Tuesday, November 27, 2007

`` better BUT weak .

i teared but i cant teared entirely .
i wanna slp but i cant get myself to .

i was feeling terrible . really terrible . im starting to feel numb . i donno what to feel and i donno how to feel myself . therefore , my mind starts to wander even more . i wanna msg to someone but i was feeling too weak to .

in the morning , i almost lost my right contact lens . i was cleaning my eyes and it dropped on the floor . i didnt realised initially . it was until one side of my vision was blur . i squat down .. using my hands to touch the ground . walking round after rounds . but still , i cld not find . i felt so annoyed with myself to the fact that i just sat on the cold floor and scream out loud . crying like nobody's business becos no one was at home . i was all alone .

i was praying hard to god to let me find . i did not give up a single bit at all becos this contact lens gives me sendimental value and i cant afford to lose it at all . it means alot to me .
Not long after , i guess god received my prayers and she found it for me !
Thank GOD so much !

unfortunately , the moment i found it , i wasnt smiling a single bit at all . i found no feelings within me . got myself prepared to sch . took a bus down . i could not even catch a wink . my eyes was wide open big even though my mind was in a sleeply mode . i just felt so emotioness .

my nek nek was so kind to make sandwich and bring vitasoy drink for me . that's for my lunch . Thank You nek nek !

the moment i reached class , was like bringing my dead body to school . everything is awake except my mind . feeling so restless . stoning away . i didnt have the mood to do anything but just stay at my seat and do nothing .

school ended at 4 plus . took train home with my sisters , nicholas and dear . mostly everyone was feeling exhausted and moody . the train was quiet . it wasnt the usual us at all . but i cld really tell that dear was trying to lighten things up . i , myself was trying my best to smile as well and i did . at least i tried my best .

dear accompanied nic to vivo to have some guys talk as he was feeling rather emo . poor thing . wanted to join them but i was feeling too weak to . so dear and nic sent me to the bus stop at vivo and i took bus home .

Bung , if u happened to read my blog , just to let you know that i'm willing to be your listening whenever u nd so as well . ((:
just one more day left and u will be able to use ur comp again ! take care !

anw , i'm feeling a little better already but still struggling . no matter what, im still hanging on strongly . nothing will put geradine down right ?
hees ~
what i really need now are just a little moral surpport from my close ones and thats all i need to keep me going .

" Remove these scars of mine .
It hurts . "

Monday, November 26, 2007

` mixxxed feelings .

just feel like blogging out of no reason . i donno why do i feel like tearing . mayb im just too tired or something that im starting to think rubbish . i'm going BERSERK (crazy) !! i'm starting to get emo .


i had no idea why this feeling is coming back again . mayb many things are on my mind ? somehow things are piling up . however , i just didnt realise it ? i didnt tell anyone because i, myself don even noe what issit . so , i just kept to myself .

* FORGIVE me for not telling my probs to my close ones . i had my reasons to . hope you understand .

i felt so crazy to the fact that i just felt like torturing myself by putting myself in the dark . switching off my room lights and just go to bed .. having nightmares and be a zombie the next day .

but don worry . this is just a crazy stupid thinking of mine . it wont happen . i wont even do such a stupid thing to torture myself . ohs ~ mayb many bad things have been happening to me and i just wan all the bad things to just come to me at one go ? so , i can just suffer and then enjoy the next ?


im just out of my mind . anw , todae was the last day of practical in kitchen . cooking starts early todae and seems like the trainer is in a good mood . i see him SMILE most of the time . hahas ! me and mich were busy throughout . we cooked chicken piccata with tomato sauce . there were additional of spaghetti , french beans and carrots too ! =) .

i bring back some home to let my mom tried becos i wont be doing any cooking in kitchen already for this term . so shall let my mom tried . hope it taste good though . hahas ! next week is gonna be exam ! rahhhhhs ~ time really flies ehhs . its the 10th week already .

you know what ? after cooking , i was wondering , why was my finger kinda black . then i realised , my fourth finger's hairs were sort of gone . haha . burnt off already . me and mich were laughing out loud ! it wasnt pain though .

lesson ended kinda early todae . took bus home and i spent the nite socialising with my family till about 9 plus . i came online after that .
my head kinda hurts now . guess like i said before , many thoughts just came to my mind . just give me some time to sort them out first .

if you guys realised somehow i wasnt myself in sch , just let me be for who im okay ? i just wanna take my mind off . thanks !

i suddenly felt that im changing . changing to a person who is not a total real me . someone else different . a stranger maybe ? i donno what have i become honestly . i just do what i have to do and not i wanna do . alrights ! i donno what the hell am i typing . don't worry i'll be fine tml . just wanna type out how am i feeling now becos inside my heart , is feeling very choked up right now . i'm afraid one day , i would just go mad . i would just explode .

will that become an end of me ?

i wanna be strong like someone else could . its just there too many setbacks day after day really gets me exhausted . ever since the start of my injury till now , there's is never one day a good day for me . i really have no idea of handling anymore .

