Thursday, February 23, 2006


mOrnin as usual. hafin the sickness. bud after dat i felt so much better. hee! ai yue dey all were lyke. wahhs! u hao le arhs..!! can feng le arhs..

seriously, i was crazy todae. as in lyke i talk alot. hahs! guess i have been quiet for quite sometyme ehhs..?? i am back! i am recoverin.. wuhooooo!!!!!!!!! thank god.!!

hmms..!! lets c if dere are any funni stuffs todae. okay. i just go round disturbin ppl till dey cant ta han.. jermain was damn cute.

jer : ker! u alright anotx? can remember moii?
mie: aiyOOos..!! of cos larhs..hahs

sounds lyke i lost memory.. hee! just felt so much better todae. i felt so happy! yays..!! feel happy for mie too..!! =)..

had 2 tests todae. accounts and maths. i guess i gonna flunk for accts. i learnt ytd the formular. bud todae. i rememberd but i forgot which amt to take frm..!! shucks manx.!! i guess i onli get correct for the formular. =(..bud maths was alright. i noe most of the sums except one. it was straight forward though. luckily there wasnt shear and stretch. otherwise. die! cos i never even studied dat subject. i missed those lessons. mr lau gonna teach moii tml after sch! =)

durin cme. mrs chua came to moii and ask abt moii. as usual. sae again. minnie dey all was lyke...

dem: long story!

haha! have to repeat againx. arghs! gortt lots of cme work sia. she gave us so many. nd to cut article on newspaper abt the late founder to past away ytd. and she gonna test us abt him. the marks are included in the ca! omgggg!!!!!! how am i gonna find out manx? haha. i am nortt history student. lolls..!! nvm larhs. learn for knowledge. hee! den nd to do reflection on water. 18 pages of cme excercise.. we are so poor thing.

after recess was bio. went back to class. den lee shan came to moii whether i can walk.. cos we are goin to bio lab. den shi hui was lyke. sae no! den we dont have to walk. i was lyke ya hor! LEE SHAN!! I CANNOT MOVE. I WANT TO FAINT ALREADY!!

hahs..!! all of us were laughin away. den we went down slowly. whee~!! did practical todae abt food. interestin. mrs leong came to ask abt moii again. hahs! bud she onli asked some qns. so i just ans dem. =).. hope i can catch up barhs. and i did!

after sch. was surppose to clear up all the apparatus. mrs leong was askin moii to leave first wid cheryl and ai yue. why? cos she wanna make the class ran out of the bio lab. hahs! otherwise our class is gonna delay lots of tyme. so i went off first and shi hui thought why i left first. leavin her alone. bud i guess later she noe the reasons le barhs. keke!

went for guitar todae. it was damn borin okay?! now i cant just take the attendace and secretly walk off. lee shan and mie gotta stay till guitar ends. cos dey are gonna take the attendance when it ends. arghhs! qi si ren. was so borin. we were doin our own work. den the upper sec gals went up to audi to do deir rehersal for investiture. mr toe teach the sec ones first. after teachin he went up. den he call us to look after the place..!! we agreeed at first cos we thought dat dey will be back around 4pm. bud till 5pm dey were nortt back at all. joanne came around 3.30pm. 3 of us. lonely lonely. hahas. did our own work.

we were chattin. talkin rubbish. hee! den 5pm. we cannot ta han le. we were too bored. and we need to go hm. i was feelin abit giddy also. so decided to go hm. leavin the guitar rm empty. omg! i am feelin guilty. bud no choice. who ask dem to b so late. =P..

guess wad i gorrt 4 uclers in moii mouth. pain lyke hell. ate porridge. i am scared of it! bud no choice. hee! who ask moii to have so much problems. so sad larhs. was watch starworld channel. ami. hmms! it was dat nice to watch todae. its the male sect todae. i guess girls are better than the guys. so far i think chris is the best. i love his voice. so rocky! hahs..

and here i am updatin moii blog! hee.. tyme flies and next wk ishh ca!! omg!! this is terrible. hope i am nortt dat stress and i can make it for the ca barhs.. jia you jia you!! =)

Monday, February 20, 2006


yays! i am back to sch... was feelin giddy. bud heng it wasnt dat bad anymore. otherwise i cant even stand durin mornin assembly. lolls! at least now i can balance moiiself. so dis shows dat. i'm recoverin!! hee~!!

