Tuesday, December 20, 2005


went x'mas shopping spree again! todae was my 3rd day...i gonna pok gai! stupid pay haven come yet..haish haish haish...pay come i no prob. so temporary loan $$ frm mama first.keke! so jia lat hor? but todae didnt loan till i came back home.cos tml still nd to collect pressie from queensway for qian ying,xiang and mei. and all my xmas pressie are done! oh yea!

surppose to wake up at 9 todae cos will be meeting sim at 1030am..but its actually 11am larhs..see her ban sou sou..always late for half and hr.time is always not punctual. lol! when i woke up, i was like. OH MY GOD! the time is already 10am..quickly get up..wash up..go eat breakfast..bathe...!! and i am ready..in the end! i am faster than her...heh! "slow poke"..

anw, lyke the crappy us.kept on saying craps! till she cant stand it. and i cant stand it.we burst out of laughter without any reasons.as usual larhs...

first, we went to marina.cos i wanna buy my wallet...its new! heh heh! sim was engrossed wif the wallet box! lolls...and ask me to take one more box for her.but i noe its impossible cos, i onli bought one. dis is my xmas gift from sa kor and vanessa jie. thanx to dem! keke..and i saw one billabong pencil case! arhss..i am in luv wif that..waiting for someone to ask me wad i wan...lolls! hmms..we bought my gift afta our lunch at pizza hut..it was worth it manx! cos dey are having promotion..and we eat until very "shuang"..heh heh~!!

went to walk around afta dat..went to mini-toons..sim went to shop for her xmas pressie for her ppl...den went suntec and to bugis...

thank you sim sim for buying for me the necklace and hp accerories! wo ai ni le! keke..!! at first i didnt tell her which type of necklace i want. i was like "i am not telling u! heee...u go buy..i wan surprise..keke!" she was like "-_-" "..she think until she so pek chek! till we found a shop of selling necklace.and saw a butterfly one! actually i already bought a necklace for someone le.till i saw dis one which suits her better..den i was like..i save her from thinking! cos i sae."if not u pay for me dat one lor.den i buy dis for her." she was so happy! "OK"...hahas..!! save her from thinking so hard...

going queensway tml again...cos nd to do something for "them"..den going home.and i am going chalet again! wakaka...so qiao kel was there too..gonna tok craps wif him tml manx! see yea tml!

sim gonna come my hse tml for awhile to choose some photos for the photoframe we bought for my er-mei...=)..gonna see her from todae till thurs...-_-"..one shot! my god! but nvm.our craps! just wont end...lolls..

thanx for yea pressie again! =)

Monday, December 19, 2005


been away for 3 days..went to genting on 14-16 dec..i enjoyed myself alot..went wif aunty ros, aunty sandra..mama, kor kor..nicole jie,qianxiang,ying and mei...it was fun being wif them..wif craps and lots of pics taken...yeps! but won't be updating for dis...cos its too long! but all i can is..."thumbs up"..keke!!

okays! abt todae..was my result day..seriously i was kinda disappointed larhs...cos it didnt hit my target..i was surpose to get 1 or 2 for my maths...and 3 for my lit...but i did well for the unexpected ones..though was happy..but not all..yeps! but it was my chinese dat pull me up..i guess wif chinese i wld get 7 lors...i donno! my chi teacher told me was a1 if converted..i donno larhs! but over-all i am just too disappointed..though got promoted... i cried at first..cos i onli got 9! which wasnt my target...i have no idea why i cried...i guess mayb i work hard..and dis is the result i got? i am not sure...

but our sch did very well..we have increased in percentage..got value added again...congrats gerri! she got the top 3 among the whole sg for n lvl..and 6 students from my class got top 6 in sch...well done girls! proud of yea...i can sae dat..all of us did well yea?

