Sunday, July 30, 2006

*_things did nortt turn out the way it surppose to b_*

woke up at 10 plus todae.thanks to dear call. hahs! cos he called me and i did nortt off moii phone. so, heard the vibrating sound and therefore woke up to ans his call. frm den on i woke up. at the same tyme. went to wash up and watched superband. its been quite sometyme i didnt watch. sadly, its all the summing up and showing the preparation for the performance bud nortt on the performing side.

so decided to watch other channel instead wid moii bro till abt 11 plus. jia en called me. telling me stuffs abt calvin. her tutor whom she is deeply in love wid. hahs !! bud no choice. dis is "ai de li liang"..lolls !! chatted till 11.30pm den went to bathe and i called her back. i guess she is absolute crazy abt him larhs. met her at 12pm to collect moii handbk frm her. cos all moii sch work details are kept inside. yupps !! went home and studied !! i been a gd gal okays ?? and guess wad ?? i finished the chapter on development le !! yipee !! now i left environmental degradation chapter which i am going to study for tml. dats moii aim den mon gonna revise everything again and get ready for the mock exam on tues for geography.

studies til abt 4pm den went online. was checking on phones. hmms !! i am still clueless wad phone to buy brand or samsung d820 ?? i am afraid of sony ericsson phone le. moii phone seems to spoil all the time and i repaired for 3 tymes already. gonna sell the phone after i repaired it before more probs come. haish !! seriously, cant bare to leave that phone cos its moii most expensive bday gift frm moii mom. dis is the first time she bought such an expensive gift for me and now gonna sell it away. its just so "bu she de". oh well, no choice. cos the phone just keep giving me probs. heartache !!

reached kallang at 7pm and dear was 1/2 late. wahahs! lucky got jia en to accompany to chat wid me on the phone otherwise i wld b bored to death. 7.30pm he came. and van was seriously late as she has event b4 dat. bud dear was starving and the guard keep on chasing us out. we cant wait in the mrt station for her and she doesnt noe how to walked to cosy bay. so in the end he got fed up and went to city hall instead. can see dat he is disappointed and his looks. he sound so pek chek like dat. and me too feeling disappointed too. cos dis is the first time gona watched wid him bud in the end we didnt. so yups !! went to city hall instead . nvm la. next tyme den watched barhs. no hurries ehhs ? keke !!

van was late again !! so we went to esplanade and ate at makansutra. dis van arhs !! hp spoil somemore left her phone in moii uncle's car. unable to contact her somemore till she uses the public phone. thank god manx !! was having dinner there till i called moii mom asking me not to go back too late and all dat. haish !! i noe its the 7th month i noe she cares abt moii safetly. i noe she noes i can see those stuff. the tone just simply pissed me off also. frm then on moii mood changed and so do van's mood too.

basically, i am surpposed to accompany her to her hse to take her stuffs cos she wants to stay overnite at moii hse as she has to go botanical gardens tml in the morning and its nearer to my hse marhs. yups !! and moii mom just nags dis and dat so it just piss me off. the tone which irritates me most.

wanna apologised to dear for making the event feeling bored also. dun wanna mean dat way and wanna thank for his understanding. =)). <33. ai si ni lo !! muacks!

after bidding gd bye to him. took mrt to van's place. during the journey i was trying to cool moiiself down. listening to my mp3. dis outing surppose to b a happy outing and it turn out so not well. its surppose to b moii destress outing and it turn out to b worse. why does it turn out dis way ?? haish !!

was kinda blasting moii mp3. playing those fast music to calm moiiself lors as i was abt to explode anytime. the journey lasted for abt 45 mins. reached her hse and i was seriously urgently to use the toilet. dis woman still blocked moii way. slowly taking her time to open the gate. arghs !! hahs. bud of cos !! i still get moii way through. keke !! she packed her things, justin came back and den she showed me a bk which realli cheered me up alot. dis lame bk. when u flipped it, it turned out to b a stupid action. its just so lame dat i just cant stop laughing. van was saying dat i was absolutely mad !! lols. so i shld thank the bk to make moii mood better.

took cab back home. luckily moii mom didnt say anything or didnt nagged abt. cos i was actually prepared for it. if she does it. ok. there goes. vocalno explosion and i am sure u dun wan to see dat situation ehs?

yups ! so things turn out fine and i am sort of cool down. so yeah. dats a gd sign barhs. called dear to report home. keke !! den chatted wid him forawhile and asked him to turn in early. cos he's been working whole day and nite. poor thing. so tired somemore.

after bathing, watched scary movie 4 wid moii parents and her. moii god!! dat show is so damn lame. watched one time gd enough le. hahs !!

the time now is 2:15am and moii whole family is still wide awake. hohohos !!
to say honestly, moii stress mode haven cool down yet. so just take one step at a time barhs. =))

Friday, July 28, 2006

*_back to normal_*

whee! i am so happy todae. everything seems to b back to normal. i wanna thank dear for forgiving me. giving me another chance. bringing our relationship back to normal again. i love u loads! muacks !!

at the same tyme, heard dat shi hui and cheryl case has been settle. so its another gd news yup ?? so mon. when i am back to sch i hope to see our clique back together again.

as for me, moii probs has so far been solved..i wanna thank moii master in temple for helping me. making moii troubles and fan nao go away. bringing all the bad luck away. i felt so much better after going temple. now 7th month so just haf to be careful ehhs ??