2 and a half wks. i was absent. and now! i am back ! moii frens are expectin moii to b back. and so am i. i miss dem loads! keke..i sat at the near the hardcourt bench waiting for dem to come. cos we always meet up dere b4 going for mornin assembly.

when dey came " ker!!!! `euu are finally back"

mie: -no response- [.feelin.uncomfortable.]
sandy: ni hai hao mar?
shi hui: ker! u are finally back!!!
suzanna: are u okay?
ai yue & cheryl : she is finally back.

hahs! i was lyke. yayayayayaya!! and i smiled. 5 mins later.

consellor annoucement: gals! pls get ready for mornin assembly..
us: lets wait awhile more.
dem: ker must sit longer.
shi hui: cheryl! u hold her..i will carry her bag.

wahhs!! i am so xin fu todae!!! was standin..shi hui was behind of mie. and cheryl was infront. hahs! i was holdin cheryl. cos i abit bu wen. den shi hui was tryin to prepare. in case i fall she surpport mie. oh moii god! am i dat serious. ok..i am . somehow ! hahs..!!

finish national athem, plus pledge, ehhs! prayers and hymms. sit down. annoucment tyme! i was actually nortt listenin. instead. i was holdin moii head. stoppin the giddiness. look down. den takin attendance tyme. mr tan came...

mr tan: ker are u alright? how are u feelin? [.smiles.]
mie: better liaos. but still giddy ..

pass to him moii mcs.. hee! no hmrm system for 2 wks! oh yay! i save the class frm climbin up the stairs and down! hohoh.. must thank me. somemore natasha hurt her leg too. she sprained her ankle. also cannot walk much. while walkin to anklung rm, saw mrs low. she was lyke...

mrs low: geradine how are u?
mie: i am still giddy. bud better already.
mrs low: better dont turn ur head. i mean dont turn ur head too fast. otherwise, worst!

hee! everyone askin abt mie. thanks arhs! bud i am better le. so nortt to worry!

was back to class. attendin mr yeo lessons. he damn fussy can? air-con nortt on. complain so much. no matter wad. he must get the air-con on. haisyooo!! call the general office to get the air-con on. den in the end, he didnt on the switch. haishyo! ok. den finally the lessons starts! i can catch up! in fact i understand wad he was talkin abt. so dats nortt bad. claps for mie!!

next was ehhhs..geography. mrs low went thru the development. hahs! durin all lessons i was holdin moii head. stopin the toopid pain on moii head and giddiness. arghs! hope i can get well fast. and next wk ish ca wk! oh moii god! dat is so fast. tyme flies. ok. donno wad i am tokin already. lets get back to the subject.

after geography was mt. i was slpin away. hee! chen lao shi also ask moii how i was. ok larhs. in fact every teacher asked. cos i was away fr so long. tsk tsk.

was sleepin durin mt lesson. for 1 period. hee! so shiok. somemore wid air-con. hoooos! so shuang! afta the bell rang. its recess tyme.i felt so damn giddy. i cant even balance. 3 person was tryin to hold moii. den i walk i nd to hold shi hui and cheryl. hahs! the rest behind moii. incase i fall. haisyo! ke lian de wo. lolls..!!

didnt have the appetite to eat actually. gen was so happy to see mie. hahs! bud i didnt realli tok or luff. i onli ate half a plate of chicken rice. and dats it. plus soya bean. den walk back. after dat i felt much better. i can walk by myself. hee! was laughin wid them. aiyOOos..!! dey are so funni. dey also tld mie wad funni stuffs i missed when i was absent too. kekE! i felt lyke a v.i.p! dey help me buy food. help me take bag. help me buy drinks. wo zhen shi xin fu ohhhs!!! hee..bud seriously, i am realli lucky to haf dem wid mie.

den was eng and den lit. borin!! bud i felt so much better liaos. can walk moii own..hee! independent! i guess its onli the mornin dat i felt so uneasy barhs. just wake up. somemore the medication haven take effect yet!

nortt going for organ lessons today. i guess gonna take one month break again. rest well. and get ready for music again. =)...!!

tyme passes so fast. and next wk is lykeeee ca!! moii god! and i am nortt prepared for it. moii mom told mie to try moii best lors. wad i can do just do. such a nice mommi! loOve her! =)...

oh yeas! i am changin moii blogskins to dis. i am still editin. so just bare wid it till its fully ok. keke! hope `euu ppl lyke it too. tag mOii when u are here. =)

lets c if dere is any improvement in sch tml. hee!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


ytd was feelin so much better. can joke wid moii mom somemore. bud todae is back to the same old thing again. been feelin giddy, pains, vomitting.

