Sunday, June 25, 2006


time realli flies. sch is re-opening tml. dat is the 2nd term. arghs! i dun wan sch holiday to end so early. so fast. i wan it longer. i wan moii slp. i wan to slp late. i wanna watch world cup. hahs! dis sch holidays didnt even enjoy at all. and i guess dis goes to all o lvl students barhs. after dis sch holiday, its tyme to "chiong chiong chiong". its tyme to "pia pia pia". !! work, stress will b approaching...soon! everyone will go crazy. and IMH will b full hse. lolls!

slept at 2am plus ytd. and i woke up at 12 plus. wahaha! i love it manx! weather simply is just so nice. so cooling to slp. hohoho! i love it! i had dis weird dream. i think i haf been thinking of sch tml too much. wad wld it b like? haha! i dreamt i was going to sch. wid moii new spects on. yays! i love moii spect. new one. whee! and den i tied moii hair! i look like a small gurl. and i look adorable okays? wahhhs!!! zi kua. heh heh! dats me marhs.

i saw moi class lining up. seeing shi hui they all. i was like feeling so excited and i tripped and fall on one of the students bag. *brrrang!! * moii lip is cut, hand bleeding, leg is bleeding. arhs! so painful. bOOhooos'. bud i didnt cry larhs. instead i think i was luffing away. that is no unusual of moii. and mrs leong came to moii rescue! [ jess are u jealous? ] haha! she cured me. wahs! consoling moii dat its okay. just some bleeding and all dat. after dat i forgot wad happen le.

the dream seemed so weird. i cant even tied moii hair now. even if i tie, there will be so many strains of hair stingging out. hahs! i cant wait for moii hair to b long. oh yeas!

hmms! talking abt ytd match. ger won 2: 0...yays! sweden lost. seeing sweden play can b realli pek chek. keep on passing the ball manx. wanted to watch mexi vs arg. bud i overslept. =(. heard frm jess that the match was exciting! wasted manx.

todae must watch eng vs erurado. den 3am match i nortt gonna watch le. cos tml got sch. sian! how i wish sch re-open starts when world cup finish den can enjoy watching the match le.

looks like frm tml onwards onli can watch 11pm match barhs. unless its moii fav team den i will watch the 3am match. i will !! haha.[ brazil ] [ england ] [ germany]

Saturday, June 24, 2006


yays! swit and france won in the game! jia en, i did it! i tonnn sucessfully. wahahaha! so wads moii reward? =P

both countries 2:0. whee! well done!! seeing korea so upset also felt kinda sad too. oh well, they haf did their best ehhs. afterall its competition. one of the team just haf to loose. yups? 2 korea players got injured yet they still continued. one was bleeding. it was realli impressed of him dat, even though he was injured, yet he still played in the game. pei fu pei fu!!

the first half game for swit vs france was kinda rough though. keep on making each other fall. korea defending is realli fierce man! hahs. swit goal keeper was gd.

the game wasnt exciting after half time. i was getting bored. lucky haf this laptop to keep moii company manx! otherwise i wld fall aslp. hee! todae gonna watch ger vs sweden. 10pm. den 3am wld b agentina vs mexico. nortt gonna watch dat game.

woke up at 2:36pm todae. oh moii. slp like a pig. hahs! been waking up every few hrs. also dunno why. minds been busy thinking of.........

hmms! i haf no idea also. mayb work barhs. all i noe. i haf been thinking, planning how am i gonna finish all moii work in 3 days. well, i haf planned out dat todae i gonna do moii maths. finish up moii mid-yr paper exam corrections and bio. den tml i going to touch on chem and lit. yups! mon i going totally finish up on bio for everything. den moii hmwork will b done! yay!

hopefully dis planning works barhs. otherwise arhs, also dunno how to finish. these 3 days gonna work real hard. nortt watching tv actually onli for world cup. sometimes i even sacrifice it. work is more impt ehhs? or rather shld i say studies barhs. dats wad adults always says. and i agree dat too.

