan my ears lehhs...

yays..!! finally reach esplanade..and i can get away from her shouting le..we went to library...den was walking around..while we walked to the 1st the concert area inside...mie and jess was walking infront..when we turn behind..?? whr are dey..?? i was having a feeling dat dey have gone in to the teddy bear shop..den jess was lyke.."why notx we go and hide..don let them find us"..haha!! den i ok!! so we ran away..went to hide..i noe it sounds childish larhhs..lyke small kid..playing hide and seek in esplanade..!! oh my god.!! haha..but it was fun..sim called mie..but i didnt ans..till she call jess...i ask her to ans..den she was laughing away non-stop..cant even tok to i tok to her instead.."let's play hide and seek..see whether u can find 8pm if cannot find den we meet.." and she agreed..we went to walk around..!! was thinking whr wld dey find us..?? haha..!! called again..couldnt find us..and we decided to sit at to city link..haha!! was taking photos..waiting for them to find us..den we walk to carpark....jess was so kiasu..!! she was scared dat dey might find us..don wan to go up..haha!! den i was lyke..aiya no nd scared de larhhs..cos she don wan to be found..lolls...we walk walk..tired liao..went to sit down....and took photos..!!

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

see!! my marmie trying to act cute! haha
Image hosted by

okays..!! 745pm le..dey msg us sae dey don wan to play le..!! dey watching indian instruments..dey are tired and hungry...8pm we went up..and walk to the back and sae hi..!! seeing them so tired..!! haiyooo......also make me feel kinda bad larhhs..but nvm..its just a game..shld be ok ehhs..?? den we went off....gen and sim looks so tired..mie and jess look so hyper..!! haha...was thinking whr to eat...the tyme is already 8.45pm le...cos dey still cannot decide whr to go..and i gotta go back soon the end mybus 97 came..and i took home...gen followed me too..and we were chatting in the bus...den left sim and jess..dey went to have dinner together..hee..~!!

reach home loo..!! watch tv...9pm 8..seriously..i don lyke the students actress and actors..dey lyke donno how to act char..!! haisyooo..if dey choose a better actor and actresses arhs..i think the show will be much more nicer..agree..??

yays..!! gonna go out wif dem again..the L.O.L.S gang..lolls..!! sounds lame ehhs..dats us...lolls...looking forward to it...23 nov..seeing orchard lightings..=)