" The strength of mine ,
Where did it disappear to ? "

Sunday, November 25, 2007


was being blur this morning when i woke up . thought my driving lesson starts at 2.50pm . however , when i went online and check , i realised it starts at 2.10pm instead . rahhhs ! blur me .. from that moment , i knew that im going to be late becos the time has already reached 12pm . if i were to take bus , its wld be confirmed that i wld be terribly late .

so in the end , i took the $2.50 vehicle ( cab ) .
LOLs .
i dun have a choice .
huhu . )):

anw , im back for driving lesson after a 1 month break . was surprised that i managed to get the same instructor back again . luckily , he still remembers me ! hees ~ both of us were happily chatting and joking away . then it was so "QIAO " that , i saw my aunt 's vehicle in front when i was driving in the circuit . hahas .

my driving was pretty bad todae especially during changing of gear . i kept on changing to the wrong one . when i was out in the road , the feeling was damn scary because you see many many cars ! my poor instructor had to keep calming me down .

OPPPS ! =X .

lesson ended at 3.45pm , chatted with my aunt for awhile and i went for ftp . wheeees ~ ! im able to take evaluation the next time . faster pass and book my test date . then im able to "SIN NANG " already .

after everything has ended , went to bt batok interchange to meet my nek nek and we went to town to meet dear and nicholas . OMG ! i saw yellow lambo gallardo right in front of me at meritus mandrin . i went high .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

awwwwwwws ~ how i wish i cld own it . mayb next time arhhs ? when i earn million bucks ! but when will that time be ?
im day dreaming .

we stayed there for about 2 to 3 hrs ? nicholas was hungry so we went to village to eat at heeren. food was pretty good though . they brought me there . as a mountain tortise , nek nek was being my tour guide again ! hees .


after eating , we walked back to meritus mandrin . unforturnately , the car was gone already . honestly speaking , i felt disappointed . i know it sounds abit ridiculous larhs . but i have been waiting so long just to hear the driver starts his engine and drive off . because i have never heard it before . and it was gone when i returned back . looks like i didnt have the fate to see or hear it . =( . so sad ehhs ? T_T .

i have never fallen so deeply for a car before and this is ONE OF A KIND ! was feeling kinda sian already . then nek nek brought me to see hello kitty again . hahas ! saw many cute christmas stuffs . it was cute ! i wanna go to the novena's hello kitty shop . i have never been there before and i heard the things there have more variety and cuter stuffs .

exited from taka after that , we went strolling along orchard road . when we were just abt to cross the road near OG building , we saw another LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO ! it was the same colour . crazy us were chasing after it . hahas ! it was my first time ever chasing after a lamborghini even though we know its impossible to follow it throughout . but it was worth it after all . ^^

then , we were back to strolling . slowly , walking back to ps there . it reached 1045pm and it was time for me to be back home . they sent me to the bus stop and TALA ! we heard the engine sound and it was ANOTHER LAMBORGHINI ! this time it was a murcielago , yellow in colour as well .

ohhhhhs ~
is todae a lamborghini day ?

however , dear dear and nic was luckier than me . while waiting for the both of us to arrive ... they saw ...

6 lamborghinis
5 ferraris
5 SLKs
3 SL 500s
1 Pagani Zonda roadster F
1 rolls royce phantom
3 aston martin DB9

nevermind . i shall be humble . seeing 2 different lamborghinis and 3 times of it , its more than enough for me .

` xDD

just to add on , in case that nek nek complain to me again . she was kind enough to send me home !
muacks !

happy after reading this ? hees .

" I want you to be mine ..
For the rest of my life . "

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

`` =( .

didnt really managed to slp well last nite . was feeling unwell again . having headache and giddy spells . freezing cold and shivers in the middle of the nite . feeling weak all over the moment i got up in the morning .

took a bus down to school .. was practically dragging myself and i almost vomitted after drinking 1 cup of milo which my mom made for me . the moment i stepped in the college , i saw dear coming out . he went home as he was feeling very weak and sick .

