Wednesday, December 08, 2010

`` Bearing the pain ~

Did acupuncture & suction last night when I was at the chinese clinic.
Hurts hell much & I was tearing in pain. Thank god, I did not scream to avoid any other embarrassment. There were patients waiting outside as well. Bahahahs ~

He didn't rub my knee as he suspected that I might have minor fracture. Therefore, have to wait 2 days later (which is tomorrow) for further review. If it's not getting any better, I would have to go for x-ray to double confirm. Let's pray hard that it's not gonna be anything bad okay?

He gave a bottle filled with little balls of medicine. Which I hate to have that the most ! Because it tasted so bitter. Never like chinese medication !! Plus, he pasted plaster on my knee to cool down the swell. Have to change it every 12 hours.

Again, I didn't get to sleep well. Even painkillers doesn't really help anymore. Wanted to go back to work today but mom told me it's no use going back. Because doc gave me 2 days of MC. If anything happen, the office is not going to be liable & take responsibility of me. I'm supposed to rest at home.

Oh well, she did make a point in there. So, might as well have a good rest. I'm so uber tired!!

Today is dearest POP (pass out parade). A pity that I couldn't attend because of my injury. Mom doesn't allow me to go. Sigh ~
Shall be a good girl instead then. I don't want to make anyone else worry as well.


Though I may not be able to attend dearest POP & I'm feeling a little guilty in here... But I'm really proud that he has successfully conquer his days in camp. It may be hard but he went through it all.

Congrats baby !!
Loving you always ~~ ♥

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

`` Ages ~~~

Dear blog,
I'm so sorry that I may have neglected you for a month due to busy schedules. I'll try my best not to neglect you for that long again.

Yours sincerely,
Geradine Ker (your owner)


LOL !!!
Okay. I'll try to have the habit of blogging again. Seriously, I can't bear to leave this blog alone. Realizing that I've been owning it for 6 years !!!!! Feelings grow you know ? :P

My recent job so far, has been doing good.
Though they were little quiet & I see a major huge difference between office job & hotel-line. But it doesn't matter anyhow. I'm contented with what I have. (:
Time really flies.. Tomorrow will be officially 1 month I joined this company. 5 more months to go till contract ends. Felt so much like having attachment. HAHA!
Those were the days....

Yesterday wasn't my night.
Tripped & fell outside the office building.
I flew, my phone flew, shoe flew even further.
And the ugly thing was..
All they do was to stare.
Seriously, I was like : "HELLO, you are not viewing some actions show okay?"
Didn't you guys attend courtesy campaign? Gosh ! Really reflect how ugly S'poreans really are. I would not say all, but for some !!

At that time, though embarrassed but I bear the pain & stand on my own feet. Immediately, I walked off. Wanting to fetch a cab but there were none to be found. So in the end, I took public transport instead. Knee was hurting so badly, my chest was in pain too. I thought of nothing. Just wanted to hurry home.

Whole body was aching when I got home but thankful enough, at least I can have a good rest.
Mom said my kneel looks like a tennis ball. Because it swells up & it appears green in color. LOL!! Don't mind her. She was just exaggerating.

Seriously, wasn't my night. Acidity arises too. I was tearing in pain.
Painkillers & medication pulled me through. (:

Took MC for today as my knee was really hurting alot. Gonna see chinese physician in awhile. Wish me luck that I'm able to bear the pain. Honestly speaking, I never like to see chinese physician. >.<
It makes me go GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA ~~~~~~


Above, are pictures of my injury. Look at the difference between my right & left leg. HAHA. Fortunately it doesnt look that serious, but internally...

Dear knee,
please get well soon. (: