Tuesday, December 20, 2011

`` A lil Update...

I've found a new part-time job in MBS TWG to keep me alive during the holidays. All thanks to Amanda ♥! Otherwise I would be so broke! Prices been rising up like mad! That's the scary thing in Singapore. They BOOOM real quick!

Though I maybe on holidays, but my schedule been piling up!
As I'm also helping up with my brother with his new company doing media editing. That would a freelance/side job for me. (:

It's rather a challenge for me to cope up with two jobs for the time being. But I enjoyed with what I'm doing now. That's the most important thing in human life isn't it? Doing the things you enjoyed most. As much as I think of $ now, I would take up anything. $ is my motivation now regardless how physically tired am I going to be. HAHAHAHA!

Oh well, THAT'S LIFE! ;P