DEAR DEAR , please take care of yourself . Get well soon !
i love you . muacks ! ((:

went to attend PMS lesson after bidding goodbye to him . had mock test . at that moment of time , i was having stomach pains and my head hurts . all i cld do was to hang on and just controlled till the end of lesson . before lesson ends , ms lim off the lights and i was inside . i was feeling afraid but i was feeling too weak to bother about it . wasnt really much affected . didnt had lunch as i did not have appeitite to eat . i was afraid of having the feeling of vomitting again . However , thanks to jaslin for her vitasoy .

after that , we had english progress test . it was alright . then we proceed to demo kitchen . while waiting for trainer to arrived , i just kept my mind busy by copying notes to my principals of cooking manual . i didnt really have the mood to talk . i was feeling too weak to do so .

trainer showed us how to cook chicken piccata with tomato sauce . was nice though . its kinda sad as this is our last demo for this term .
my cheeky classmates still gave that sad tone to him . hahs ! due to our last demo , he was giving us a long nag after cooking till all of us were feeling sleepy .

took a bus back after lesson . felt so much like being alone for the moment . jaslin wanted to accompany me to the bus stop but i rejected her . SORRY NEK NEK !
i was actually feeling rather down . i dont wan anyone to be there beside me . when i board the bus , on my way home , i was reflecting . then i was wondering , why did everything came to me at one go ? all my sickness came back .. chestpains , phobia , headache , vomitting , stomache , coughs , exhaustion , worried . i was worried because of dear dear . he has fallen ill .

i almost cried as i started to stone but i held on and controlled. honestly speaking , i donno when will my sickness come to an end . one after another. this has been going for a month . when will i be ever healthy again ? i have been taken care of myself but i just wont get cured.


i just cant wait for this yr to end . its really torturing to go through this much for this yr .

" When will this ever come to an end ?
Could you just get away from me ? "

Sunday, November 18, 2007

`` loving sick for LAMBO .

nek nek came over to my place and delivered food to me at 1 plus . so nice of her . was NUA-ing at home till 5 plus and we took a bus down to paragon to have dinner at fish and co .

both of us had cravings for seafood platter suddenly and we MANAGED to eat it ! the feeling was so SHUANG . then we decided to went for a walk . while waiting for the traffic light to turn green , i heard this ..

Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmm ~ .

i turned around immediately to look for it . and there i saw LAMBORGHINI ! it was grey somemore . my favourite ! i went high after that .

wanted to U-turn to look for it . however , we were in the middle of the road . so we just walked all the way to Taka . nek nek brought me to look for hello kitty .
WHeees ~
they were so adorable !

after that , my mind began to wonder of lambo again . was msging to dear hoping that he wld get excited over it . however he was driving. so the mood wasnt there . oh wells . nvm arhs . its okay . =) .

jaslin could not stand me . i was practically going crazy over it . i went too high and i told her i was floating and i was suffering from " LOVE-SICK" .
LOLs .

ohhhs ~ so what we did was .. she brought me to hotels . hoping that we wld see one . the mountain tortise me never been to any singapore hotel before . hahas ! im a singaporean, yet i visited to any hotel . i was being a tourist for tonite and nek nek was my hotel tourguide .

she brought me to hayatt , hilton and shangri-la .
i love shangri-la . its so beautiful inside . no wonder ists a 5 star hotel . hees !

unfortunately , we found no lambo from any hotels .
T_T .
oh well .. at least i went for hotel visits . it was my first time ever .

i even bowed and thank her .


both of us walked back to heeren to meet wenting and i went home after that . the the two of them went to drink in town . was hoping that i cld see my cousin as she came to over to my place. unfortunately i was late . she left when i returned home .
awwwwws ~
so sad .

my leg is feeling so suan now !
i have to admit that im old becos i cant walk too much already. or was it due to my injury ?
hmmmms ~
answers : UNKNOWN .

gonna have to attend CTIS at expo tml . meeting my sisters at 10am at redhill . gotta wake up early .

its gonna be a busy day tml as after CTIS , i had to attend my grandma's birthday in cathy building . time really flies and she is 80 yrs old . still standing strong .
i love her loads ~

NEK NEK , i hope you are feeling better after this outing . not to worry too much okay ? everything is gonna be fine . look on the bright side of life . always remember that i will always be here for you whenever you need me . 24/7 . thats definately for sure .
Love you ! Muacks !

