Monday, September 28, 2009


Finally get to use my laptop officially . Been so busy , haven't even got the time to explore. Bought this during the last day of the IT fair. I used to hate apple products last time. Been receiving so many feedbacks from people that their items spoil easily,  frequently bringing it for repair. Plus, their programmes are so much different from Windows. 

Until now , I came to study , it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, these are their unique marketing way of people purchasing their products. I'm starting to like apple things actually. But their products are damn expensive ! Same goes to Sonys'. 

I'm really glad to say , I finally got a new decent laptop to use. No more lagging , no more breakdowns, no more frustrations of old laptop. This one,  got all specs I need & want. I'm more than satisfied. Decided to get a 13" laptop with 250gb of space with the price of $2408. Due to my first of using Mac , therefore, I came to a decision of getting this model for myself to familiarize and get used to first before I go for the advance one.  I'm also proud of myself that I did not ask my parents for a single cent to purchase it. They've spent more than enough on the house renovations and bro's wedding. I wouldn't ask them for more. 









Now I can start doing what I always love to. (: 
Anws, been down with cough and sorethroat recently. My voice is getting lower & lower every morning . But the funny thing is, it gets well in the afternoon. And night time , my voice started to change again. Probably its the weather.

Looking forward to tomorrow's off day. Finally can get some rest ! 
I see my bed calling for me.............. XDXD .

" After a long hard day of work , 
It's time to rest. "

Monday, September 21, 2009

`` Brother's Big Day ,

I personally want to thank these people for making my song a wonderful one. 
  • Dear - For lending me your place to do this song
  • Darling Sim - Helping me in the lyrics 
  • Nicholas Bung - For being the guitarist & giving his time to travel everywhr I go for practise
  • Nathaniel - Despite his busy schedules , he still make his way down on the recording day to help me on harmonizing
  • Daryl - Without you , without your place , without your effort , without your editing .. this music , this song would not have been a success. Despite your exams & study time , you still made the effort to rush through & finish up this song of mine. 
Thank you so much everyone !! 

I have finally completed this video & made this surprise a successful one.  It was my brother's big day ytd and this day has arrived. I barely had rest . The most was an hour and a half . Then my parents and I had to prepare for my brother's wedding stuffs. Anw, morning was pretty hectic as I've never entertain so many guests before in my life at home. My whole hse was packed , all of us barely had any space to walk. We had to squeeze through. Hees ! But , it was really fun. (: 

Headed to the hotel at 5pm to get our make-up done for the night. Then headed down to the ballroom to have my rehersal with Marcus . Both of us will be singing during the night. It was really a great experience . Sang this song " How Do I Live ".  I had never ever sing in front of so many people in my life. The ballroom was filled with 500 guests. I was indeed nervous. My stage fright was there. But this was what I have to to tell myself .. 
" This is my brother's big day. I'm never gonna screw it up. I'm doing this not only for myself but for everyone. "
And I really thank god , I did it all . Just that during the beginning , there were abit of shivers as my family members were doing some funny moves which made me laugh actually. This was also my first to have received so many cheers & applause from people. I was really really delighted. 

To marcus
I know you wont be seeing this , but still .. I wanna thank you for making the effort to play it for me during the night. It's been a pleasure working with you. (

I also wanna thank the MCs , the Bqt staffs & the AV people who have made this surprise a wonderful one. They played the video after the newly weds finish saying their thank you speech and have settled down in their seats. Everyone watched. And stood up , with cheers & claps looking at me. For all I did , wasn't the purpose of receiving all these. It was because, everyone's marriage was once in a lifetime. And most of all , he's my brother  .. The one who I've been living with since the day I was born for 20 years. We grew up together in the same family, with same surname. I did everything was out of love. 

You know what ? It's been so long I've last received a kiss from him. (: 
Words can never express how happy I was .. 

I thank god for everything . 
Most importantly , I wanna thank my mom for supporting me , for staying up with me till 4am the day before just for me to finish up the video & also, giving advises on how to improve the video better. 

I LOVE YOU ALL ! Thank you everyone ! (: 
Geradine is really happy tonight . 

p.s : will upload the photos once i've received them. 

" A memorable day . 
with great experience. "

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

`` Flu Bugg !

After lost of voice , here comes the flu .
Bahhhhs ~
Been having the strong nasal range whenever I sing . Trying to get back my voice as soon as I can & also , to practise for this week's lesson . Haven't been back for almost a month.

I miss my classmates & somehow , thinking back , recalling ........ I miss VS peeps too ! But unfortunately, whenever they had gathering , I'm stuck at work . Hopefully there would be a day where I can meet up with them. (:

Was working today & I felt the itchiness in my nose. The feeling of wanting to sneeze but yet , not to. It was so uncomfortable ! And I can feeel the tears in my eyes... Watery Watery feeling . Lols !

p.s : people ! do take care of yourself as I know weather's been bad nowadays. It's easy to fall ill.

" An opportunity arises ,
I'm not gonna miss . "

Saturday, September 05, 2009

`` Knowledge skills .

I gain-ed , learnt , remembered .
make perfect isn't it ? Well, I had my first experience of cooking Crepe Suzette in front of guests. Seriously, I should thank my " brother ", Himansu for standing beside me. Becoz' without him , I guess , I would screw up my cooking & the sauce would not have tasted so nice too. Hahs ! I was indeed nervous but more practices would gain my confidence level . This was the best sauce I had ever tasted so far. (:

It's an achievement I've made. But still , I have lots to learn. 2 more months left to go . I'm gonna take every opportunity to learn as much as I can. Though time is short, but there's still room for improvement in every way.

" Learning everyday in everyway ,
Remembering all the importance that needs to be noted. "

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Exhaustion has lead to the peak of the mountain.
I've lost myself & lose control.
Trust was what I had handed to.
Temperature rise when little was done.
Bangs & voice were clearly heard.
Gradually, tears flew down my rosy cheeks
I hide myself , silently in a corner of the quiet room.
No one knows.

This is not the life I wanna lead.
Nor this is something that I ever wanted.
All I need was time to pull me through.
It was a mistake I've ever made , over-estimation was the name.
Now time is starting to constrain me.
I'm starting to lose all my loves & had to choose which are the importance.
Sacrifice was what it was called.

My body is breaking down in no time .
I know that I've suffered but I was given no choice.
Everything is piling up & I had to finish it all .
Giving up was something I once thought of .
However, it wasn't worth at all.
Or else, all my efforts would have gone to waste.
As long as there are time left , everything is worth a try.
I won't give up nor I won't give in.
Just a lil cry out , and I will continue again.
I'll be better for sure.

Don't worry peeps ! I'll be fine. (:
Just too exhausted & stress out .

" Hidden in a corner ,
Not knowing where was I . "