Friday, September 29, 2006

+ . patRon's day . +

todae is our day ! is finally our day to hold the candles. time flies. its our last yr. arhhhs ! i gonna miss STC so much.

went wid mOii hOney, jia en to church in the morning. moii dad fetched us and saw sandy. yeps ! den went to settle down . queued up in twos. den when attendance are almost qi qi ba ba, went up to 2nd floor to put our bags. took our belongings and entered church.

whoa ! its been a yr i last entered st Teresa's church. arhhs ! its moii last yr entering this church. i gonna miss everything. sobss ! this yr, its my first time singing all the hymms which i hardly do ehhs. gib me an applause ! yays .. dis is also moii first time feeling so awake during mass. paying attention.. knowing wad issit abt.

when it was abt to end after the communion. it's our candlelight ceremony. all of us each took a candle.. we sang little flower for hymms. and lastly IJ song ! i was actually holding my tears back so badly. i told myself, even though its the last yr. i will nOt cry no matter wad !!!! and guess wad ? i didnt keep my word. everyone around me are crying ! i got influence by them. during the last part of chorus, bromb !! tears came down. i can no longer hold back no more. behind me was chandee's clique. they were crying. infront of me was natasha's clique. they cried. beside me were moii clique and cheryl was crying ! i was so influenced by them. hahs ! i miss the DAYS WE HAD TOGETHER !!!

after that, row by row, we exit the church and took class photos and photos and photos ! received a sweet letter frm 3J . dey wrote letter to us and i also got a crane from her. so sweet of her. though i do not know her bud wanna thank her for writing such a sweet letter to me yupps ? well, it became a tradition whr the sec 3 classes haf to write an encouragement letter to the graduating classes b4 sitting for 'o's. and it realli makes our day ! =)) . while walking back to sch. photos again ! hahs. we love taking PHOTOS ! cheers ! went back to class when we reached sch. so sweet of mrs fang to haf bake brownies for all graduating classes. well, the cake doesnt taste that bad. its was quite nice except the chocolate . the top layer especially. it taste kinda werid. i still love her cookies ! when she bake for guitar members during our SYF competition. its so nice !! taste almost similar like famous amous cookies.

in class, my clique were discussing abt chalet stuffs. and yupps ! most of the stuffs were mostly settled. nOw we just nd to collect the $$$$$ ..dats the most impt. hee ! we got the room settled as well as the food. so its almost done. yays ! cant wait till dat day come.

didnt realli haf lessons todae onli for two. had maths and chem. did practical for chem. i prefer doing titration practical. its so FUN !! hee ! todae's practical was testing on gases and mostly burning of the chemicals. went to Ms Lee's for MT . also its our freeperiod la for those girls nOt taking MT..

me & shi hui were mostly chatting instead of revising our work. hahs ! =X. went home wid jia en. i was starving. complaining to her non-stop. lols ! took 124 back. i am tired. 6pm proceed to temple wid moii mom, bro and nic jie. winnie jie came along after dat. shi fu kept on disturbing nic jie.

shifu : so how ? after ROM how are u going to address her (my mom) ?
nic jie: dunno ! she which one she wants me to call her lor. i'm anything.
shifu : follow wad ur husband address her la . call her mummy !
nic jie : haha. yea .

she looked and me and say ..
nic jie : den u must call me er sao already.
me : da sao la !!
nic jie : yaya da sao !

we were luffing. prayed till 9 plus and went home... went to haf a gd bath. i felt so stinky and hot. den called darl to chat .......

mom's gonna go genting tml till mon. arhs ! no more morning wake up for me for 3 days. ask dar to wake me up and he gave me all the dao li ask me b independent. LOL ! nvm, i got moii honey to yi kao ! hee ! i am so afraid that i might overslept den i dun nd to help cheryl do hair tml le. she's gonna haf interview for graduation stuff. video montage. dunno wad isst abt. surppose to b chair and vice chair doing the interview bud becos huiying doesnt wan so ask cheryl to replace her instead.

suddenly, i felt like.. i am hairstylist and make-up artist for my clique. whenever there is event i wld always help them. hahs ! bud its nice helping ehhs ?

after helping cheryl, gonna go for chem pract at 11 am . doing redox pract. feeling kinda EXCITED . hahas .

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

..getting back of results ..

alrighty, so far i got back my eng, my maths paper one , accounts , lit paper 1 and ss. todae i got back my accts and ss. i flunk my ss damn terribly. i passed by SBQ but not SEQ . damn it !

i dunno if i ans the qns wrongly or i wrote in the other way or wad ? i am not sure whr my mistakes are exactly. gonna clarify wid Mr tan on fri. mayb i misunderstood the qns. arghs ! i got 3 marks for my SEQ. how pathetic it is. dis is the first time i got dat low marks for ss and i am so disappointed wid myself. i expected myself to get 10 at least. when i received the paper, i was so damn shocked wid myself. so SAD !!

i am just hoping dat Geog i wont get the same thing again. i am going to be so dead-ed by it. i repeat DEAD-ED ! sci , lit and humans paper overall marks gonna get it by next wk as well as maths paper 2.

so far, i passed everything except my ss. haish ! think of it, realli sad. T.T ! i just hope i wont fall the same mistakes for my 'o's . dats all. pray hard !

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

..english tips ..

its gonna b a long entry for the day. there are so many things happening todae. O_O..

i didnt went to sch ytd as i was feeling so terrible. having slpness nite. arghs ! was feeling so irritated. rolling here and there . and i managed to slp at 3pm till 6 plus pm. thanks to slping pills. otherwise u will see me turning zombie in sch. LOL !

yupps ! after having a day rest and i back to sch todae ! i noe u gurls miss me loads. wahha ! dun haf to puke. got back eng paper todae. i passed ! i am so happy ! bud not quality pass though. i hope i am able to get b3 for my eng. i was happy ! when i heard ms puspalm saying dat there is 100 % passes in 5J. everyone clapped for joy. keke ! at least i dun haf to worry for eng. dis is my frst time passing my eng dis yr. =)). congrats to me ehhs ? last yr prelims also like dat. it seems like i passed my eng during prelims and the actual paper. hmms ! is dat a gd sign ? i think so barhs.

so for actual 'o'. will b aiming for B3. i can do it ! yays. ms puspalm also gave back lit paper 2. haish ! was disappointed dat i just passed onli. was expected too. cos i didnt finish the paper. now, i shall improved on my speed to do better.

so far i've passed 2 papers. so hopefully for paper 1 for lit. i wld pass too ! left my maths, ss , geography and sci. jin zhang.

during eng lesson we had mr charles talk. it was so funni. telling us how to improve our eng. how to write a gd essay, summary and compre stuffs. its so interesting. i love his lesson. if onli he is our eng teacher. arhhhs ! dreaming ** .

ok these are some tips dat he made us fold into bklet :


secret number ONE :
write abt familiar situations and set your story in places very familiar to you.
1. your home..
2. your school...
3. Somewhere you go a great deal..

secret number TWO:
Use believability knowing that small events equal big marks. Focus on using simple past tense mental verbs alternating them with action verbs.

secret number THREE :
Almost always focus your story on a single problem and single incident. Keep safe by asking yourself, "What is the problem and incident I am writing about?" Check you only haf ONE.