" Without you ,
I wouldn't be here standing strong . "

Friday, November 16, 2007

`` 4th Month Anniversary . ((:

the moment i stepped into the training restaurant ..
he came to me and presented me with a mini surprise ..


i was touched when he said that . the moment i saw the gift , i melted becos it was my favourite HELLO KITTY !
xD .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

cute horrs ?
todae training restaurant was rather tiring as we had full reservation . 20 pax came . i was assigned to be in the washup area with aloy . trainer was having PMS period arhs . we had no idea whats wrong with him . one moment he was angry, shouting at us and the other moment he came disturbing us .

weird man .

debrief at 230 pm . went to subway with mich and jaslin to have lunch together . the stupid nek nek dunno how to order . hahas . till the both of us had to help her . so funny !
nek nek mountain tortise .
=P .
she's gonna kill me if she read this .

took a bus ride home after eating . got myself prepared once i got home . met dear dear at harbourfront . i was so happy becos we finally got to celebrate our anniversary on the actual day . previously , we did not really managed to celebrate it because it falls either approaching progress tests or exams coming up . so , was kinda affected arhs . but at least , todae , it wasnt . =))

both of us walked from clarke quay to esplanade . it was pretty far but i just love walking with him . especially when it comes to evening time . nice weather to walk .
wonder why my leg is feeling so sour todae . mayb its mainly becos i stood for 5 hrs during training ? hahas ! my shoe is giving my foot blisters as well .
stupid !

kinda spoilt my plan arhs . in the end we found a seat and sat down . both of our legs were tired . spent quite sometime sitting there and it was nice seeing married couples taking photos together . so sweet ! it made the both of us jealous . hahas !

was feeling thristy after that , so we decided to leave the place and bought a bottle of mineral water . dear dear was hungry . then , we decided to walk to marina to find somewhere nice to eat . you know what ? we spent quite sometime looking for place to eat as we were undecided . we walked from marina to mellenia and then to suntec . in the end , we ate NYDC instead as our legs were very tired. we were so eager to find a place to sit .

Funny us !

didnt really have the appetite to eat . i didnt finish my food and i know thats not the usual me . hahas ! honestly speaking , i had no idea why either . after dinner we walked out of suntec and enjoyed ourselves watching cars . hoping that a lambo wld just drove pass . unfortunately , there wasnt any . HU HU HU ~ but we managed to see some racing cars though. however , all looked panget and they were definately not my type .


ohhhhhs ~ i just remembered i saw 2 Mazda RX-8 . at least i saw one of my fav one . heees .
adrian if u are reading this , dont get jealous arhs ? hee .

left the place at 11pm and we took a train home . poor dear dear was dead tired and he still wants to send me to harbour front bus stop . i told him to go home as it wasnt necessary though it was a special day . so i just bid goodbye to him in the train .

dear dear , thanks for much for everything you had done todae . the mini surprise you gave me really brighten my morning . i was really happy that you spent this special day with me even though you were dead tired . though it wasnt well planned but i still enjoyed myself . In fact , i enjoyed every single moment i spent with you . they were never bored becos i treasured it .

All these became beautiful memories which had stucked in my mind . you had became part of my life . Every now and then i have been thinking of you . you poisoned my mind , you poisoned my soul . you are the guy i loved most and the guy whom i wanna spent with for the rest of my life . you are stucked with me and you will never be erase from my mind . Not even a single bit . your face , your features, you smile are deeply captured inside .

you gave me your love and i wld treasure it . you gave me your heart and i will locked it in together with mine . i love you from the bottom of my heart and you know that is true . may our love be a never ending one . it will be forever till the end of time .

i love you so much dear .
HAPPY 4th Month ANNIversary !

" I wanna be yours forever..
Don't ever let me go . "

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

`` Solved ..

she came back .
we HUGGED ..
we CRIED ..

things between me and her have been settled . i hope this wld be the first and last time that is gonna happened because i really treasured her and this friendship as well .
i still LOVE my nek nek deeply as ever !
muacks !

had bar showmanship progress test todae . was memorising the 25 cocktails last nite . i was basially damn nervous larhs . asking nek nek , jaslin and aikho to keep on testing me .
kia su right ?
typical Singaporean .
hees !

we drew lots and i was choosen to do AMERICANO .
30 ml Campari
30 ml Sweet Vermouth
* Top little soda water .
Glass : Rock
Method : Build
Garnish : Twist of lemon in the drink

when it was my turn , i overspilled the sweet vermouth . my reaction was " OH SHIT ! " . hees ! i said that in my heart . then i keep myself calm and continued .
Luckily , he did not deduct my marks for bring nervous . so nice of him . =)

lessons were pretty alright arhs . wasnt really feeling well as my cough was sort of killing me . was feeling pretty restless and my head hurts ! went home with dear dear .

gonna have FSM progress test on thurs .
thought i cld rest todae . looks like i cant already . all of us were not prepared at all becos he reminded us so last min !!
rahhhhhhhhhhs !

awwwwwwwwwws ..