now regarding moii sch work, i doing one step at a time. studying, one step at a time. slowly and i try not to be too tense up lors. just haf to take it slowly yups? cos once u rush it. there comes ur stress and u just go havock!! like me. its scary. so dun do dat. dun follow moii footsteps. dats moii advice!

moi health is getting better. getting moii voice back soon though still hafing kinda slight cough and fever. its subsiding too...=)).

now, one prob dat is not been solved yet its moii toopid hp !! arghs! moii sony ericsson w550i !! its been giving me so much probs. this is moii 3rd tyme gonna repair it le. moii mom, gonna lodge a complain. she is good at it. hahs! wanna quickly repair it and sell the phone. hmmS! bud i also dunno wad phone i haf in mind now. wad i haf in mind now is basically o2 phone. which is realli ex. so i can forget abt it for the time being lors till i work. hees !! so any phone recommandation??

tml gonna meet up dear and moii two babes to watch fireworks! whee..feeling excited. hahs. at the same time can go out and release all moii stress too. =D.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

*_terribly sick_*

ytd had a terrible nitemare. moii whole body was shivering. b4 the nitemare. i thought he msg me telling me dat he had read the blog. telling me dat he had forgiven me and it was hard on me too after reading it. bud when i woke up to check moii phone, there wasnt any msg received. it just seemed so real. mayb i've been thinking too much. i realised it was den a dream. i went back to slp.

i cant really remember wad the nitemare actually was. all i can remember was i dreamt moii clique was wid me during class. baowei was actually beside me. mr patrick came to b our teacher. he asked me something and i couldnt remember wad it was. baowei beside me taking the metal ruler and cut moii arm. rubbing against it. the expression on her face was realli very scary. i can feel the pain on moiii hand. it was actually gonna bleed real soon. the cut there. yikes !! her face me dat evil luff. den i woke up. feeling so scared. i am alone in the rm. crying so loudly so badly. i felt so scared. i msg dear, jia en and cheryl. i needed somemore to talk to. i felt alone.

he called me asking me wad happen. i was crying so badly. feeling so ji dong. he can hardly hear me and advised me to call moii mom first den called him back. called moii mom and i was crying. after chatting i went out cos i was tearing so badly. went out to take tissue. till i cant take it. i felt so weak and went out of the living rm asking moii bro to burn the joss stick for me. it realli scares all of them. nicole jie and moii dad. i was feeling so weak. i felt so breathless. i could hardly talk. telling me it was just a nitemare. its not going to happen and all dat. i admit moiiself too. it was just a dream after all. bud easier than said. mayb part of it i was too stressed up too. nicole jie beside me trying hard to console me as well.

after praying, daddy used the god's water to clean moii whole body. moii situation was realli scary. like crazy woman like dis. didnt eat much bud just a few spoonful of food. den i went back to moii rm and called him. he still unable to forgive me till now. i just dunno wad to do to make him forgive me for wad i haf done. i was realli sick and weak. i couldnt think anything. moii cough was real bad...

after putting down, i received a msg frm cheryl and shi hui dat the both of them had some arguments. haish !! why did things turned out like dis ?? friendship probs, sch work probs, moii probs, health probs, relationship probs. it seems like all the probs are coming to me. dis is so scary !! i realli dunno who to turn to..pls help me ??

was hafing fever in the middle of the nite. during the morning todae while i was abt to leave the hse, i vomitted in the toilet. wanted to go sch bud in the end i cant. feeling so weak. went back to moii room, changed and rest till 9.30am. woke up. wash up and i went to new park hotel to see family doc.

was actually running a fever, hafing cough and flu..the neck pains was actually due to moii fever. bud once moii fever has subsided everything would slowly b cured. so not to worry ehhs? went for lunch at the coffee shop nearby. no appetite to eat anything. mOmmi was actually telling me dat dis is the 7th month. and just haf to bcareful lors. mayb i met into dirty things. as u noe buddhist, they tend to believe those stuff. fri going to moii master temple to pray. rather play safe than sorry ehhs ?? so hopefully after i go temple everything wld b alright again barhs.

reached home talked to dear. i dunno whether he actually forgiven me. bud i hope so barhs. cos i realli dun wan a cold relationship. i wan it back when we used to b. i wan it when we used to joke and laugh on the phone..msg each other frequently. now, i dunno whether the situation been solved. cos dis tyme i realli made him angry. haish !! i pray hard hopefully so barhs..

another side i am also worried abt shi hui and cheryl..both are moii gd frens. and i just dun wan them to b like dis. not talking to each other. i really hope tml when i go back sch they wld b ok again....

haish!! so much things occuring. SOS!! i nd SOS!! ambulence !! pls help me!!!!! feeling so sick, so troubled, so stress...arhhhs !! i simply just nd BREAK!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

*_i can no lOnnger take it_*

ytd was moii bro's graduation ceremony. tyme flies and so fast..moii bro has graduate frm ntu university. congrats !! seeing him graduate just makes our whole family proud. was out the whole day shooting his graduation photo and family protrait.

moii neck pains are back and i was trying hard to control moii pains during the photo shoot. whenever i am in the vehicle i just take a nap.

called up jia en to update me abt the sch work and she told me dat they had bio mock practical exam ytd. haish !! and i missed it which contain 15 marks of the paper.

