Sunday, May 19, 2013

Additional 3 more months

Results are released. Checked!
Stared at the screen, stone for a few mins, not knowing what to do or how should I react to it.
No, I did not do well. Not making it for one module is just too depressing especially when this trimester is suppose to be my last. I looked forward to grad, so much! No one knows.

So for now, instead of graduating in Aug, its been extended to Dec (additional of 3 more months). I will work doubly hard for it. No more failing! I've fallen & I won't allow myself to fall again.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Letting Go.

And so yes, once in a blue moon. I'm pen-ing down my thoughts in here again.
New school term has started. It's not going be easy.
Started my new part-time job in Laudrees for about 2 weeks.
On adhoc basis, yes, I'm still doing facilitating for ABC Water trail.

Yeah. But I'm still handling it okay. Just that, I get exhausted very easily now.

As I'm typing this, I came to realize the date has turned to 16.
But what's the point of remembering it anw?
It was a painful yesterday as I finally took the courage to erase the photos we had in the past. My laptop was running out of memory. Transferred them to harddisk, deleted the photos I had in my folders. Not just you, but everyone else.

I love viewing photos. Before deleting them, I would tend to look through them.
Memories; happy? sad? mixed feelings?
I would say, all in one.
However, for yours. It was just way too painful. Looking at your face, I broke down in tears. All I felt were pains in my heart. I miss you but its time to let go.

Probably you didn't realize that I've been waiting for you all along. Unfortunately, it's not working it out. This will be final tears that I would be tearing of you. I'm moving on.

So, Goodbye memories.
Thank you for making me stronger.
I've learnt to be on my own, without you.