" Gimme sometime ..
To re-adapt the life i used to live . "

Monday, November 12, 2007

`` Im at lost .

Right now , i really need sometime alone . i donno if i should forgive myself or not . i have hurt someone . one of my fren whom i truely treasure.
just what have i done ?

she came over said she wanted to pass me things and off she went . i was emotionally unstable at first so i asked her to leave it there . when i went out , i was hoping that i cld see her but never did i expect she went off . so , i opened the gate . took the stuffs and went back to my room . what she gave me was a thank you card and mushroom soup from soupspoon .

the moment i read , tears began to flow . i questioned myself what have i done wrong ? why ? why have i hurt someone whom i truely treasure ? why did i FCUKING wrote that FCUKING entry which basically hurt her so much ? i do admit i was really exhausted last nite . when i explode i really do explode but i didnt mean to .

oh well , it happened . we cant change the fact . i just wanna say i really do treasure her and i hope things will be same as before . i dun wanna lose her .

" do you know .. the more you said you were afraid to face me the more my heart breaks ? it really breaks . my heart has just been torn into broken pieces . "

wanted to find her after reading however i was feeling too weak to do so . im really feeling very numb , clueless . no i donno what am i thinking abt anymore . worse still, i affected my dear as well . he is being the middle man and he doesnt feel good as well . 3 of us were all tired . mayb we shld just have a break on our own to cool down ?

i never had such a heartbreaking feeling before . this time it really hurts . i dunno how to feel myself anymore . i will let god decides .
todae, my cough is getting from bad to worse . i have lost my voice already . feeling so sick . one problem after another . why not you tell me how to face it ?


i really treasured you .
i really do hope things would be back to the same as before .
i really do .
please forgive all my mistakes.
in fact, i have never blamed you at all .
i just wan you to be fine becos i care for you .
will you forgive me and let things be back to normal ?
i dont wanna lose you .
i love you nek nek ! you will always be my nek nek now and forever .
no matter what happens , i will always be there for you .
muacks !
Take care and be strong .
" Things will be fine soon ,
Wont they ? "

Sunday, November 11, 2007

`` Pointless ?

im starting to feel clueless . im seriously on the verge to breaking down . questioning myself if im doing too much or not ? am i doing the right thing or the wrong thing eventually ? why am i feeling this way ? question marks popping out above my head . there were no answers given to me.

i do admit that my limits had reached to the top . honestly speaking , im feeling rather stressed up . stress up to the fact that i dun even know what am i doing . i wanna help my frens to those who are in need . however , if they kept giving me those attitudes and not improving then whats the point of me helping ? i guess .. mayb i dun even have to bother so much anymore .

worse still , they pushed me aside . so, since they do not even need my help and wants to be alone then so be it . im sorry to those ppl if i said this which may hurt you because if u do not help yourself then i wont even noe how to help you either . instead , you wld make me feeling even worse .

of cos ! if there's one day u ever need my help , i will still be available . however , i wont initiate anymore because i felt myself being a busybody . being overly concerned and ended up hurting myself even more .

you may say that im selfish . thinking abt my feelings more but you do not know how much am i worrying for you guys .

i know you people are having a tough time worrying abt the problems you had . but do you even realise the people around you ? you are actually affecting them as well . u are tired and so are THEY ! put urself in my shoes and i will put myself in yours as well . think of this . if im the one who is having problems . giving you all sorts of attitude while you are trying to help me . how would you feel as well ?

honestly speaking , i myself do have problems of my own also . but im willing to put aside and be strong to be there for you guys . however, instead , i dont feel the need of help anymore. i'm sorry . i guess i really need sometime for myself as well . things are rising up .. piling here and there and here, im trying my best to be strong . i seriously dunno what am i typing for now . i just wanna type out whats going through my mind .

one word ,
im tired and i really am .

i would like to apologise if i really were to hurt you guys . but just bare that in mind that , if there's ever one day u need me again, my doors will always be widely open for you .