i made a terrible mistake ytd dat i didnt even inform him dat i was out for photo shoot. frm morning till nite. i didnt even msg him nor pick up his call as i didnt bring moii bag along and i left moi belongings in moii mother's bag and it was kept in the van boot and i forgot to charge moii phone too and its running low. at dat tyme i just didnt think dat i could actually use moii mother's phone or who ever phone to msg him. such a square minded of me. i was basically sitting the front sit as i was wearing skirt.

i was in the wrong and he was so angry and worried for me. now i realised moii mistake and i wont not repeat again. i am realli sorry abt that. everyone makes mistake right ?? all i can ask for is his forgiveness now. hopefully he cools down and forgive me and b like wad it used to b. i suddenly felt dunno..todae onli msg bud no call. i felt so weird so cold..

ytd i was feeling so troubled. thinking why am i so useless. sometimes making a person angry and i cant even do anything to calm the person down or wadever. i can help ppl bud not moiiself. dis sounds abit stupid rite ?? reflecting of ytd, i realise i was being so stressed up.. i told me moiiself. no matter how pain moii neck is i will not cry. moii head was actually hurting very badly too. i felt so terrible.

i haf so much sch work to many exams, mocks coming up..prelims...moii neck pains moii health it seems getting worse and i just haf to control it. and now i made him angry. why are so many things/ problems occuring ??

todae i felt terribly sick in sch. i am not in moii usual self. i felt so weak. realli weak. i can hardly tok. moii voice change. moii face colour changed frm pale to red. i felt so feverish. was also hafing a bad flu. moii mood was kinda bad too.after sch, while i was studying/revising for the format for the eng paper 1 letter writing, i was actually hafing double vision. cant read the words clearly. felt goggy too. todae ish moii mock exam for eng and i cant take the exam as i felt too weak. i wanted to take bud moii frens forbid me to do dat and ask me to go hm. mr tan also said dat too. cos even if i take i wont b able to do well. i was actually controlling very hard to hold back moii tears in sch. moii eyes were turning red.

fri is moii ss mock. dis tyme i cant afford to miss it. i will definately take it.......

i reached home, felt to moii rm put all moii belongings. sitting on moii study table chair. i cried moii whole heart out. why are there so many things occuring to me ?? i needed u bud u were angry wid me. i dun dare to. moreover u are busy wid ur work. u are already so tired and now u haf to worry for me too. i just feel so bad..

suddenly i feel, wad haf i done moii part as his gf ?? i couldnt do anything. i couldnt help his work. all i noe is always making him worried abt me. i am jus a failure of being a part of his gf..haish.. felt so useless...

wanna thank all moii lovely frens taken care of me. helping me to carry moii bags and files and books....just so sweet of u gurls.

pls tell me wad shld i do now?? i am realli very troubled. I AM SO STRESSED UP. I NEEDA BREAK !! i guess fri i going to moii aunty's church and meet up wid van to the beach to relax moiiself barhs..i just cant take it no more.

sorry for making u worried & angry,

i admit i was at fault. it's realli moii fault...

i called u and explained to u but u didnt wanna ans me

seeing moii bro graduate,

seeing him & his gf together,

they just reminded me of me & u.

how i wish u were there wid me

how i wish we could b like them

so ssweet, lovable.

at the graduation ceremony,

me imagining moiiself,

a graduate

seeing some of them,

giving their gf a bouqet for flowers.

how i envy them.

would u do that e same to me to ?

how sweet can they b.

'during the shoot i think of u

day and nite i think iof u

how badly i wanted to msg or call u

worrying that u called, msg

bud i left it in the vehicle.

it was moii mistake. '

i sense a bad feeling in the beginning

and i noe,

something doesnt seem right.

the first thing i thought was u


i was right.

i realli do not noe wad i am gonna do to ame u cool down

or rather

not to b angry wid me again.

i jus hope u wld forgive me & be like wad we used to b

i am sorry,

realli sorry....

right now, gonna haf a gd rest..hopefully i feel better tml barhs..haf to turn up for sch. i cant afford to miss anymore lessons. i gotta catch up. i just gonna keep moiiself busy and not think abt the unhappy stuffs....... i am physically and mentally tired !! am i being too emotional too ??

Friday, July 21, 2006


been hafing severe neck pain ever since mon. was hell manx !! suffering. haish !! never been to sch for 3 days and i missing them so much. and todae i am back in sch !! enjoying moii life having "maria-s" wid me. hohohos..=X

paste the plaster on moii neck to surpport it and also to cool down moii swelling part. moii neck swell is becos of one of moii neck nerve which is called the ct3, got narrowed and blocked. so dat is why it swelled. bud not to worry, after a few days the swell will subside. ytd went for jab. see moii family doc. doc ting. so far he is the best. i will never forget the part when i went for hosp on tues !! NEVER. and i will never ever enter A & E HOSPITAL anymore. they are trying to harm me !! oh moii. i sound till like dat. frm wad doc ting said, the med that the hosp doc gave me are all wrong !! one of the painkiller are actually opium. which is drug and it can b addicted. giving antibiotics which doesnt help at all. i still cant forget wad one of the surgeon hosp doc frm nuh told me " its confidential between u and me. tell me seriously, are u trying to commit suicide? or do anything funny to ur neck. " actually, moii neck had some blue bruise. basically it turns frm green to blue and they couldnt tell wads wrong wid me as the colour seems to spread round moii neck. the doc actually said dis to me whether i am trying to commit suicide. i was like, why the hell do i wan to end moi life manx !!!!!!!!! i told moii mom abt dis and she was laughing. even doc ting also.

