Friday, February 25, 2005

i fInalLy goT my nYaa cErt!!!

wheee!! i am so happi todae.. finally got my nyaa bronze cert back.. waited for abt 3 months! after the official ceremony from minister at the erm..power something building.. near somerset dere de.. during assembly..mrs kong gave out the cert to us and the badges.. the badge is so cool..wish i got gold den the colour shiny shiny de.. lols..!! liang jin jin!!-_-'' my hands shivered can when i got the cert from mrs kong den somemore i was the last one.. my god!! hahas.. in front of the whole sch somemore..everytime also like dat. wadever i do. my hands will also shiver..

okiez.. sch time!! lets c c..wad did i da dotter bo come sch todae..but nvm.. still got others.. hahas.. think she pon pon sch bah.. todae got chi mock exam.. it sux..i didnt have enough time to write finish.. i guess i lost a 6 marks question..den the tian xie han zi got some i forgot how to write.. i guess i might fail dis paper siax.. this afternoon got these students from acsi and nanyang girls sch mah.. den my this small dotter of mine.. keep wanting to c boys.. she got so depress of not looking at the guys..after sch.. sshe wants to go near audi that side.. den go peep peep at the guys.. den i buai ta han...

during guitar lessons.. she was like telling almost everyone dat i didnt get to c much of dem..lols!!anw, todae guitar was much betta den yesterday.. guess todae we not as tired as yesterday bah..can joke around..when we bored, i played dotter's hp.. play until from 4 bars of batt become 1 bar.. i li hai hor?? lucky my hp batt is strong enough.. minus by abit nia..keke..

after guitar, went to the hse craft room to find sandy and xiao mei(aiyue).. we were like chatting away.. toking abt efl.. den dey playing with my phone again.. e "jump jump" game.. bo liao de larh.. sandy so cute!! she play until so ji dong till she scream its game over.. hahaha.. so funni..!! we stayed till abt 6pm.. den went back home lo..

reach home.. pom pom, had dinner.. den went online.. my papa and mama went to the funeral and left me alone at home again...heee...freedom!!lols.. actually quite bored at home also larh.. wanted to follow dem.. but den.. go dere i guess even more sian.. all the aunty uncle will chat chat dere.. den i sit dere gong dai dai.. lols.. guess my cousins not going bah.. betta stay at home.. lagi betta.. can do my stuffs...^_^

Thursday, February 24, 2005

gRanDunClE is gOnE...!!*sobX**sobX*

dis morning woke up at 4am to do my bio and lit homework... onli had 4 hrs of slp nia.. in the middle of the night somemore having backache.. didnt slp realli well.. somemore when i woke up i was so mang zhang..wadever things my mummy said to me i juz dont wanna listen..i was so tired..well.. noe i am being rude..haix..

anw, was real tired in sch todae for the first period of bio.. me and shi hui(1st dotter).. chatting keep our minds awake.. den lit.. todae lit was quite fun!! hee..i was laughing away..den.. during recess.. finally get to go recess with sim,gen gen and marilyn..long time no chit-chat with dem for a long time.. my 2 mei meis and 1 mei fu.. lolx!!

after sch neh.. was having guitar.. so boring.. cheryl(2nd dotter) and i hardly tok coz both of us were so tired.. went home leh.. had dinner.. den my papa go pom pom.. come out le he say he going to attend funeral.. i ask who lor.. den he say ee-po husband passed away le.. and dat is my grand-uncle.. he thought i knew it yesterday.. but i didnt noe anything at all.. i was so sad.. but i didnt cry...i controlled..till after i bathe, and he went out.. i was online..listening to music..zhi xin jue dui..i broke in tears..somemore the song sad sad type one..lalala..den somemore share my problems with some of my frens but anw, feel happy dat he will be able to join my grandparents and some of my relatives in heaven le.. he would not be alone..=).. weLL.. dont think abt it le.. yue xiang yue nan guo..

lucky todae got not muchie homework.. heng heng man.. if not i wld be so stress up..mummy gonna come home late tonight.. so i wld be alone at home for the whole nite..peace!!lols..but will feel abit bored also.. keekee..

