Wednesday, February 28, 2007

` my last day of work ; my last day at fuji xerOx ; BYE BYE .

here are pics of cupcakes which i bought for jessica ytd. cute issnt it ? :
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280207 , wed ..
its the end of the month ..
it's also the end of my work ..
i'm leaving all my lovely colleagues ..
i'm leaving this place ..

no more ..
  • meter reading reports ..
  • sorting out of D/Os ..
  • writin of giro letters ..
  • sending out giro forms ..
  • sending out of letters ..
  • photocopying papers ..
  • manual billing ..
  • BI billing ..
  • my signatures every end of the letter ..
  • creating credit notes ..
  • creating INVOICES

i'm missing doing these for now ..
i felt weird for not working tml . hahs . cos ive been working practically almost everyday. 5days a wk for 1 1/2 mths. now, it just flew past just like that .

reached office at 845am sharp . when i entered in , colleagues actually reminded me that todae was my last day ! well , they remembered . hahs !

them : xiaomei ! todae is ur last day hor ! you shld be happy . dun nd to wake up so early liaos .

in my heart i was thinking . i cant bare to part wid u all larhs .

used sharon's desk todae as she was on leave .
then those meter reader uncles came thought i was sharon & they were wondering why has sharon turned so slim & young ?
hahs .
all of us were luffing away .

i had my last lunch wid serene & belinda at amara . was hoping to haf lunch wid the rest bud ling & ho were too busy . =( .

shook hands and bid gdbye to them during lunch as they had to leave the office to attend some work .

them : all the best to you . remember to study hard okays ? ask jesslyn if she still nd temp staffs in future , ask her to call you . we'll definately welcome you back .

me : YEPS ! remember to miss me too okays ?
them : we'll definately do .

awwws ~ so sweet . my heart melt when i heard that . i was hoping that time wld passed slower. bud the sickening time just tick tick tick so fast . did meter reading reports , d/o and sending out of letters. i did my things fast and helped anna quite abit before i leave . its my last day so i just wanna do my best outta it .

530pm , its time for me to leave . i handed out my temporary pass to jesslyn .
most imptly ,
i shook hands wid the rest all them . bidding farewell .
all of them wished me all the best.
we exchanged contacts .

how lovely to receive a present from jesslyn & she sent me out . i was so touched ! it represents all of them . i almost teared larhs bud i managed to hold back . =)

the gift :
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i got a BAG ! :
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on our way out , i was disturbing jesslyn if still wants to hire me .
then she said other departments are finding temp staffs bud she will inform me again .
weeets ~ !
i was hoping very badly in my heart ,
" PLS CALL ME SOON ! i'll definately come back ! "


from now onwards ,
i wont be hearing them calling me "xiaomei " anymore.
no more gossiping together during lunch time.
no more lunch-ing .

todae is my pay day for last month . so went to atm to check my pay amt then off to buy the egg tarts for my family. i once said before, once i got my pay , i'm gonna buy those for them . hehs ! i kept my words .

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while walking, i was looking back at the building again . one last glance !

took 145 bus home .

my journey wid you ends here .
150107 - 280207 *


my office building :
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the computer i used to work on :
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office's lift :
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office's phone :
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office's desk :
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my ex-desk:
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my dept :
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my temp pass :
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my notebook :
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my notes :
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my office wear [ no longer wearing till i found another office job ] :
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to all my lovely colleagues :
ever since i first entered the office, all of you gave me a friendly smile & treated me just like one big happy family . wid all ur fun , jokes & laughter everyday , it just made my day ! i'll definately miss the lunch-ing we had together especially the tymes whr we "tao pao" our food back to office . it made me feel so warmth . sitting & squeezing together around the round table , gossiping stuffs , its just reminded me of family reunion . you guys never left me alone . whenever there are things to eat ! hahs .

