Wednesday, March 30, 2005

wAd tyPe oF huSbaNd do u wAn iN fuTuRe??

during pc period.. where we had our class time in mr tan class..we played a game..[whole class]..we were playing in a circle..dere is a inner and outer circle.. den muz face to face..showing each another ur face are u feeling todae.. well its basically abt communicating...

during eng lesson..i realise i forgot to bring my name tag to sch..and got caught by mr sng.. haix..but lucky its my first time.. so no punishment.. keke..!! tml muz bring.. otherwise i cham liao..but lucky got 10 girls to pei me.. lolz!! he taught us abt how to write a formal letter writing... he told us some jokes.. making fun of one another..

pe lesson!! run run run!!! next wk gonna have my 2.4km run.. how am i gonna survive?? arh!! scared i fail.. my stamina getting worse..must go train liao.. keke..mayb go to my mother office's gym dere to train up..?? see how lor...been so busy with my sch stuff these few days.....

recess... arh!! got some chij bt timah girls came to our sch to sell fun fair tickets... dey are so cute!!!all small small size one.. somemore pri 3 students.. keke..cant forget the time when all of us enter to the canteen and 2 girls came to approach me.."can u pls buy the tickets?? pls pls..???" den.. i reply say "later ok??" wahhh!! dey follow me to the table dere...i was like.oh no..!! den dey say.."pls help us to buy"..dey giv those pity look.. shi hui, cheryl and ai yue and me.. our heart melt.. den we all share.. buy the tickets.. each of us give out $2..coz the coupon cost $10 mah.. dey are so cute!!!den we chat with dem for a while and say bye bye!! hehehe...

ss and accounts lesson were nth much jokes stuff.. hmmX..

cme..!! wahaha.. ms lee didnt came to sch.. so i dunno wad her surname again.. a relief teacher came to the class to take over.. and she writes on the board "write what husband do u wan in future..[explain ur ans]".. we were like.. oh my god!! haha.. i so paiseh..hehehe.. but in the end i still write..wahaha...den cheryl, aiyue, suzanna, irina, felicia and baowei.. all of us wrote together.. the ans dey wrote were so funni!! wanna noe?? i share some funni ones ok??

cheryL ans:
got 5 to me...treat me very nice..etc
but i wan to be single and free!!!

baowei ans:
muz be fit.. muz eat 3 meals a day...keep a healthy my family and frens and me.. kind.. caring.. etc..
i was like.. baowei!! whr got like dat one?? hahaha..!! everyone was to find a perfect man..?? haha.. u think can find so easily de arh..?? lolx..

wanna noe mine? i share some okay? keke..mine are mostly rubbish larh.. haha.. i any how write one..
abe to be with me when i am in me for who i am..taller than me..surpport me..honest..romantic..cheerful..know how to crack jokes..sporty..have patience..enough finance to surpport me..*bleahx* to control temper..know a little bit of music..respectful..understanding..cannot be rude..muz be polite..cannot commit any!!!.. my ans are quite stupid right? haha!!

dis type of things also too early to say.. oh well.. also whr got so zoon let me have such a wonderful husband one.. got all the gd points but no bad points.. lolx!!

hahas.. den we share with each another our points.. so funni!! teasing each another also.. i laugh till i almost cry.. haha!!

after sch.. went to chem lab.. coz dat mr yeo.. so troublesome.. coz dunno the hod or wad larh.. wanna check files, notebook and practical bk.. so nd to go chem lab to check everything lor.. so ma fan.. somemore make my papa until he goes off.. as i msg him i will be late mah.. becoz of mr yeo!! hehee..

Monday, March 28, 2005

cuTiE haiR

whEe..i cut my hair on sun.. keke.. my new hair style on my profile display.. cool notx? hehe.. got spiky spiky.. lolx!!! next time my hairdresser shop near my hse nia.. block 65.. can go dere cut hair lo.. dun nd go to yew tee all the way dere..

somemore now me and her quite close liao.. she say next time i free can go dere help help.. keke!! so fun..

okays.. todae go back sch.. was damn tired.. wahhaa..feel so slpy.. coz these 2 days didnt realli slp mah.. playing the whole time...

in sch leh. .early in the morning 2 reaction of my frens towards was "geradine u cut hair arh??" second..:shocked face.. "u cut hair arh??"hahs.. den i yayaya!! but i didnt realli go and spike my hair coz sch mah.. so i flatten it lor.. put a headband too!! sch was quite fun todae.. though i was slpy.. everyone was so cheerful..

during recess.. another fren come "arhhh!! u so cute!!".. i was smiling away.. haha!! seeing the reaction was so funni...!! anw,after sch.. went back home lor.. got tuition.. nd to do lotsa work.. guess i end off here now yepz? gotta work hard liao.. tata!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

bAck fRom seNtosA

wuhoo!! finally back home sweet home!! keke.. realli had a great time at sentosa especially yesterday why..?? let me tell u the whole story k?

dAy 1: [highlighT it to c the text.. something wrong with it]
cheRyL's dad fetched me,her and her sis to harbour front.. den we took a shuttle in with my cousin, vanessa jie and my god cousin, shermain//mInmIn as well as suzanna to beach.. we went to palawan beach first.. at first wanna walk to siloso beach coz the bicycle kiosk closed down at palawan.. but den we too lazy to walk.. so?? wad happen?? we went to the beach to play for the whole day.. wakaka.. suzanna was too tired.. so in the end she stay at the beach to slp and help us look after the bags lor.. den at first ish.. me, vanessa and min min went down near the sea dere to chit-chat for awhile.. coz beri shiok mah.. den cheryl and cherie came down and join us.. dey say wanna play the sea water.. so, i went up lor.. to keep all my accessories.. den i went back.. half way thru.. vanessa and cheryl was like look at me mysteriously.. den i was like.."why u all come back".. once i asked that question.. dey carry me all the way with min min and dump me into the sea..!!!!!! i was so wet.. and my whole body full of sand.. coz dey half way no strength den dey put me down at the sand dere.. wahaha!! den i trying to struggle myself.. screaming away.. but dey wouldnt let me escape.. dey dey dump me in.. suddenly i hear my phone vibrating non-stop.. i came to realise dat.. my hp is in my pocket.. there goes my hp!!!! spoil!!! lucky at home got spare one.. haix.. gonna get scolding frm my papa and mama.. so careless of me..

we saw alot of hmmX.. doggies and puppies.. dey are all so cutie!! as well as small kid.. we saw one looks like a princess.. she is so cute!! too bad at that time i havent got my cam yet.. if not i will take here and dere.. keke!! after dat dis cheryl and cherie go make sand balls.. haiyo.. abt hmmx.. 4 30plus.. kai lin and jean as well as my aunties came to join us.. we were building sand castle.. keke.. not long, me, van and min went to the sea to soak ourselves again.. coz our whole body were all sand.. wahaha.. saw dem.. my 2 cousins as well as cheryl and cherie, making sand balls.. like preparing to aim at us... keke.. guess wad idea we think of??

we ran to dem.. take the sand balls and throw at cheryl... den me and min min went to chase cheryl and pull.. carry her and dump her into the sea..!! wahaha.. my revenge.. realli had a great time..

went back to the resort..gen joined us..!! den i didnt see her mum was behind her.. i was like.. "gennn!!!" i wanted to touched her and disturb her with my wettie clothing.. hahas.. den saw her mother behind.. i was like "oh my god.." den i say "hi auntie!!" hahaha..!! so paiseh.. keke..

bathe finish lo.. went out to harbourfront to had our dinner at dragon boat restaurant.. shiok eh?? my aunt treat us.. keke..!! eat finish lo.. went back to the resort.. our rooms..!! all ki siao one!!

abt 1am.. me, cheryl, cherie, suzanna and gen in a room.. den my mama and aunty will join us to slp when dey want to.. coz dey in the 2nd rm gambling cards.. we played cards.. was so crazy together.. and we took picx!! with my cousins too..!! show u some..:
1.Image hosted by
gEn tRyinG to kiLL mY leG wiF hEr wEighT.. lolX..!!

2.Image hosted by
gRp phOto..: chEriE.chEryL.mIn.kAiLin.jEan.vAn.miE&gEn

3.Image hosted by

den we outside to take at the balcony...nicer place.. ^^
4.Image hosted by
vAneSsa jiE lefT hand waS hoLding thE torCh to kEep the plAce bRight..

5.Image hosted by

6.Image hosted by
iTs uS aGaIN..!!

7.Image hosted by
miE anD vAneSsa jiE

thaTs aLL...

b4 slping.. gen was like lying down on the bed by herself.. and she doesnt wants to get up.. coz everyone wants to slp le mah.. we got no space to slp.. so in the end.. i have to disturb her.. keep ka jiaoing her.. pull her.. tickle her.. until we got into pillow fights.. lolx!! everything we do we are always "fighting" one another.. with her around its juz so fun..!!

dAy 2: [highlight it again]
woke up at 7am.. i couldnt slp the whole night can? i keep tosing and turning around.. was slping with suzanna.. when dey wanted to wake me up.. dis gen.. come to my place.. and start disturbing me..wad happen again?? we "fight"!!... hahaha!! everything also.."fight!!".. den i went back to slp again.. kekeke...!! dun care abt her.. and den she took pic and video of me.. !!

1. Image hosted by
miE slPinG a poSe??

2.Image hosted by
shE tooK miE whEn i wAs slPinG!![my messy haiR]

3.Image hosted by
fAcinG thE othEr wAy..

8am.. woke up.. went to wash up myself to have breakfast den all of us went to beach.. dis time is siloso beach.. went for cycling.. and i got push into the sea again!!!!!! cheryl loh!!!! haha.. but i also dun care i also push her inside.. go throw me sand balls.. idiotic woman.. *bleahx*..

b4 going to the bicycle kiosk.. mie and my god kuzzin, shermain took pic..

1.Image hosted by
weT weT uS..juZ goT out fRom seA..

2.Image hosted by

went cycling for abt an hr.. so which is 1130.. den went back to resort to bathe.. and check out lo..

had lunch at harbour front food centre.. den went home le.. reach home le.. i saw "xiao qiang"in my living room!! idiotic insect.. my mother went to spray it.. and it died!! whee!! den went to unpack all my dirty stuff.. soon my father came home.. den my mother told my papa dat my phone was spoiled.. den he nag and nag and nag.. coz my phone kana in the water.. haix!!! i feel so guilty... wad to do? who ask me so careless.. hmx.. lucky got spare least i can use dat.. but all my numbers will be gone!!!!!! *sobx**soBx*.. need to get from my frens the number again.. ma fan!!!!!

tonight going to vanessa jie's hse to stay overnight.. going to jp to watch movie..!! jian gui 10.. dey too hyper lo.. hahaha!! coz cindy jie and lawerence kor treating us go mah.. so go watch den i go over and stay overnight den tml den go home lo.. keke...

k larh.. will end here for todae.. nd to finish up my work b4 i go to their hse..

Thursday, March 24, 2005

hOliDaY.. bEEp bEep...!!

wheE~!tml is gd fri.. going to sentosa..!! with gen gen, cheryl and suzanna.. but in the evening gonna join my family to have dinner den stay overnite at sijori resort.. keke.. coz my mama got free room voucher.. so shiok hor??

mayb asking my 2 cousins c dey wanna join us too in the afternoon.. keke..!! wanna have fun on fri..

hmmX.. todae in sch didnt do much larh.. juz dat gt punishment from mr sng during recess time coz during morning assembly got some girls from our class strolled in slowly thought the bell had already rang.. but i dun blame dem.. yepz? the punishment is like during recess time.. he take attendance den, he will nag nag nag.. den go off le.. abit bo liao hor?

todae gotx so many work to do.. guess its serious time ya? this term is a short term.. so beri fast will have mid-yr as well as my "o" lvl chi...

ok larh.. will end here todae.. will keep u guys update when i come back from my ehhhhh...sentosa trip? keke..

Monday, March 21, 2005

stArTinG oF scH dAy

sian arh sian arh...!! start sch day again.. den muz wake up early early.. keke.. dis morning cant wake up until my mum gotta shake me and pull me until i she de wake up.. lolz..!! todae have to go to sch by myself.. coz my dad went to malaysia with my uncles to attend wedding dinner..

actually todae starting of sch wasnt dat bad at all.. we had fun in class chatting and checking of our ca papers.. haix.. dun wanna tok abt it..!! all i can say is dat i have already did my best...^^..

whee!! i gonna change blogskin again. .so dat i can upload some picx.. or else arh.. the space so small c pics also so sian.. *bleahx* now my skins under construction.. sorry for the inconvience... kekeke...!! will try to change it as nice and as soon as possible.. whoa!! does it sounds similar to u?? renovating a shop or mrt?? lolz!!

todae is my buddy birthday..!! write to u a song bah.. kekeke
happy birthday to u...
happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to eRic..
happy birthday to u...!!

thank you for being a great fren of mine!! .hUggiEs.
hope u enjoy ur bday celebration..!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

i am bAck!!!