Monday, February 21, 2005

lOng TimE nO C_c....

hello hello hello hello hello hello how are u?? lolx.. long time no update blog le.. why??? coz been having alot of sch tests.. den somemore i lazy to write.. hahaha.. anw, since i am abit free now.. i write write bah.. keke

todae neh.. my family hor all sot sot.. including me.. hahas...!!*winkz*.. during eng lesson was mr sng teaching.. den i donno wad happen.. me, my two dotters, suzanna and aiyue started laughing for no reason.. den mr sng keep watching at suzanna thought she siao or wad!!?? hahah.. so funni.. oh well.. todae he taught us abt eh.. recounts..yepz!!he onli teach abit nia..

next geography den mt... mt lesson!! whee!! got test todae.. i scared i will fail siax.. coz the 3 words for zhao ju.. i forgotten how to zhao.. i cannot remember the meanings..!! hope i do well bah... recess time.. yep yep!! my marmie became crazy!!!! becoz of hk stuffs again.. she told me abt the show she watched yesterday.. she say louder and louder.. haha.. she got so excited till imuz ask her to relax.. den she keep on laughing and laughing... she tell me till the end of recess.. lolX!! den went up for poa to mr poonclass.. den when i got into the class wif marmie.. suddenly.. my frens all say i got a lao gong!! and dat is sandy.. i was like oh my god!! since when did i get a husband?? hahaha...!! den sandy was like nononono!!!lolx...

coz dey say during recess, cheryl say she wants to be de xiao ge ge..(small princess).. den dey say ok lor.. i wasnt wif dem as i went wif marmie mah.. out of no whr i got a husband!!lolx!! now become palace like dat.. sandy become the huang shang!! den me wad?? empress?? lolx!!!.. and i got a nai ma!! (nanny).. lolx!! and dat is none other den ai yue...!! den i keep disturbing her.. nai ma nai ma nai ma.till she buai ta han.. she says "if u wan to call me at least call me ee ma.. dont call me na ma.. beri bah leh.. er xin!! until my hair wan to stand..!!" me and cheryl laugh and laugh..

during poa lessons.. me and cheryl turn crazy.. we were like disturbing each other.. arh!! so fun during poa... but of coz muz listen to wad mr poon say larh.. ^_^... maths lesson i wanna zzzz.. so boring...he do revision on losine.. (-_-)Zzzzz...

after maths leh.. go home lo.. went home by myself.. lucky i finished my tuition homework le.. todae 5pm having tuition worx.. sianz!!now chattIng with my buddy... wo de hao da dang!!lolx!!.. trying to bully me...:(.. keke..

Monday, February 07, 2005

-+gOnG xI fAi cAi+-

hEya pPL.. chinese new yr coming lo..
wish u guys:
xIng nIan kuai le!!xing xiang shi cheng!!wan shi ru yi!!bu bu gao sheng!!nian nian you yu!!ma dao gong cheng!!shi shi xun li!!xue ye jing bu!!
ok larh.. i think enough liao.. kekeke.. !!

anw, todae sching was quite fun though.. i juz lub todae.. kekekeke!!hmmx.. wad did i do?? lalalala....the first 4 periods b4 recess was kinda boring.. but after recess dat ish like during accounts lesson.. i tell u arh.. i went crazy over my dotter and cheryl.. lolx!!!! can laugh till pengz..i was abt to burst!!hahas.. aiyue now become my nai ma.. den cheryl become my dotter..wheee!!!i got a new dotter.. lolX..

after accounts was eh.. ss den maths.. den i went home!!! found out dat my boss: "charlie".. sick sick worx...heart pain..lolx.. hope he can recover as soon as possible bahx... cny coming le..

yepz yepz!! these few days going to be busy busy busy!!hEe.. look forward collect ang paos!! $$$$$.. hahahs!!!