thank you ! thank you so much for giving me such wonderful memories we had together for the past 1 1/2 months . you ppl dote me so much . i just simply love you guys! time realli flies . todae is my parting day . i realli cant bare to leave all of you . well , now that you got my contact , remember to contact me often okays ? i'll definately pick up ur calls ! hahas .

from now onwards, i wont be hearing you calling me xiaomei anymore . it does feel a little uneasy though . becos i am so used you guys calling me that larhs !

hope to keep in contact soon .
call me soon & date me out for lunch or smth alrights ?
i am misshing you guys loads already .
mwahhhs ~

to jesslyn ; my manager :
jesslyn , thank you for employing me in the first place. i ve never even felt a single regret coming to this company at all . thank you for all ur patience in guiding me even though i made mistakes sometimes . you even printed out notes for me just to get myself clear regardless how busy you were .

you're realli a great manager to me . i'll definately will nortt forget you .
keep me in contact .
i'll be waiting for the good news ehhs ?
hopefully they wld call me soon as well. hehs .

thank you for ur lovely gift .
thank you for sending me out .


to anna ; my "shimu" :
hey anna !
i'm realli glad to see u back again after CNY . ur operation was realli a sucessful one. you are realli a nice & sweet person . dun haf to thank me for helping you up cos its my duty to do so . in fact , i shld thank you instead ! now without my help , you'll haf to work all by urself again . dun stress urself too much okays ? i ve done my best to clear as much load as i can. you haf just recovered . most imptly, i wan you to take care of ur health yea ? you need plenty of rest .

thank you for teaching me the steps i need to do !
thank you for sorting out the D/O properly todae to make myself convenient .



once again ,
i would like to say ..
kiss goodbye*

" memories will always stay ..
never be erased . "

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

` thank you , marmie ; jess !

tml is my last day of work ! booohooos ~ immm so gonna miss my colleagues so much larhhhs ! i wont be seeing sharon tml. dats so sad . cos she's taking off.well ,at least we exchanged contact ! heh heh. oh! i forgot to get her number . bud nvm , she gortt mine ! hees . hopefully she will contact me soon. (( :
time realli flies . 1 1/2 months have passed just like that . thinking dat i'm gonna leave tml , it's realli unbearable . everyone treated me so sweet & friendly todae larhhs . its so fun being wid them . aiyOos.

alrights . let's talk abt wad i did todae.
everyone wasnt on MC . bud i gortt my OWN desk ! i'm so lucky manx. sat on alex's place as he had resigned .

did ...
D/Os .
BI billing .
Meter reading master list .

all these lasted till 7pm !! dis was my first time staying up so late . my colleagues were surprised to see me staying up late. cos normally i wld stay till 6pm . thats the latest . ohh wells . i just wanna clear my load b4 i leave .

if only ...
if only tml jesslyn asked me if iwanna stay longer ..
if only jesslyn tell me to stay on ..
i wld definately say a YES to her .

hehs hehs . may i dream on or will it come true? arhhhs . i 'm sure gonna disturb her tml . hees !

i was alone for lunch time bud luckily jess saved my life ! cos the whole billing grp had lunch function so jesslyn told me to haf lunch either alone or wid my fren . i thought no one wld accompany me at first. never did i thought my marmie cld make it ! i'm so touched !

when everyone left at12pm . i was indeed alone. at that moment of time, i was feeling emo to the extent that i almost cried. i felt so empty within me. i felt so lonely. i dun wanna haf lunch alone. i realli need someone right beside me . i need someone to accompany me .

i was so desperate that i woke jess up from her sleep ! bad me ehhhs ? hahas. i thought she cld nortt make it bud she surprised me in the end . weets ! xD !
i sms-ed jia en if she's free. unfortunately, she wants to do her things . so forget it then .

nvm ! i haf marmie beside me. its more than ENOUGH!
she reached at 1plus. wad did i do to thank her ? i bought her 2 cupcakes ! bahahahs ~ she was so happy when she received it becos i was the very first person to buy cup cakes for her . no one has ever bought her one before. wahhs ~ i'm so proud of myself.

