Saturday, July 26, 2008

`` A Brand New Beginning ..

Thanks to Darling En & Sweetie
It's a brand new start , a brand new beginning .
I kept my promise !


" Erase those pains away .
Bring those beautiful memories closer to you . "

Thursday, July 24, 2008

`` CRAZY .

I'm very stress out !
It's driving me crazy !
" A Secret Left Untold .
Stop Pushing Me .."

Monday, July 21, 2008

`` I Just Wish ..

Sometimes I just wish things would be for the better .
I'm Simply Exhausted !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

`` You're the perfection in my eyes .


This is the day where both of us have been looking forward to .
This is also the day where you proposed your love to me & melted my heart .
At 3.10pm is the time when I accepted your love .
And that's how our fairytale journey begins ........

Time flies . A year have passed . All these while , you have brought me the love I have never once asked for . You know the best out of me . You pampered me like a princess . I thank god for finding me such a wonderful guy like you . (:

" Lock my heart to you .
Throw away the key to a faraway place .
Let no one find it because I'm forever yours . "

You are my guardian angel , you are the perfection in my eyes . Life would nothing without you . You're the only guy whom I wan to spend with for the rest of my lives . Let's complete our beautiful journey together . Never let it end .

3 words , 8 letters with 1 meaning .
Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhs !

with many more years to come ..

This was the gift I prepared till 3am the day before .
Inside were all the records of dates & events we spent together . Including number of sms-es we sent each month . (:




with our photos engraved




Hahs ! Obviously , I didnt get enough slp . Feeling so dead when I was on my way to school but thinking of celebrating my special day with him it perks me up .

He left this on my table during lunch break


Everyone in the class was like .. " Awwwws ..... "
Hees ! I was really touched indeed . This was the first surprised from him but it's not over yet . The next part was during our dinner . (:

Took a cab down to Bencoolen Street . He doesnt want to tell me where were we going . So I just wait till we reached that destination .

My Secret Garden


We entered in . It was really a beautiful & romantic place to go . Place was quiet . It gave us alot of privacy . So couples , you can consider going there & you will never regret !

Dear actually called up the restaurant the day before and planned with the person in charge . So , they came out with this . We were given 4 course set dinner . Just had to choose among the choices they gave us . And this was our final decision .

Soup : Lobster Bisque
Appetizer : Chicken salad & Escagot .
Main course : Dory Fish & Rack of Lamb
essert : ( Surprise )

Our Welcome Drink


The table setting
somehow , it reminds me of charcoal & rosette


Inside of the restaurant


That's my HUBBY ! (:


While waiting for the arrival of food . Dear sprung me with another gift . A file which contains all our memories inside . Awwws ~


And then , he opened up the gift I gave to him


Okay ! Here comes our food ...





It was the first time me trying the Escagot . At first I do not dare to try but dear & the person in charge asked me to . So I built up my courage & tried it . And hey ! It tasted nice but I don't really like the feeling . Maybe I do not know how to appreciate eating it or maybe it was such pschological barrier that I'm having . LOL .



Another of my first time trying the rack of lamb . I can't eat beef . So I had no idea how beef tasted like and dear said it tasted like this . So I gave it a try . NICE ~ !

I had no idea when he took this


After the main course is done , here comes the drinking of tea .


The place was really quiet . The whole restaurant were just us and it really seems like dear really booked the place . Hahs ! But of cos it's not larhs . Service was excellent . Food was simply delicious . Everything went perfect . This place really gave me a very good impression of it !

Not long the guy came to our table and talked to me . Asking me to get prepared because they would be preparing something special for me . Playing a song that dear wanna expressed his words to me . He asked me to listen carefully and not to ask him the song title after I listened to it . Hahs ! Such a joker !

Lights dimmed . Here comes this appearing to me ...


We wished for " everlasting love " . And pooof ! We blew off the candle together . Then he got up and came to me . Gave me kiss & wished me anniversary . Words can never express how touched I was . It almost brought me to tears but I controlled . This is not my house but its a restaurant . I dont wan to tear . Hahs !