had appt todae again. todae i had 2 doc appt. one at new park hotel. and the other one at sgh to see moii nerve tests results. in e mornin went to see doc ting first. den he went thru the mri scan results. and sae dat moii head gort extra fluid inside because of the knock. bud its curin soon. can see the blue black. keke! den the nerve part. can see the clot. and it is also curin soon. =).! yays! i am recoverin. no surgical. as its no longer serious. all normal. just have to becareful on the nerve onli.

giddiness, pains and vommiting will go away. it takes abt 2-3wks to be fully cured. so let just wait. so its gd news ehhs?! bud however, moii ear is bleedin. he sae kana infection. have to take care! guess becos of the knock. so he gave me ear drop and anti biotics.! oh god! i got another extra medicine. which means now i have to take 6 tablets! so scary! see also wan to vomit liaos. can be full ehhs. keke!

wasnt in the gd mood nor gd appetite todae. didnt eat much. went back hm by bus. arhs! i cannt stand the journey. bus are forever so jerky. kept on controllin moii vommittin feelin. yucks! bud i slept the whole journey to prevent moi vommittin and giddiness lors.

reach hm at abt 12 plus. ate medication and went to slp. yucks! all the tablets are yucky! especially the anti-biotics. so smelly! yuck yucks yuck!!!!!!

slept for an hr..get up and get ready to go to the hosp. waited for abt 1 1/2 hrs. and guess wad.? b4 dat the nurses lost moii report. moii mother was like. haish! so efficient of dem. how cld dey do dat manx? its so impt. i kept quiet. bud i was wonderin how cld dey lost. so went to grab somethin to eat at the food centre b4 going back. drank half a bowl of "cheng teng" and 2 small pieces of popiah. dats all. didnt have the appetite. 1/2 hr later. dey called and found it. just in tyme we were going up. i was feelin so weak. do not have the stamina to walk. lousy woman!! hahs..moii mother was saying i am worse than an old lady! wait till i get well..!! heh heh...

another 15 mins its moii turn! went in. and guess wad? dis stupid doc donno wads wrong wid me.

doc: i cannot find anything wrong wid u. u are perfectly normal ! the scan shows dat u are perfectly fine.whr is the swollen part on ur neck?

i point to him lors . den he feel like no feelin like dat. he could detect at all! bud doc ting can. haish...

in moii heart i was like..."i knew it!" cos..!! dey always sae the same old thing. dey just couldnt detect wads wrong wid me. i was so angry. lucky doc ting managed to find wads wrong wid me. donno why these ppl can become doc. ok i may sound mean. or mayb i am. bud i am statin the TRUTH! haish. anw, dis is moii last tyme seein dis doc in dis hosp. i no longer going dere liaos. dats e end of moii visiting to sgh.

i realised one thing when we were walkin to the bus stop returnin hm. i cannot stand sun light. why issit so? is it becos i stay at hm for too long? no idea. oh well!

whole day i have been feelin moody. mayb becos of moii health barhs. oh well! i am recoverin! so lets look on the bright side ehhs. mon i am going back to sch! gurls! i am comin back ! hee..!!

i guess i gonna collect moii chinese o lvl results on mon. so hope it wld b a gd news ehhs? as i was unwell on fri. so i didnt go to sch on fri..

a new beginnin again on mon! =)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

*_geTting worsE_*

moii health hasnt gone any better. instead it gort worse. i didnt have the appetite to eat anythin. all i can eat was onli liquid food. and dats glucose drink. grape flavor somemore. keke! whenever i wan to eat solid food, i wld just feel like pukin.

ah ma sent me some hmwork. and i pass to her some hmwork as well to help me pass it up. thanks ah ma! =). i thought i was better in the morning. bud i was wrong. in the afternoon i was feelin very bad.

the pains starts to occur. the giddiness occurs! the feel of vommiting is dere. i felt so uncomfortable. even after i took the medication. doc sae he gave me strong medication to push more oxygen to moii brain. so dat it cld travelled up. dat i understand. bud the pains are realli uncontrollable. i cant stand it. todae was the worst! normally i can bare the pain. bud todae icant! i almost went crazy. i was in real pain. i was cryin so badly. mom went for visitin to her fren hse. dad went to buy food. bro was studyin in the rm. i was alone in the rm in pain. shoutin. screamin in moii heart. cryin so badly. all i cld do was control the pains. till i cant stand it. moii whole hand was shiverin. i contacted moii mom whether i could take the painkillers frm hosp. onli dat i could make moiself calm down and fall aslp. so dat i could forget all the pains.