the colour frm moii neck is becos frm wad doc ting say is frm young. like babies, u tend to see blue black marks right? yup !! its something like dat. so as u grew older the colour will den subside. and its actually nothing wrong. its not bruises or wad so ever. so not to worry.

hosp doc actually gave me a scope test frm nose to throat which is like so damn uncomfortable. i hate it so much !! they do not even haf to do it cos the swell doesnt come frm the throat but behind the neck area. took two blood test somemore. haiyoOOs! if i noe i go and see doc ting straight away. dun even haf to see hosp doc. i never ever going to see hosp doc again. wadever probs i haf the next time straight to doc ting. and dats it !! cures me fast somemore !!

i haf learnt moii lesson.

couldnt realli concentrate during lesson as moii neck realli hurts. i cant write much so i haf moii "mi-su" wid me. moii maria to help me carry bag. or rather 2 maria to help me carry. one for bag and one for books. so sweet of them ehhs? how nice to haf these frens. love them loads.

now, i'm home. felt so much better than ytd. was actually feeling breathless as it was too painful and it scare the hell out of me. trying to slp bud cant slp. been waking up almost every hr or so. hopefully i can get a gd slp tonite barhs.

tml is the gala nite for our sch musical. whoa ~!! moii gurls will all b babes manx. putting on make-up, wearing dresses. me being their image consultant haf to help them make up for nana and ai yue mayb even for jia en also. cos dey do not haf cosmetics but for jia en she just bought hers todae bud dun realli noe how to put on. so haf to help them den sun bian do their hair also lors. too bad i cant go due to moii neck pains. but its okay. =)).

wahs !! i lend jia en moii clothes, lent to cheryl moii shawl den put make-up for them. such a gd image consultant no money whr to find ?? !! lolls. i dun mind helping them though. cos i think it will b fun doing for them. hahs !! bud dun worry. i wont do anything funni to all of u. hee !! trust me. hohohos. =X.

looking forward for tml..............

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


i am so so tired !! slept at 11pm plus ytd. i broke a record. i didnt even touched moii sch bks ytd. not even hmwork. hahs !! rush for organ class den came back hm at 10 plus. packed moii stuffs and went straight to bed. aiyOOs. look how tired i was.

woke up at 6 plus todae. still feeling so tired. luckily todae dun haf to pass up any hmwork otherwise i gonna b dead and u will see me in heaven. dotx dotx......-_-"..ytd we had 9 absentees in moii class and todae we had 5 absentees. shi hui is finally back in sch cos ytd she was too tired to come to sch due to watching of match. mr tan asked her to write essay abt football. lolls! 500-1000words. sot arhs !! heng i went to sch. hee !! bud he was just kidding onli larhs.

had 2 periods of eng. all abt recounts. was so slpy. i secretly slept for awhile. moii eyes were closing. hohohs !! i pay attention okays ?? its all abt copying of recounts and summary notes. so nortt dat bad. after dat had 2 periods of mt. as moii and sandy didnt take mt so went to ava rm to do our own stuffs. we chatted. listening to wad ms lee toking to them abt the orals. kinda interesting though. ms lee wanted to play the listening compre for them at first. sandy wanted to tell ms lee dat she can played the cd in the ava rm bud i told her to remain silent. hahs! cos its gonna b time for recess already. i saved their lives !! or rather we saved their lives !! ms lee cant played in her laptop due to some technical probs. after lessons in audi, sandy went to tell her and dis is wads ms lee say . "someone deserves a beating frm me already !! " in chinese. so funni. den we explained to her. lolls.

11am, its recess time. went to packed our stuffs. shi hui went to look for mrs ong and she left her pencil case under moii bag and didnt take it. so we decided not to tell her and i kept it in moii bag. shhhs !! let her realise it by herself.

so hungry ..!! everyone rushing for food. wahhs..all the greedy pigs. keke! 11.20pm. she is back asking us whether we saw her pencil case. but we denied. her looks was so scary. so pissed off. went to audi to look for it again. we quickly took out the pencil case and passed it to sharon to prevent her frm thinking dat we took her pencil case. look how drama we are. hah!

bio lesson was fun !! had practical todae for reducing sugar on cucumber and corn. i was so hot when boiling the water bath. while waiting i was drawing the cucumber. perspiring like hell. was wiping moiiself wid tissue. mrs leong came to me and asked me if i was alright.

mrs leong : are u having a headache
me : noo..i am very hot !!
mrs leong : no fan. of cos la.

i was smiling away. den she walked away for awhile and came back again...

mrs leong : hmmms! nice drawing.
me : thank you
mrs leong : dun nd headache or stress abt the drawing of cucumber.
me : no i am not !! i am very hot !!

hahs! i used 2 tissue papers. i was perspiring like hell manx. everytime i do dis experiment i wld always perspire. shi hui was like " haiyOOs !! why u like dat." aiyea. how i noe moiiself also. lolls.

after bio was maths lesson. all chinese gurls went for orals ! wish them all the best !! =))

maths just went thru the tanjong katong prelim papers. dats all. and sch is dismiss !! hohos !! walked to the bus stop wid sandy and i took moii 131 bus hm.......

ahhh !! shucks !! i forgot to bring moii chemistry bk hm. i cant do moii chem hmwork. die. hopefully mr yeo will just go thru the ans and not hand up. otherwise i gonna b in dead meat. hahs !!

gonna finish moii geography work todae and maths. later will b hafing maths tuition. suddenly i haf the temptation to do work. wonder wads wrong wid me. i suddenly feel like a hardworking gurl. wahs !! so dats gonna b a gd sign ?? hopefully. keke.

todae is moii & dear 3rd mth anniversary:
thank you for always being there for me
whenever i needed u
regardless of happy or sad
thank you for always bringing me laughter
u never fail to make me smile whenever i am wid u
sorry dat i wont b able to spend much tyme wid u frm dis month onwards
bud i promise
after moii 'o's i will yups ?
i love u and always will..
muacks !!
may our love never ends.
happy 3rd month anniversary,
moii love.

