Wednesday, August 31, 2011

`` Orientation -

Been lazing around alot like a pig for almost 1 1/2 weeks. The idea of getting up early today was a MAJOR detest for me! pppppffft *

Waking up in a blurry mode. Wash up, dress up, pack up & OFF TO SCHOOL!
To tell you honestly, I wasn't looking forward to it. Why? I was deprived of "Zzzzzzz" ...... "I need my bed, my bed needs me! Ahhhhhhh!"

Okay, I was driving myself nuts in the morning. HAHA!
Dragged myself out of the house at 830am. Board the bus & "Shucks! My Ez-link card is not in my wallet!"

But thank god I've got coins with me. Grins* So there I go joining with the crowd, squeezing with them. And when the bus passes by Twenty Anson / International Plaza, the flashbacks brought me back to the days when I worked at TMAP. It felt as though I was going for work. Just that my school stop was alot more."Awwwww~ " I miss my desk... :P

Met Ruby on the way while strolling to school.
At least, I'm not alone now. Teehee!
This shows, knowing someone from bridging who takes up the same course as you is a GOOD THING! Hiak Hiak* ^^

Overall, Orientation was fine. It was pretty simple & short one ; Representatives from Murdoch & Programme Manager from Kaplan gave us a short speech/introduction. In the meantime, viewing from my class lists, the total capacity in my class would be 27 students. So far, I've made up with quite a number of new friends. I just hope that all of us would get along well as classmates as times goes by.. I would certainly feel motivated going to school by then. HAHA!

Attending Orientation, MATERIALS can never be missed! They would definitely provide you what you need before school starts. And these are the books that I've received.


First Trimester, 3 Subjects, 9 Books for reference! Jaws Drop*
I stunned for a moment when I carried / received those books. They are HEAVVVVY!!! Felt more to carrying gold mines instead & not books! :S


I stared at the thickness for a sec, I felt like fainting. I really dislike the thickness! But I love holding & flipping the thickness/pages of the book. Coz' that made me felt smart & educated. HAHA! What kind of logic is this? Anyways!! Covering 2 subjects on Law is gonna kill me.

1. Tourism & Hospitality Law
2. Marketing & Advertising Law

Honestly & truthfully, I never like Law & I never have interest in Law. I'm so afraid that I'm gonna fall asleep in Law. Wish me luck for this coming Trimester! LOL!

Looking out of the dark side, I've one more subject that is not gonna be related to LAW! :D:D:D

3. Organizational Development & Human Resource Management

At least, I've 1 subject that is gonna different.
Whatever it is, just study hard for these 3! Aja Aja Fighting! (아자아자파이팅) WHOOOSH~

Monday, August 29, 2011

`` 心 -


Friday, August 26, 2011

`` Cooling Period -

To all Singaporeans, we all know the President Election is gonna be held tomorrow.
Have all of you decided who to vote for yet? Well, honestly speaking, I have not. True enough, this is my first time voting for both PE (President Election) & GE (General Election). That makes me feel old that I'm above 21 already. HAHA! :X

Below are the contestants who should we vote for:

After viewing, have he set your mind yet who should you vote for?
Again, I've not. Confused. Probably for two. I have never been into politics until recently when the elections arrived. It can be pretty interesting though. I spent the afternoon viewing their videos. Though dry when listening.... but it means alot to our fellow Singaporeans. "Who can really brings out the best for our country?" Every votes counts. Well, dear Singaporeans, I sincerely hope you vote for the right person for our country. :D

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Heard from this song, "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars before?
Well, this is exactly what have I been feeling today.

The chorus fits it all:
"Today I don't feel like doing anything. *Whistle*
I just wanna lay in my bed. *Whistle*
Don't feel like picking up the phone, just leave a message at the tone.
'Cause today I don't feel like doing anything. Nothing at all. "

It was a lazy Thursday for me. I was suppose to head to BBDC for FTE. I cancelled it eventually as the rain was pouring heavily. (Probably just an excuse to myself. ;P)

I did a music cover for the entire afternoon. I really love holidays when I totally have the time for myself. Doing the things that I wanna do with no time contraints. It's been so long I've last done that. I am enjoying my 1week holidays TO THE MAX!! :D:D:D

"Whenever I have the thought of doing covers/recordings, I constantly told myself to await for me to get a condenser microphone first. Because, with the condenser mic, the quality would sound 10X better than this. :P As you know, condenser mic doesn't cost cheap. I need much time to save up that amount of $ to purchase for one. >.<

Well, I took up the courage eventually & get it recorded. I would like to give it shot. Pardon the quality & my voice as I know it sounds pretty bad. This is just a try out for me.

