Sunday, May 28, 2006

*_sG saLe_*

whee! great singapore sale is here! yay! shopping spree tyme. haish! gonna b broke again. back to poor life. lolls! bud of cos must save save la. hahs.

just realise i haven been updating moii blog for quite sometyme. i am back in action! heh heh. miss me marhs? i enjoyed moii trip alot. redang is realli a nice place. its fun. snockling. the fishes there are beautiful and the beach too! the water is clear. i miss dat place so badly. one day i realli hope i can go wid moii love one. 2 person. so romantic! strolling at the beach. at nite look at stars. seeing the sun sets and rise. will it come true? when will dat b? i dunno.

fri gortt back results. i am realli disappointed wid moii marks. i studied real hard. i realli haf to buck up and prove myself and the rest dat i can do it no matter wad. moii aim! dats moii aim now. i wont push moiiself too hard cos i noe i will just go crazy! who knows? mayb one day i gortt too stress up and go crazy ending up in mental hosp or rather commiting suicide. hahs! all moii rubbish thoughts. hope dat it wldnt happen la hors.? hee

next 3 wks i gonna b real pack wid sch stuffs. so many work to do!! teachers are crazy le! hahas. bud dey treat us realli well. they wan us to do well for our 'o's. so lets nortt disappoint them and show dem dat we can do it. also! score well for ourselves! realli wan to thank the teachers man. putting so much effort on us. helping us so much. not all schs are like dat. i admit!

todae went to bugis to shop for outing sandles. saw some nice ones. bud when i wore dem it doesnt look dat nice actually. hahs! guess moii leg kinda skinny and slim la. nortt fat fat type de. difficult to find man. nvm. i shall find more next time. its great sg sale! shop shop. tml going out wid kor kor, nicole jie and qianying. hee! we are going shopping.

i wanna buy alot of things manx! clothes, bag, pencil case, pouch, sandles, skirt, necklaces. whee! so many ehhs? going broke. i am prepared. haha! haven been shopping for a long tyme. didnt haf the tyme. tml is the day and so is next wk. hopefully i get to buy some stuffs! =))

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

*_last paper tml_*

everyone went crazy todae. especially moii clique. zi zi tuan plus candiixz. oh moii god! just went high. mayb becos tml is our last paper? hahs!

went to sch early just to wait for 2 a maths girls to finish deir papers den we can take our accounts paper. haiyOOs! waste our time in sch. waited for them for like 3-4 hrs? bud nvm. i didnt regret it. cos i enjoyed moiiself in sch todae. its just so damn fun. haha! talking craps. especially jess. talking abt girl's stuff. say until so er xin. keke!

gues wad? we were so bold todae. dat we ordered mac to sch for breakfast. thru delivery. wo men zhen hui xiang fu. hahas! once in a while. doesnt matter larhs. dis yr, we haf been doing alot of crazy stuffs la. guess its the last yr for us. lets make it memorable.!! =))

todae accounts paper wasnt dat bad. most of it were frm tys. haha! just dat mr poon changed the numbers. for some larhs. at least todae can relax abit le. checking of papers tml! sianx. like wad i sae ytd. hope i pass barhs. stay in sch till 2pm! oh moii.!! gonna do last min packing. keke! its kinda rush for me though. nvm. just take the clothes frm moii cupboard. and dats it. keke! plan wad to wear le. so no nd headache. wahaha!

u gurls are going out tml. how i wish i can join u gurls manx. to feng together. hahs! nvm. durin june holidays. i definately wont forget. haha! our plans ehhs? count me in gurls!! =))

was thinking of the day when we graduate. oh moii! i just cant bare to leave them. being wid them for 5 yrs le. its like one big family liaos. end of yr we haf to part. its just so she bu de. must haf gathering manx!!!!!!!!!!!

just in case i didnt update moii blog. just wanna tell u ppl dat i will miss u guys!! hahas. must miss me too okays? i will see if there is anything nice to buy over there. den i will buy something for u gurls. hehe!! see yea on mon. !!

cant wait to go tml on board cruise. moii relaxation!!

i'm comin...............

Monday, May 15, 2006

*_finishing exams! 2 mOre papers to go_*

had geography and bio paper todae. it sucks! totally sucks! geography i cant finish the last qns. it is like 12 marks! and bio. the paper is so tricky. and some of topics i studied didnt come out. dis is terrible!!!!!!

oh well. lucky its just mid yr. previously the few papers of chem, ss, accounts paper 2, lit, eng, maths. maths was damn tough. haish! why does the teachers set the paper so tough. and its just mid yr onli? to prepare us for prelims and o? haish. or issit becos i didnt study hard enough?

dun wanna think abt it anymore. cos its just so terrible. dis mid-yr i am prepared to face HELL!! lolls.

prelims and os. i confirm gonna chiong. so during mid june, i realli gonna pia all the way. gonna start moii revision frm start. omg! study the same thing again. recycling? haha! no choice. for the sake of moii 'o' s just haf to do it lors.