Monday, July 10, 2006

*_france lost_*

haish! france lost the match. i was so darn sad. moii family were surpporting for italy. and its obvious dat they will win cos zidane and henry were out. zidane got red card. dunno wads wrong wid him go and hit the other player and end up hafing red card. haishyOOs. dunno wad the opponent said to him manx.

two gd players are out. so italy is confirm gonna haf the champion. so sad !! =(( ..

i am so tired !! onli had 1 hr of slp. omg !! steady hors? sch was real fun todae. everyone was hyper in class. hahs! all went crazy ?? mayb watch football match untill like dat. another 4 more yrs. and its gonna b back. by that time arhs. i think i already 21 yrs old liaos. hahs!

later going to haf organ class. hafing a terrible headache now. insufficient of slp. gonna slp early later when i get hm. straight to the bed !! weet !!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


worldcup finals todae. i am surpporting france !! france must win !! heee~!!. though some says italy gonna win. tml going sch gonna b real panda la. hahs! confirm see everyone sian sian de. no mood for lessons.

2am !! must watch. gonna slp early den wake up at 2am.

so happy! ytd won !! GER vs PORt. 3 : 1. it was realli amazing. keke !! the match was exciting. i love it manx !! so happy. was screaming wid moii family. hahs ! sot right? world cup craziness.

haf been doing hmwork for the whole day. look how hardworking i am. actually the truth is no choice larhs. haha! so in order to sound nice. i shall say like dis. lolls!

okays. gonna end here !! just a short entry todae. cos there are simply to many work to do.

Friday, July 07, 2006


i did a cruel thing in moii life! i haf never been so straight forward to moii fren b4. dis is the first time i am doing this! oh moii. i am feeling so bad.

ytd, we had conference meeting on how to tell her. i wrote it in a script form. told her todae. at first it was sandy surppose to say the speech to her. however, she didnt haf the courage to. so i decided to tell her straight. moii hands were shivering manx. told her during recess time. seeing her eyes turning red. seeing her face looking so sad. i was so worried when i said dat speech. i haf never been so direct b4. omg! i am so brave!

hahas. haish! seeing her like dat also makes me heartbroken. we just haf to tell her the truth. she cried and went to the toilet. told mr tan abt dis and he said ok. he will try to talk to her. hopefully she wld b alrite barhs.

i realised i did something gd todae. i am being attentive in class. especially during maths and chem! bio too! basically almost all the lessons. i am like so interested. may i noe why? hahs! this is a gd sign!! yays! wahs! i sound as if like normally i am not attentive during class. haiyOOs. dats not true. haha!

during maths, cheryl dey all or rather moii clique are getting perverted these few days. talking abt dirty stuffs. arghs! makes me irritated but yet funni. must b influenced by dis woman, cheryl. lolls. the well known pervertic woman in our clique. -_-".

okays! after sch, went to cathy to bk tickets for : just moii luck!
den after dat went to ps to haf lunch. ate grilled chicken. yummy! we created a new country called "san-di guo". a palace living in a pig country. at the north pole. me as a co-founder of the country and i dunno why i turned out to b a nurse as well. lolls. okays! dis sounds stupid.

we created a pledge for dis and also the national song for dis which is coming on the way.
shi hui -> lawyer
nana-> musician + empress
ai yue -> doctor
cheryl -> author
me -> co-founder + nurse
sandy -> emperor

we even created a flag and feng mu for the country. dis sounds stupid hors? hahs! sec sch life. hahs! omg! i just cant bare to leave this sch man. there are just so many happy memories dat is kept inside. haish!

it is going to b 330! hurry rush down to cathy to watch the movie. the movie is just so damn funni. the man beside me is just so distracting. keep on burping and making noise. cannot ta han manx! the show is nice !! recommanded ehhs. its abt switching of luck between a guy and a gurl. and eventually they get together. =))

after movie, we went back home. bid gd bye. cos it was already 5 plus going to 6 and cheryl cant get hm late. so went home barhs. had a great tyme! i love u gurls!!! always will !! muacks!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

*_beiNg hOnest_*

yays! france won the match. gd gd !! was happy when i heard that manx! so now finals is ITALY vs FRANCE. who will win ?? tough choice ehhs?