went amara to haf lunch together.we chatted . then, marmie sent me to my office area and she went back home .

felt so much better after that .

for tml, i am gonna reach office early . i just wanna spend my very last moment wid my colleagues . my last lunch wid them . blahs blahs blahs .
i'm just gonna ENJOY MYSELF tml !!

to marmie :
hehs hehs! of cos i wont take the pic out. its STUCKED there. superglue already . no matter how hard i tried, it just cannot be removed ! nortt to worry ehhs ? hees .

yea lorrs . only weird monster like you will drink coke when hafing sore throat . in this manner then you wld be cured ! i ve never heard this logic before larhs . only this kind of funni cases will happen to you . tsktsk tsk~ little monster.


1more wk left , we wld be able to know our posting of our course & sch . marmie , i wish you all the best . hope u wld be able to enter the course u wan ehhs ?
oh moii ! how cld u forget why were u angry ?
u were angry wid me bcos ...
ermmms ..
i forgotten too !
hehes !
anw, dun remember the unhappy past. it brings u no good anw. dun bother to remember it . blurt it out . feeling comfortable already ? okays. let's forget abt it !

aiyOos. whr gortt scary ? its good to be able to read ur mind. so dat i know wad u are THINKING ! hahas. you cant hide things from me anymore .
i know .
i know.
i know!!

isnt that good? "xin you lin xi, yi xiang tong . "

hahas ! i will definately visit yoou next wk . though CNY is over , bud it doesnt matter ehhs ? at least i am still fillial to visit you ! hahas. dun forget our plans together during lunch worrs . ok larhs ! nextyr . PROMISE ! i am waiting for ur BIG BIG extra LARGE angpao. hees .

marmie, you know wad ? i realli realli enjoy my every moment wid you cos u never fail to make me smile . you brighten up my life . i admit myself i was feeling down before meeting u. however, when i see ur delightful face upon receiving the cupcakes , you made me smile again . . i was realli touched that u are willing to meet me for lunch at the very last min even though u are tired .

thank you for everything!
thank you for accompanying me .
miss you loads !
mwahhhhs !

am i eligible to date you tml nite ?

" wadever's over is over ..
i'm not gonna think of my unhappy past ..
i'm not gonna brood over it .
instead ..
i'll just lead on happily just lyke wad i'm surpposed to be . "

Monday, February 26, 2007


2 days ago had my dinner at the RC centre . was a kinda boring one till the 4 of us have to entertained by our own . lols. i guessed we performed much better than them man !! so entertaining. =P.

brought kai lin to playground :
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the two BIG babies :
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feli & kai lin :
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the 3 of us :
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went van hse after the rc event. wanted to go home straight after , bud parents asked me to stay . haish ! wanted to go home and haf a gd rest as i was feeling realli exhausted. i knew they wld end up playing late till abt 4-5am plus . i was so RIGHT !

while the adults were playing MJ, the four of us went to catch midnite movie , JUST FOLLOW LAW . i love this show. its so hilarious ! hahs. i love it . except the ending is kinda stupid larhhs .

justin enjoying his HUGE popcorn all by himself :
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spent my day at dar dar hse ytd. woke up 930am in the morning. quickly prepared myself as bro had his floorball at tampanies. just right , i am heading there too . both of us were rushing like mad cos bro was running late. took a cab . bro dropped off first then by me.

when i stepped into his hse. i suddenly felt so stunned ! hahas. basically i do not why either . i was surpposed to wish them happy new yr or rather saying " hello ". bud wad did i do instead ? i stood there . they stared at me and i stared at them . ahlamak ! WADS WRONG WID ME ?!! then i went into his room without thinking much . haiyOOoos. did spring cleaning in his rm . his rm was in one big HUGE mess. dis guy arhhs .. haven't even do finish say tired le. worse than me ! hahs. guys are guys . well, at least now his room seems neater by abit . nortt as bad as before .