tml gonna haf accounts and den wed is chem/bio paper 1. mcq. whee! tml is paper one as well as wed. all of us were like. lets prepare dice!! haha. dunno can throw dice to find out the ans. who knows u may get correct? or heng heng pass! even score gd marks! oh moii. dats really heng ehhs. haha! me and moii dreams.

wed is checking of eng papers. hope i pass. i just hope for a pass. dats all i wish for. i am contented le. god! pls bless me. haha!! haiyOOs. just a pass i wld b so happy. been failing eng for ca. hope dis wld b a pass. haha!

wed i going cruise on board ship. superstar virgo. i realli like going cruise. just love the relaxation. loooking at the sea. furthermore, i ve been hafing too much troubles and stress within me. i feel so luan. i just wanna relax moiiself. get away all moii troubles. being able to forget everything and start a new life. leading a simple and happy life. isnt dat great? going frm wed till fri. travelling to redang island. dat place is realli beautiful. its the best place for snockling [isst like dis spelt?] moii eng spellin is getting bad. haha!! time to drill up. the water dere is realli crystal clear. and i definately gonna tanned up moiiself. especially moii leg. leaving the "stocking" mark. haiyoos! even the lifeguard when i go swimming dat time. moii leg was tann daat it has the mark of moii fbt shorts. he was like "u wear stocking arhs?" ... i was so damn malu. haha!

lucky thurs marking day. no nd go sch. so i onli take fri off.

to ah ma: dun mind help me check moii marks if got check papers barhs. anything just inform me when i get back okays? if shi hui is checking den ask frm her to let u noe if can. sorry to trouble u arhs. thanks anw! if teacher ask why i never go sch. u noe how to ans ehhs? haha!

cant wait to get on board the cruise. its been yrs i didnt go le. haha! i miss the sea. i love the relaxing feeling. the sea breeze. ohhs~!! if there is anything nice at redang island i will definately get something for u gurls yeps? hee!

must miss me!! see u gurls on mon.

omg! i sound like i going away liaos. haha! one more day to go. haven even pack moii stuffs. hee ! cant evven b bothered la. tml pack also can. study more impt. die die first. lolls!!

sianx! got organ class todae. and i haven even practise yet! omg! todae gotta play for teacher to listen. sometimes i wonder, shld i stop for the time being. bud i am afraid if i stop, i wont even continue the class anymore. mayb i will even put organ aside. i wont even play nor touch it. and there goes moii grade 5. it is gone. forever...i cannot b teacher. it wld b low chance. i guess i wld just continue till june and i will decide barhs. cos i just cannot stand the stress i am hafing. besides, moii organ and moii o lvl exams clashes together. i guess i wont even haf time to practise moii organ. i will go crazy! oh moii. send me to woodbridge den. u will see me there. lolls. rubbish! CHOY!

i just need some time to decide barhs.......

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

*_science practical_*

dis is moii first time taking science practical exams in dis yr. wahhhs!! actually shld sae sec 5Na pupils barhs. heh heh!

sci lab is so hot. can suffocate anytime manx! hmms! the chem test was kinda easy. bud bio wasnt dat easy though. nd to to benedict test for reducing sugars and also test for starch of banana. nd to draw banana and lady's finger. nd to label the parts as well as the magnification.

at first i didnt realli noe abt the benedict tests. till i peep a little. den i noe. hahas! is dis cheating? hmms! haf no idea. anw, dis is the first time. so, shld b okay la hors? now at least i noe how practical exams shld be like le. heh heh! =)

study so hard for chem and in the end the solutions are behind the page! arghs! qi si wo le. bud better learn than nth barhs. agree?

todae sch was kinda tired. didnt realli slp well. actually i havent been sleeping well for the past few days. i haf no idea why. sleeping disorder? or wad? hmms! or am i too stress? no idea. oh well. hope after exams wld b better barhs. having terrible headache todae. =(.

arghs! moii phone ko yak todae. haf no idea wad happen after i changed moii sim card. now i haf to use moii old samsung flip phone. hahs! dis sony ericsson phone i use for like 4 mths onli. and now ko yak! omg! so fast spoil. moii dad bought a new phone so he changed moii plan. so now, i haf free incomin call. heh heh! changed to a 3g sim card. so just happen. todae after sch, dey activated moii the other sim card. and dis old sim card is no longer in use. after changing,moii whole phone kong out. cannot switched on. dunno wad happen. haish! now sending for repair. hope it wld b ready soon! i gonna miss moii phone manx!!! hee hee!

dis thurs is gonna be the start of moii exams le. first paper wld b maths paper 1. gonna drill myself. gotta buck up all moii subjects. didnt do well for ca. wish the best of luck for moii!!!! =))

b4 ending dis entry, i just wanna tell moii baobei marmie dat. seeing u smile. though i noe u havent recover yet. bud at least!! u are getting better each dae always. wo ke yi fang xing le. <33.u>