Monday, January 29, 2007


mayb going to work is a good thing . just keep myself busy wid work & it'll stop me from thinking those RUBBISH ! in this way, it wld make me feel better as well . im just tired of my family probs . someday i may just go BOMBARDED if i continue thinking . so why nortt i just keep myself busy and remain happy ? wldnt that be better ehhs ?

i shld count myself lucky for dar to be surpportive wid me & he is able to be by my side.
i shld thank myself for controlling my temper & not making the situation worse by voicing out .
it wld only turned out another conflict if i do that .
so wads the point ?
i find it ridiculous if i did dat .
i'll never forgive myself as well .

okays ! enough of this . i'll try not to think abt it anymore though i still hurt . there isnt any use for me being unhappy for such a long time which affects my feelings . that's so not me !
gib me time to tune back barhhhs .
moreover, mon is my result day on 5th feb .
i dunno wads the turnout to be like .
i dun even wanna noe wads my result .
all i noe ive did my best .
i ve give out my best shot .
let's see bahs .
it's unknown !

workload for todae was very heavy as closing billing is on wed so we had to rush lotsa stuffs . my boss brought me out to eat ! so sweet of her . then we were happily chatting away . =) . so kind of her to ve treat me drink for lunch . its the first time todae that i cant finished my work todae . gotta finish them tml ! its a heavy heavy one for tml ! hahs .

surpposed to meet alex kor after work as i nd to return him his cd.
ohs ! btw,
hahs . its his bday todae . decided to pei him haf dinner at tanjong pagar plaza & we chatted . then, we saw one gentlemen guy selling jap food ? both of us were luffing away becos i haf never seen such gentle guy before plus friendly. lols . GOOD SERVICE ! ((:

thanks kor for treating me ICE LEMON TEA .
hahs .

left at 7 plus & took 145 home. so nice of kor to ve pei me take bus home as he wanted to go redhill mrt to meet his fren as well .
then ,

had dinner wid my dad. didnt know he waited for me larhhs. cos normally, he wld eat first when he's hungry . OMG ! hurry up heated up the food and we ate together. lalalas ~

was checking my email , i saw this phone !
omg !! IM IN LOVE WID IT !
can anyone tell me wads the model of this phone ?
if you know , pls tell me !!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

dun u think its damn cool ?
hahs ! even my dad thinks dat way too.
` xD

something struck thru my mind suddenly . ytd when i was in coffee shop wid dar , he was actually checking my phone & he saw the saved msges . he almost opened it ! i didnt wan to let him see becos i keyed in all my personal stuffs . as in my plans ! these msges were only for me to know. he cant read them . its not that i wanna keep things from him bud becos my plan for him on valentine's day is inside !! if he read isnt that the end ? i snatched my phone away and moved them to another folder. hopefully he doesnt read them bahs .
sorry dear, i had my reasons for not letting you to read them .

i got my neeon 2 ytd !
gonna officially use it on thurs.
yays yays yays !

Sunday, January 28, 2007

` SIGH ~

ytd spend my shOpping tyme wid my two babes . realli had a great tyme being wid them.
" THEY MADE ME HIGH " ! . lols. didnt realli bOught much. infact the spent the least cos basically i cant realli find any tops for myself on that day bud i saw alOt at vivO. however, there wasnt enOugh time as they wanted to gib a bday surprise for my dad. moreover, the shops were mostly closed as it was already 10 plus at nite ? hahs .

here are some pictures to share..

inside heeren neOprint machine :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

pictures of neOs we took will be uploaded once i scanned them . ((:

van & me went to try clOthings at 77th street .
both of us were luffing away so loudly.
one speech from me & i made van luff lyke sOme mad woman .
" wan to act cute also cannot act . "
lets just admit the fact dat we are OLD ,
no longer YOUNG,
hahas .

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

had our dinner at swensens
[ me, aunty nancy , zhen jie , shaOmin, van , detiu & aunty monica ] :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

while waiting for our food to be served, the 3 of us went out to take some nice pics .

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

GHOST feli :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

van is such a NICE gal to haf helped the malays to take pictures. WOW ! clap claps * :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yuMmmmmy ! Our dessert :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

can you see us in the spOon ? [ feli & me ] :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

she went high & she did dis ..
welcOming MASTER FELI :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

celebrating my dad's bday :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the adults played MJ and the 3 gals watched korea trip video. feli is sure crazy abt ROMEO larhs. hahs. though i miss him bud not as crazy as this gal. lols .

dr feli & me :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this show lasted for 2 hrs plus then they went into my rm. felicia got nth to do & took pics of the two of us without us knowing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

say GOODBYE to them at 3 am plus .
K.O. for me !
hehs .


was feeling lazy todae. didnt realli had the mood to go out as the weather was too nice for me to slp. hahs . however, such a nice person like me, wanted to clear the load for jessica as she said her things are piling up . so sweet of her to bought me gifts from m'sia larhs .