he was asking me loads of qns while we were resting..
1) wads my goals for this yr relationship becos time is flying fast. it wld be our one yr soon .
2) has he change much ?
3) will our relationship last ?
4) if i haf anything to tell him before he leaves overseas tml .
5) how wld i feel if he becomes cabin crew .
6) do i haf anything to tell him ?

i gib him no comments but all these will answer him during our first yr anniversary. i promised him that. in this way , it wld be more meaningful ehhs ? by telling him now, just like that, i felt so weird . LOL . i answered some of his qns bud i do admit that i was answering rubbish larhs. i was exhausted . i do not know wad i was answering either.

regarding his trip to m'sia tml. i just wan him to take care of himself and haf a safe journey thru & fro . hope he wld be able to enjoy himself cos i bet he wld . though mayb missing him loads during this 5 days , i'll just wait for his return barhs . pls call or msg me whenever he can . lastly , becareful too as it have been raining for days.

LOVEYOU dar . mwahhs !

went to pass winnie jie's bag at her hse around 3 plus . she stayed near dar's place . this guy forgotten his route to her hse & he made me walk one BIG round. so we had lunch first instead.

winnie jie was still sleeping when i went to her place. den, both of us walked back . again, this guy made me walked another big round . he said he wants to bring me go "san bu " . this time is realli BIG ! bud i enjoyed it . hahs . this is then call dating marhs . it reminds me of those olden times . whr couples "pa tuo ". awww ~ so sweet !

i wish this cld happen everday ...

when we were gonna reached, saw this excercise area . is that called "old folks gym " ? i cant really remember. then, we went to try playing wid it. hahs. went back home after that. dar was doiing his ipod stuffs in the living room . i was looking at it. felt so sleepy suddenly . dar also realised it . i cant stand it anymore. went into his room & took a nap . i realli fell aslp this time cos normally i cant slp at ppl's place. he joined me too as he was tired as well. was running a fever after that due to insufficient of slp. it always happens. HAISH ! i only had 3 hrs of slp last nite.

guess wad ? we overslept in the end. was surpposed to wake up at 6 plus bud we woke up at 730pm instead .i was feeling very giddy at the moment of time so i asked him to get his things prepared first till i am better . then got up to change as i was wearing his clothes. he was afraid that i wld dirtied mine when we were doing spring cleaning.

took cab down to suntec . he alighted first as he was very late. meeting his fren for camp briefing .

when i reached home, saw jack kor & grace jie . they came over to play MJ ! i cant get myself to slp cos they were so noisy plus i was already feeling very terrible . so in the end, i slpt at 4am instead. Z_Z .


was feeling very very giddy when i woke up in the morning. i could hardly stable myself while walking till i had to take a day leave . sigh ~ why am i so weak ?? i wasnt like this before. whr's the healthy gal i used to be ??

mom told me that todae is the posting for the JSAE . she made a phone call for me to see if i got selected for any one of the course. unfortunately, it was unsucessful . so dat wish cld be strike off. its gone ! there goes my first choice. so for now, i wld just haf to wait for my posting of JAE to see whr i land up to barhs .

when i went back to slp . i had a terrible .. or rather horrible nitemare. dreaming of my dad canning me in my room. the scene was realli scary . i treated it for real. he was canning so hard on my leg to the fact that there were red marks . scars were printed on my leg. lines of red marks. its simply so hurtful till mom had to shield me to prevent him from canning him further . its so heartbreaking .

the reasons for him canning me was becos ..
1) i am an unfillial dotter
2) i did nortt study well . i was stupid !
3) i got into relationship though he forbidded me .
4) i still met him behind his back .
5) i came home late ..

then, i ran out of the hse despite my leg pain . went to vivo city and saw gen and sim . i asked them whr wld b a best place for me to scream and shout.

