Thursday, February 25, 2010

`` Taking a Break -

It really took me quite sometime to think if I should really give myself a break from vocals as I'm getting really exhausted due to my work schedules. Getting tired from work, going to bed the moment I reached home. There wasnt any time for me to train, drill nor doing any exercises or practises with my songs and voice. Sometimes, even I had my off, I was down with other commitments to make.

Compared to the past, it was really so much of a difference. Spending most of my time on the things I love. With much passion on music, its really unbearable for me to put myself on break. However, mentally & physically, I can no longer hold on to it anymore. Though, it was really hard to make this decision, but I've come this point, questioning myself over & over again, I need a break. - To concentrate on one, finish my attachment and then resume back my musicality again.

would this be a right choice to make ? or should I just hang on & pursue till the end despite my exhaustion.

I promise this would just be a month break. (till April)
I'll be back for sure !
* peeps , while i'm away, pls do keep it contact. I'll attend whenever I can. (:

" I dont' wanna make the wrong move again.
I don't wanna regret like the past. "

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

`` My Usual Spot , My Usual Place

I need to be here.
I miss this place ;
My usual spot, my usual place.
I'm feeling down right now.
I need to relax.

Friday, February 19, 2010

`` 人一变,真的无法挽回 -

变了 ! 变了 ! 一切都变了!
痛! 真的好痛 !
怎么半 ? 我该怎么办 ?

“ Will you understand ?
Do you even realise ? "

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

`` Finally a day to rest .

Sleeping less than 5 hours daily this week was simply tiring. It felt like working midnight shift to me. Reaching home at 2-3am after visiting. By the time I turned in, it would be around 4-5am. Nevertheless, there would definately be a day which I would be looking forward to. And that day would be my OFF DAY !!

" I gotta feeling - wooohooooo !
That today's (tonight's) gonna be a good day (night) !
That today's gonna be a good good day (night) ! x2 "

Finally a day for me to relax, a day for me to rest.
Not going out, nor having any plans. Just doing the things I like/want. How nice would that be ? (:

- casual, simple -




It's been awhile I've last done those. Hahs !
Photography & editions have almost been in my interests. Hopefully, after attachment, I could learn something more & improve my skills. DSLR - you'll be mine soon ! (:

BAHHHS ! I'm still in CNY Holiday mood ! - feeling too lazy to go work tomorrow. But then again, do I have a choice ? Hehs ! Gotta drag myself ........

" Love is never perfect,
The only thing we can do is to improve to make the love lasts. "

Monday, February 15, 2010

`` 新的一年,新的到来 。。

祝福大家 : “ 恭喜发财,新年快乐 !
好运当头,财源逛进,事业顺利,身体健康,万事如意,步步高升 !

I donno if my chinese characters are right. Correct me if I'm wrong. My chinese has been getting from bad to worse as I have not been touching chinese after 'O's. Hehs !

Also, not forgetting , today is February 14.


Double bliss, Double happiness.
Well, Valentine's day doesn't mean it's for couples only from what I feel. To me, Valentine(s) are your love ones. Which means, it can be with anyone. Though never romantic, but think about it. As long as you be with them, regardless who they are related to you, they will always be the " VALENTINE ".

On this day, I spent it with my family members for the very first time. Went visiting to my Uncle's place. I simply miss this feeling of heart warmth family.. where everyone gets together & have fun. I LOVE THEM ALL !

" Up till now, I'm still awaiting .
I found the answers. I got them right. They were true. But I'll never admit .
Tears dripping down my eyes, you never know how much it meant to me , how down am I .
Even if you do , you never show . What's the point ?
You are making me numb each occasion . It became a phobia outta me .
What kind of situation am I in ?
I felt so silly each time I tired to hide, but then again ...
It's the love that I'm hanging on . "

Friday, February 12, 2010

`` Once Again ...

I know I should be putting faith in everything. But I'm starting to lose hope again. Maybe I expected too much. Mayb, I'm just afraid of pain once more ...... But who doesn't gone through pain before ? Everyone does.

Parts & parcels of life. You just gotta learn.

Geradine , where are you ?!
Pick yourself up & stop draining anymore !
Why feel the torture ? It's never worth !

Bahhhs ~ Just let me rant. #$@$@#%$@##@$@!@!$@# !!
I'm supposed to feel bliss . But I'm feeling afraid again.........

" talk to me, tell me I'm all wrong "

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

`` Tragic -

These 3 days, I've been filling myself nightmares. Dreaming about my pasts which I was supposed to forget. Those were the playback scenes.

Last night falls on the biggest impact in me. Maybe 2010 movie still plays in my head. I dreamt I was in Harbourfront with all my family members. And suddenly Tsunami just strike upon us. The sudden shocked, the anxiety of escaping ........... was too sudden to create any reaction. Everyone was drown. I see myself dead drowning in sea. Struggling in pain & at the very end, I gave up my life.

I thanked my mom for waking me up from my dreams. Though I know in real life it may not have happen. But I just felt, it maybe too soon to say anything. Who knows ? Anything can happen... Anytime , Anywhere.......................
You never know .

" Please grant me strength, I'm handling this all alone.
I don't want to get reminded of my pasts. Not anymore. "