Saturday, January 28, 2006


we had cny celebrations in sch todae..everyone was crazy during lessons..hahs..!! just hyper...didnt had much work..cos everyone was having cny tan gave us hong bao..all of us were so thankful to him manx.. he said the words which made us felt so touched. his been our form teacher for 3 yrs..and he said afta we were graduated, he is gonna leave the sch. he is making plans to other schs. sad! when we heard dat we felt so touch. he stayed to follow us all the way... thank you mr tan!

dis yr cny celebation was boring..almost our class fall aslp..oh well..hahs...sch dismissed at 2pm....

had reunion dinner at cedans guilin restaurant @ 8pm. the food was not bad. we are starting to go there for reunion for like 2 yrs liaos. cos dere can sing ktv and bowlin. =)...

all of us were happily enjoying our food. our first dish was the "yu sheng" 2 tables. i sat wif sa kor dey all.. as everyone was here.. we shall start at our table first..hoho..!! everyone was so excited..wahs! den some of the dishes fly out. so messy..hands also kana. hahas! den we uses our napkins to clean afta "laoing"..

2nd dish was the shark fins den followed by chicken, fish den noodles. afta eating e fish..moii, van and sher went to the restroom. hahas! take a bao bao! afta caming outx, we took photos outside the restaurant.

we saw aunty virgie afta dat! afta she came out of the restrm,

us: aunty virgie!!! help us take photos!! haha..
aunty virgie: okays!
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me: okays! enough liaos..lets all go in okay?
them: okays..

chiong arhs! so hyper active ohhs..hahas..went back finish up the noodles...

me: come min min we take photos
min min: okay!
van: i take for u all.

dis de tiu arhs..hands itchy..haha! keep on disturbing us. we had many tries b4 taking a acceptable! its either he puts the hand dere infront of the cam, or he shakes van's hand. so we moved the other position. aunty virgie side them wors. den i was like "weiiii..!!!"

heh heh! but we succeeded!!!
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mommi saw us taking photos den she reminded me to take a family photos. one whole grp. oh moii! i totally forgot abt it. she passed to me the cam den i ask the waiter to take for us a grp photo.

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next, we went back to our place. and ate our desserts. were busy chatting. afta te last dish. bills settled! some wanted to play bowlin, some wanted to sing ktv. the teenagers went for bowling and dats us! sa kor and aunty florida joined us too! mommi joined us at the 2nd game.

at the bowlin alley. we were so zi lian. haha! kept on taking photos non-stop. hahs..everyone turned hyper. lols..

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look at the notti baby girl..: wei lin..
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van and wei lin:
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moii and wei lin: i lubb her whr she puts on the hat. haha! so adorable rite?
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sa kor:Image hosting by Photobucket

van bowlin:
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Image hosting by Photobucket

moii and van: [.look.@.e.changes.]
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muaCkx! we loved each other so muchhhie!!
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look @ dat de siao boii:
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sher and jus:
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e pro is bowlin: wee-uu-weet!
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moii and jus: doing toopid faces!
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moii bowlin:
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3 siao char bos:
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cool ehhs? we were planing to bowlin in the position. however it failed. =(..lolls
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during the first game, all of us played so badly.. cos havent warmed up yet marhs..bud den during the second game, everyone did well! clap clap!!

afta having so much fun, its tyme to go to the next round of ktv to join the rest.! wheeT! dis de tiu de siao siao..i was surppose to sing last and he go and put first.haha! sang bei feng chui guo de xia tian wif sherry jie.. den van and sher sang the wu ding.

den moii turn again..!! sang di yi tian..i made everyone go high! yeas..cos i was seeing everyone so sianx. decided to sing a fast song to make dem wake them tyme was 12am plus le. everyone was tired. hahas.. wahs...mommi, aunties and van were dancing..swee la! hahas.. was laughin like mad manx..den jack kor kor and the rest sang..enjoyed ourselves so much! the kids sang the cny cute.!

kk..!! its 1am and tyme to go home.............. had so much fun..=)

tyme passes so fast...tml is gonna be cny..

wishes everyone! happie cny..!! enjoy urselves yea?

