Sunday, August 30, 2009

`` Soreeeee -

Just came back not long ago from supper at Lau Pat Sat with my colleagues. Bonds & relations with each other have grown stronger & closer. Which makes me feel , I'm already apart of them. 2 more months to go ... & I'll be down to front office.

I donno if that would be a good sign or not . But there's one thing for sure , I'll do my best no matter how hard it takes. I still have a long way , not the time to give up as yet. There are lots to learn.... And Geradine will continue to learn. (:

I'm down with a slight sorethroat. Thus , I can't talk as much . Do pardon me on my quietness. I'll be back once I've recovered. Wahahhahas ~
This is not the right time to lose my voice . =(

" If only I got the creativity to write .
I would have the pace to write the song . "

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

`` 我真的好累.....好累.

心事重重却无法说出口 .
外表开朗, 内在痛伤 .
继续, 实在是很难 .
" I tried to live ,
But it never fade. "

Monday, August 17, 2009

`` 我真的好累 -

I can't stand this anymore !
Can you just bring all the materials and fix it up once and for all ? Instead of bringing some & forgetting to bring the rest ? You guys simply pisses me off ! I cannot stand the fact , I have to come home , seeing piles of boxes in my living room hall, so messy, so filthy ... Coming home searching for things which I cant find in my room. Carrying those boxes up and down.

I was suppose to have a full length mirror. It is always one thing which I have always wanted in my room. And in the end, you guys just give me 1/2 length ? WTH ! Aren't you all suppose to fit to customer's requirements ? And not what you all wanna do ?

Where's my glasstop table ?
To think you have even forgotten all about it ?! Say you guys are professional ? My foot ! Its almost going 2 months . And you guys havent completely done with my room ? Why ?! Even my brother's room are done & they were the last to start while mine was the first.

I am so Utterly Disappointed and Frustrated !!
I really broke down this time......

Anyways , my laptop has been crashed . It's pointless to get it fix over & over again. Moreover, the model is already old. I've decided to get a new one.
Macpro or Sony Vaio ? Which one should I purchase ? I'm stuck in between these two and both have the specs I need.
Anyone knows where to get decal stickers as well ? I'm looking for one for my room wall.

" I'm tired of being home .
Only being out makes me feel better. "

Saturday, August 15, 2009

`` ):


I wish you can stop ! Just stop grumbling ! Whatever it is done , it is done . My mom do has feelings too okay ?! She's tired , she's exhausted ! She hardly had some sleep till the fact that she's falling ill. Have some considerations will you ? Stop ranting on my mom ! Everyone makes mistakes. Don't you too ? You yourself agree too to sign the contract with him ! So stop putting blame on her ! I'm tired of hearing noises in the house. I just want a peaceful home where everyone can just get together and be happy.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

`` DAMN !!

This week I've been coming home everday feeling up with frustration. Yesterday , I burst out of tears silently to my sleep as I could not take it anymore. Have not been updating blog recently becos i've been having busy schedules regarding my work & renovations.

I was doing either OT or doing designs of board for promotion. I have finally finished them. Will upload my workpiece when I'm able to. =)
Regarding the renovation . Everyone in my family is feeling very piss off with the contractor. Giving us excuses after excuses & he still dare to ask for more $ . Which is totally impossible !

Sorry peeps ! Allow me to vent my frustration here .

" Stop coming to my house , giving us black face ... asking my mom or dad for money any further. Pleading us to pity you ? Fat hope !! You've caused so much inconvience to us. To think we have once trusted you to have done out our room nicely. In return , you spent our money on other things and you still dare to ask for more ? Don't you think its too much ? Don't you dare take advantage of our kindness ! & please ... stop giving us those dramatic excuses. We don't have to know all these stories of yours. All thanks to you , our house is in a total mess !! No proper bed , No proper furnitures to store our things , No mirror to look at our appearance .. we can only view by our own imagination. etc etc . To think I've also once respected you. I was soooo damn wrong. Now , we've finally seen your true colours !

One more time I see your face , asking my parents for money. Let me tell you this , I don't give a damn anymore. Don't force me to scold you either & be rude to you. Cos you are the one pushed us in this state ! "

Bye Bye for now .
Will update details tomorrow. Goodnight !
This is so damn frustrating !!

" Open your eyes when you make a decision .
Choose a wrong one & thus, ended up feeling full of regrets . "