went home...was busy msging to ppl...cos of my results...i was sad...but my frens and cousins, aunties,..ok! i shld sae everyone gave me encouragement...onli after i went to temple i felt so much better...my feelings now are great...everytime when my mood wasnt good..i just go temple..it just make my day! i realli wanna thank god and my master for helping me so much..dis is the first time..i bought the fruits all these for god! my master was like disturbing me.."wad are u gonna buy for me"..i was laughin aaway...haha! but next tyme when i go again..i will buy for him cigarette for him..of cos i cannot buy larhs! but will ask my mom to buy..underage..lolls! treat him..keke! he helped me so much...=)...he is the one who changed my life....

a girl used to be so notti and lazy..............to become..!! a better girl..seriously...!! i became stronger every since i met him..i was under depression till i met him...chatted wif him..and he guided me along...telling me wad shld i do....my future......

wad i was happy to hear dat he treated me like his own daughter..otherwise he wouldn't teach me so much..keke! wad he said to me..will be secrets! =X..onli..me, mama and him knows..lolls! ok larhs..i wont sae much..but all i can sae dat..i respected him alot...and he was the one who changed me and make me settle my religion into buddhism...yeps!

thanks frens for yea encourangement! i will work very hard next tyme..my 'o's..next target to go! jia you! geradine! u can do it!

"don't quit"

Saturday, December 10, 2005


last 3 days..have been working for sony..thanks to sim! cos she intro to mie dis job..though is damn tiring..but its interesting..and kinda fun sometymes larhs..haha..!!

started work on wed till fri..@ raffles place..outside oub/uob..i cannot remember..cos i always got confuse between these two buildings..wonder why their names are so similar manx! lolls..

for the first day wasnt realli a very good start cos we onli sold ermx! 35 mirco-vaults...2nd day we improved and sold 45 till the 3rd day! we did well..we managed to hit the target and we sold 60 mirco-vaults..wahahaha..!! actually our target was 50...during the 1st 2 days..aunty karen wasnt realli happy larhs..cos the sales wasnt dat gd till the last day..and she's gonna gib us commision! yippee! wonder how much pay increase..hiak hiak hiak!

okays..!! basically..sim manage to get dis job becos of her aunt ...hee! den her aunty kept on picking on us on the 1st day...cos she sae we didnt realli approach the ppl.. our job is surppose to give flyers and also promoting the product and bringing the customer to the booth..during the first day..i wasnt realli doing well..i admit dat..!! cos..i didnt realli tok to the customer larhs...till the 2nd day i did better..hehs! and i did well on 3rd day! so proud of myself..lolls...anw, her aunty is forever bullying us..mayb she noe us too well..haha..

met alot of weird ppl...seriously..some hao lian hao da...some beri nice and funny! learnt alot in dis job lors...dis is my 2nd yr working for dis roadshow liao..

in case `euu all donno wad micro vault is..its actually a storage device for comps and laptops..`euu can bring it around...in sony..we don't call it thumb drive..so neba ever mention thumb drive on sony product..!! haha..!! ok larhs..i seriously miss promoting for sony micro-vaults..so kept on saying dis sentence till sim got so sick of it.haha!!

i shall cut short! its a tiring job..cos u have to walk around..approaching customer...standing whole day..wasnt a easy job..but we managed to do it..!!

having lunch with sim''s cousins was realli a nite-mare!! u seriously...cannot eat in peace! cos she will just kept on talking craps..and u laugh so much..den u cant eat ur food in peace...

on the last day..we had a grp photo...at the clarke quay..it was realli rush..cos we were rushing back to the booth after our lunch break...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the pic is small..but if u can see..the string hanging our neck..the rectangular thing is our sample of micro-vault..yeps!

we left at 7.30pm..me and sim went to raffles place to had our dinner..while walking thru esplanade..we were talking lots of craps..pretending to be drunk and hyper..!! drinking 100 plus to increase our energy..cos our energy were going empty..heh! and it helps..!! we turn out to be so hyper..dat we became so noisy...!! lolls..forever the same as usual..took a photo around the esplanade link lane..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and went to walk to raffles city shopping mall to have our dinner! had desserts onli..cos! we were too tired to eat liao...after eating..we faster rush home..took a bus home to catch the 9pm show..siao rite..?? but i simply love dat show! just love the way dey dance! heh heh..!!

dats all for the job entry for the last 3 days! keep in memory always...!! <3