after 3 days of camp i am back!! i am so tanned now.. wuhooo!! hahas.. crazy me.. realli had an enjoyable time man..i miss the camp!!came back with alot of scratches and bruises on legs and hands.. but i dun mind!!=)

first day:
kayaking day... all of us went to kayak.. during the basic theory.. i was kinda pek chek.. coz aiyue, my partner.. wasnt using much strength.. i am using my full strength leh..i was like can u pls "yong yi dian li??"den somemore i forgot how to turn the kayak.. haven been kayaking for abt 3 months..since my last obs trip.. keke.. oh well.. after having our lunch, we begin our mini expedition..kayak last we noe how to control it.. wuhoo!! guess wad?? our 2nd task was like.. the back and front have to take turns to stand on the kayak.. wahaha.. it was kinda scary though.. but we made it!!.. so cool..!! last task was the worst part.. all of us didnt expect dat the low tide wld happen so fast.. normally it will appear to be around 6pm.. but we finishes at 530 like dat.. it was a torture to all of us.. when we reach to the shore.. the place was muddy..when i got out of the kayak.. i got stuck in the mud.. i could move at all.. all i can do is struggle my legs out of the mud.. but i juz cant do it.. in the end, i called for help..i see who i call.. dey were also struggling..i was the one and only one left stuck near the sea.. while some of them will sitting on the kayaks resting.. den i panick!! quickly shout and shout and shout.. water were splashing at me.. at my face.. but i juz dont care..i was kinda fed up.. but i told myself not to give up... den gen gen my mei mei!! came to my rescue.. both of us dig the mud up.. den finnally i got up all thanx to her.. we crawl our way to the boat.. wuhoo.. so tiring can?

guess wad we saw? we saw starfishes...!! dey are so slimy.. keke.. anw, help the rest liao.. den left me and gen gen.. she was tired and her leg was seriously injured.. so i asked her to rest on the kayaks and i pushed the kayak by myself wif all my might and strength...finally reach to the other side of the shore.. den i push the kayaks back to the sandy part...while gen was too tired to go on..den came jenica and chandee to help us..all of us were so tired.. and jenica got injured becoz of us..her leg was bleeding beri badly..but she still carry on.. realli feel beri bad..chandee went to help gen gen to get up...i was like.. i dont care my leg hurts or wadeva anymore..i juz wanna end this and jenica was kinda piss off already.. keke..!!

pull pull pull.. finally we reached!! and our teacher helped us too to carry the kayak.. i was out of strength..i cannot carry back was aching badly also..i lied on the frens was like are u alright?? hahas..went to the toilet wif md to wash off the muds and dirts.. den came gen..we went to the swimming pool side..wash wash wash...whee!!though its painful touching the water..keke..after cleaning up..the instructors call us to wash the kayaks and stuffs..we spend 1 and a 1/2 hr washing fast can? ^^.. went back to the chalet and wash up.. so nice..!! it was realli a terrible day... worst den obs..

2nd day:
our day to pulau ubin for trekking.. dis wasnt dat fact it was quite fun..we did our own cooking.. we had maggie dogs..baked beans and sadin fishes.. yum yum!! it was so hot man.. but nvm..we eat like one family.. my grp 4 so united..!! hehehe... we did abt 2 and a half check points.. den we went back to the basketball court to assemble..when we wait everyone to come.. we played games with the instructors.. so fun..!! den abt 5pm, went back to the pasir ris..for debrief den went back to chalet.. it was an enjoyable time.. we slept at abt 12am.. toking our land expedition..coz the 4 of us, shi hui, me, sandy and huiying in different grps mah.. den we were toking abt our experience.. sandy was toking abt ms maggie lee.. so funni!!!

last day:
we played games with the instructors and we bang dem.. hahas.. it was realli fun doing all the cheers and stuff.. some of the games are so lame..
realli realli bu she de to go home can?? it was our last day..we did rope elements at may adventure was fun.. but at the last part i didnt do the abeseiling.. coz suddenly i got leg cramp.. cannot move my i have to sit down and rest.. realli regret man.. it was so fun.. anw, abt 5 pm went back to sch.. it was soon going to be dismiss.. when we reach sch.. rachel, shermain dey all cried can?? and i almost cried too.. but i told myself not to..i have to be was realli sad...we did a debrief till 6pm..den we played games with the other grps. .hahas.. and cheers too till 630 pm.. so she bu de.. we said bye bye to the instructors..daddy fetched me home....