Secret number FOUR:
Collapse the time frame.
Make duration of the events in your story short because the majority of high scoring stories revolve around a short period of time.

Secret number FIVE:
Focus on feelings in your writing. Make sure you include a small amount of dialogue.
Use first person ('I')
and avoid errors by setting your story in past tense.

Secret number SIX:
Use specific detail to create vivid andparticular pictures in the readers' mind.
use your multi-sensory mental check-list to make sure you use most of the senses suc as sight, sound, smell, taste, texture, colours, movement, size and seed.
Do not be stuck only on what you see.

Secret Number SEVEN :
for consistently high scores in every story you write it is essential you write about an incident, issue, problem or conflict that really happened or (second best) could esily have happened to you or did happen to someone you know. Stretch the chewing gum just a little and focus on feelings.

Next, action plan for success in english ! act and you win ! don't act and you dont improve.

1) Answer two questions from comprehension practice book every study evening and check the answers immediately. Instant feedback leads to 'Eureka'!
2) Three sentences in a diary every study evening. At the end of every week get it checked and iron out your common errors before the examination.
3) Nightly read aloud your sculpted/ redrafted and error free compositions expressively to absorb internaly the style of correct English.
4) Timed Practices to slot into your revision plan:
a) One time0limited summary every fortnight.
b) One time-limited report every fortnight.
5) Read a complete comprehension passage every second study evening looking up tree to four words in a dictionary. Re-read the comprehensions in a cycle using the speed-reading techniques taught in this course.-or read avidly.
6) Repeat affirmations every day at least twenty times.
7) Work always with tall, clear and dark handwriting.
8) Visualise the clear benefit of a good results.
9) Write your personal action plan choosing from this list what you know will benefit you and stick to it. A higher English Grade = more choices in life.


study with relaxed alertness achieving all your worthwhile goals.
"HE or She who acts -wins ! "

1) Dream big and wildly, write down all ideas in a special new notebk.
2) See which one or ones jump out at you when re-reading.
3) Write a simple present tense statement of your goal.
4) List action steps to achieve it with target dates.
5) Dream up a mini movie inside your head of a time when your goal is achieved and you are emotional about it. Run this movie regularly.
6 Prepare affirmations and pin them up when you seem them daily. 'i study very efficiently is an example.'
7) List possible obstacles in the way of your goal and write solutions beside each one.
8) Make a written list of three benefits of achieving your goal(s).
9) read this over everyday, or second day for at least a month.
10) Take a small action every day to move towards your goal andwrite down what it was. Keep smiling. =)

yeps ! so these are the tips that mr charles taught us. so ppl ! let's score well for eng and follow his steps. keke !

he was also telling us wad KISS actually means. it means .. Keep It Simple Stupid ! lolls . we laughed so loudly when we heard this. and he was also saying other tips. being " supersucker", "superchecker", "mental..smth.[cant remember", and another one. hahs ! i cant remember the other 3 though. i love his eng lesson. so interesting. sadly its only for a day. =( .

during MT lesson. we basically have free periods. was discussing abt BBQ stuff chalet at Pasir ris after 'o's. oh my ! cant wait till dat time. our class chalet. =) .

went for bio lesson after recess. while waiting for the class to exit at rifle range, me and jess was actually arguing abt sun. this was wad happen..
i saw jess on jess. i just put my hand in front of her and said hi. dis woman ! go and say "who are you ?" i was like. oh my ! u dun even remember me ?" i was so heartbroken. and i kua zhang abit. dats me. hahs ! she asked me why didnt i went to sch ytd.

jess: u too heartbroken isst ? dats why didnt go sch.
me : yea lor !! too heartbroken already ! cry until like waterfall arhs ! u dun even remember me !
jess: how i noe arhhs ? i didnt even see u.
me : i cry until so cham ! dats why ytd didnt go sch. eyes so puffy.
jess: wahhs ! eyes swollen arhhs. hahs !

it was so funni. we were luffing so loudly. i glad to see her luff again. =)) .
not long we went in. i was dying to go in and haf the air-con. ohhhs ! it was so humid outside. poor mrs leong lost her voice. i bet JESSICA is feeling very heartbroken. mrs leong was going thru wid us tys ans. and the 2nd period we finish up our tys qns. any doubts just ask her.

had maths lesson after bio. dis toopid dotter cheryl of mine go and pull my bag and my poor baggy almost teared okays ?! haiyOoos. all thanks to her man. me and sandy haf to suffer and almost fall back. LOL ! my gals arhhhhs !!!!!! one by one starting to disturb me hors !!! am i so nice to bully ? mayb i just look too innocent dats why. LOL ! just kidding.

seeing the rest of the bands were working so hard and our band 1 class were like slacking. mr low was going thru ans for paper 2. poor mr low was like talking to himself as no one was basically paying attention to him actually. all attention goes to jane, seok, pat and crist grp. they were talking dialect. it was so funni. all of us luff until peng ! mr low doesnt mind at all. so nice of him man ! he let us haf freedom bud provided that we scored well for his sub. wahhs ! dats like tough. bud not to worry. mr low , we will try our BEST !! =))

went home wid jia en after sch.was basically talking abt adrain stuffs. well, seriously, all i can say is dat. u two haf broken up ! so just do wadever u wan. each of u haf ur own way of life. so just do it and b happy .

to adrain :
just lead ur own life and be happy. how sure are u dat she will b back to u again ? even if she is. will the feelings for each other be back the same again ? or will it be even worse ? think carefully again. no use staying cos u wld make urself being more hurt. i noe its hard so dats why i say just take ur time to move on. who knows in future ? u may even find a new gf who suits u more. u may even be happier. whatever she wants to do just let her b. now dat u two haf broken up, she has her own freedom and u haf urs too. it doesnt matter wad frens she is mixing wid becos dats her own choice and she knows herself wad she is doing so u do not haf to worry. its also does not matter to her what frens are u making wid. cos its urre own choice, ur own decision. u haf the right to do so as well. if u keep on calling or msging her u may even make her hating u more. just gib her some time for the moment first. if u realli misses her so much, mayb u can email her. slowly chat wid her.. who knows u two may even be gd frens again yups ? i am sorry if dis msg for u may hurt ur feelings badly. just telling u how i feel lor. mayb u may think dat i am siding en. to tell u honestly, i am not. i am looking at the prospect of overall. so yupps. as a fren, if u nd a listening ear, just feel free to ring me or msg me i will b here to help u whenever i can barhs. its okay if whenever u chat wid me u wld always tend to chat abt en. if dis makes u feel better then just go ahead. i do not mind. dats wad frens are for yupps ? lastly, pls ! take gd care of urself !

Sunday, September 24, 2006

`` bring away all my unhappiness away ...

woke up at 8 plus i couldnt slp further. not sure why also. jia en came to my hse at 1020am to lend me her pract bk cos mine is wid mrs chua. so photocopied some pages lor for todae's chem pract.

reach sch. toopid mr yeo never use the pract bk and instead he use the worksheet. haiyOos. make me photocopy for nth. =( . den we left the hse and took 131 to schh..later, priya came to the bus stop. so, the 3 of us went to sch together. =)) . when i alight frm the bus i walked pass cheng chuan and i didnt noe dat it was him cos all the while i was looking straight. and as u all noe, i dun like to stare at ppl. so yepps ! i just walked straight till jia en told me.

jia en : ehhs ! dat guy looked familiar lehhs .
me : whoooo ??
jia en : nehhs ! dat guy lorrs.
me: who la ! i also dunno who is dat.
jia en : last time our pri sch one. dunno ching wad larhs..vice president for prefect de or president. frm 6E.
me : huh ? president was zhi qi wad.
jia en : ya ! still got another guy de.
me : whOOOOOOOOooooo ? dunno la. cannot remember.
jia en : something ching de la ..

i think carefully. and it straight came my mind.

me: ohhs ! u mean cheng chuan ?
jia en : yayayay !! its him !! ya..
me : orhhhs ! i didnt see him though.

both of us laughed. i msged him to re-confirm whether it was him and just nice he was abt to msg me too. i was kok eye dat i didnt see him. dis guy also another one la. dunno how to call me and say hi to me. i didnt realised dat he was beside me somemore and he thought that i was to shy to say hi to him. aiyOOos ! hahas . i am just so blur. its no surprised anw. i am known as blur queen in sch. hahs ! sotong !

had fun doing pract. doing titration. have to be very careful though. in the first attempt i overshot and add too much acid in the solution. lolls ! and it turns pink. it surppose to turn orange to become neutral. yepps ! finish at 12.30pm . wash up all appartatus and went home wid en and priya.

reached home quickly bathe and met jia en at 130pm. dis woman ! dunno how to tell me dat she is at my hse bus stop till i saw 124. i was wondering if i shld chase dat bus budden she told me dat she wld call me when she board. so i decided not to run for it. and took my own sweet time to walk till i turn my head and saw her. she was dere. i quickly ran there and chased the bus to board. toopid woman. make me pant ! hahas. she was tired in the bus. so she slept & surprisingly i wasnt tired at all. was awake. dis jia en was super damn blur. she thought all along we are going taka which i didnt mentioned it at all. i was telling her to go citylink all the while. wonder why she is so blur todae la ! hahs .

alight ourside funan centre den walking to citylink. yepps ! i bought the gift for dar already. i am all ready to get it done by dis wk ! hee hee ! so happy. and also managed to get smth for sher as well. =)) .

went to esplanade to feel the windy breeze. i told u guys b4. whenever i am unhappy. i wld always go there and i told dat to jia en as well. luckily it did make her feel better as well. we ate ice cream man ! haagan-daz somemore okays ? i haven been eating dis ice-cream for a long time and i been craving for it. i finally fulfilled my wish ! yays. so happy. ate 2 scoops of strawberry and jia en ate 1 tub of chocolate ice cream man ! crazy woman. and she complains dat she cant finish cos its too much. i scold her for being so greedy. hahs !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

whr's the other scoop of ice-cream. u guys must b wondering. well, i haf eaten them while walking to the river side. hahas ! its melting soon. it look so pathetic. lolls !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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and more photos of us ! doing all kind of poses :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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dis pic above, it shows how windy the place is and it makes my hair so messy ! bud it looks nice and natural ! i love it !

our shoes .. :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

jia en is actually forcing herself to finish it up. she managed to finish half and then all !!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and we were playing wid dry ice :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

can u see the smoke ??

jia en : aiya ! shld haf ask for more dry ice. den can play somemore.
me : siao !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

okays ! we were actually going to pose as if we are licking the dry ice. but !! it covered my mouth. and it turned out like dis. LOLs !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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and yays ! its a success eventually ! lolls. dis is my fav pic. we look so CUTE !
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the city view :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

wad the heck is dis ?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

oh my ! wad is jia en doing ? wanting to eat the dry ice ?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

still figuring it out..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

den we decided to change the position.

jia en : lets take wid the sea view.
me: okays !

bud it didnt turn out nice though...
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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our shoes again :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

our lovely dovey :
jia en is surpposed to lie on my shoulder. too bad i was too short. so i lie on hers instead. hahs ! arhhhs ! it makes me think of my time wid dar. =X
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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our puffy faces :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

diao sign :
jia en was saying , i am trying to look innocent. i admit ! i already am !! =P
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yupps ! dats all we took. we stayed for 1 hr and 15 mins at that place. its simply too relaxing. honestly speaking.. all my troubles and unhappiness are gone ! i am back to a happy girl i used to be. i was seriously in a gd mood todae.

went back to city hall to take 124 back. me and jia en were actually arguing abt the bus number. cos i heard her saying the bus 145 as 125. and we were arguin abt that issue. lolls !

while walking back home, saw moii mom and aunties. they are gonna play mj tonite ! ohhhs. my hse is gonna be noisy and its gonna filled wid "music" ! and i saw our family protrait photo . its so nice !! i love dat. and now its hanged in my living room. and kor kor's solo pic is hanged in his rm. the aunties were actually looking at our pics. saying dat my kor looked more like my mom and me , more on my dad. hahs ! aunty jo was joking wid me.