" If helping too much hurts ,
Then , I would rather leave it aside than touching it . "

Saturday, November 10, 2007

`` flashing back ..

these were the pictures we did in sentosa yesterday . all of us were trying to kill time till nite as we had nth better to do .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wenting sis , are u jealous ? we hug your COCONUT tree ! hahas . =P
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sheet ! i didnt get to drink at cafe del mel becos i was sick . i drank tea instead . how weird can it be ?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

left at 9 plus becos i was feeling damn weak at that time already . my flu and cough were getting bad . i was shagged out after trying to cheer jaslin and perk the entire outing up . i understand that you guys have been going through alot and i hope i really did cheer u guys up in the end. mayb not entirely but at least just abit ?

as for todae , my cough went really bad and i totally had no voice in the morning . i was wondering how am i going to go for vocal class ? so i just kept on clearing my throat and i managed to catch some voice back . hahs ! my MCs are over , so its time to return back for vocal class !

i had nitemare in the morning . it was pretty scary and i was kind of affected by it . what scares me most was that , my frens were in the scene as well . nic , dear , jaslin and me . what i remembered was , we were in some kind of house . nic and jas suddenly talk abt christianity and they pulled me along in going church . saying abt jesus christ stuff which im not into it . its pretty scary becos they were not the ones i used to see but the opposite side of them . then dear started pulling me along as well . i was wondering , doesnt dear kind of anti-christianity ? isnt he the same as me ? then why is he pulling me ? i didnt wan to go . i was struggling like hell . in the end , they put me in the dark . that was really torturing . flashbacks flashbacks . many many came back . i woke up in the end . feeling weak . my heartbeat was beating very fast .

when i msged dear , came to realise that , dear had nitemare as well . he had his phobia and i had mine . anyway , i hope this dream of mine will never be true . please do not do this to torture me . i might as well be dead if u guys were to really do that .

alright , whatever it is , im not gonna think abt it anymore . its nice seeing all my vocal classmates in class again . of cos not to forget my teacher as well . the feeling was kinda of weird becos , it has been quite sometime i last went . lesson wasnt bad as we got to learn positive and negative colours. u just got to put in your emotions to sing the tune .

unfortunately , i kind of lost my emotions somehow . cant really express my happy self while others cld do . hahas ! lesson ended at around 145 pm . the rest of my classmates went to ktv . i didnt join them because of my voice . well , there's always next time . =) .

i went off first , was surprised to see dear waiting for me outside . u know what ? both of us cld not believe ourselves that we actually walk from tajong pagar to vivo city . can u imagine how far was it ? it was basically our first time doing this . felt kinda stupid isnt it ? but i pretty enjoy it though . at least it kept my mind off for quite sometime . i felt more refreshing .

however , when i reached vivo .. both of us had flashbacks . we were sitting down . facing the sea . though i was feeling kind of afraid but i told myself to be strong and tried to cheer dear dear up . im glad that i did it !
was pretty proud of myself though ...

no matter what it is , i just gonna tell myself to be strong . obstacles will be coming one by one and im gonna hang on .. battling all the way no matter how hard it is gonna take .

people out there who are facing problems and u are reading this entry of mine . here is a short msg for you ..
tell yourself this like what i have always been telling myself as well .

" be strong ! dun let your negative thoughts pull you down . hang on and battle on with it . life is like a cycle . problems come and go . if u dun overcome it , u will never be a strong person in life . think abt this . in a few yrs time , your life ahead .. imagine once u overcome it , look ! how's beautiful your life is gonna be ? think .. how are u gonna overcome it . you suffer first and then u enjoy . thats how you will be successful in life . "

so JIA YOU ppl .
i know you guys can do it . i hope this short msg of mine does help a little .
Take care !

did this just now to take my mind off for quite sometime. while doing it, i also came to a term that , life is filled with colours as well . u see beautiful colours that attracts you and u see the negative colours which really loathes you . so , why not u mix them together instead ? u get a neutral one and who knows ? u get a beautiful colour out in the end ?

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Now , u get wat i meant once i mixed them together ?

" Battle it on ..
and never let it pull you down . "

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

`` Clueless .

initially, i thought things were back to normal never did i thought , it came back to a cycle once again . you know , its really had for me to bring back my smile . however , once i got it , it came back to me over and over again .