1 packet of fish cracker
2 boxes of peanut cake

met her at tiOng and bid goodbye at hf as she needs to meet yiling at hougang . i was left alone. didnt wanna go home as yet as i felt so much like going vivo to enjoy the scenary there . i just nd to relax my mind for a moment . it's my first time dOing that. i guess i've changed . i used to hate being alone bud now i felt, being alone wasnt a bad thing afterall . hahs .

it gave ma lotsa thoughts & thinking . i spent 2 hrs standing there. crazy me ehs ? bud i just love the atmosphere . though its unbearable to leave the place bud i told myself i ve to as it was getting late . wanted to walk around vivo by myself to see some stuffs. however, i was feeling so cold when i entered in suddenly. so, decided to go home . =) .

thought i wld feel much better after looking at the scenary . never did i thought it made me felt worse. mayb i was alone or rather mayb i felt lonely at the moment that this was the first time i spent my day alone after jess left . lolls ! i almost teared when i walked home becos i suddenly reflect of my past. WTH ! why did i think all those stuffs again ? arghhhhs ~ i did teared abit when i reached home . all i wan was being alone for a moment .

wad makes me feel better was dar waited for me at my blk downstairs which surprised me ! so sweet of him as he was on his way . accompanied him to haf dinner and i got one stack of xerox a4 paper for free! wahahahs . budden , i felt down again when my dad asked me to go back . i dunno . i just felt dat he turned strict to me after he knew i haf a bf . he wasnt like this before. never like this before. in the past, i cld go down at 11 plus even though it was late and he didnt even say anything nor say wad time i shld be home. he didnt even call. bud now, its 10 plus and he hurried me home . i just felt a changed . a change in our relationship has turned colder .

a father who doesnt understands his daughter's thinking .
his daughter doesnt know how to communicate wid her dad .

that's the summary .

"i haf been locked up .
gib me a key to open up .
set me free . "

i felt so much like tearing .
i ve to resist .
i dun wanna go to work wid swollen eyes .
T_T .
it's so hurtful .
how i wish todae was fri .
then i wld be able to cry them out !
everything out !
i dun care if my eyes are swollen or not.
i just wanna let them out .
todae is sun .
sigh ~

Friday, January 26, 2007

` specially fOr yOu .

nO entry for todae . bud a special msg to sOmeOne. hope this wld make her feels a little better.

Friendships come and Friendships go
Like wave upon the sand
Like day and night
Like birds in flight
Like snowflakes when they land
But you and I are something else
Our friendship's here to stay
Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away!

A friend is a person to laugh and cry with,
An inspiration,
Someone who lends a helping hand,
though friends may not be forever,
And they may not end up together,
the memories of a true friendship will last forever.
A friend is not a shadow nor a servant
But someone who hold a piece of a person in his heart.
Someone who shares a smile,
Someone who brightens up your day
What makes a person a friend?
Is by saying your Love will stay.

by: Renee donna Bufete

was reading some poems when i was surfing web and i realise the poem above was a meaningful one . gonna do my CNY shopping at tOwn tml wid my cOusin & newly gOd-cOusin. hahs ! hopefully can settle everything by tml barhs.
` weets -

though he mayb working the same location wid you ,
jus ignore him like you always do .
treat it like you never know him before .
he's someone new to you .
i know its a little toughy for you to do that
but all it takes is time .
i understand .

you may choose to ignore .
you may choose to befriend wid him
its your choice to make.
bud, think twice before you do it .
i do not wan you to see you
hurting yourself badly once again .

try not to think too much abt this situation anymore
he doesnt deserve your thinking for him
nor worry .
on your day to work .
just be yourself .
do not feel awkard in wadever ways .
cos once he spot it,
he knows it .
there he comes,
disturbing you ..
cofusing your feelings once again .
dun let this affect you .
you made your choice.
you know, he'll never be the one for you .

take good care of yourself .
i'll be there for you whenever you nd me .
i'll never leave you alone .