aunty jo : geradine ! why the family portrait only got five ? shld be sixx. whr is the other one ?
me : hahas ! not yet la. still early.

which is true though. i am still young. aiyOos ! still young abt the future la. i wann my youth manx ! hee ! next part.

aunty kris : how abt my terence ? i still cannot remember wad u said to my son u noe when u are young ..
me : huh ? wad did i say ? i forgotten all abt it.
aunty kris : huh ? u forgot already arhs. when u were young, we asked u. do u prefer lionel or terence. without hesistating, u said terence.
me : hahas ! did i ?
my mom : ya lor ! lionel's mom even say u got no taste.

everyone laugh..

aunty kris : aiya ! shld haf ask u why man ! so how u think abt my son ? got chance anot ?

i smiled. hahas !

my mom : terence and wilfred which one ?

i went back to my rm. aiy OOos ! i felt so shy suddenly. come to think abt it. i haven been meeting them for yrs man ! we used to played together when we were young and now we hardly meet at all. guess everyone is busy barhhhs ..

after awhile went out again.. watched tv .. dar called me ! i was so happy. hee ! den after that went to help my dad to do some stuff. and had dinner at 7 plus. went back to my room after having my dinner. switch on the comp and uploaded the photos. and i did a surprise for en. otherwise she complains i didnt do anything nice for her always. hahs !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

heh ! nice ehhs ? glad she likes it too. including me ! hahas. yeahhhs ! chatted wid dar all the way till 11 plus. and he fell aslp. guess he's too tired barhs. luckily he is able to rest tml. no work ! he is off and free... glad he enjoyed himself todae wid his grp in st john. he havent been hafing fun for quite some time. i havent been meeting him for a month plus ! 2 more wks i gonna meet my baby soon ! miss him loads.

he wanted to meet me tml bud sorry dar ! unable to. having lunch wid my mother's side. apologised to him and he said he it's okay. so sweet of him . love u loads ! <33. muackiesss.

okays ! now i haf to think hw am i gonna turned in ! i am slpy already. outside is so noisy wid the mj-ing and laughter. looks like i haf to take out my mp3 to listen barhs.. !! its 12:55am already !! nitey !

Friday, September 22, 2006

## wads wrong ? !

these two days. basically is just going thru of answers of prelims paper as teachers do not wan to stress us too much. such kind teachers they all ! =)). these wkend gonna haf a gd break .. next wk is going back to studies again. which i agree too .. next wk i going to go for intensive revision. for these 2 days. i realli nd a gd break .. its been stressful period. no one felt gd too. gonna do my accts and geog hmwork tml.

so sad ! mr yeo loves us so much dat we had to go back tml for chem pract. and thanks to mrs chua, she cant find my pract bk ! and i realli do not know wad to do. to buy a new bk or wad ? or wait till she finds my bk ? my 'o's pract is like next month !! i should not haf lent her in the first place man. haishhh !

during geog lessons, mrs low was actually telling her the life in JC and POLY and UNI. which path shld we go actually. and i haf decided. i will never enter JC. as u all noe i am a person who cant handle stress and moreover, my results wont b dat gd to be even entered to JC manx ! hahas. bud even my results are gd, i wld just enter to poly. yeps ! poly is more suitable for me barhs.

haish ! i wonder wad exactly happen to jessica these few days. she's been keeping things to herself. the way i see her also heartache. been looking so tired and pale. having slpless nights and all dat. heys ! dun see i like dun care dat kind of attitude .. bud in my heart i still care for u okays ? dis gurl been feeling so down. gurl ! pls take gd care of urself alright ? its okay u dun wan to tell me. its okay u dun wanna share it out. i noe i been repeating dis many times. do smth dat makes u feel better. share it out wid ur jie. go out & haf fun for this wkends. let it all out. i dun wan to see dis jessica. i wan the old one. the lively jessica she used to b. the cheerful site of her. the gurl who always shouts whenever i argued wid her. u noe gurl, i realli missed those days. seeing u so fumed up .. seeing u so hurt.. deep in my heart it hurts. dis is realli wad i wanna tell u frm the bottom of my heart. i noe it takes time. just take ur time to heal everything barhs. bud still, i wanna see the old jessica soon yeps ?

i dunno whether its the 'o's that is affecting everyone's mood. everyone around me seems so moody.. well, i do admit including me as well. can tell everyone is tired. gurls ! pls take a gd break this wkend alright ? release everything out !! just dun overtired urself.

chem period is so interesting todae ! learnt the basic of titration method. hahas ! its so fun. playing wid water somemore. i didnt went for assembly period though. helped nana to do her make-up and hair. not sure if she got selected bud will hear her gd news on mon barhs. wanted to wait for her till her photoshoot finishes. bud i was kinda tired. so went home early wid jia en in the end barhs.

was surprised that my brother was at home todae. hahs ! we had lunch together. watched tv together forawhile.. and i went to bathe and watched OURAN HIGH. episode 21 was so funni. i was luff so loud. i wondered if my bro thinks dat i was crazy or wad.. hahs ! i enjoyed dis show so much. now waiting for gen to load 25 and the rest in her thumbdrive so dat i can finish watching the show barhs. i simply love dis show to bits man ! especially hunni. he's so cute ! so adorable.

going to buy anniversary gift tml wid en .. thanks gurl for accompanying me ! i going to get it done by tml so dat i can concentrate on my studies. den hopefully dar wld b free to meet up 2 wks later to celebrate barh. darl ! dun forget abt our promise okays ? hee ! <33

i guess i gonna go to esplanade for awhile barhs. to have some fresh air.. to feel the windy breeze to let all my unhappiness out barhs. & i shall head straight home for dinner. its been quite some time i haven been going out. come to think of it. i feel like esplanade is kinda of my hometown somehow. i been there often though most of the time. hahs ! whenever i am unhappy or wad. mayb its the nearest barhs. the beaches are too far away for me. mayb during after my 'o's i wld definately be at the beach ! keke !! & also spend more time wid him. i feel like i am neglecting him somehow and i feel so bad .. =X .. bud luckily he is understanding. =)) ..