Please feel free to voice out your opinions as your feedbacks in return would be very much appreciated! This would allows me to learn & improve for the better to create nicer covers/composition in future.

Thank you once again & have a great day! ^^

With loves ♥,
gerrxgerry (Geradine)"

Gosh! You know, the feeling when the moment you decided to post it on facebook / public, you are anxious to see what viewers will comment. At the same time also feeling afraid what the outcome will be. But you know what, since I've decided to post, I'm just gonna give it all out. No hesitation. Since I'm no longer performing outside because of my stage fright syndroms & time constraints, I will do covers to treat this as a learning process to improve my vocals, recordings & musicality. A passion since young, it will never die. ^^Y

After the long recording hours, the time reached 6pm. It's time for me to head out to meet Jaslin. Gonna accompany her to get her eyebrows touched up at Far East.


While waiting, I headed to a nail parlour shop to pamper myself. Did a french classic.


I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome! It's nicely done! But not for Jaslin. Hehehe!
She came to join me after her eyebrows were done. She did classic mani for herself & she was not satisfied with the service at all. Probably because she came in when the shop was about to close. I guess the owner was in the rush to head to somewhere so she did a quick one for her. Paying classic mani price wasn't worth at all. It's as though the owner was doing a express one. But anw, her nails were painted pretty well. It's just the service. Bleh heh! =P

Oh look! After her eyebrows got touched up, she looks like the female version of “蜡笔小薪 ”.


Don't you think so? HAHAHA!
We headed to Itacho Sushi to satisfy our growling stomach. I really love the sushi-s there! They are simply "oiishi"! Reasonable price, food is good! Totally worth to dine in!

Before heading home, I often tease her with her brows. Well, she has gotten used to it anyway. She knows I mean no harm too. Teehee!




Wednesday, August 24, 2011

` Cravings Satisfactory ; 我的麦当劳!

I woke up having s shock of my life! Received a message from Kaplan saying that they found my IC two days ago & inform them when would I be collecting it. Gosh! If they didn't send me that message, I probably would not have realize that I've lost my IC. This shows how "sotong" / careless can I be.

Alrights! Lesson learnt: BE MORE CAUTIOUS!
Back to this thinking, if I would have lost, without any kind hearted soul finding my IC....
A few things came to my thought:
1) Make a police report
2) Can I still go for President Election?
3) $50 for new IC replacement, with addition the awaiting time & hassle to get IC done all over again.

WHOA! I saved the troubles & time taken! Anyway, THANK YOU SAVIOR! Whoever found my IC. I'm really thankful! ^^

Before heading to Kaplan, I made my way down to BBDC in the late afternoon to do my FTP. Since I'm on 1 1/2 weeks of holiday, it's time to get my Final Theory settled & go for my practical soon! Get over and done with! I WANNA GET MY LICENSE! Hehehehe.

FTP ended at 5pm. I took a bus down, thinking that I still got plenty of time to be at Outram. Well, unfortunately, I neglected on the traffic flow = PEAK PERIOD! As you know, 5.30pm is knocking off period for office workers. You will bound to see many vehicle & human traffic around... This result = JAM!

I was supposed to be on time to fetch my dearie. But ended up I was late & I had the most embarrassing moment in the train at Harbour Front. Okay, this was what happen. I boarded the train was focusing very much to contact my BF as he was already awaiting at the train station.. TOO FOCUS until ...... I didn't even realize where my directions were. Straight up, bang on the pole! There goes my face! I felt like a clown! HAHAHA! It was damn embarrassing & I had to pretend as though nothing had happen, hearing loud laughters behind my back. Yes, I'm performing something for you guys to see! I made your day! Didn't I? LOL!

