Monday, May 23, 2005

..mAd guRLs..

Had an enjoyable time todae wif my marmie…we are so crazy todae okie..?? did so many lamo stuff..haha..let me tell u wad happen todae okays..??

Went to great world to meet marmie at 130pm at great world food court junction..she ate beef noodles…den I didn’t eat anything coz I was not hungry..and more over..i don’t even noe wad to eat dere..keke!!

From great world, went to walk to river valley…she wants to borrow god..!! so many can..?? ex lor..somemore she say cheap cheap at first..but after borrowing..she say ex arhhh…!! I not coming anymore..!! oh well..she change decision very fast de..little while she say ohhh..okok..den little while say no..!! lolls.. in the end she borrowed abt 12 first…den nxt wk she going to borrow again..coz bo $$$…after dat planning to walk to tiong..coz nearby onli mahh..but den, raining!! It was took bus 14 instead…took to bukit merah..saw qiao~!! From bm, went to tiong…from tiong take to bugis by train..wu liao right..?? actually from bm can take 851 to bugis de..but den hai shi bu yao larhh..keke…

Reach bugis..went to walk walk..took some neos though…soo cutie..!!after taking, went walk walk around to kill time..den go to pastamania to have our dinner…and its around 5pm plus okays..?? so early..but also bo bian..scared ltr got a lot of ppl plus..i also hungry.. *hiak *hiak *hiak *hiak *hiak…b4 ordering, we were sitting down..chatting abt jenica leaving sch…haix..will miss her mannnz..!!she not coming back anymore… soBx soBx..

She played wif my hp..go take photos..keke..disturbing me..but had fun so much fun manz…both of us are so crazy..who ask me to have such a crazy mother..and now she gave birth to me…becoming as crazy as her..lolls..

After eating…went out of bugis..den go og..walk walk…at first planning to find tu-tu kueh..but cannot find so went to og instead lorrs…walk around…dennn tired liao..went to the clothes section corner dere to sit down…wahaha..den we took picx again..who ask us to be sooooo bo liiaooo..but dey look cool..hehe..!! though some adults were looking at us while choosing clothes..but I dun care..!! heeee..we are siao…don’t we..?? hahas..!! hmmX.. abt 630pm, we walked back to bugis den bid gd-bye…

Tml gonna take back papers loooo…!! Somemore got 4 hrs lesson of Chinese..die man!! I gonna slp..lolx..!! coz dey say nd to prepare for ‘o’ lvl chi mahhs.. its like 1 more wk to go..*pa *pa..!! also, tml we are gonna check our exam papers tml..die manz..!! hope I can score well…^_^

Sunday, May 22, 2005

::vEsAk dAy::

wheeee!! exams are finally over..but i still have one more week to my 'o' lvl exams..sianx arhhh...!! must pia..!!!*jia you*

anw, todae ish vesak day..wahaha..going to shi fu temple to pray pray with mummy..and guess wad..?? i sprain my ankle for like 1 mth..and todae and yesterday was the worst nightmare of my painful can..lucky got ankle guard to save my life....i kope frm kor kor de..keke...

when i reach the temple..wah...!! re nao arh..!! aunty margret was playing mj with the rest..haha!! first time c her play till so busy..keke..den poor shi fu so busy..*bleahx*

ah kim and her sister were asking wad happen to ur leg..?? den ah kim was like..u from hand pain to leg pain den after dat still got whr pain arh..?? haha..!! ppl fat pain here and dere nvm..u so skinny still pain here pain dere..lols..!! i was like laughing..-no comments- from me..hahas..!! anw, dey went off first..den me and mummy stayed at the temple..shi fu prayed for mummy first den followed by me...keke...after praying go burn the joss paper den chatting with shi fu...he was asking why didnt i go genting with my mother?? ur mother so ho mia...den i was kaki..!! how to go..?? haha...!! den dey toking abt casino stuff...strike numbers blah blah blah..keke..!!

abt 630pm we went off..went to harbour front to buy back dinner..went home!! yummy!! ate spaghetti for dinner..watched the "zong yi da ge da" den changed to channel 8..keke!! wu zong xian..!! funni...

since now so free..i update for awhile larhh..keke!!!! tml going out wif marmie and my 2 dotters and my xiao meiii..keke..going bugis to walk outing yahhh..?? ^_^

Monday, May 09, 2005

("v")hAppY moThEr's dAy("v")

hAppY moTheR's dAy..!! hahas..!! celebrated with my family, relative and cousins...=)

guess wad i bought for my mummy..?? hee..actually is a heart shape "shui jing".. which she wanted bought it for her...not cheap ok?? hahas..!!but as long as she love it..i dun mind spending..yepz?? "you xin yi jiu hao"..

anw, i woke up at so nice to slp leh... but sa kor say dey going to church at 1plus..but i told them say i juz woke up and i say 2pm i will reach..and i am so punctual..wahhh!! so in the end i am the earliest instead of the lastest..heee!! *applause" lolx.. anw, met sa kor, kai lin, vanessa jie and justin for lunch at yew tee food court first...was disturbing sa kor mother duckling bringing 5 little ducklings with a baby in her stomach..heee...

after having our lunch, went to westmall to buy some flowers to go to church to pray de kor..=)...den we slowly make our way to church..whee!!reach church liao..we pray pray...miss her so muchie!!she is like a 2nd mother to i wish she was still alive.."na gai duo hao"... tiu met us later...den my little cousin, kai lin was playin with justin with the koi fishes...hahs..!!we plucked some dried roses...den threw it in the pond feeding the koi...lols..!!but dey are not stupid okie..??dey noe wad is food and wad is notx..keke..

abt 330, we went to sa kor hse to sit sit for awhile..watching mr bean cartoon..the shows were so stupid..6plus..we leave the hse and went to fetch mummy,daddy and kor kor to have dinner together at alexandra rd..i tell u..the food are damn shiok!! hahas...realli enjoyed the meal..yummy!!hahs..most of them are spicy food...=) we were also toking abt 2 yrs ago..our most memorable day...kana chased by monkey at bukit timah hill..hahs...make all of us so pek chek..but yet fun..!!

after eating went to my hse...sit sit also for tv channel u...

2 more days and my exams starts...havent been eating well nor slping well...come to think of it mayb i have exam phobia...dunno larh..but ermz..juz study hard...and do my best i guess its gonna be alrite ya..??den i dun nd to get nagged by mr tan...heee..!!

wish me luck!! *winkz*