when i woke up then i realise it was a dream . i was crying so badly. i cld feel the pain on my leg. again, i'm suffering . i am suffering from this pain . i woke mom up by my cries. mom thought that i was crying badly due to the unsucessful admission of JSAE . however, that wasnt the case. i told her wad happen as she kept on asking me . she said i was under pressure . she was consoling me telling that it was just a dream . it wldnt happen at all..
bud ,
bud wad if this do happens ?

mayb it was true.
i do felt dat i was under pressure by him .
wadever things i do ..
he forbidded.
he doesnt like .
then wad shld i do to make him happy ?!!
then, wad shld i do to make me believe me & haf confidence in me ?
the more he doesnt allow ,
the more i began to feel afraid ..
so, all i cld do was hide ..
though its just a dream,
i felt so terrible.
i realli felt terrible.
i am exhausted .
i just wanna haf a good rest .
i felt so hurt .


why ?
why am i taking this pain alone ?
why am i feeling so hurt ?
i have never felt so pain in dreams before.
my eyes hurt .
i dun wan to be left alone at home ..
who wld accompany me ?
everyone is busy wid their stuffs ..
my head is hurting so badly ..

" i wanna travel overseas.
be it whether its m'sia or other places .
i just wanna relax my mind & nort think of others.
will that come true ? "

Saturday, February 24, 2007


O.o ..
didnt expect myself to get2 more red packets ytd from ling and sharon. all of them dote on me so much larhs. guess i shld really make them something & pass it to them during my last day of work . hahs !

had lunch wid jess at amara food court . then, sharon was asking me why didnt i join them instead . well , next wk is a definate ! no worries. =)) . did meter reading master list for the whole day . hopefully i can finish everything on mon barhs . i'm so tired when doing it . eyes kept on shutting and guess wad ? i slept in the toilet for like 30 secs ? OMG ! so horrible .

knocked off on tyme . took train to orchard to meet vanessa . its so damn packed larhs bud its understandable. ppl were there to watch CHINGAY . i was indeed filled wid excitment ! went to taka to buy some food first before heading to our seats . both of us were STARVING !

if you were to ask me , whether i did enjoy the CHINGAY show ? let me gib you a BIG damn NO ! its so SCREWED UP !
hello ?
arent ushers surpposed to be brief before hand whr the places are or rather knowing the ticket seats well ? common ! isnt this a major event ? one of the tourist attraction ? then, why is it so screwed up to the fact that you dun even know the places are ? making us walking one big round like some FOOLS ! being squeezed wid big bunch of people. getting pushed by them.. rushing like some mad woman . perspiring like hell ? in the end , it turned out to be the same place whr we asked the ushers ? wad is this ?! and guess wad ? we got ground seats instead of sitting at those proper seats !

wads the use of apologising and asking us to cool down when we scolded you? it isnt any use at all . we were so damn freaking pissed off !

when the event starts , the crowd controllers dun even noe how to "zi dong" move away as they were blocking our view till van haf to approach them . they were standing there blurly larhhs ! then these two crowd controllers still dare to squeeze wid me to haf a seat . there isnt much space left . till i haf to move aside to let them sit.

heys! you ppl are here to work . nort to stand there & do nth . you people were not even controlling the crowd at all .instead, sitting down and enjoying the show by blocking our view !


i was feeling so disappointed !

throughout the whole performace , my mind was full of leaving this DAMN place ! bud becos this was the first time me attending this event , i stayed on . it's only during the finale , the fireworks did cheer me a little . once its over , my mood was back to square one again .

after everything ended, van & me went to washroom at ngee ann city then followed her to the bus stop to check the board if i cld take the same bus wid her . when i checked finish then i realised, she was gone . when i called her , she told me that she was in the cab already . mayb she did told me before hand bud i didnt really notice it or mayb i did heard wrongly.

so, i walked back . walked to grange road & i saw lotsa cabs ! when i decided to take them, i saw NONE of it. the place was so bloody damn wuLu ! is heaven playing a trick on me or wad? okays ! i got fed up ! walked at a very fast pace all the way to doby gauht bus stop to take 124 home . i saw lotsa people again. i was being pushed. this time i cant even be bothered wid anything bud just walking to cool myself down . surprisingly, my leg didnt hurt at all even though i was wid my heels on. cos normally it wld. mayb i was too fumed up to even think of that .

