Friday, April 28, 2006


seeing jess smiling todae. realli makes me happy. marmie! u improved le. yays! glad to see u improving. aii sii nii looos~!!

okays. todae eng paper. ahem. i shall sae average? i did overall? heh! the qns were kinda tough though. paper 1 compo. i wrote on the narrative. cos the rest of the qns i haf no idea wad to write abt. actually i was thinking of qns 1. budd after thinking for quite some tyme i decided to write narrative essay in the end. qns 1 is abt goal. "if u haf a goal in ur life. no matter wad u do. u will achieved it." i based on moii memory. cant really remember the qns le. so did i guess correctly? oh well. wads over is over. i shall nortt think abt it.

hmms! thinking of wadd i wrote again wasnt a bad story afterall. quite drama i think. i wrote my uncle. gamble all the money away. den!!! he nortt onli cheat his parents money. bud property as well. one day, i saw him and met him unexpectedly. hmms! dis is just a summary of wadd i wrote. bud of cos! its gonna b more interesting than dis. omg! wad am i talkin abt.. aiyea. forget it! haha. hope i pass barhs. !

letter writing wasnt realli simple as well. write abt attire and dressing properly. its a speech writing to the whole sch. i guess i did average for dis as well.

paper 2!! passage was kinda tough. especially passage a. its was kinda difficult to understand. bud i manage to finish all. so hope i get to pass moii paper barhs. i wld b so happy if i pass moii paper manx!! hee hee.. look on the bright side. hohoho!

todae didnt haf lessons. whee~!! becos of eng papers. bud moii clinques just went crazy. played badminton during pe. it was realli fun and funny. did all kinds of "zao". however. si bai! haha.

during ft lesssons. cheryl and sandy were debating abt china and singaporean. lolls! its just so funni. sandy as china citizen and cheryl as singapore citizen. they debated frm like 1.15pm to 2.30pm. aiyooss! cannot stand them manx. den all of us were cheering for the two of them. hahs!

after sch had bio remedial. so many things to study for practical. dis is crazy manx! hope i can finish studying barhs. tues is gonna b the mock practical. haish! chem i am nortt worried. the only thing i am worried for is bio. nd to draw the stuffs and label the diagram. sure tough sia!

gonna go out to study tml!! hope within dis 3 days i can finish studyin for bio practical as well as other subjects to prepare for mid-yr exams next wk thurs. so wish me luck again!!!!!!! =))

Thursday, April 27, 2006


tml is eng paper. wish moii luck! haha. everyone went crazy, irritating and blur todae. basically i haf no idea why. the class is so damn noisy. just filled widd laughter. haha! suzanna was saying. " i guess becos tml is eng paper." Everyone is so excited. lolls.

to moii baobei jess [marmie]:
i noe its tough for u to forget dis situation. see u todae so moody realli make moii heart hurts. everyone is worried for u. no matter wad. we will always b dere by ur side okays? my clique, minnie, jermaine, jia en. u still haf us!! heh. hope u to see ur cheerful look again. i miss arguin widd `euu!! love yea!!

oh well. its realli sad to noe dat ur loved one has passed away. it just remind me of moii aunt and grandpa. they left. onli just a few months away. its realli very hurting. realli took a long time to get over it. okays! lets nortt think abt the sad moments. hee! look on the bright side yeps? dats wad i always told moiiself. so jess! u too okays?!

recess was realli torturin for moii. i am bein bullied! kana de siao. guess mayb i kept on arguing widd dem and irritated them. ohs! so its moii fault? bud i dun think so. haha! guess wad dey do to moii ? tickle me. place water on moii. 3 ppl sit on moii lap!!!!!!! when i get up moii leg totally numb. bud surprisingly. dey are heavier than me. bud i dun feel any pain. haha! dis shows dat I AM STRONG!! lolls. rubbish. durin eng lessons. me, sandy, cheryl and aiyue went totally mad. was surppose to finish up the compo points. bud we were talking abt lame stuffs. loll! todae was the worst. laughin so loud. playing a fool. bud in the end we finished it! heh heh. we were actually talkin abt our handwritting.

mine: typerwriter
cheryl: italic
aiyue: indonesia
sandy: ??? i forgot wad's hers already.

stm. sorry arhs. heh! during cme lessons, mrs chua was talking abt the polling dae. whether u surppot the opposition or the pap. well. basically, i surpport the pap. yeps! dis shi hui. i guess she misses me too much. kept on disturbin me.!! i gortt so irritated. though did nortt sit wid her. oh well. guess she misses me too much. lolls! i sound so thick skin these few days. oh dear!!

okays! i guess i getting out of point. alright. i shall stop till here. todae was realli fun!! i was in a great mood. also gd. happy better than sad. wonder wad is jess doing now. haish! worried for her. hope it does nortt affect her exams barhs. tml is the paper. jia you jess! u can do it!!

i better go do moii compo le. hafing tuition later to brush up moii eng. hope dis mid yr i can pass! so wish me luck ppl! hohoho~!

to all ppl taking papers tml! all the best!! moii encouragment for u ppl. jia you jia you! lets work hard together and get better results. improve ourselves!! yays!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


yays! i finally returned to sch. my cliques were like.." KER!! u are finally back. " den i "ahem!! ya!"..

