Thursday, March 18, 2010

PhotoShoot @ Fort Canning Park


Despite the few hours of sleep & rushed of time, it was a wonderful experience for the first very time ! (:

- thanks Shrylyn for the photos. ( Just received today )

( Before make-up & hairdo )


Waited for about 2 hours in the park for the rest to arrive. Hahas ! But anyways, thanks Shrylyn for everything ! Poor girl stayed up till 7am just to prepare for this event.

( After make-up & hairdo )


Not forgetting , the PHOTOGRAPHERS ! Thanks for the beautiful shots.
辛苦你们了 !

While looking at these photos of mine, I realised some of my shots, I had the sleepy look. Thus, I've learnt ......... If you have to work the next day, please do not go for photoshoot. You are advised to have enough of rest. So that you would look good & fresh ! (:

Was suppose to have 2 outfit shots, however, due to time constraint, some of us have to rush off for the Impressario Competition event.

Though did not stay till the competition ends, only managed to catch Rubberband performance as I had to rush for midnight shift. Still, everyone did an awesome job ! I'm proud of Rubberband that they got into the top 3 ! WELL DONE ALL !!

It was a total rushing day . I almost got lost in NTU. All thanks to the Shuttle Bus for saving me . (:

" Never gonna rush again,
Totally shagged . "