Tuesday, November 23, 2004

>>bAck fRom oBs cAmP!!<<

NoV 22, moN:
yeah!! i am finally back from my obs camp!! with sunburnt all over my body...?? i am no longer as fair as b4.. but i am one of the chaota person.. hahhaa!! pain manz.. cannot walk properly... hand hor.. cannot even scratch.. so jia lat.. like one malay girl like dat.. heeeee!!! bruises all over my body... well.. camp is always like dat.. i miss OBS!!! arh!!... okie.. let me tell u wad i did in obs okie??
we did kayaking.. for like 5 hrs...?? under the hot sun.. den ermZ... for like 10km.. i tell u its damn tiring... seriously.. now i am all burnt.. haha! but its the most enjoyable for me.. hee.. did hiking, rock climbing.. rafting.. building bashar.. interacting with our instructor.. cook our own food.. yepz..!! did alot of independent stuff.. its always like the first day u wanna go home.. den the last day u dont wanna go home.. bu se de.. *sobX**soBX*.. tough training though.. realli lucky to have a bunch of lame girls in my grp.. dey are zahira, weeting, vijaya, elizaberth, alvina, anabelle, jade, michelle, delia, natria, wen, alysia, kamilar and joanna and of coz our instructor Jon... the lame guy.. haha.. always kana disturb by us.. especially when kamilar and jon argue with each other.. its juz so funni.. hee.. iF there is another chance hope to go again!! heee... although there are alot of tough training..

todae going to go china le... i gonna miss alot of ppl.. bu she de to leave dem worx.. my candixz family... my frenz.. everyone larh... !! haha.. lub u guys.. MuaCkiez...!!muZ take gd care of urself horx!! nd to pack lotsa stuff so gonna write a short entry..

to cAndiXz fAmily:
heya girls.. my mama, great-grand dotter.. dotter.. wadeva lar.. muz take care of urself kz?? gonna miss u girls.. will bring some gifts for u girls.. lUb u ALL!! *muAckIez..* come back den we go out together okie.. bu she de to leave u all worx.. haha!! realli had a great time with u all.. take lotsa care!! msg to u all when i leave and come back!! ("v")

okIez!! i gotta end off now.. mizz u guys.. *muAckIeZ*

Sunday, November 14, 2004

>>rElaTiVes fRom oVErseAs<<

woke up at 1030am todae... heee.. coz arhx.. 8am.. my mother in my room arguing with my grandmama.. donno wad happen larh.. argue for like abt 2hrs... wah.. den i cannot slp le... coz she tok until so loud!!!... my nice dreams *bomB* no more le.. keeekee..

me arh.. watch tv till abt 2pm.. den go pom pom.. after dat went out with mummy till 630pm went home.. have dinner.. watch tv again!! todae whole day like keep watching tv.. hahas..

around 8pm, went to my rm to help mummy to put my bedsheet.. seee, i so guai!! ahem!! hehe.. den went online.. wanna update my blog.. coz i guess dis would be my last day updating? i am not sure.. i try.. coz 16nov-20nov is my obs.. den 22nov-3dec is my china trip... so i try to update b4 i go if can...?? will miss u all!! muAckIEz... !!

later 12am.. going to changi aiport to fetch my uncle and aunty from vancouver.. dey are coming to our hse..// singapore to visit everyone.. we are going to be their tour guide for like eh.. 5days i guess. den dey go malaysia.. after dat we will meet dem at china.. hehee.. so happi!! "crazy me"... okie.. i have to go now.. will try to update on mon if can!!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

>>nEw hAndPhonE<<

guitar todae sux siax.. realli its damn boring.. lolx.. hahas.. guess wad?? i cant wake up todae.. coz yesterday i cant slp.. i donno why.. mayb exercise too much..?? lolx.. yesterday went out wif my great-grand dotter[sim].. go exercise at her grandparents/aunty condo.. had a great time manz.. haha.. i was full of crapez with her until she buai ta han.. heee..