after talkin. immediately, i rush to the toilet. i vommitted. all liquid. guess its the drink barhs. it was so uncomfortable. i went to the table and took the pain killers immediately. and rest in the rm. bud i couldnt slp. den daddy came back and asked me whether i wanna eat. bud i did not have the appetite at all.

moii dad ask me to slp at the wooden sofa. which is the in the living rm. as dere is more fresh air than in the rm. so humid.

bud it was true. i felt much better. though moii head still hurts. gonna see doc tml again. and see how it goes. hope he cures me fast.

ok gtg! moii bro needs to study. ta-ta. wil update soon again.

Friday, February 10, 2006

*_see dOc agaInx_*

went to see doc again on wed. went to see at new park hotel. doc ting. been seein him for quite a number of tymes. and he cured me well and fast. he is a gd doc. bud the $$.. heh heh! very ex. dats wwhy hardly see him.

these few days moii condition been reali bad. so moi mom decided to brin moii dere to see wad e doc saes lors. moii grandma went to queue at 7 am plus. haf to get no ehhs. cos many patients wants to see him.

reach dere at 9.30am. was the 3rd patient. bud was late. cos i wasnt realli well when i gort up. feelin very giddy. so haf to sit on the bed forawhile. b4 gettin ready and set off to the clinic.

abt afta e 4th patient. got in!

doc ting was like:" wahs! why ur mother need to hold u?"
mom: giddy lors. dats why must hold
me: [smiles]

he checked moii. ask all the qns. he said dat moii neck is seriously swollen and tense. when he pressed it. it was realli very painful. tears just went down from moii eyes. totally cannot tahan! boohhooos. ='(. once he see. he noes wads wrong liaos. he said dat when i hit on the edge of the shelf. i hit very hard and therefore i injured one of moii neck nerve as well. becos of dat, it causes blood clot frm dere. luckily it wasnt dat jia lat otherwise moii ear wld bleed too. also, dis cause not enough oxygen transfer travelled to moii head. dats why i felt giddy and pains on moii head. e injury its not entirely on moi head bud on the neck too. becos of the knock, dats why i feel pains on moii hands as well as numbness. ke lian hors? he checked moii eyes also. saying dat moii right eye the pupil is not as equal as moii left eye. somethin abit wrong. he is gonna gib me another 5 more days mc. nort allowed to go sch and do any physical activities. no streSS! i cannot haf any. otherwise moii condition will just go worse. he gonna see me another dae b4 he leaves sg next next wk. he gotta cure me fast b4 moii condition go worst.

after seein him, moii whole head spins like crazy sia! quickly took the medication. cos he sae i gotta take. it takes effect afta 20 mins den i wont feel so giddy. dis tyme. i gotta take 5 tablets instead of one! omg! one for oxygen. to have more oxygen to transfer to moii head, pains, vomitting, giddy and nerve. yeps! all this cost $70!!! so ex!! bud no choice. nd to cure fast so dat i can go back to sch quick! missin alot of lessons already! arhhhs! gotta catch up fast manx!

ate prawn noodles for lunch. took taxi hm. took moii medication and went to slp to have a gd rest.

the 2nd day. i vommitted in the afternoon. out of the sudden. i feelin very uncomfortable. feelin very giddy. moii pains are hurtin like mad even after eatin medication. i ate moii lunch half way. cannot ta han. went to puke! all the rice out. went to slp afta dat. till dinner tyme. didnt have the appetite. dis day was the worse. at nite. i felt the same thing again. tried to slp.

todae, felt better. bud woke up still feelin giddy. guess it takes tyme to cure larhs. after eatin medicine, i felt even worst. went to slp. i guess mayb its the medication barhs. i am nort sure. slept till 4 plus. den watched tv wif moii grandma.

oh yea! todae is the results for 'o' lvl ehhs?! nort bad. heard from ah ma. our sch did pretty well! well done gurls.! i dont even noe how well i did for moii chi. hope i did well barhs. den i don nd re-take liaos! keke..!!

todae is pin9 bday! happie 17th bday. dont be disappointed yeps? `euu have already tried ur best! todae ish yea day. enjoy urself! don forget u still haf us ehhs? meet one day when i am cured and u are free! and we will feng together again wid en. yeps?