Thursday, September 21, 2006


i guess its the weather dats making me having a terrible headache since noon !! the weather is too hot. and ppl out there. better drink loads of water yepps ? the amt of ppl falling sick is increasing !! PLS TAKE GOOD CARE OF UR HEALTH ...

went to sch todae. had loads of fun especially during pe. i love floorball. its moii fav spot. dis mr francis says me and jia en were standing there pai pose ! in my mind i was like.. u called us to stay there and station. how wld i noe we haf to dribble the ball as well. bud in the end i chu ma !! hahas. i wanna play floor ball again !!

didnt do much in sch todae. mostly were checking of answers for our prelims. yupps ! and dats all. kind mr poon didnt gave us any lesson. he gave us free period. and we mainly chit chatting and craps most of the time. dats no surprising !

afternoon, jia and minnie came to my hse to continue our episodes ! and i simply love ouran high ! its so funni. u guys can watch it at youtube too. bud just watch out for the loading. its pretty long though. luckily we haf gen's thumbdrive for us to watch. otherwise, it wld take ages for us to load and watch that show. keke !

i am so happy todae dat we got back our graduation photos ! its so nice. i love the fun shots especially. wad i am not satisfied most is my individual shot. my hair sux man ! it looks so wet. many ppl said dat too. and why issit like dis ? its becos i was perspiring like hell during the grp photo taking outside auditorium. the weather was so damn hot.

gonna help nana to make up and do her hair tml cos the sch wans her to take photos again. dis pretty babe will definately get selected ! keke ! the photographer will choose some of the gurls to take the photo. pray hard dat she wld b choosen barhs. keke ! our model in our CLIQUE !

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

` the final stretch is not over yet. dis is just temporary

each day,
my pair of eyes are decreasing in size
leaving heavy eye bags
dark rings behind..
the torture is over
dis is just temporary..
how badly i wish dis cld b over soon
once and for all
so dat i wont be able to suffer from dis

i wrote dis during my exam. i slept halfway during my papers. i was too tired. i fell into dreamland for 2secs and it scares me. paper was quite alright though. manage to do. arhhs ! todae is finally my last paper of prelims. there wont b any more papers... the final stretch will b my 'o's..and dats the time whr i will put my full force into. get prepared for me to go crazy and enter IMH. dun b surprised though. lolls !

slept for 2 hrs when i got back home after bathing. 12pm went to meet my new darling jia en..hahs !! from great grandmother to darling. power ehhs ? dis is so mad. dis was wad happen actually. i was studying my sci ytd. out of the sudden, i studied till high and i came out all those nonesensical stuffs while chatting wid her in msn ! and dats how she became my darling. hahas. 1034pm..190906..tues..

dis are all the toopid stuffs i drew in msn.. :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

actually, dat pic is surppose to b roses for her. bud i dunno wad does it turn out too. heys !! its not easy to control and draw using the mouse okay ? shld b touched when i drew dat. wahhahahs !! X))

thanx darling for gibing me wakeup call. hahas ! ask u to call not ask u to msg me lorrs ! haiyoos. when i woke up, realised my hair was in a big mess. and she left me a voicemail dat she is going down now. lazy to do my hair. so i just wear a hat and cover it up. Zoom out of the hse immediately. waited for the lift for so long. as there was renovations at 25th storey. so i bo liao took dis toopid pic.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i waited so long. got fed-up. and walked down the stairs from 11 storey. cannot let my darling wait for so long marhhs. keke !! our first date u noe ?? lolls !!!!!!

took 273 to bm ntuc to meet minnie and we bought the ingredients needed for our cooking todae. its relaxing day todae. got back home and having fun cooking. hee ! gen came along too. cos all of us were dying to watch OURAN HIGH SCH. dis show rox man !! i am loving to bits. once u watch u cant stop.

had lodsa fun wid them manx. tml till fri gonna watch dis show. dis wk i definately going to have a break b4 i start my studying again. no more cooking tml !!!!!!! washing is just so headache. todae's cooking wasnt as nice as the previous time we had done. the soup is too creamy..the bacon is so salty. yikes ! bud it doesnt taste dat bad afterall la.

dis is a pic of our spegetti. too bad jia en say the previous pic didnt look nice at all. otherwise u cld see the garnishing we did. its so NICE !! created by ME !! hee !
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hmmms ! dunno wad will b eating tml.. bud its definately not cooking for the moment. alot of hard work haf to put inside ehhs. keke !

they went back at 5 plus. darling gen drew dis for me on my white board. hee ! so sweet of her.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

its one of the character showed in the show. yeps !

haish ! so sian ! tml gonna haf sch. checking of qns and ans for prelims. i am so afraid dat i will b taking back my papers tml. i guess its going to b very sucky. especially for chem barhs. i dunno. i just dun haf confidence for chem. hahs ! mayb i been failing or wad lorrs. i dunno. bud i just dun haf confidence on dat. yupps !

gonna haf PE tml. I DUN WAN TO HAVE PE ! i hope mr francis wld make a fun game tml..hee ! so dat i wld b able to enjoy myself and not being tortured by just running barhs. cos i am afraid i may just puke anytime again.

morning assembly has changed position. its so weird ! i am so not used to it manx. somemore sitting in twos instead of sitting just one straight line. just 1 more mth to go..and there wontb anymore morning assembly le ! ren nai barhs.. !!

going to turn in for now ! i am dead tired already..
gd nit9 everyone !

Monday, September 18, 2006

..break free...

that feeling is back again ..!! which i hate most. okay ! mayb its due to "monthly due"..lolls ! which lead me being emotional. having headaches and all dat... being a girl is just so troublesome. haish..

i am feeling so tired !!
terrible headache.
i just feel like stopping everything ...

this feeling is so terrible.
H E L P !

2 more papers to go & moii prelims are over... jia you barhs !