3rd & 4th placing : GERMANY vs PORT
hopfully germany win. i wan ger to win. =)).

sch was active todae. everyone was like so crappy. as usual. i guess they were happy abt the match barhs. hohos. i was active todae at least not as deaded as ytd. cos i slept at 930pm !! i hardly slp so early okays? so dis shows how tired i exactly was.

looking at jia en's blog. i guess she is realli outta of her mind. loving her laogong for like 5 yrs. the longest relationship she has in her life. and guess who is it? its actually a black cat. -_-". her precious darling she has relationship in sch for 5 yrs. hahs! but i also haf moii darling too! its a bird! i named him bOtak. cos he doesnt haf hair? its been wks he is missing. donno where he flew too. i miss moii darling botak so much! lolls. cos, almost everyday after sch, i wld always see him at the bus stop looking for food. he looks so adorable. cos he is the only one dat do not haf hair. hahs! i am in love wid him. frm dat day on i named him botak. now he is gone! i miss him so much. lolls! moii darling. moii relationship wid him is onli for months. haiyOOs. so sad! BOTAK! WHR ARE U?! lolls. i must b outta moii mind. hahs. say i am!

during CME, had dis lessons on career. asking us to do on a webpage at OSCAR. so ma fan! now, i noe wads moii career path is gonna b like and i duno whether its truth. the report turned out to b like dis :

Career Profile Inventory
Your interests pattern is in this order:
1. Social
2. Administrative
3. Creative

Your top 5 abilities are:
1. Musical
2. Sensitivity
3. Organising
4. Creative
5. Teaching

Occupations Matching
List of occupations that match well with you interests:
Assistant, Administrative Support (Naval)
Assistant, Constituency (Liaison)
Assistant, Constituency (Management)
Clerk, Accounts
Computer Programmer
Computer Operator
Customer Service Representative (Bank)
Designer, Fashion
Draftsperson, Architectural
Loss Adjuster
Manager, Branch (Singpost)
Officer, Administrative
Officer, Bank
Officer, Corporate Support (MEWR)
Officer, Court
Officer, Customer Service (Postal Clerk)
Officer, Executive
Officer, Immigration (Junior)
Officer, Immigration (Senior)
Officer, Management Support
Officer, Police (CISCO)
Officer, Senior Community Devt ( CDC)
Officer/ Supervisor, Protection (CISCO)
Social Worker, Medical
Surveyor, Quantity
Teacher, Commerce
Teacher, Primary/Secondary/Junior College
Technician, Accounting
Technician, Taxation
Tour Coordinator
List of Occupations that match well with your Abilities :
Artist (Fine Arts)
Childcare Assistant
Childcare Supervisor
Childcare Teacher
Clerk of Works
Clerk, Accounts
Customer SErvice Representative (bank)
Designer, Editorial
Executive, Development (NParks)
Executive, Planning (NParks)
Loss Adjuster
Manager, Development (NParks)
Manager, Hotel
Manager, Parks management (NParks)
Manager, PTRS (NParks)
Occupational Therapist
Officer, Bank
Officer, Customer Service (Postal Clerk)
Officer, Laboratory (Health)
Officer, Parks (NParks)
Officer, Postal
Officer, Prison (Senior)
Officer, Prison
Officer, Public Relations
Scriptwriter/Idea Architect
Supervisor, Housekeeping
Supervisor, Food & Beverage
Supervisor, Front Office
Teacher, Art
Teacher, Arts
Teacher, Commerce
Teacher, Kindergarten
Teacher, Music
Teacher, Primary/Secondary/Junior College
Teacher, Special-Education
Technician, Dental
Technician, Medical
List of occupations that match well with both your Interests and Abilities:
Clerk, Accounts
Customer Service Representative (Bank)
Loss adjuster
Officer, Bank
Officer, Customer Service (Postal Clerk)
Officer, Postal
Teacher, Commerce
Teacher, Primary/Secondary/Junior College

so many jobs to take right? haiyOOs. see also tao gong gong! bud also gd larhs. got many choices though some are limited. some of the jobs dat i wanted didnt appear in the choices of jobs. so it may/may not b true. bud at least i noe wad kind of job will i take in future barhs. hahs!
Mrs chua still ask us to do research on the top 2 which job u realli wan in the future. wad is it abt? wad qualities do u nd in order to take the job. requirements? ma fan hors? i guess she wants us to plan for our future barhs.
hmms! come to think of that arhs i may want to b a musician and Clerk, accounts barhs. the choices are limited though. like i say. the job i wan is not inside. such as hotel managment and stuffs like dat. office work administrative also didnt appear inside. so, dis may not b true barhs. this is just an an occupation explore. lolls!
gonna haf an impt task to do tonite. needa preparing a speech for a fren who has been wid us for 5 yrs. somehow we just cannot stand the situation now. we just nd some privacy wid our cliques. its not dat we do not welcome her. bud we just don click yups? so after controlling so long, we decided to tell her the truth. our opinion on how we feel abt her. will b conferencing wid them tonite to plan how to tell her.

we ask mr tan abt dis. and he agrees to it! thank god he understand abt it. i guess he can see it too. we try our best to accept her already. bud somehow we just couldnt yups?
its better to tell her earlier than later. otherwise she may mistaken our ideas barhs. dats wad frens are for yea? be trueful to one another. hopefully she understands lor.

like wad mr tan had said this yr is our last yr together and left a few more months to go onli. just try ur best lors. sometimes we wanted to accept her but it just cant. the chemistry just wasnt there. haish! realli hate to do dis. bud just haf to. dats wad frens are for yea?

to her :
its okay if u join us during recess or during lessons
bud not when we go out together
its not dat we do not welcome u to our clique
bud somehow,
we just dun click we one another
there is a limit.
its just like,
why dont we join other frens?
why do we stick to our own frens?
dats the point yups?
so i hope u understand.
sometimes we need our own privacy.
wid u around ,
we may feel some discomfort.
we are realli sorry abt it.
hope u understand that
we treat u as our frens,
so dats why we are being trueful to u
so dat u wld not get the wrong idea.
sorry if it may hurt ur feelings.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


oh moii. dunno why i felt so tired and moody todae. dis is so unlike on moii. i guess its mood swings? lolls! everyone felt so tired and moody also. isit becos germany lost to italy during the match dats why?