im sorry to dar for gibing him attitude in the bus when he called me cos i was realli in a foul mood. when i reached home at 11 plus going 12, came to realise that i didnt even had my dinner at all . we were to piss off to eat anw. had supper instead of dinner at home. maggie mee! didnt eat much though.

i SWEAR that i never gonna attend CHINGAY anymore .
till i ve totally cooled down!
you know me well .

i hate being in crowded places !
i hate being squeezed & pushed by people!
once i'm hot ,
i get irritated.
once i get irritated ,
you'll see another side of me !

was reading adrian's blog & my mood got me total worse .

to adrian :
i know you are deeply hurt & no matter wad i say its basically pointless . let me tell you this clearly ! if i do not care you as a fren i wouldnt haf even helped you at all! i wouldnt be bothered abt the things happened between the two of you !

so pls ! THINK AGAIN BEFORE YOU SAY THAT SENTENCE ! if i didnt care abt you , would i even haf pass the msg to en to call you when you wanted me to ? or rather ask me to pass her the msg of wad you wanna tell her ? the day when your dad was hospitalised, i even haf to say pls to her to call you . becos of u i scolded her . isnt that a sign of caring ? when you think of her , i was willing to be ur listening ear. you telling me your problems ! isnt that another sign of caring ? when u are sad, do you even dare to say i wasnt there for u as well despite me hafing my own problems too? without my help? wld u even haf a chance to contact her ?

i know that one stupid major mistake that ive done, shattered all your efforts away . its heartbreaking. i understand . i do admit to myself dat i was in a foul mood during those few days . wid you sending me that msg got me annoyed. when im harsh , i do things without thinking. & this was wad happens. causing you two relationship to be worse. im guilty enough . im realli sorry abt wad i ve done ! if you say i am happy, luffing away? has ~ let me tell you this, I M NOT ! this guilt has been wid me since the day i sent the msg .

i may nortt be able to understand how u are going through now. i am equally as exhausted as you . many things haf happened to me at one go . i am at the point of breaking down .

and hey ! watch wad u are saying okays ? did i even ever stop wad you are doing ? did i even ask jia en to ignore you ? DID I EVEN SAY ANYTHING BAD ABT YOU TO HER ?!!! i know you are pissed off bud pls watch wad u say as well . i didnt even say anything and here you are saying these ? wad is this ? control ur bad temper pls !

if you werent my fren, i would not even haf even bother at all !! i do admit to you dat sometimes i felt being used so dat you cld get close to en. bud i did not even care at all . i didnt even complain a single thing . instead, helping you all these while becos i treasure you as my fren !

wad i wanna say i had already said it here from the bottom of my heart. i do not know whether this msg would hurts you more or rather making you to hate me more . wadever happens, im still willing to be there for you whether u are in nd . you may contact me again in future when you haf cooled down. i wld definately pick up ur call .


always remember ,
stop thinking of killing urself. cos that's the dumbness thing that a person could ever DO !


was being awoke by dar early in the morning at 9 plus . wanted to wake up late bud he doesnt allow me too. BADDIE ! hahs . but its okay . waking up early isnt a bad thing either larhs . at least i can do my things as well .

was chatting on the phone wid dar in the afternoon & he told me he doesnt allowed me to go drinking ! i wasnt angry nor sad . i was rather pissed off at the moment of time as i was reading adrian's blog & mayb he thought i was angry wid him cos i remained silent after that . its okay if he doesnt allow cos me doesnt like going pubs either . i'm not the liqueor type. oh wells , mayb in future larhs. =X .

gonna leave the hse at 5 plus later as im going haf dinner at my uncle's rc centre . todae is the 7th day of CNY . this means, its everybody's bday ! plus, its "lou yu sheng" day as well . i'm not think any negative things todae bud just enjoy myself for the nite ! meeting my darling feli later !! hohohos .

now, i am feeling headache . thinking hard ! wad shld i wear ? arghhhhhhhhs ~ now i haf too much office wear to the extent that , casual clothes now are too little. LOL !