Sunday, September 17, 2006

` never leave mOii grandma alone !!

in the morning, mom was telling me dat my uncle [ mother's side ] is going to retire already. as he is 55 yrs old. it's time yuupps ? they may shift from 5 rm flat back to 3 rm flat again as they couldnt no longer afford . and rent 1 rm flat for grandma.

when i heard that, my heart sank ! it realli sank deep inside my heart. i was asking why ??

mom : well, grandma is sturbborn. wadeva ah kim told her. she doesnt want to listen.
me : ohhs ! den ask her stay in our hse.
mom : ur lao ba wont allow dat.
me : u persuade him la !
mom : why not u do dat ?
me : i will never allow my grandma to stay alone. NEVER !!
mom : at least make her independent ma. let her stay alone. got friends to get along with. she can do wadever she wants. mayb rent near blk 3 ,4..near our hse area. den that wld b easier. we wld b able to visit her everyday or rather she can come to our hse in the day and go back at nite.
me: still i dun allow !!!

seriously, i realli cannot allow my grandma to stay alone. i dun feel secure. i feel so worried. how can she stay alone ? i will never ever let my grandma to stay alone. she is my onli grandma left and she is the only grandparent i am close with since born. my fav grandma. how cld i do dis ? and allow her to stay alone ? its simply IMPOSSIBLE !

she is old already. she is strong ! yea i agree. 80 yrs old. bud think abt it again. how many more years can she live in this world ? i felt so cruel if i let her stay alone. i just cannot imagine her.. staying alone, washing clothes herself.. cleaning the floor herself.. cooking her own food... she has to surpport herself. all by herself ? i realli cant imagine that. she's been living wid my aunt all the while & now they could no longer let her stay. so why not stay in our hse instead. let us take over the responsibility ? i realli dun mind. if my dad doesnt allow that, i will try my best to persuade him. realli !

if she stays in our hse. she wld b able to slp wid me. everyday i come back after sch, i wld b able to taste her delicious cooked food. oh god ! i miss her cooking man ! she is able to relax at home. slp in the afternoon. haf her coffee while watching tv. cook for dinner. den i wont b alone at home in the afternoon anymore ! i wld haf her. hee ! how nice ehhs ?

actually from young, i always wanted my grandma to slp wid me. bud becos of my dad. so my grandma stayed at my aunt side. bud now, if realli haf no choice bud to put her in a rented flat. i wld rather her to stay at our hm. i wont leave her alone !


i felt so heartbroken suddenly. tears dripping down my eyes........

Saturday, September 16, 2006

- . happy bday wee wee !!!

ytd was mOii cousin's 18th & its non other than wee wee ! hahs !

happy 18th bday gurl.
u finally turned 18 liaos..
after so long,
u are able to fulfilled urre dream dat u always wanna do in urre life.
and dat is..
taking driving lessons !
hahas ! finally.
heys !
dun forget to drive me around when u got urre license manx !
provided dat u haf drive steadily.
hee !!
smile always.
cos seeing urre smile always made moii day !
hope u enjoy urre day ytd.
one more thing !!
urrre chocolate rocks !!!!!
hahs !
love u loads gurl.

was dead tired ytd. reached home at around 1230am..went straight to bed. and guess wad time the pig woke up todae ? 1220pm ! hahas. i slept for so long ! oh moii. i havent been slping for such long hrs for so long. it was realli a nice slp. hee !

went out wid mama in the afternoon. went around city hall area. saw alot of policemen patrolling. guess mostly is due to IMF barhs. seeing so many policemen around makes me scared. hahas ! its like so scary. wearing blue uniforms walking around. lolls ! went back in the evening time.

mom was thinking abt moii bro's and nic jie wedding cake for their ROM. she was asking me if i can ask dar's dad to bake cake for them. i was like .... ?? ehhs !! he is opening bread shop.. den make wedding cake isnt it abit weird ? hahs ! she said.. " nvm la ! can charge cheaper and free transportation !! " i was like.." u wait long long !! got free transportation. whr got ppl so gd service. from bedok fetch all the way to fullerton dere ?" lolls. !! hardly u see such gd service ehhs? normally must charge transportation fee de marhhs. and she was saying " dunno the cake nice anot. ask him bring some samples back. let me try first. " haiyoos !!!!!!

and den..on the way. while walking back home, she was saying another topic again.

mom: never ever let guy control ur emotions. bu yao wei le yi ge nan ren er shi kong ni de gan qin.
me: er.. !! i noe arhhs.
mom: always remember dat.
me: why are talking abt dis out of the sudden..??

in moii heart. i was thinking. did she read moii personal diary which i kept in moii cupboard. ? cos normally i always write b4 i slp. or rather compose songs or poems. i wld always do dat b4 i slp. i guess, to avoid dis, i realli haf to kept in somewhr le. and i wld just locked it up. yupps !

well. wad she say is true. never ever let a person affect urre feelings. i admit i used to b like dis b4 when i was wid dar. bud now, it doesnt happen anymore. mayb i am more sensible already ?? i felt a change in me somewhr. if u realise, as u grow up, ppl do change. u think differently and b matured. cos, u are no longer a kid anymore. u just haf to grow up and think maturely. yea ?

ok back to the topic.

i said dat purposely,
moii : wahhas !! i am putting ear piece so i cant hear wad u are talking.. !!
mom : weiiiiiii !! u notti girl. wo bai fei shuo le. =(
moii : bleahs !

she was kinda sad when i said dat though. bud actually i heard wad she said la. i am just pretending dats all. i just dun wanna show it out. mama words how can not listen ehhs? i am a good girl. =PP !!

3 more papers to go. and i am done wid moii prelims. arhhhs ! and i will prepare for moii final stretch in nov. i will do moii best. alrighty ! gotta study for moii accounts. tml gonna study lit and bio. =)) .

Thursday, September 14, 2006

----- > . finally, the hardest is over ! <----

finally, the hell day is over. 3 papers and one go realli kills us alot. most of us battery has gone dead. some didnt even slp ytd. poor girls ! for moii, surpposed to wake up at 3 bud i woke up at 5am instead. i wasnt well. yupps ! i had fever last nite. i was down wid dat. temperature kept on rising. i couldnt walk steadily too. 11.30pm went to slp. dats moii max.

i guess been studying too hard barhs. keke ! was so tired. luckily moii fever subside in the morning. otherwise i dunno how to do moii papers man. geography was quite alright. just the last qns i didnt finish. so total i lost of 13 marks. praying hard dat i wld pass moii geog !!

den came chem. haish !! dat paper is deaded. i dun even dare to think abt it anymore. its tough. everyone agrees too. at that tyme, i dunno why. i suddenly dun feel pretty well actually. wanted to slp badly. i closed moii eyes for awhile and continued moii paper. was having headache too. i used up to much brain cells. lolls !

next, bio ! whoa ! i felt i was alert at that time. and i did the paper. it was alright too ! just dat chem was tough. other than dat i shouldnt haf any probs barhs. i don haf confidence in passing moii chem. oh well, lucky this is just prelims.