Monday, March 07, 2005

scary scary!!*bleAhx*

half day todae.. whee whee whee..!!! hahas.. but hor to me like no diff leh.. onli 2 hrs earlier nia.. lols..

anw, mr sng's lesson was kinda fun todae.. keep on disturbing the girls.. den when we did summary todae mah.. while giving out the straits times, he suddenly tok to me.. den i was smiling away.. hahas.. coz on sat my malaysian relatives came to our hse to gib wedding invitation cards.. so, went to our hse nearby to eat seafood lor.. saw mr sng wif his wife eating.. didnt noe he was such a big eater.. eat so much food!! keke..

after eng was geography.. mrs low was toking wif us abt casino stuff.. wad are the postive impacts and negative impacts.. why do they wanna build casino... den everyone gib points lor.. =)

mt lesson.. i so wu jin da cai.. at first beri gd mood.. thought dat i will do beri well for my ca mt.. i was full of confidence can? when paper return back.. i realise i failed.. so sad..!!! suddenly my hands all beri cold.. i was thinking wad if i show dis to my chi tuition teacher..? wad will happen?? she has high hopes on me and got confident dat i will get an a2.. haix.. over over le.. all i can say is dat.. i will study real real hard the next exam.. realli..!! chi is so important to me now..

10am.. whee.. eFL camp briefing.. my god is something like obs camp.. my 2nd nightmare..!! arhhh!! go pulau ubin trekking.. kayaking for expedition.. go for one island to another island again.. arhhhhh!!!.. den still got wad.. yepz!! those rope elements.. my favourites man!! but i scared of heights.. i guess i will scream?? keke.. but i juz lub sports..!! hee.. so funn!! but arh.. wo jiu shi papa.. everytime also like dat.. lolz! going for dis camp on wed till fri.. 7am in the morning muz report.. den on fri is 7pm reach sch..

later going to temple to c my master and pray.. long time no go temple le..miss the temple so muchie!! silly me right? but i juz got feelings for it.. hehehe..^_^...

okie larh.. will end here for todae...!! if can i try to update tml too b4 i go for my camp.. *miZ ya*

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i Am sO STRESS!!!

ca has started..!! yesterday was my first paper.. todae was my eng and lit.. dis morning woke up.. didnt realli had a gd slp.. keep worrying abt my papers.. haix.. feeling so stress.dis morning i somemore cry silently.. pretending dat i was slping.. i so scared!! i noe its silly.. but i am juz scared.. lolz!!

anw, todae's eng paper.. i did realli bad.. i lost 11 marks bcoz i didnt have time to finish.. somemore when i read the paper.. my vision suddenly abit blur blur.. i cant concentrate at all..i dont even noe wad i was doing.. i was feeling so tensed.. almost cried siax..but i told myself not to cry.. and i did it..!! lolz!! so sad.. after the paper.. i didnt realli have the mood to talk.. i so men men bu le..=(.. after the paper was whole mind was still thinking of the eng paper...den chem..hahahaha!!the funniest part.. everyone dont noe dat we are surppose to go to the chem lab until irina came up to class and told us.. so, onli the band 2 girls are at the chem lab.. den the whole class went thing beri funni is dat.. when we went down to the chem lab... mr yeo's face expression look so depress.. somemore his hair messy messy one.. lolz!!i was laughing like mad.. i noe i beri bad larh.. but the whole class were like laughing too.. *bleahx*.. den he nag nag nag lor.. coz we late for lesson..

hmmX.. after chem was recess time.. me and suzanna rush up to class to study lit..both of us so worried for lit can?? den we were like so tired..feel like slping.. but cannot.. have to finish studying.. 40 mins pass and... lit paper has started!! my god.. lucky i noe how to do siax.. but den when mr siew was reminding us "u left 2more mins".. wah piang.. i kan jiong liao!! at first i noe how to write.. become i anyhow write rubbish.. die man!!! all his fault!!! lolz..

during bio lesson... wahhaa.. mrs leong showed us our efl grpings.. we all all kana serparate.. onli roomings den we are together.. so weird right?? lolz!! donno why also.. haix.. anw, i also dont mind.. its something like obs.. juz mix around wont dat be great?? get to noe more frens around u.. yepz?? hmmX.. after sch.. went back homie!!

home sweet home!! papa bought for me chicken rice.. yummy!! anw, todae will be my last blog of the wk.. wont be updating dat often le.. will be busy studying my ca.. mayb after ca i will blog again bah.. kekeke..!!ok larh.. will end off...!!! wish me luckie!!*wiNkz*