Thursday, January 26, 2006


i am the nurse of cheryl todae..moii youngest dotter.lolls! we played rugby for pe todae! had lotsa fun manx..been playing rugby for like 2 wks we are learning defending and scoring. hahs! den mr francis told us to be in grps of 8. as our gang?! just nice had 8! hohoho...we played kinda rough.. cheryl, me, shi hui and ai yue in a team and sandy, huiying, suzanna and irina in a team. at the 2nd round, our grp was defending sandy's grp to prevent them frm scoring. as we defending..suzanna was trying to score..and we chase afta her! cos somehow we just break apart. hahas! and she ran...den cheryl and me chased her. donno how?! cheryl chase until slip down...wahs! can go break dance already. lolls..! den fell and eventually hurt herself. mr francis saw the whole situation. she was controlling the pain. it was kinda small injury larhs. bleeding. me always the one doing the cleaning of wounds. haha! dat tyme at the pasir ris chalet she hurt her leg and i do the cleaning again! so i guess, i am fit to be a first aider? lolls!

everytyme when we went out wif us during chalets or anything to do wif sports stuffs, she wld just injured herself..haiyo! kai uuu!! keke..=P..

brought her to the toilet to clean her wounds..she was lyke screaming for pain..wahs!!! can go deaf hors..!! keep on asking her to "ren!!!!!" she was like.."ahhhhh!!!!"

me: narh! let u moii hand..u grabbed u bite also can. just control ur pain cos i have to clean it.
cheryl: haha!!!!! okay...

was cleaning..poor girl..her leg was shivering..cos it was so painful..controlling lyke hell..wash the wound and clean it...den..the bleeding just get i advise her to go to the general office..but she was afraid of the pain. den i keep on convincing her..hee hee hee! and it was a success! mother words mush listen ehhs..?? dis then call guai marhs! =P..

den we slowly walked down to the general office.. tell `euu arhhs! she walk down the stairs damn cute can? go down by hopping..den i was standing in front of her surpporting her. she held my shoulder and hop down..hahs! den i went into the general office to get the first aid box.

help her to clean the wound..dis girl! cannot "ren tong" can? scream scream scream. sooner or later i can go deaf. =X.. i used moii leg to surpport her leg to go higher..den easier for me to clean marhs. heh! cleaning for her wound wasnt an easy task! tsk tsk..clean for her needs patience! lucky i have one. hohoho! hmms! clean clean clean...den put the medication and wrapped it.. first tyme wasnt a success! becos i wrapped too serious liao. who ask the cloth to be so big! haiyo..!! so in the end. we took out. and re-wrapped again..both of us were laughin away. it was kinda fun manx! hahs..talking rubbish.

and finally! its done..went to return the first aid box and return to maths lessons. slowly walking in..the both mr lows was asking.."why are u girls so late?" so we told them lors..i like her nurse for the day..holding her..dennnn help her take things. such a good fren whr to find.? lolls..just kidding..injured marhs..cannot be help. hee!

after maths was boring! but was interesting to hear their lives larh..basically..we had a talk..on counselling..wad was it abt den the hotlines and all dat lorrs.. and we went for recess at 11am..slowly walking to the canteen.. hahas..!!

den michelle and joanne kept on disturbing our grp.."cheryl's gang! wah all tao pao food arhs.." cos!!! we are so sick of sch food le..its getting worse and decided to tao pao food to sch. mrs low sae we go market..haha! cheryl tao pao for us de. den we returned to her the money lors. =). ate bee hoon...yea yea! were discussing wad to eat tml..den hui ying and sandy were lyke "lets eat nasi lemak! very nice de...$2..den the dishes got alot! wan?" den we "ok lors!"..all agree..our zi zi tuan arhs! trend is tao paoing food to sch for recess..haha! interesting ehhs?

afta eating zao arhs! cos we were avoiding bw. one of our fren. yeps! cos she is just too weird and...irritating too..yea..just dont lyke the way larhs..ran to the toilet to change..and den went to locker.. and bio lab!

we did drawing of left eye difficult manx. mrs leong was like.."nonono!! wrong".. hahas..!! must draw exact and the correct amt of eye lashes..omg! looking at the mirror and draw. somemore i am not realli gd at art..onli in painting..hahs! next wk got bio tests.....!!!!

dis yr cny wasnt a gd one..cos we just had too many tests to do..but wad to do? o lvl dis yr. just had to work extra hard lors..den can relax le! =)..

so fast 3 days more and its gonna be cny..!! gonna have reunion tml nite...can wear new clothes..!! heh heh..

ang bao!! $$$$$$$$$ i come..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 more days to go..wait for moii..!! lolls..=P...