okays ! the hardest hurdle. i haf gone through todae. i slacked abit todae. was watching moii jin san sun show . i didnt watched for the past 2 days and dad recorded for me. hee hee ! yays ! its great to haf dvd recorder at home. so convenient.X) so fast, todae is the final episode already. i love dis show to bits !! <333 ... gonna haf maths paper 1 tml. had tuition just now. i was so damn tired. i couldnt think. till i haf to use calculator to calculate. hahas !! poor me ehhs ? moii tutor was tired too. so in the end we had 1 hr of tuition instead of 1 1/2 hr. well, i am prepared for dis paper 1. so hope dat nth goes wrong tml. and hope the maths teacher didnt set the paper tough. i will b confident in passing the paper le ! whoohooo !!

arhs ! moii fever is back again. mom just touched moii forehead. just hope dat tml gonna b alright. i will slp early. so dat i will b alert tml. i wanna enjoy moiiself !!

going swimming tml ! i wanna tanned moiiself. been dying to do so since the beginning of the yr. bud i didnt haf the time to do so. so tml is the day ! i finish moii paper at 10am. going in to moii mother's club at 12pm plus wid jia en. we will b studying there. and i will swim for 1 hr first. hee ! wanna stay healthy and fit too. yups !! i am praying hard. pls have sun !!! pls let me b lobster once in a while. =)))

celebrating wee wee 's bday tml !! going to help her in the afternoon wid her dessert stuff. boss ask me to help. so i cant reject ehhs? keke !! wee wee !! i will b coming !! cant wait for tml too. hee !! at the same time too..release moii stress for the time being.

kor kor and nicole jie'e cityspa beauty perfection best match couple will b showing tml. finals ohhs !! on channel 8 at 8pm. check it out !! heh heh..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

xX ` i'm tired / exhausted !

i guess all of us are tired. moii clique. mostly, all overslept. they couldnt wake up and talked rubbish dat they are starting sch at 9am or rather dun ve to go sch. hahs ! how blur could dey be. at least i am still alert.

surpposed to wake up at 4.30am. moii hp alarm rang. and it was loud. as moii mom was a light sleeper, so she was actually luffing away when she heard dat ringtone. cos i put moii ringtone as the san zhi xiong . if u ppl watched full hse, u wld noe how it sounds like. 4.30-> 4.45-> 5-> 5.15-> 5.30-> 5.45-> 6 -> 6.15 -> 6.30 ..!! omg ! its time to wake up already. i felt so mang zhang. shouting dat i wanna slp somemore. hahas !! dis shows how tired i was.

i shld say everyone barhs. all pia-ing for their studies. overworking ourselves. 'o' lvls is not easy. come to think of it. its really a huge jump between 'n' and 'o's. yupps !

moii lips are better now though it still hurts. didnt actually talk much. i was also tired as well. bud at least i can laugh ! yays !

paper was quite alright todae. industrial came out. and i studied on dat. except on the (B) qns i got some difficulties. so hopefully nth goes wrong. didnt finish moi source based. there is so much to write ! & i understand the passage. so sad dat i cant finish actually. hahs ! the last qns i can write quite alot. haiyOos. so wasted.

after paper, went home. gotta chiong 3 subs todae. tml going to haf geog, chem and bio. its realli hell day tml. i am really very tired already. i just nd some rest. these few days onli had like 4 hrs of slp. didnt realli haf a gd slp. eyes are basically getting smaller and smaller. eye bags are getting heavier and heavier. mayb after tml, i can just relax by abit lors...

dunno how am i going to survive todae. revising finish 3 subs in a day is simply impossible. some ppl may say. nothing is impossible. bud now , i am realli sure. dis is realli IMPOSSIBLE !

how i wish u are here beside me,
able to lend me urre shoulders for me to lean on.
i am tired...
am realli tired..
i nd rest...
missing u ... <33>

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

### a/c paper - ))

i am so tired. surpposed to wake up at 8.30am but i woke up at 10-10.30am instead. from 8.30am i snooze moii hp alarm to 9am. denn...was thinking. aiya !! another half hr more. 9.30am !!!! i off the alarm cos i felt so irritated. den i slept more. till moii mom came to moii room.

moii mom: shi tian le !! still dun wan to wake up ?
miee : orhhhhhs !! [ went back to slp ]

moii mom : PIG !! WAKE UP LE !! ITS 10.30AM.
mie : arhhs !! shucks !

i get up.. den i hugged moii baobeii boster. slowly. moii body is getting lower and lower. den i lie on the other side.

moii mom : haiyoos ! u horrible girl. slp from one end to the other end.
mie: i am very tired la !!

ok la ! dis time die die also must wake up. otherwise i dun haf to revise moii accounts le. washing up does make me feel better. while brushing teeth, i realise moii side lip was bleeding. and i felt its very painful. it scares me manx ! quickly washed the blood again. was telling my mom.

mieE: wahhs ! dunno who bash me ytd. til moii lip is swollen by abit. and red and its bleeding somemore !
moii mom : whr..?? i see !
moii mom: ohhhs !! must b u beating up urself when u are dreaming.

i was like RUBBISH !! dis jia en even better. her ans is the best ! dreaming of moiiself eating drumstick. haiyoos !! tolong la u all.

bud i guess i am just too heaty barhs.. must drink more water, eat more fruits like wad moii mom always say. been hafing late nights due to studies.

after hafing breakfast, went to study accounts. yupps !! den went to bath.. met jia en at bus stop at 1210pm. went to sch.. i couldnt talk much. moii lips were damn pain. its so idiotic. i cant even stretched it. now i noe wads the feeling like when u are being beaten by someone. hahas !

so now u gurls noe why am i not actually myself todae & being so quiet. hee ! took a/c exam paper 1. the paper was quite alright. some questions were out from tys. kinda familar. i did one careless mistake. so i lost a mark already.

gonna haf ss paper tml !! dun realli feel like studying that sub. there are simply so much to study. seriously, i prefer studying geog than ss. geo is so much interesting. and i realli dun mind studying all over again. thurs ! its a total hell day. geo, chem and bio together. its realli killing us !! also dunno how teacher plan dis. haish !

tml i going crazy ! be prepared !!

