Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Milestone Achieve!

Milestone achieved! 2 years of hardwork & I'm proud that I've come this far. A big THANK YOU to those who have been supporting me during my difficult times. ❤

That's me preparation for the ceremony. (: 

And here I am receiving my cert on stage ....

I received my Bachelor of Commerce, Double majors in Hospitality in Tourism Management & Marketing!  

I was filled with emotions during the ceremony. Words can't describe the joy that I had on that day. That feeling was AWESOME

And yes! I can finally bid Goodbye to Kaplan & not going back again. Haha! 
During this 2 years of education, I'm thankful for the wonderful memories I had in school with me. I'm also thankful for the great friends that I've known. We've gone through the toughest moment together, rushing through projects one after another & countless of sleepless nights. Well, I wish you all, all the best for the future & let's continue to keep in contact even though we have gone separate ways for now. (: 

The above photo are my wonderful group members for marketing management. We've gone through SHITS together but I'm so proud we have made this far together. ^^Y 
A pity that for the remaining friends that I've known, graduated different dates. Therefore, I only have this photo with me. Heh! 

Okay! School stuffs aside.
Next thing, I would like to show my appreciation to were the people who came for my graduation ceremony! I felt so LOVED when I came out of the hall with my love ones standing in front of me with gifts on hand. 

MWAHHHHHS! Sending you guys big hugs & flying kisses

Not forgetting, my only grandma who has been taking care of me since the day I was born. 

I'm so happy that I've made my family proud & I'm so glad for not giving up. Looking how proud my family were, just simply fly me over the moon! It was their strong support that made me come this far. 

They have worked so hard for the past 25 years. Its time for me to do my part, step up to the society & provide them of what they deserve! 

Last but not least, sending my credits to my 24/7 boyfriend who has been there with me regardless rain or shine. Thank you so much for everything baby! 

So, this sums up my university journey. Time to prepare my resume, send it out & get ready to face the corporate world!