i gues jess is definately affected by it. nvm, she will b able to see her husband again during the next match. todae's match gonna b france and port. i wonder who will win. the match is getting tougher. i hope france will win. oh well. hard to sae ehhs?

frens were asking me, wad happen to me todae? cos its like so unlikely of me. normally i wld disturb them out of no reason. =X. bud todae. i cant even b bothered to disturb them or take revenge though they disturbed me. lolls! dun worry! i am okay. just that i am feeling tired dats all. keke!

mOii darling genny, dun worry too much okays? i am no longer angry wid u le. i am also sorry to u as well cos i was moody also.

so, both of us at fault too. sorry darling!! i love u! heh!

okays! back to sch stuffs. i gave moii clique to taste the cookies. they were like. eek! why got funny taste one? hahs! sorry larhs! i haven been baking cookies for a long time. instead for yrs already. u noe the skills can b bad if u dun keep practising? wahaha! nvm. practise makes perfect. so, next time confirm let u taste better! =)).

heart so broken when they said dat. but nvm. its the truth anw, hahas! so its okay. =)). at least they are honest to me. hohos.

arhs! i am so tired! gonna haf to gd rest todae. wheet! must b saying i very lousy ehhs? hahas. i admit i am la. work simply were too much! study till i siao!

haf probability test todae. i guess i gonna flunk. the qns were tricky. i made quite a number of mistakes. ytd during tuition i can do so well. den todae it sux! yikes! sometimes i wonder, am i suffering frm exam/ test phobia? if i am how am i going to cure it? eek!

todae ish moii baObeii bday!
happie 21st bday to `euu dear!
finally u got ur key to freedom.
hope todae's job wont b dat tiring for u so dat u can enjoy urself todae wid yea frens.
sorry dat i cant celebrate wid u alone
though i wish too.
both of us are simply too busy wid work
at least sun i can get to celebrate wid yea also. hahs!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

*_dear's 21st bday ceLebration_*

went to dear hse at 1.30pm. i was late. keke! he was waiting and waiting. i felt so nervous can? when he told me his parents are waiting for me in the living rm waiting for moii arrival. i was like. uh oh!

his family was quite friendly. hee! i was actually hiding in his rm cos i shy. i was realli tired den somemore moii mood wasnt realli gd. keke! so, yups! and he says i anti-social. haiyOOs! gave him his presents! 2nd mth anniversary and his bday present. luckily he likes it. i baked for him cookies! =)). his 2nd mth anniversary gift is a diary. ohhs! touched ehhs? somemore i designed it moiiself. forgot to take a photo of it.

i was actually hafing fever when he touched moii forehead. felt much better after taking panadol. mayb becos i didnt haf enough slp barhs.

reached costa sands at 3pm. van was there. realli wanna thank her for accompanying me. cos we were actually bored to death. hahas! he was busy entertaining his guests. so understandable la. poor her haf to kana sabotage by him. kana charcoal, ice water....etc..heng i was safe! hohoho. but we had fun in the end la. make a few frens. they were friendly though. we basically haf fun at nite. lolls! at least we are sociable manx!

i was actually quite surprised when they called moii "da sao". i was like huh? hahas! looks like i haf to get used to it hearing dat? oh no~! lolls.

poor xiao gua haf kana sabo by her frens. lolls! being splashed by ice water and all dat. till the doc cant stand it and haf to hide one side. they cant stand it. heng i wasnt being sabo. onli kana some ice-cubes. i was actually to tired to play. hahs! somemore i come dat "thing". arghs! irritating. so cant do much. oh well. but seeing them play arhs. realli like small children.

his frens were unable to make it as their work was simply too busy. so left the youngsters around being crazy! haiyOOs. cant stand them manx.

we were cutting cake at 9 plus. his bday celebration was actually kinda simple though. 21st bday ehhs? bud nvm. i guess he sabo ppl already enough le. hahs! his actual bday is going to b on the 5 july bud celebrated todae instead. cos gonna b busy on wkday marhs. yups!

went back at 10pm. bidding gd bye to his family and frens. me and van took cab hm.

dun worry! i am alright now. i just nd to go out and keep moii minds away frm thinking so much. i guess its simply just mood swings barhs dats why.

it's okay `euu didnt spend much tyme wid me
its ur bday ehs?
haf to entertain ur guests
luckily van was there wid moii
got to noe these 2 xiao guas.
nice knowing them
enjoy urself!
love u loads!
muacks! <3>


i cant slp. simply cant slp. tossing and turning around on moii bed. am i thinking too much or worrying to much? wad am i actually thinking abt? i had no idea why i couldnt slp. moii mind was in total blank. moii in moii heart, i felt hurt. it still not healed.

wad am i actually sad abt?
they just couldnt make it onli.
its okay.
i already understand.
iss it becos i didnt haf enough slp for 2 days?
dats why i am feelings so tensed up?
bud dis couldnt b.
its not lyke me.
wad am i surpposed to do to calm moiiself down?

i cried when i woke up. i guess i was realli hurt barhs. hahs! just so silly of me manx! 3 of us wasnt in a gd mood ytd . luckily i controlled moii temper otherwise the situation will just turn worst! we may even lost our friendship. cos, it seems drifting apart and i dun wan dis to happen.

