Sunday, June 30, 2013

Unsolved Riddles

Just when you thought everything have just fall into place....
Everything seems perfect in your eyes.
The uncertainties been raised & you thought it's been cleared.
BUT! when it happens, it collapsed.
And, it's just this "ONE THING" that hurts & its exhausting you out so much.
It replays all over again.
So, it was never solved. Never been solved.

Maybe I'll just have to give up ONE to put this to an end.

P.S: I wish, this could be over soon.
*** As the rain starts to pour, so are my tears.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Mother's Love

"A fetus’s home, like a cocoon,
For nine months is in a womb.
And soon it travels in the outer world,
A cranky and tender little baby girl.
Hearing her baby’s cry,
The mother falls at ease and sighs.
She cuddles her child gently,
And the child falls asleep gradually.
Being overwhelmed she begins to weep,
As she watches her little angel sleep,
She is astound by natures grace,
How her flesh and blood she can embrace."
- Zainab Attari

I feel your worries and your concerns. But your daughter is a grown up now.
Let me fall and pick myself up on my own mistakes.
I apologize if I may have said things that are hurtful. 
But those words, weren't meant by heart.
I appreciate all the advises you gave, and how much you've supported me during my difficult times.
But mummy, forgive me. Your daughter is not an expressive person. 

Please put your trust and faith in me.
I'm a grown up now. Let me make my own decisions even if you think I may be wrong at times.
I do know & understand how painful it is to see your own daughter getting hurt.
But if you were to keep protecting with your shields, this daughter of yours will be never able to learn how to stand on her own feet. 
Let her be independent.
Let her grow.

One day, you'll be proud of her.
I love you. 

Friday, June 21, 2013


You'll never see a rainbow after a stormy rain if you keep holding on to your defences too tightly. 
It's time to release & learn how to let it go.
Open up. 
Don't let the past haunt you down. 
The future, can be beautiful too. 

Monday, June 10, 2013



I believe, time will take my fears away.
To the day when I'm able take a step forward,
Make my jump to leap of faith to where we want it to be.

Time will tell...