[sorry arhs..broke liaos.! getting more $ face..] =X

Sunday, January 22, 2006


hey ppl..!! sorry for de delay manx for updating..hahs..!! surppose to update moii bday celebration wif moii frenx but was too busy. so didnt update on tyme..keke..!! paisehhh...

so now, i shall update the celebration held on 14 jan..moii BDAY!!!

met them at 6pm in the end at marina bay..though surppose to meet at 5pm..but..!! girls..?? as u noe..WE ARE ALWAYS LATE.!! no 1..neber fail..lolls..and `eu noe wad..?? instead of them reaching first..i reached first...waiting for them..bday girl..waiting for the them to arrived...tsk tsk tsk..*shakes head* bu xiang hua hors..??

hee! they reached at 6pm..and i realised i forgot to bring the sparklers along! oh dear...i wanted to bring it..den can have alot of fun dere...bud i forgot..!! as `eu noe..stm person no.1..cannot be got no choice..just go dere mum mum and tok craps..

alrighty! everyone came at 6pm exactly..and we took bus in to dragon village..becos chien ru works dere! and her mama got was like.."got discount arhs? ok let's go!"..hahs..!! and we went...i miss her so badly manx! havent been meeting each other..been class mate in pri sch for lyke 4 yrs..and frens for 10 yrs..dats long ehhs? keke..!! when we got out of the mrt station..moii goodness! okays..!! i forgot the restaurant name..but i remembered it starts wif p de was standing outside the mrt station...givin out flyers trying to bring in customers to go to their restaurants..but we just keep on shaking heads larhs..keep on rejecting them..seeing them quite alot..following us is simply irritating too..agree?

was talking non-stop till we reached to the place..saw chien ru!!!! wahs..i got so excited manx..hahs...neber been dere to eat try out lors..afta all got each person cost $10..=)..we went to our tables. when we sat down..we felt so short! cos dere were slope down. so we will feel dat the table is very high..and in the end all of us sat double chair! we are the onli ones dat sat on double chair..darf us..elve! keke..!!
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shi hui will join us later cos she has church will reached abt an hr later. when we sat down..we were surppose to pay money at the cashier and collect money..we were lyke.."whr to pay money arhs.." look how toot we are..?? hahs..! afta dat, went to take food..yummy..took lots of chicken manx..den cook cook..!! heys! the food dere not bad ehhs..the food dere are quite nice...=)..when we wanted to take extra plate,dey were lyke "need to pay money for extra anot arhhs..?"

me: i think no nd barhhs...cos, dey shld gib marhs...
su: i think betta ask b4 we take..

hy and ay went to take..heng no nd pay money..we were lyke everything also like nd "kuku" of us..!! hahs..

hmms..!! the food dere are nice..den we were enjoying having our food..and shi hui came..she joined lots of craps..!! and not long i was bein sabo..!! actually..dey were saying not enough me and shi hui went to take...when we came back, hy and ay were lyke going to one side..dey sae dey went to top out food. so we "ok lors.." when dey were back..dey were taking the margarine..going one side discussing..den dey asked su to go over..i was thinking something is very fishy already! its not right..! i felt scared liaos..

su: ker! whr's yea cam..take it outx and lets take pics..

toot me! fall into dis trick..and i lent her the cam to her to take photos..dennn..dey called shi hui to go over...left me and gen dere..

me: is something going wrong here..?? i smell something fishy! oh no...
gen: hahs..!! yea..i felt dat too...

so shi hui came..still..stupid me didnt realise anything yet! su was like pretending wanted to take pics of me..

so i lyke..:"shi hui lets take pic together"..
shi hui: ok!!

and we took..!!
5 secs later...................,

she grabbed both of moii hands!

shi hui: quick! i got her already..!!!!!!!!!
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me: oh shucks! i fall into dis trick! arghs..!!!!!!!

i was struggling away....screaming.....den everyone was lyke looking at us..!! arhhs..!! so paiseh okays..?? den dey pull me out..i was stopping myself.."nonono..!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i was looking for chien ru at dat tyme..but she was busy wif her work...i shall not disturb her i struggled..!!

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and dey wanted to push me to the toilet...but dis uncle came and said..

uncle: eh eh..!! [ his fingers point on the tray]..

ohhs! nd to pay money to enter into the dey changed deir mind..

hui ying: nvm! lets push her to the other corner..

moii god! everyone was still looking at us..!! i was so malu okays..?!!!!!! hahah..!! dey were trying to to hold me..!! but i keep on stuggling away..strong ehhs? hohoho..!! must train fit fit...