anw, todae arh.. i do heavy work man.. like those delivery woman like dat.. me, jermaine, tanya and cheryl went to help mrs gomez to carry amphrefire and wires as well as guitars to the hall.. i tell u can die lor.. so damn heavy.. den i was like pushing and carrying the amphrefires.. reach the hall.. i rain...!! haha.. perspiring non-stop.. damn hot.. coz dey need to rehersal for the graduation day mah.. but the four of us didnt perform as i am going on holiday.. yepz.. den tanya i think she going back to her hometown at thailand.. cheryl going malaysia and jermaine.. hmmX.. she got church camp i guess..?? heeeee.. the rehersal finished at 11 plus.. den we help to pack up le jiu go canteen wait for misa and sim.. needa pass up the nyaa form.. i am taking the silver course now.. muz jia you orh.. hee..

daddy fetched me home todae.. den went to sell my 6610i hp... i miss my dat hp! wo dui ta you gang qin le.. somemore my father sell hor.. neber ask me to check wad i wan de leh.. juz " nah.." sell.. lolx.. he sold for like $250.. yepz.. worth it.. my pictures all inside!!!! hahaha.. later the 2nd owner c.. ??? who is dis gurl.. lolx.. so many rubbish picx.. hahaha.. haix.. all my cute cute text pic also.. nvm.. now i got new hp lo.. my father went to look new hp at chinatown.. den saw one shop got the hp he wants.. den he ask how much.. den say $280.. at first is want one.. he reserve le.. but den its chinese function and he wants to get back to english function.. and added video inside.. which means upgrade... yepz.. den we walk off.. scarely.. at pennisular plaza, we saw one hp same thing got everything inside worx.. somemore the condition better.. den he say aiyah.. dat one hor.. we dont care.. anyway we havent even paid yet.. haha.. i feel so bad.. he also feel abit bad.. but dis one better mah.. den he say next time better dont walk to dat shop.. otherwise the person sure scold wan.. hahahhaa!!!!! *pengz*...

i got sony ericsson phone t630.. so happy.. its the phone i wanted last time.. but i still wan the samsung de.. but den my father say the function no gd... so get dis better lor... anw, dis is his phone at first.. but he bought a new phone.. so give me his instead... so gd hor??? i also very happy.. !! but the smsing part.. i having so much difficulties can?? so used to nokia wan.. den now difficult format.. haha.. type till so slow.. heeeee.. nvm.. soon.. i will get used to it.. wheeee!!

later gonna have chinese tuition worx.... muz do finish the work.. dis wld be my last lesson den no more le.. till dec den have.. jia you!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

>>dArLing sPenT tiMe wiTh mE*wINkZ*<<

todae mt lessons so boring can?? can fall alseep worx.. but guitar quite fun.. hahaha.. dis cheryl super damn de siao todae.. keep disturbing me until i cannot play properly.. all ur fault!! .. ahaha..

its either she press the string of my guitar.. or go molest my hand.. lolx.. hahaha.. but realli enjoyed myself in guitar todae.. and somemore dis gomez arh.. our guitar teacher i/c.. she hor.. we surppose to be in 3rd guitar playing chords de.. den go put us in 2nd guitar.. so sickening.. hai wo men bu hui wan.. ji dan!! hahah.. so sickening lar she..

anw, after guitar... went home pom pom.. have lunch den around eh.. hmmX.. let me think 130pm like dat.. my darling sim sim come lo.. she come and accompany me.. hahaa.. my great-granddotter.. lolx.. i sound so old liao hor? hai.x.. kekeke.... we watched pocahontas 2... the show not say beri nice.. she brought the vcd.. the whole story is abt dat.. she go and choose the other guy instead of john smith.. haiyo.. she lent me her lion kng 2 for me to watch.. hehehe.. after watching the show we played???? dynasty warrior 4!!.. hahaha.. kil here and dere.. and somemore we create our body guard all our family name de leh. .c we so loyal to our family.. hahaha!! lolx.. played till 5 den play final fantasy.. play play until die den don wan to play liao.. after dat.. we heat up our food for dinner.. ate bee hon and some dishes larh.. so sweet of her help me wash plates.. hehehe.. wan to play onli.. right??? hahaha..

we eat our dinner while watching the double happiness 2.. abt 830 den accompany her to bus stop take bus den walk back home.. email to ms wong.. finally download the game call conquer liao.. my cousin introduce this game to me.. also donno nice anot.. haha.. but the downloading time damn long can.. electricity bill sure sky high one.. hahaha!!!

oh.. now going to watch the "ren wo ao you" liao.. bye bye!!!!