happie bday to yea..!! <3 muacks! luv yea loads!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

*_injuRed head_*

been wonderin why i havent been updatin moii blog these few days or a wk barhs. basically, i injured moii head. wasn't feelin well.

dis is moii biggest present i gort for cny. lolls!

on the first day of cny. all of us were happie marhs. greetin each other. as `euu noe. durin cny, the youngsters will tend to gamble rite? cos dis is the onli occasion whr youngsters are able to gamble. the adults: aunties came along also. i didnt gamble. just took a look. abit tired larhs. so didnt plae the cards wid them. just watch dem lors. i sat beside mommi. had so much fun. bud we were always scared of jack kor kor. cos he is the gamble king! always win and he always get gd cards like double aces and black jack. cannot stand him arhs. bud also gd larhs. cos he lucky marhs. keke!

abt half hr later. van, justin and de tiu came. wanted to greet dem. i didnt even noticed dat on top dere was the shelf. i got up so quickly den i knocked onto the sharp edge of the shelf. the sound was very loud. i turned very giddy. i was in pain. it was so painful dat i cried. moii whole face flushed. turnin very red. quickly i lied down. cos i was feelin too giddy. when van saw moii head to check if dere was any bleedin. and she saw a lump. abit of bleedin. it was so painful when she touched. at dat tyme i was realli blur. whole dae i was feelin very moody. cos of the pain and the giddiness.

2nd dae, i thought it was betta. cos i felt much better. bud when i gort up frm bed. it was realli painful and giddy again. bud afta awhile later. felt better. at least still can walk steadily.

3rd day, at nite, i was not moiself. moii whole face flushed, in pain, i was feelin giddi. when i reached hm frm cindy jie hse, i was runnin a fever. quickly. moii mom sent me to hosp. and i was admitted at 2.08am. in the hosp, u cant slp. whyx? cos the nurses just kept on comin in to check. hahs! dey onli gave moii panadols to stopp the pain. 5 docs came to attend to moii almost every 2 hrs. haiiyos.

the first doc was the funniest. hahas! he was realli friendly. kept on wantin moii to talk. bud i was too weak too. he gave moii an injection tube. sayin dat it was realli pain. *tryin to scare moii onli. i was so scared dat i shut moii eyes tight. after it was over. i was lyke. heh heh. not pain. haha! he was lyke "wahs! not bad ehhs.can control pain. " hahs! den he asked moii to rest well to wait for the next doc to check on moii.

dis is moii mini tube for injection:
Image hosting by Photobucket

4th day of cny i was admitted to hosp till thurs. alot of ppl came to visit moii. i was so touched. moii frens came too. thanks for visiting moii! i realised dat. so many ppl were concerned abt moii. i must quickly recover and get well. not to make dem worried abt moii. especially moii mom. she hasnt been slpin well for days. stayin wid moii in hosp. dere isn't even any sofa bed. onli had chairs. like those office chairs. how is she gonna slp? haish...!! sgh...

on thurs, i am able to discharged! hoho..!! i was so happie manx. can get out of hosp. cos it was torturin dere. e doc sae i had internal bleedin. den went thru all the scans. donno wad citi scan wad scan. bud was fine. so nort to worry ehhs?

gues wad? i got 10 days mc! hahas! shiok ehhs? no nd go sch. bud i am also worried. cos its gonna have alot of work to do mehhs. espcially tests. i have been missin alot.

todae i am alone at home. mommi went to work. cos she cant always take off to look afta me. it wasnt relaxin at all when i was at home. i felt very uncomfortable. i felt so giddy. i am so depended on medication now. if i dont take. i just cant walk steadily nor stand. i wld tend to fall back. once i took. when it took effect, i wld be able to at least walk steadily by a bit. not dat bad. at least can control. however it turn drowsy for moii. i slept at 1pm tilll 4pm. i woke up, moii whole hand was shiverin. i realli felt very uncomfortable. quickly, i grabbed something to eat and ate the medicine. i was havin difficulty in walkin. holdin moii head. tryin to balance moiself.

took the medicine. sat down forawhile till it took effect den once i am able to walk steadily, i went to bathe. moii mom asked moii to see another doc. cos sgh docs are just lousy. dey just gave moii panadols. gonna see doc ting tml to cure moii and see how it goes. hope i can be cured faster.

i will be back to sch on thurs! =). though i have mc till fri. keke!