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

at first i thought dat dey wanted to put margarine on moii hair or back! but i was wrong..dey gave up in the end! but still holding me.not letting me escaped..dey wen to ask gen for help! oh no..!! i noe i can't beat gen..cos she was just too strong..die die..!! *struggles*

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ok! i lost! dey won..!! in the end dis is wad dey did to me! the ppl were looking and staring at me! arhhhs..!!!!! so maluated! arghs! though its abit sensored larhs.
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idiotic ppl! arghs...i was blushing so much at dat tyme..dey finally let me go! i no face liaos larhs..!! dey were lyke.."are u ok..?? are u okay..?"

me: yeahs! i am...i go to the washroom first..

i took moii wallet and went to the washroom...getting ready to face out again..hahas..!! when i came back.."u are ok arhs..?? not crying hors..??" ..lolls..!! of cos not..look wad dey did to the poor hot dog..and look how creative dey are..while i was away to the wash rm..!!
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when i saw dat..moii reaction was.."diao!!!"-_-"...dey do not have anything to do while waiting for the food to be cooked..

took pic wif chien ru!
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moii best fren in pri sch! =)
...den was surprised..!! so qiao..kelvin came too..!! qiao he...say hiii..den chat chat for awhile..and he went off to have dinner wif his frens..and we began our usual! everyone was extremely high...ate till 9pm..

as we were everyone agre to go to the park dere to celebrate sweet of dem to buy cake for moii..!! i love them! muacks!

we walked there...omg! the place dere was simply just too beautiful..!! its a gd place to release stress..dat i gurantee! and we saw something we shldn't see..actually when we reach dere..dere was a couple we were like.."shhh! lets not disturb them"...

hy: aiyea! nvm larhs! lets go! its ok..!!!!!!
us: dont wan larhs..later dey angry how..some couples will lyke dat de lehhs..
hy: don't care larhs...just go!

the place was so we decided to go...i love dis place! too bad the place was too didnt get to take..! =(..but dere were alot of stars...i am in love! ohhhs~!!

we shout..!! letting out all our problems! the feeling was damn great..!! den dey went to prepare the cake..went to light up the candles b4 it melts..left, me,gen and shi we took photos..gen was the camera woman! den.. me and shi hui were crazy! doing all kinds of poses while waiting for them..

look how joyful dey are!
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me and shi hui:
Image hosting by Photobucket

enjoying the breeze:
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Image hosting by Photobucket
look how beautiful the moon is:

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

praying..wishing upon the stars:
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Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

arhs..!! i am commiting suicide! bye bye..!! but shi hui cant bear to leave me..lolls..!! -_-"...:

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okays! done wif all our poses..!! its enough...went to check if the cake was ready...the place dere was realli very its kinda difficult to light up the candles..and dey did successfully..!! *clap clap*..!!

dis is the cake:
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Image hosting by Photobucket

whee! and deysang bday song to me and shi hui..cos we celebrating bday together..!! wahahahs..!!

done..!! make a wish! we took a video of dat..=)...

cut cake tyme:
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Image hosting by Photobucket

and we share the cake..!! cutting themm...putting them in tissues..and i ate just frm the tray itself..keke! save tissue marhs...use the knife as moii utensil. mmmx! delicious!

look at the 3 siao char bo! if u realise..dere are changes in the two poses..!! guess whr? hahs..!!

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Image hosting by Photobucket

enjoying moii cake!

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ok done! and we went to clear was pretty late already..around 10 plus le..dey cant go home dat late quickly pack up..and took a last pic! grp photos..!! we used self-timer..hahs..!! the place was realli dark..and u guess how to adjust ourselves..?? we uses phone torch lights..!! as called "flashlights." hahs..!! creative ehhs..?? smart brighten the place up..and adjust ourselves..and it helps..!!
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finish..!! pack up and went home..took a bus back to the mrt station..and den mrt...drop at city hall mrt and took a bus home..

thanks peeps for celebrating moi bday..dis yr is our last yr todae..!! it was realli memorial...i wont forget the tymes we had togethr..i hope next yr we wld still keep in touch and celebrate together again k? love yea lots! muackx!

frenx forever..!! zi zi tuan..wan shuei! <3