dis dotter cheryl of mine so "angel".." Haha!!!!! she gortt no voice. oh yesh!!" .. all of dem luff. we will haf world peace. i was like. diao!! how nice of them lors. haha!! bud going back sch is definately no regrets. hee! so sad larh. i lost moii voice. bud i gurantee. when i get moii voice back. i wld definately take moii revenge. u gurls will nortt haf any peace again.!! hohoho~!! i sound so evil. lolls!

haish! todae is gonna b the last day in the hm rm. heard frm the announcement. becos, a gurl frm class 2j, haf injured her leg. and frm wad i heard frm mr tan. he said dat that gurl sufferin frm concussion. like moii larh. the previous tyme i had. haha! wahhs!! suddenly moii cliques were like. "KER!!! GOO INJURED UR SELF AGAIN!!"

ppl frm other class look at moii. i was like so damn malu can? haha. coverin moii face. lolls! i tried to argue back. bud no use. no voice came out. haha! poor moii. haiyooos!!

todae is the last dae we wil b stayin in hmrm. all of us were just so used to it. when mr tan asked moii if i was alright. nortt moii who answer bud the class. dey said a loud NO!! haha. whole class was luffin away. all askin moii to injure moiiself again. lolls! such evil gurls. i just simply love moii class!

gonna treasure the tyme we had in dis hmrm. it has brought us many memories manx! someone! pls injured urself. so dat we definately wil stay in the hmrm. oh yay!! no more hm rm system for our class. haha!!

after sch, our class.."destroy". the equipments. unpluck the comp cable, take out air-con batt. haha! look how evil we are. lolls! =X.

oh moii! i just simply love moii class. <33 muacks!

tml gonna go back to hmrm system le. exercisin tyme!! sob sob!!

Monday, April 17, 2006


arghs! didnt go to sch todae. still nortt well frm moii sickness since fri. anw, todae is mama's bday!! jess. happie 17th bday to yea. sorry arhs. todae didnt go sch and haf fun todae. was too weak. bud nortt to worry. i will try tml okays?! love u loads! <3 muacks.

i lost moii voice. total change. so low!! sounds cool. haha! gonna start studyin todae. later going for organ class. lucky i practise le. later gonna make sure i make no mistake. hee hee!

hope tml will b a better dae for moii! dis yr is realli gonna b real tough for me. keep on fallin sick and injurin moiiself!! so "lucky" of moii. sigh!!

alright. gonna put a short entry todae. restin soon. =)). update when i free again.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

*_sPorts day_*

ytd was sch sports day. its the last yr for mOii hafin sports dae in stc loo. haish! gonna miss the daes manx.. oh well..

went to clementi stadium wid jia en. dad fetch us. and we are kinda early. haha! saw mL sittin so went to pei ta and chat together. the sun was pretty hot. poor sandy and moii was burnin hot in the hot sun. the both of us were facin directly at the sun. hot hot! after the event moii face was burnin hot and red. oh moii! minnie was like. wah! natural red. dun nd to put blusher next tyme le. -_-"..

i love watchin cheerleadin so much manx! its just so nice. marie got first! i am so proud of it. noe why? cos i am in dat hse. bud they realli did a great job. marie hse got champ in cheerleadin again.!! and we gortt 2nd in overall. bud its nortt bad le. cos in swimmin carnival i think we gortt either 3rd or 4th. we improved! worse is ignatius team. frm 1st become 6th. minnie and jia en was so disppointed. dun sad k? ignatius will improved one day!!!!! shall we go back and attend the event next yr again? lolls. also dunno haf the tyme anot.

durin the sports dae event. all of us were so crazy takin pics. as the pics were too much. and for moii. dis kind of lazy woman. i am too lazy to upload. it was so damn funni manx. 4 cams takin. lolls. den dunno whose cam to look at. jess and en was takin wid mr poon. the way he pose. stylo! so cool. haha! bud when he wantd to see. jess dey all were so excited until dey forgot to let mr poon see. "gurls!! i wanna see. i havent even see.." poor him. bud durin accounts period we are gonna let him see. and dats confirm! =) all of us so bad to him manx. haha.

i was so poor thing. bein bullied by them. takin those pervertic pics. actually nortt realli la. den 4 cams were at moii. i was like. min xin arh. wahhh!!! haha..

after the event went to bugis. had lunch at pastamania. as usual talkin quite alot of craps wid jia en and minnie. again i was bullied. it started when we were in an electricity shop. arghs!! i so nice to be bullied meh? so sad. i was too tired to take moii revenge. otherwise the outin will be so lively. haha! nvm. next tyme. durin the holidays. hee hee! 1 hr ++ we spend frm 4++ to 5++ sittin at the cinema upstairs to take pics wid cars. all kinds of pose. diao..!! nth to do. den we were doin reflection on the past. so funni. went back at 5 plus. was tired and sleepy so i slept around 8 plus. dat was very early manX! wanted to wake up at 10 plus to watch wishin stairs! argh! bud i forgot. i overslept. pig moii. haha! i slept all the way till 3am. moii whole body was burnin hot. the weather also was hot manx. switch on the fan also no use. moii god! i cant slp. perspirin like hell. 5 plus. i woke up again. keep on feelin hot and cold. bud nortt to worry. i am nortt sick. i guess its the weather barhs.

todae in the afternoon. i slept! yay! at last the air-con is bein repaired. oh my!! i gonna slp again. to replenish moii slp frm ytd!!!!!!!!! hohoho......