Sunday, July 08, 2012

`` Off-Day! -

Finally, an off day for a week.
A Sunday for myself. (:

Spent my afternoon at home & mom made me Vanilla Ice-cream with rice balls & red beans.

And then, headed out for a jog in the evening. 
Weather was simply perrrrrrrrrrrrrrfecccct

Hello, Keppel! (:

 Couldn't resist the beauty, so I stopped for a rest & started to snap this place. 

View of Harbour Front

Alright, back to my jogging track... 


Reached the end, waited for the sun to set. 


This is one that I've always love coming here regardless what emotions u bring in to this place. Be it happy or sad, at the end of the day, it will bring you smile when you exit from this place. 

The process of sunset 


Tell me, how could you not LOVE it?! :P 

Thank you for the perfect weather. 
Thank you for letting me witness the process of sunset. 
Thank you for the wonderful evening. (: 

Time checked: 7.22pm. 
Before the sky gets dark, time to jog back home. 

And I received home-cooked dinner by mom when I got home. ^^ 
My mom only cooks once in a blue moon. So, when she said she's gonna cook dinner, I'll definitely be home for sure! I love to have home-cooked dinner, specially from her! 

#I'm a blessed child! ♥

Friday, July 06, 2012

`` Healthy LifeStyle...

Jogging or swimming for at least once a week has became a routine for me. Probably it was due to my recent purchased of new swimwear and sports shoe. ;P 

"Bui Bui" me needs to get tone
Flabby tummy, arms and legs are showing! I definitely need to "shoooo" them off! :S 

Itinerary for today, had a jog with my girlfriend, Jeslyn from our house area to Alexandra food court hawker centre. Didn't want to have anything heavy for dinner after our jog. Thus, decided to have 清淡 meal for dinner.  "Cannot let our efforts go to waste!" Hiak hiak hiak~! 

Jeslyn had her "ee-mian" soup, while I had my sliced-fish beehoon soup. 

And, to ease our thirst.... 
Our all-time favorite, Avocado Juice! ♥ 

Actually, I'm not a fan of Avocado. But this is definitely ONE to DIE FOR at Alexandra hawker centre!  

Took a stroll to Ikea for a mission after dinner. Don't ask me what's the mission because that's gonna be a secret till the day comes! :P 

At that moment of time, We were battling against time as it was already reaching 9.30pm. Quickly grabbed the things we had to purchase from Ikea, carried our "barangs-barangs", chased after the bus & then rushed down to VIVO Watsons' before the shop closes. 

I've been researching about skin products lately and came to realize that oily-prone skin actually needs moisturizer to hydrate your skin. BUT, the only difference is that, you've to use oil-free moisturizer products. 

So, I went out trying out different types of moisturizers. Initially, I was eye-ing on this product as it got really good reviews. I tested it out as well & I fell in love immediately with this product. 

The above product is La Roche-posay Effaclar M Daily Mattifying Moisturizer
Good reviews, your skin gets matt, leaving you soft and silky texture specially for oily skin. Totally love it! 

However, unfortunately this product has discontinued when I decided to purchase it. :( 
So, I found this as an alternative: Vichy Normaderm Tri Activ, Anti-Imperfection, Hydrating Care

According to Cleo magazine, this product is awarded for "Best Oil-Free Moisturizer" where it's totally perfect for oily and blemished skin, light emulsion keeps skin matte and well-moisturized for up to 24 hours. 

I tested this product while I was at guardian. Totally love the fragrance of it & the moisturized feeling! So I bought it when I saw this at Watsons as they are having promotions now. Instead of purchasing at the price of $39, I gotten it at the promotional price of $29! Which means, I saved $10. Totally worth the purchase! I'm a lucky girl! ^^ 

Just hope that this product works on me! I'll do a review whether its effective to me in a few weeks time! 

Adios! (: 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

`` It's Rainbow After The Stormy Rain ...

How long is this that I haven't been blogging & I finally got myself to do so to get it revived! (:
Days been busy, too much happenings. Well, that's how life is isn't it?

I finally got my haircut today after not snipping for about 5 months or maybe going 6. At least, I feel it's so much neater & lighter!

Today, shall be a brand new beginning, for me, and, for us.