Dearie board the train when it reached Outram & while walking to Kaplan, we saw this cute little smurfy outside Cathy Cineplex. This was really CUTEEEEE! Can't wait for the movie to be released! I wanna watch them! ^^



Strolled our way down to Kaplan facilities room. Weet! I've got my Pink IC back!! I'm a HAPPY GIRL now, filling myself with many smiles :D:D:D !!
Headed to Bras Basah Mcdonalds' afterwhich as Me, Dearest, Merv were mad cravings for Macs ever since we came back from Krabi. Jaslin joined us too! It tasted sooooooo goood when we indulged it! GREAT SATISFACTORY!


HEHEHE! I know it's damn fattening & I'm trying to lose my fats out from my tummy. But please let me pamper myself once in awhile? I'll control my diet again! :D Looking at flabby fats coming out from your tummy can be quite depressing at times. =P

Anw, I had a great chill out with the idiots!



Monday, August 22, 2011

`` Vacation -

Business Law exam has finally come to an end. It was a pity that I did not manage to finish the remaining 2 questions which result to a lost of 10 marks. I'm just crossing my fingers that I would be able to pass. Not gonna pin too much high hopes already.

Anyway, I'm also back from my 5 days of vacation in Krabi. It was an awesome trip! Returning back to Singapore with bad sun burnt. Nevertheless, it's always nice to be back home! :D
All in all, Krabi is indeed a beauty to catch. If you love nature, this is the place which you have to visit. Oh yes, the food there is superb! Thumbs up for that! If you think Singapore Thai food are good, try going Thailand to taste the originality. After tasting, you would feel that Singapore Thai food is just an average already. I promise you that!

For photos, you can just view in my facebook. It's too many for me to upload. In precise, I'm just being lazy that I have to paste it here again. HAHAHA! :P Oppsie!

I guess I'm starting to have "after-vacation-illness".
I miss the food, Thai massage, Kayak, ATB, WaterRafting, the beach, Elephant Riding, the morning walk etc etc....

Oh well, let's get back to reality. I'm back home. A week of holiday before my school commence! ^^

Below is the group photo of my Krabi-Mates

Thank you guys for the wonderful trip, making this an awesome one!
Love you all! ♥

Monday, August 08, 2011

``Brighter Future ~

I better start reviving my blog before it starts to rot. Yes, I'm gonna revive it again. Making it a habit to update whenever I can. Because I can't bare to close this whole blog down which has been with me since 2004. (:

Anw, as you may know. I've left TMAP, pursuing my studies at Kaplan Institutes.

I finally took a step up to a higher prospect. Reaching my goal to honor a degree certificate. Well.. knowing that qualifications of education has been growing & competitors have been rising up profusely, it gets kinda scary at times when everyone starts to fight for their rice bowls to survive. I simply can't imagine what would happen to the future generations! Especially, when the standards of living here gets higher & higher gradually. But anw, I'm really glad that I took this path to upgrade myself.

I would be starting my course on the 5 September. It would be under Murdoch University.
"Bachelor of Commerce - Hospitality & Tourism Management and Marketing"

However, in the month of August, I would taking bridging course - Business Law which I'm required to take before the term starts. And the best thing is, my bridging exam starts on 20 Aug (the day after I return from Krabi). Oh well, I dont have a choice to choose. My friends & I planned the trip before the schedule was out. It can't be help & I can't push the fault to school either. Just gonna "Pia" all the way before I go for Krabi. Chiong Chiong Chiong~ :D

With feedbacks from friends, University life is not gonna be the same as Diploma or Secondary School times.. It's gonna be a different environment filled with many tests/exams/projects. Gosh! Okay, after hearing this.. I've to have this mentality: "I took this path. I'm not gonna regret anything. Just gonna give it all I can no matter how tough it's gonna be. I've been waiting for this day to arrive. I saved the money, it's time to give it all! 全力以赴!”

This is life...
Things can never be made perfectly as the way it seems.
Challenges will bound to arrive for sure.
There's no point of feeling afraid.
It ia a matter of how you deal & overcome these challenges..
To build your maturity & growing to become a stronger person in life..