WHY ?! why cant i just smile normally ? why cant i be back to myself ? why do i have to false myself to smile which i dont want to ? i felt so weak and numb suddenly ....

all these , happened to me during eng lesson todae . kelvin had grp presentation . he slipped his mind and switch off the lights . i thought i was ok at first because the projector lights were on but never did i thought , i started to shiver and i felt uneasy again . flashback came .. slowly , i calmed myself down ..

during kitchen demo , people may think i mayb back to myself again . however, i wasnt . i just kept my mind busy and tried to stop thinking abt it . i was feeling really really weak . so , i was being nice by copying notes for jaslin and drew many tortises on her foolscape to keep my mind off from all these tortourous things .

after demo , the sisters wanted to come to my hse to have dinner at first but then , wenting ask them to go to their hse instead as they were playing mj . i didnt joined them in the end as i wasnt feeling rather well . hahas ! my boonting so cute . thought i was angry with her . she came towards me and spoke to me privately .

to wenting :
hey sis ! i wasnt angry at all arhhs ! i got so small gas mehs ? dont worry abt it okay ? sorry that i didnt join you girls as i wasnt feeling well . next time okay ? then i come .. hope you have fun with the rest !

took a train home with kelvin , nic , dear and jaslin . kelvin and nic took the ne line while the 3 of us went to sgh together cos my dear dear dunno how to go to sgh . he needs to pay a visit to his grandma . in the end , the both of us brought him there . hees ! we were his tour guide .

after that, jaslin and i left and we took a bus down to bukit merah to take away Pizza hut. my god ! i have been craving that for a long time and finally i got to eat them .
the funny thing was , when we were waiting for the food to be ready , the both of us found a seat to settle down . she started mentioning to me abt financial stuffs . then it occured to me that , im surpposed to control her finance . so whta i did was , i took her cards and kept it with me .

so from now onwards , i OFFICALLY PRONOUNCED that im FHENG NEK NEK's FINANCIAL CONTROLLER ! she is not allowed to spend anyhow unless she seeks my permission . otherwise she is gonna spend like nobody business .

thus, she regretted reminding me .
hees !

anw , we went back home and had dinner together . then we started watching tv and had some fun . she went home at 11 plus .

Thanks nek nek for keeping my mind off .

whatever it is , im not thinking abt it anymore larhs . life still goes on for me . im just gonna be strong no matter how exhausted im . the most i just brag and cry over it . then after that , i will be fine .


sounds so crazy but thats just me . i cant possibly just stay in this little tiny hole all these while . it wld just made me go mad and soon , i guess , u will find me in mental hosp already . but of cos , i mean touch wood larhs . hahs !

from todae till mon , im gonna have a good rest for myself as there wont be anysch for me till tues . there's only 1 1/2 hrs of lesson on fri and thats it !
yeps !
so lets just take a good break . have a good rest and things are gonna be fine as before . im gonna be the girl you used to see . however , it may not be the old one but the geradine who is changing herself to be a better , a stronger girl you see in life .

so ,


" Grant me in becoming a strong girl ,
So that I'm able to fight this through . "

Monday, November 05, 2007

` Numb .

i donno what to feel right now and i dunno what my feelings are . the scene just came back over and over again .

why why why ??!!
why cant u just get off me ?
why do you have to torture me over and over again ?

i really wish i cld overcome it but i cant . last nite , i went to have dinner with my family and relatives . we gave them a farewell dinner as my relatives from vancouver and cousins from san fransico are leaving todae and tml . all of them returned from msia in the afternoon .

we went to have dinner at sembawang bottle tree village . i wasnt prepared . i didnt know the place was so pitch dark . at that point of time , i felt so lost , i felt so numb . my heart was beating fast and i was shivering all over again . throughout the dinner , i wasnt myself . sitting on my seat and just kept quiet . i felt so uncomfortable .

the only time i felt better was when my cousins were telling us jokes . that was the only time i cld really laugh . but as we were on our way back . things went worse . i felt that it was even darker than before . scenes after scenes came to me . the fear is back .

i cant slp for the whole nite . i wasnt okay . even now , im still unable to close my eyes . i got off my bed at 9am . bid farewell to my cousins .