todae moii old comp been given away to moii uncle. this comp has been wid me for like 5 yrs lo. dats is like very long ehhs? got some values in it wors. hao she bu de. bud its spoilt le la. cannot b work. somemore dat comp is like onli pentium 2. hahs! old old comp. though she bu de ta. bud haf to been given away . gonna transfer moii bro's comp to moii rm. i got a new comp den? actually consider old la. haha! den he is gonna just use laptop in his rm.

whee! dat wld b so much easier for me. his comp also ko yak! kana virus as wad i mention b4. so now haf to re-format the comp b4 can use again barhs.

will b waiting for dat day to come. den i wld b able to use the comp oftently again. yays!

*_soccer feVer_*

whoa! the world cup fever starts. all those football fans are staying up late manx to watch the match. sometymes i wonder wads so nice abt football. its like they kick and its a goal. dats all! haha. i guess its deir fighting spirit and the way how they goal and win the match. dats wad makes the competition exciting. agree? and i guess dats why i watch too.

now staying up late to watch the match wid jessica. cos i made an agreement wid her dat i will watch. swit vs korea and togo vs france. so in this match i surpport swit and france! hee hee! gurantee they will win. wahaha!

these few days been staying up to do moii work. die la! haven finish manx. also dunno wad to do. i am very tired frm work le. its like one whole pile and i am unable to finish. =X. i guess moii classmates also haven finish. cant b bothered to do for some. hahs!

okays! last two days been busy working for children holiday programme. does dat sound familar? cos 6 months ago, i also update abt this entry b4 ehhs? whoa! dat is like half yr ago like dat. hahs!

seriously, i prefer last yr batch. mayb becos i noe them well le barhs. bud dis yr is a new batch. i can say dat they are more obedient. except for the boys. omg! the boys are realli notti. haha! miss them until xi guan le. dis realli makes me wanna work for childcare manx! though sometymes it can b realli pek chek and tiring, bud as long as i love kids, it can b real fun and enjoyable too! agree?

whee! just came to noe dat instead of jess joining to watch, i haf shi hui to watch wid me too! got pei ban le. den i wont b alone watching. heh heh!

1 more hr to go!! and the match starts. wheehee hee!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

*_unknOwn feelings_*

sometymes i wonder. getting into relationship can b realli hurtful at tymes. cos dis happen to moii fren, jia en. facing relationship probs. and dis scares me manx! things are getting so complicated.

now slowly have to settle the things asap b4 the situation gets worse. luckily ytd manage to settle the prob between her and cal <- her tutor. now haf to settle between her and her bf.

hmms. is this month basically a relationship prob days? why ppl around me are facing these probs? haish! some of them told me. wahs! i can become full tyme counsellor liaos. lolls! bud actually i feel happy dat dey told me their probs cos they trust me for who i am and i will keep their probs and help them lors. however, ytd i was real stress. suddenly everything came to moii mind and i felt so lost.

hopefully dis situation does not occur moii and him manx! otherwise dis is gonna b real scary! wahaha. i guess i wont b able to slp well also. hoho! pray hard. keke!

he is leaving for a day, moii frens are facing relationship probs, moii cousin. so many things occuring to me. plus moii sch work. i felt so much like running away. bud i noe running away isnt the best solution. i haf to overcome it and face it.

i dunno why these few days i been feeling so luan. moii heart is filled wid so many things. the feeling is just so heavy dat somehow, moii heart is gonna fall anytime. i needa noe whr moii aunty church. i wanna find moii way there someday. cos, onli dere makes me feel better. and i can tok to her too. does it sound abit scary? i think its normal la hors? haha! oh well. all i can do now is just help moii frens to settle all their probs. just try moii best. tml is moii oral exams and i do not wan it to affect it. so wish moii luck for moii prelims ehhs? hopefully tml oral wont b a tough one. or else, prepare to die!!! choy choy. *touch wood*.

to jia en:
i hope u are feeling better now as one prob haf been solve. hehs! hopefully adrian will b able to understand ur feelings. and nth serious will happen to u two barhs. anything u wanna let it out just gib me a call or msg. i will b ur listening ear and i will try moi best to help u alrite? just wanna let u noe dat, wadeva happens i will always b there for u whenever u need me yups? keep moii informed! =).
dun worry too much.
love u!