This shows how happy I was


Thank You So Much Dear !
you are the sweetest guy I've ever met


After everything was done , the person in charge came over to our table again and explained to me what dear actually planned . I melted . I really felt how much I meant to him & this make me treasure him even more because no one has ever did that to me !

Settled the bill , thanked the guy because he was the one whom planned all these . Making it so perfect ! We'll definately be coming back again .

Before we left ..



I love this quote of theirs .
" Whatever remains in My Secret Gardens , shall remain as a secret . "

We left the place & walked to PS .
Dear was complaining so much about my camera becos the pictures turned out make him look fat . He loathes my camera . LOL .


He kissed


She kissed




Left at 1030 pm . Took a train back . Dear sent me home . (:
I will never forget this special night .

" Together we stand .
Together we fall .
We are together as one , forever we'll be . "

To those matchmakes who brought us together .

thanks for putting goods word on him & helping me to make a decision among the choices . I guess .. without you , I don't even know if I will choose him either. LOL ! Anw , it's you who brought us together and I will never forget that . (:
Anw , whatever probs you are facing .. Have the courage to face it . You mayb the only daughter in the family but don't forget your friends around you care for you as well . Ah nek ! I know you miss ah neh . Don't be too sad about it . Cos still got many ah nehs around for you to choose . Hahas ! You will kill me when you see this . But nvm . I know your heart is always open big .

Thanks for everything !


hmms ~ I don't know if you guys are reading my blog but just wanna thank you too for bringing us together . Encouraging Justin how to win my heart yeahs ? Hahs ! I will never forget how the both of you & Jaslin joined forces for Justin to spring me those surprises . Thanks alot , BUNGS !


180708 , FRIDAY

I read an email at night . An email from my family . Then I realised , they don't seem to understand me at all . I was hurt , depressed , heartbroken . At that point of time , I was confused . I do not know what to do . I decided to be alone & left home at 9pm .

I just walked .. Continued walking . I felt like a useless daughter . For all that I have done , it wasn't appreciated at all . I hated myself . In the end , I walked to Keppel Bay . I need a breather . I was thirsty & just nice darling en msged me .

Thanks darling for making your way down & listen me out .
I felt you as well . Let's share this together .
There's always a solution out of it . (:

Surprisingly , when I reached there & sat down , I was feeling very down but I cant tear . Probably I was too exhausted to do so because I was already having a bad day the day before . Getting scolded by my dad for no reason througout the nite , I lost my file , my internet connection was down and USB cables were giving me problems .

It was drizzling over there . Darling said this to me .. : " See ! Even the sky is crying for you . " Hahs ! Its always nice to be under the rain whenever you are feeling down . Stayed till 1130pm and we walked home . I felt better when I reached home . I just need a break from everything .

My plans : Taking steps at a time . Replied the email to say out my feelings .


190708 , Saturday

Vocal lesson started at 1230 pm . It was fun though . Found out that there are new things coming up ! Cailing was the " teacher " to Gab in explaining what Laoshi said . LOL ! My singing was really bad because this song that laoshi chose for me was really tough & I'm really not comfortable singing it .

Joss Stones - I had a dream .

So in the next lesson , she asked me to choose a song which I'm comfortable in & make sure it's a song where I can project my voice . Any idea which song should I sing ? Leanne Rimes ? Josh Gorbans ? Hahas .

Went to meet up with mom and grandma in Chinatown . Had lunch with them & helped mom to carry the heavy stuffs she bought . Chatted with Ping when I got home . Problems with Ping & En is getting from bad to worse .

Girls , this message is for you .

I really hate seeing my girlfriends argue . Especially the ones which are close to me . Just becos of a guy and spoils the friendship between the both of you . Seeing you two like this really pains me alot . All I can say is , you two really need to talk things out personally , face to face . If you two gonna just keep on blogging to each other & msn-ing . It's just gonna fire the both of you up because basically , you don't know how each other feels and what each other meant . Typing may lead to misunderstanding but if you were to talk things out personally , you can really see the expression of each other faces and understand the feelings .

This is what I think & how I felt . Of cos , I will try my best to help as much as I can . I will still be with you girls no matter what . Remember what I said . Give it a thought. LOVE YOU GIRLS .
" Whatever the outcome may be .
I will respect it ."