Thursday, April 28, 2011

`` Camera ♥

I do not disagree that cameras are really one EXPENSIVE hobby to invest in. But one thing for sure, you'll never regret investing it after you receive the turn out of the photographs! That's what I love most about it.

If only kind souls are able to accomplish these toys for me.....
HAHA! In my dreams for sure ! :P
I'm yearning to have those.. *droools ~ ^^

-the figure of a lamborghini-



Beautiful aren't they?
Trying hard to save $$$ & can't wait to own them in time. (:
MY LOVES ! ♥_______♥

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

`` 又在生病了!


Friday, April 08, 2011


Base on my poor immunity system, I'm bound to fall ill for sure.
Weather been bad, I've been constantly working OT almost every day.
Guess what? I've even calculated my OT hours & the total sum is 43 hours for one month!
I've no idea how did I manage such long hours of OT but it somehow reminds me when I was having my attachment in Gallery Hotel. Oh well, those were the days.I've entered into a different environment, thus it's pointless to compare.

Now back to my immunity system, the number of hours that I've been working. I've tire myself mentally & gradually, my physical strength has turned weaker too. I'm ill.Been coughing for almost a week. Though feeling a little better but I'm still feeling as bad. I can't sleep well because of my constant coughing, I can't focus well at work due to my lack of sleep. So much so, I'm feeling a little depress in here. Many things have been running through my mind. Probably I'm just too stress over work or maybe there's some other things that occured to me as well. I just can't described.

Am I pushing too hard on myself? I wonder...
Sometimes, it's not that I do not wanna rest at home. But being at home makes me feel worse at times. At least I'm doing something at work which builds up my mentality. But then again, I'm tiring my physical self.

I THINK I'M IN NEED OF HELP IN HERE~..............................