Monday, June 12, 2006


it's been a few wks dat i haven been updating moii blog. cos comp haf been down. all moii impt datas/files have been gone. so cant go online. haish. so heartache.

basically the story is lyke dis :
moii bro bought dis virus scan thingy. becos some of his files got virus, he went to delete it and happen suay suay dat, the whole comp all the datas are gone. now cannot even open the files. haiyoOs.

haf to reformat the whole comp again. haish! and its lyke dunno when also. so haf to just moii bro's laptop for the moment lors. so i wont b updating moii blog as often as b4 le. sigh!

hmms. been to sch for self-study todae. no teachers. wonder if the teachers are busy or they tou lan. cos there is surppose to haf teachers to look after us so dat if we haf any qns we wld b able to question the teacher. bud there wasnt.

went hm abt an hr early to haf a gd rest at hm. was beri tired. wanna go back and rest. world cup is up! the heat is dere. heh heh! bud i didnt haf the tyme to watch manx! wasted. bud wad i am interested most is the finals la. haha! everyone is lyke so enthu. lolls!

gonna haf organ class later. i decided to take a break after thinking for so long. i simply cant cope moii organ work. the sch work is just too much. everyday i haf to finish up moii work and i hardly spend tyme wid moii organ. moreover, moii organ exam clashes wid moii o lvls exam.

i haf no choice but to drop moii passion for a moment till moii o lvl ends and i will pursue moii dreams again. hee! there are so many things i wanna do after o's. arhs! just cant wait for o's to finish.

haish! i cant bare to leave moii organ lessons...

haf to think wei le wo de o's. studies come first ehhs? dats wad ppl always sae and i think so too. oh well..

Saturday, June 03, 2006

*_stomach paINs_*

pain pain pain.!! been hafing bad stomach pains for lyke 2 days. since ytd. surppose to go for maths remedial. extra lessons bud i didnt go.

the pain came at 3am plus. and i couldnt slp for the whole nite. omg! wonder wad i eat sia. using moii pillow to press against moii stomach to slp. until 8 am plus i da bu leh da han, moii mom prepared a cup of hot milo for moii. took moii medicine after dat and went to slp. i slept for the whole morning and day. power ehhs? the medication helps me alot manx.

every 4 hrs i haf to take. otherwise the pain wld just come back. hmms! pig ehhs? slept for whole day and afternoon till nite 7 plus and i woke up. feeling so much better. though it still hurts abit bud can control. didnt eat much todae. didnt haf the appetite. onli ate like 1/4 bowl of porridge and i am full.

went to bathe and whole family prepared to go out to attend max's bday party at chevrons. jurong east there. the place is kinda quiet bud cozy larhs. kinda nice place. too bad no sea view. otherwise, the place wld b perfect! hee hee!

met vanessa jie, de tiu, sa kor, kailin, weilin at the lobby and we went in together. whoa! so many ppl was in there sia. we were like. "bluff us say not many ppl in the end so many ppl came! hahs. mayb we shouldnt haf come."

true la. bud we already came. so let's enjoy ourselves. whoa~! dis is just 19th bday and there are so many ppl le. imagine 21st bday. whoahohoho. i guess there are more. hee! max's mother's curry is so delicious. i stomach pain also cannot resist it manx. i love her curry. yummy! poor bday boii was thrown into the swimming pool. hahs! see them hafing fun its such a great thing. bday marh! shld enjoy ehhs?

went hm abt 2am plus. reach hm, moii stomach hurts again. arghs! took medication and i slept. at least todae i woke up, i felt so much better. not as pain as ytd. just haf to take medication in tyme lors.

hope it will be cured soon barhs. cos dis is so torturing! yikes! pain pain pain...