Bye Bye tracey and David !
i will definately miss you guys . Take care !
Have a safe trip back .
=) .

my head hurts . it really hurts . after bidding goodbye, i went to rest in my room . i was feeling scared once more .


im really speechless now and i dunno what am i typing . sounds horrible ehhs ? lessons have be swopped with group 2 and now , our principals of cooking is in the afternoon which i dun like . im not used to it . i prefer my morning lessons so that i wont have to think of it so much and just kept myself busy with my frens . i guess i wld felt much better after that .

gonna finish the cooking at nite . i m starting to get worried again because the route to the bus stop home , its gonna be dark again .


why not you just inject me with numbness ?
so that i dun have to be scared . so that i dun have to feel so torturing . so terrible ?!!!


I have been suffering from this ever since wed and it never stops .
so, when will this end ?

" Tell me..
What should I do to handle this ? "

Friday, November 02, 2007

` SIGH ...

been really exhausted these few days as there are simply loads of things to do . i didnt even have time to have a good rest . relatives from canada have came over to singapore and they stayed over at my place . so , my family have been touring them around .

i know its really tiring . they were so shagged out . they left to malaysia in the afternoon . my parents will be joining them on sat to attend my relative's wedding except me and my bro as we had work to catch up . all of them will be back on sunday afternoon and will give them a farewell dinner before they catch their flight on mon .

I will definately miss them !

had f and b operations during ytd and todae . it was pretty fun yet tiring . though was kind of pissed off with some people but i controlled my temper especially todae .
grrrs !

as for ytd , me , aikho , aloy and jaslin were in the kitchen doing pantry and wash up . hees hees ! managed to cope food here and there . we were having mock service . the people outside had to be serious , while the people inside can slack a little .
hahas ! took pictures ! but when it comes to work, we get serious with it . there's one thing i cld tell is that , our legs were damn TIRED ! imagine standing 5 hours walking here and there with our black shoes ?

T_T .

I arranged it ! wahahhas ! :
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marina doing vacumming :
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it's washing time ( i had some fun doing it though becos its my first time using this tap ! hahs ) :
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LALAs ~ :
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nek nek took over :
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copy cat me ! :
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They are all POLISHED CLEAN :
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getting rdy to serve dinner .. the food made us all HUNGRY ! :
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our tired feets :
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sisterly :
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the BLACKS :
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the food are TEMPTING US :
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the WHITES :
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aikho and me :
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i LOVE them :
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all can't remove the burnt stains BUT I CAN ! hohohos ~ it is CLEAN ! claps claps ! :
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drying up :
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alright come to the real part of it . something terrible did occured to me since wed . right now , i have been trying to shake it off but the scene just came on and off . honestly speaking , those laughters that i am showing to my frens , my family .. were all FAKE . there isnt a real side of me at all . reason being , my phobia had came back when i was in the bus on my way home .

it was crowded in the bus . i was afraid of the dark becos i had bad experience in the past . so , the bus was dark . the lights in front was switched off . mayb becos there was some prob with the light bulb . i tried to calm myself down . however , somehow , it didnt not help . in fact i started shivering as i moved up becos what i see were dark faces and that got me afraid more .

i broke down while i was bathing when i reached home . i totally cld not take it . the scene came back to me over and over again .. for the whole nite i cld not slp . i broke down . on thurs , i was only better during in the afternoon . in the evening while we were in the kitchen , aloy accidentally off the lights . it was pitch dark once more . i tried to calm myself . luckily jaslin , aikho .. in fact many lovely classmates were with me . and i dun blame aloy becos he didnt mean it . in fact , he kept apologising to me . so i said it was ok .

i started shivering again .. jaslin cld tell how badly my hand was shaking . she saw . as i went back , i was quiet throughout . feeling so afraid ... feeling so lonely ..

and todae , lights were off becos they changed the lightings as there were guests from outside . i was feeling really distracted . so i just kept myself busy by seeing empty plates and i just clear even though im not surpposed to do it . becos i just dun wanna think abt it anymore . i may just go crazy .

Now , as i opened my book to study , the scene flash back to me again !

just as i was abt to get over it , you came back to me ..
do you know how tiring i am ?
do you know how much i wanna forget abt this ?
but i cant ..
its too scary !!
how long are u gonna torture me further ?
im feeling so numb ..
i seriously dunno how to feel myself anymore ..
and i dunno what am i doing either ..
im so distracted ..


im having test tml . i dun wanna get distracted too much . im just gonna keep myself busy and keep my mind off for the time being .
im tired.
im seriously exhausted .

my head hurts everytime it came back ......
i dunno how long can i hold this ..
please keep me strong ..

" I'm afraid ...
When will this ever end ? "