*OUCH !! MY LIPS !! hope it gets better tml. =))

Monday, September 11, 2006

xX - start of exams .

todae is the starting day of moii prelim. i cant get to slp ytd. i guess its either i am too worried for todae's paper or i am just afraid to take the paper tml. i dunno why. i been hafing exam phobia since last yr. i am so afraid to take exams. i am afraid dat i may not do well. and all those stuffs.

been waking up almost every hr. hmms ! approximately, i slept for abt 4 hrs or less barhs. woke up at 4.30am. i cant slp further. woke up to revise moii maths. den went to sch to take the papers. i will gib it moii best shot. and i guess i did. did not realli finish the papers. i am not sure whether i will even pass the paper. cos as u flip the pages, it just seem to get more and more difficult. its getting very tricky. i dun hope for an A or rather B. i just hope i will pass. seriously. as long as i pass. i am contented. cos the paper is simply tough. and i realise i made a mistake on the first sum. so, dere may b further mistakes for the rest of the qns. i dunno. all i can say is dat, i already did i best. this is all i can do. so, let just wait till moii results come back barhs.

after maths paper, i didnt even dare to even check ans wid moii frens. i am afraid dat i may do wrongly. den moi hopes will b gone. so i will just slowly wait for the results to b back. no point broading over it. just do it and get done wid it !! agree wid me ?

next was lit paper. the unseen prose and poems were tough though. difficult to understand especially the poem. the prose i understand after reading a few times. haish ! bud again. i didnt manage to finish the last qns. time limit. okays !! frm now onwards !! i HAF to !! definately haf to train up moii speed. otherwise o lvls i am realli gonna be dead.

for lit. most prob i wld get B ?? heh heh !! just hope so. i dare no pinned so high hopes on myself. i dun wanna disppoint myself. so, just lower abit of my grades. hee hee ! arhhhs ! lucky dis is just prelims. imagine if dis is realli the 'o's. i realli dunno wad to do.

i cant even imagine if i retain ! or rather haf to re-take 'o's in another way. i realli cannot take it. i may even go crazy. or mayb i may just run away and may not b back anymore. hahas !! bud heys !! let me look on the bright side and not think of all these stupid stuffs la !

gonna haf a/c paper 1 tml.. i hate theories. bud i love doing the accounts. whr u calculating e numbers ?? hee hee ! its just so fun.

oh oh oh..moii brain is going dead soon.. memory is getting worse !! sometimes i even forget that it rains or rather someone called me. blah blah blah.. guess its due to stress ! haha.. controlling another 2 more mths. and i'll b free !! i believe i can fly ..i believe i can touch the sky.... LOL !!

happy 5th mth anniversary dar !!
time passes so fast.
guess two of us been busy wid our stuffs.
thanks for sending moii encouragment todae b4 moii papers.
so sweet of u
it helps alot ! =))
u are moii strength.
love u always !
muacks !!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

```` trimmed hair

moii brain cells are going dead soon. in case u haf not found the murderer. let me tell u. cos i found it ! and its non other dat EXAMS !! i focus on dat !! EXAMS !! they are driving me crazy. in fact i shld say STUDENTS ! agree wid me ?

haf to study the whole bk, the whole chapt like hell. and i haf yet completed. oh moii tian ! zhe mo ban lehhs ? i just try moii best to absorb everything i can barhs. qq meng arhs !! <--pronounce it as canto. u will get it. =))

went out wid sim to do moii binding of bio notes at queensway. den went to harbourfront to studied ! from 1pm to 4.40pm !! wahhhs !! been studying very hard these few wks. no choice ! prelims are 2 days away. lolls ! chiong arhhs !!

i am a gd gal todae. noe why ? i bought dinner home for moii family. hahs ! heys ! i hardly do dat okays ? i bought the food dat moii mom told me. denn..i bought sugar cane juice. weet ! it was kinda heavy though. dis is the first time carrying so many packets on moii hand ! i am honoured to say dat. keke ! i shld do more in future..its fun buying food back though. bud i just hate the carrying part. hahas ! nvm ! let me be a gd gal. =)). although i already am. dun puke when u read dat sentance. hahas ! i noe i very bhb. bud too bad ! dats, moii character.

okay ! back to the topic. after hafing dinner. went to meet up wid jia en at 6.20pm to cut hair around moii hse area. i am back to moii toot hair again. short fringe. at first i wanted to cut side parting style. den i think. aiya ! forget it. just suit to aunty amy style see wads suitable for me. cos i am too tired to decide anw. yays ! and i am satisfied wid moii hairstyle. jia en also trimmed her hair and we went to nearby block to sit down and chat.

she was telling me abt her outing wid her ex and showed me wad clothes she bought. its not-bad though. i pretty like her top. the green and white one cos it really suits her. arhhs !! she is tempting me to go shopping !! i must RESIST !! wait till moii o's are over. wait till the VIVO CITY is ready & i'm coming !! hohohos.. wah ! i sound so scary.

taking a break now. i cant finish moii chem chapts. still got 2 more to go. i try to finish up whenever i can barhs. cos i still haf ss and geography not touched yet. i am so DEAD-ED !!

u are going to b back tml,
haven been chatting wid u for 5 days.
its either i'm busy,
u are busy wid yea work.
call me when u back okays ?
i miss u loads !
love u dar !

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

++ ` self-creatiOn _*

oh god ! i overslept todae. surppose to go for bio self-study @ 8am and it finshes at 9.15am. i wouldnt noe i overslept till jia en called me. and poor her waited for me since 7.30am till 7.50am. when the phone rang. she told me that the time was 7.50am. i was like. oh shucks !!!!!! in the end i told her to go ahead without me. haiyOos! wo zhen hu tu. apologised to her.

and so sweet of her to tao pao for me KFC. hahas ! though moii stomach still hurts. bud i heck care la. zao eat ! hee ! if dear noes abt it, he confirm kills me !! =X..

yays ! and we are very gd student. study all the way till 3plus. grrrrrrrr !! stomach growling. and guess wad we did ? we d.i.y. our soup. we added crab stick in our cambelli corn & mushroom soup. looks nice ? and also we heated up taiwan sausage.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

look delicious isn't it ? heh heh ! chef ker did it ! and dis jia en dunno how to help me ! keep on ordering me around. dis rdy dat rdy. hai wo shou mang jiao luan. haiyOos ! den we drink the soup ! yummy !!! so delicious. tml , chef ker is going to cook spagetti. cant wait !

ok, after eating, went to wash all the dishes. den ! kai gong liaos ! study till 630pm den jia en went home.

was chatting wid shi hui on msn. chatting abt steve irwin. haish !! such a tragic. this filming is actually meant for his daughter bindi. he spent time wid his daughter. such a wonderful dead. and dis ! happens. so sad..

these are some of his wonderful pics as rememberance :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i love him always !! he will always remain in moii heart ! may he rest in peace. keep in prayers for him and his family !!