Thursday, February 22, 2007

` a date wid my marmie ;

anna's back . my table is gone ! boohooos ! bud luckily, hwee ling is on MC so i gorrtt a desk ! heh hehs . did report for the whole day . my eyes kept on shutting . i almost KO lorrs . bud something alert me ! dats non-other than, ANG PAOS !

` xP

ahlamak ! sound as if i'm so desperate for that. anw, dats just a joke larhs . was surprised to receive red packets from some of my colleagues cos i didnt realli expect them to gib. one from my boss, one from my manager & 2 from my colleagues ! so nice of them. so in total , i got 4 . weets ! coming to work , isnt a regrettable choice todae. wahhaas ~

didnt join them for lunch as i had an appt wid jess . so, i asked them to go off first without me & guessed wad they say ?

" wei she mo ni bu yao wo men le ? "

hahs. i was like luffing away . they made me feel so bad . oh well ! will definately join them next wk ! cos its my last wk of work le. i wanna spend more tyme wid them before i leave . had lunch wid marmie at tanjong pagar plaza . then while walking to amara hotel to visit jia en at her work place, saw ho & sharon .

they were like ...

" luckily u didnt went out wid a guy . otherwise you wld be caught RED-HANDED ! "


wanted to buy cupcake for jess bud the shop is close . oh well , shall try it tml ! hees. so sweet ofher to haf sent me back to my office as she has alot of time to spare. so i showed her the lobby around & i went up !

my colleagues started to disturb me again ...

ho : " did we scare ur fren ? cos we were so rough ! "
me : " hahs ! no larhs. she just asked who are you gurls . "
ho : " luckily we didnt caught u red handed. otherwise ! heh heh heh heh . "

aiyOoooos. make me feel so scary larhs. when they talked to me like that . btw, come to think of that, wads wrong going out wid a guy even if i do so ? imagine , i was wid dar . then they spotted me. OPPS ! =X . okays.i gortt the feeling already .

they may SPREAD !

yikes !

alrightes ! stop all my drama. continued my meter reading and off work at 530pm to meet marmie again at vivo. gotta buy for winnie jie bag. had dinner at kopitiam . we were starving . when u are hungry , wadever food u see, its always delicious to you in ur eyes . therefore, jess & me can hardly make up our mind till finally, i haf decided to eat prawn noodles while she, decided to eat chicken rice.

walked around vivo then went burger king to buy drinks and onion rings ! as promise, i wld treat her. though she wanted to return me, i rejected . went upstairs to view scenary and we were crapping away. heys ! we can telepathy . cos i can read her MIND ! i guessed almost all correctly. hahs . cool isnt it ?

hars ! i didnt noe she ate onion ring so fast . that makes me got annoyed by it cos i wanted to take pics wid her & the onion rings as it was my first time treating her larhhs ! den this woman go and eat finish ! arghhhhhhhhhhhhs ~

nortt to forget , we took pics :

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after enjoying our food. these grp of malay guys came which gortt me irritated . we decided to leave after that. head to harbour front toilet before going home as i was exhausted .

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reached home at 9 plus. i heard MJ ! nortt again ? bro's colleagues came . uh-oh ! i forgot to do smth and that is to wish them HAPPY NEW YEAR plus shaking of hands. how rude of me ! till my mom reminded me. by that time, it was too late . i just keep one eye close. haiyOoos. come to think of it ,


meeting her tml again for lunch . =)) .
going chingay wid vanessa at nite !
feeling so excited ! whees .
its my first time watching LIVE . hahs .
let me feel the ATMOSPHERE .

i haf one undecided decision in mind .
shld i go drinking tml after CHINGAY ?

tralalalas ~