mayb i shouldnt stay at hm for long. go out and not think abt it. keeping moiiself busy. that i wld feel better. that's me. i wan to b the gal i used to b and not like dis! i hate dis!

moii temper is getting bad. very bad.

if i offended u somehow,

i apologised for dat.

cos i didnt mean it.

hopefully i will b back to moiiself again fast barhs. otherwise dis will go worse. haish. Let me enjoy moiiself todae barhs. =)


wad exactly friendship is? isnt it surppose to mean dat whenever frens are having prob, `euu will b there to help them regardless wad happens right? whether happy or sad, frens are always there by ur side. u wont feel alone.

am i right to say that meaning? bud why is it i dun feel dat way now? is it becos moii frens don mean wad they say? or is it, they cant b wid me when i realli need them. arhs! i dunno. i am feeling so confused.

wad are frens for?
abandon me when i realli need them.
do they actually understand my feelings?
put urself in moii shoes.
how wld u actually when no one accompanied u?
finally i realise,
onli moii cousin wld b there for me and helped me.


gen, wad u said actually hurts me.
i know u are straight forward.
i know wad u meant.
bud i just pretended not to listen.
i kept quiet.
in silence.

me, sim, jiaen, vanessa and gen wad actually chatting on the phone. den down came to sim, gen and me. and it turn out to b like dis. seriously when gen was talking abt that, i felt so much like hanging up the phone. bud i noe i am the main one who controlled the conference call so i cant. becos i felt realli pek chek. bud i controlled my temper.

i know u gurls felt extra becos its moii bf's bday party. and it sounds like i am forcing u gurls to go. if u felt that way i am sry cos i didnt mean to. i just wanted someone to accompany me cos i dun wan to b alone. his frens are coming. so somehow i wld b left alone. arghs! i jus dunnoe how to put it in. somemore, his family will b there too. it will b moii first tyme seeing them. i feel so nervous and scared. there isnt anyone i noe. i understand wad u gurls meant.

like wad u gurls said, as his gf, i haf to attend. bud i dun ve to push u gurls to come along wid me also. u gurls are not related to him. so wad for u gurls haf to go right? neither do i noe them too except him. saying that i am ma fan. blaming me for doing dis. why cant u gurls understand?

i felt so disappointed. utterly disappointed.

when i need u gurls, u gurls cant make it. bud when u gurls need me. i will always try moii best to b there. is it fair to me? i guess i am sounding too emotional. haish! i dun wanna think more abt it. its no point feeling stress regarding this situation. at least i ve moi cousin wid me. i am not alone in the end. realli wanna thank her! =)).

like wad moii mom told me. dun b sad or rather stress abt it. they ps u its okay. next time, if they ask u anything. do the same thing to them and they will noe how u actually feel when they do that to u. if there is anything just tell her and not keep it to heart.

hai shi mama zui hao ba? 24 hrs xiao mama! seriously i wanna thank god for hafing such a perfect mother who is always being there for me.

come to think of it. i doubt i will do the same thing to them if they realli ask me to barhs. as u all noe moii heart is soft. i dun wanna hurt them too. i dun wanna b bad. so yups!

anw, tml is surppose to b a happy occasion. so lets not b sad abt it barhs. haish! why does it turned out like dis ?

hafing a terrible headache & moii head injury pain is coming back again. must relax abit le.

surppose to ve an agreement to go and now ppl backing out. which i hate most.

gonna watch 3am match todae till 5 plus. i guess i going to zombie when i see him. lolls. i will just try to b as happy as i can. dun wanna make him worry also and i intend to keep dis situation frm him.

BRAZIL VS FRANCE! surpporting brazil!

hmms! dunno wad happen this morning. moii upper lip was actually swollen. and now it is still it is. feeling a lump dere. the feeling is so werid. yikes! hopefully it will b healed tml. so scary. lip swollen. lols

i hope moii wound will heal fast
so dat everything is gonna b alrite tml
so dat i wld not feel moody tml
just b a happy gal whom i used to b

Saturday, July 01, 2006


if `euu ask moii whether sch re-opening is fun ? its a 100% gurantee + chop chop fun manx! hahs. though being suan by frens, disturbing. all the fun are all dere. seeing them everyday just makes moii day. sometimes talk to them also can die.

well! another new start! the beginning of another term. tml is gonna b SYF opening ceremony. i wish all sec1-3 gurls performing all the best barhs. how i wish we upper sec can take part too. i miss the days whr we gurls haf fun performing during SYF and NDP man!

sch re-opens, more work are coming. 2 mocks and 1 prelim. after dat wld b the actual paper. come to think of it. onli haf 2 months left. there are simply too many things to do. haish! sometimes realli feel stressed up manx! bud nvm. we will just learn how to handle it.

and i found another way to release moii stress. dat is by composing songs! so far i composed 3 songs le. now on the way to the tunin. i found one of the song. heh heh! now in process. by the end of the yr i gonna gib a surprise to moii fellow classmates. =)). soo shhhs!=x

after one wk, i am able to b online. at moii cousin hse now. it was such a tiring day todae. not gonna say wad i am doing. =X. all i can sae is, i haf finally prepared bday present for moi dear le! gonna celebrate his bday sun. no one to accompany me. now i am praying hard dat van wld accompany me manx! otherwise i wld b bored to death! hahs!

arhs! i am so tired. i also donno wad i am typing also. i shall call it for aday barhs.

-when is moii comp gonna b ready?!!!