to max brother: happy 19th bday!!

tyme flies. and tml is moii 2nd aunt 3rd yr anniversary. so fast. and its 3rd yr already. i misshin her so badly. how i wish she cld appear in moii dreams everyday. she is one of moii closest aunt. who dote moii. i still remember almost everywk end or during sch holidays, i wld just go to her hse and stay overnite wid moii cousins. haishh..i wonder how she is doing in heaven. i agree dat heaven is realli a wonderful place. a peaceful place. and she is leading a happy and peaceful life there.

going to church tml to pay a visit. to pray. i haf so much things to tell her.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

*_wondErfuL day at pLayground_*

todae reminds moii of childhood days. the days when i was in pri sch. hahs! it was realli memorable manx. we act like pri sch kids and like nobody business todae.

dis morning 10 am. moii hse kitchen toilet was drilling like crazy. yucks! i hate dis noise. cannot slp le. arghs! qi si wa. i fed up. went to wash up and had moii breakfast. kitchen toilet has to renovate. all becos of downstairs. bud also cannot blame them cos its also partly our fault too. thanks to our contractor!

i was late todae. surppose to meet ah ma at 11.30am to bk the court. becos moii mom nds to buy some stuffs. so haf to stay at hm for awhile to look after the hse. in the end. minnie and jia en haf to wait for moii at moii hse outside. whee! i v.i.p!! dey must come and welcome me. lolls!

went near mr sng's block to play badminton cos we couldnt find a better place to play le. as cheryl cancelled the event. surppose to play at safra. due to some events the person called her and had to cancel. den 2nd plan was actually go to moii mom office clubhse to play. bud she is nortt working todae sohad no choice lors. bud it was fun playing!! hee hee.

went shopping at telok blangah mall. actually nortt consider shopping. cos dere isnt anything to shop. and i saw moii "ai ren"..!! oh moii. i love him. moii laogong! hahas. wondering who is he ehhs? jia en was like showing me his poster and i was blushing. oh moii! hmms. how i wish i haf dis kind of perfect guy who loved u so much. so handsome. so perfect! somemore rich de. wah..will i find one in future ? hee hee! i always forget his name. its a korean show frm stairway to heaven. dat guy!! if `euu watch dat show `eu will noe. =))

hmms! talk abt guy. hahas. basically. i dun ask for much la. doesnt haf to be so perfect. as long as i love him and he love me for who i am. we gained trust for one another and always be wid each other. i am happy le. and i found one. hee! hopefully our relationship wld last forever. =)). 11/5/06

okays! enough abt it. hmms! let me continue again. after shopping, walked back to mr sng's area. i miss him man. how i wish his contract wld faster end and come and teach our class again. everyone missed him. he is such a wonderful teacher.

play play play. as the wind getting stronger, we decided to walk to moii area's playground to play swing. whee! so fun. i was happily screaming away. cos i scared ppl push moii. haha!

suddenly it rain. so, we went to nearby coffee shop. happily chatting away. seeing our lame videos recorded frm moii phone. minnie ate sotong mee. surprisingly. its called sotong mee bud she doesnt eat sotong. hahs! sat for a while more den moii and jia en felt kinda itchy mouth. wanting to munch something. so, we went to touring around the minimart. haha! we bought chips and biscuit. den went to moii hse block area and eat. cos it was still raining. couldnt do anything so sat down and eat lors.

rain so long! haiyOos. we were so bored. luckily it drizzled in the end and we walk back to the playground. we are addicted to the swing. arhhhs! i miss being a child. hahas! we were doing so many lame stuffs. too bad here cannot upload video. otherwise u all will think we are super damn lame and siao!

back to pri sch life. i remember we used to play hopscotch. using the chalk to draw the boxes. now. we even forget the rules of playing hopscotch. we anyhow throw and hop. hahas. did our own rules.

it was so fun. so memorable. i will never forget dis day manx! being zhen by the two of u! arghs. and also happily feeding the mosquito. hopefully no dengue fever the next day ? lolls!