Thursday, January 25, 2007

` shuang xi Lin meN .

guess wad ?
it's my chinese bday todae ! so, i haf turned 19 ! omgg . sounds so old. hahs . seeing the +1 every yr , just made my heart beat fast . opps ! =X .
i'm gonna eat mee sua & 2eggs for dinner . mom's gonna buy back for me as she doesnt haf time to cook. =( . i miss her cookinggg .

come to think abt it , i haf another marmie too ! my jessica ! hahs.
" my dearest marmie, would u be kind enough to cook for me instead? "
lolls !
i will love you to death . ( provided its delicious ) .
` =S .

iLOve my work todae ! though, work load was heavy in the morning bud relaxing in the afternoon. so a helpful person like me went to help up wid my colleagues to clear some load for them. hees . had so much fun wid them . thanks to sharon for treating me drink during lunch time and bel for buying me egg tart . this egg tart wasnt the normal egg tart u see but egg tart wid flavours . it's nice ! i'm gonna buy them for my family to try next time. =) . mayb when i get my pay ? lalals ~

btw, does anyone knows when 'o's results wld be out ! i received an email from my fren and she says is on 5th FEB ! its like getting so NEAR ! my heartbeat stopped for a sec when i read that larhhhs ! it's so scary . just to double confirmed if that is the date that they are gonna to release it . pls tell me its not true ! lolls . in fact, i dun even wanna noe.

todae is a special day cos my baby catus is offically 1mth old ! hahs . like those new born baby had their " man yue " , my "baby" has it too ! just that it doesnt haf any invitation nor red eggs.

it didnt grew much .
lets see if u can spot any changes .

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1 month :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

it may look kinda wet in the pic as i just water it. im surpposed to water it every month .
` xD .

` weets .

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

` say : " ILoveYOU * -

luckily my work load wasnt that bad todae. jesslyn realli scared the hell outta me. however, tml is realli gonna be a busy morning. cos loads of stacks are coming up . i saw them on my tray when i was preparing to knock off !

had lunch wid dar todae as he had interview at international plaza. just nice, it was near my work place. so we met up . went back to office immediately after lunch as it was raining . i managed to slack abit todae. bahahas ! was hafing some fun time wid my colleagues. they were playing wid my hp ring tones . all of us were luffing away so loudly . hahs ! while listening, they were cracking up wid some stuffs as well. there's gonna be part 2 tml. lolls . i managed to knockoff on time todae and i went back home straight after work. i was exhausted .

was checking email and i found this website which is realli meaningful and touching . it almost brought me to tears .

all i can say is dat :

treasure your parents no matter wad .
its them who brought you up from young .
they are the ones ,
who love and care for you the most .
though sometimes,
their speech / nagging may irritate ur ears .
bud every words they say ,
were all meant for you .

count yourself lucky to haf both mom and dad by your side .
unlike those orphans,
who are yearning to haf a family by their side .
they are unable to feel the love that you ppl had .

love your parents wid all your heart .
tell them you loved them by saying the word ,
" mom & dad I LOVE YOU ! "
just this sentence ,
it wld definately make their day .
treasure every moments you haf wid them.
people do aged .
once they are gone,
you may regret for the rest of your life
if you are unable to fulfil the things that you wanna do for them anymore.

every moment you came into my mind .
i think abt you.
every single day arrived,
i looked forward in seeing you .
wishing that you wld hug me tight and never let me go .

holding our hands together ,
made me feel the secure-ness i had within.
hearing your voice everyday and nite ,
saying the word "i love you" ,
melts my heart.

without you ,
i found no way in leading on .

always remember ,
whenever you nd me,
i'll always be there for you ,
staying by your side and not leaving you alone
no matter how hard the situation is.

im sorry for not fulfilling the promises dat i ve made to you previously.
i am trying my very best .

dun always say dat u owe me
becos in love ,
there's no such thing as owing .
as long as you are there by myside ,
i am contented .

i treasure every moments we spent together.
may our relationship remain strong always
and nth can do us apart .


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

` tired - .

i cant get myself to slp last nite as i was thinking loads and loads of stuffs plus , my leg was damn itchy due to my blisters i had a wk ago ? they are BIG ones okayyyys ? XXL kind. all thanks to the shoe i bought from korea. haish ! shouldnt haf bought it in the first place . it wasnt cheap . why not let me put it this way then,

" i paid for allowing my leg to get tortured by the shoe! " .
lolls !

becos my blisters are drying up so therefore its itching terribly ! arghhhhhhhs ~ . i gortt so irritated by it larhhhs . I WAN MY SLEEP ! )) :
i broke down again cos i just wanna let them all out ! nortt to worry ! im fine now. ive straighten up all my thoughts and now i am gonna be the gal whom i used to be and whom u once know ! wahhhhhs ~

sry for being listless todae . i wasnt realli concentrating during work . basically all my mind was Zzzzzzzz. seeing those papers , letters , D/O ... OMG ! NUMBERS ! i see NUMBERS ! lolls . managed to finish early and went out for lunch wid dar todae at tanjong pagar plaza . he came all the way from home (tampanies) just to pei me for lunch and also bringing me to eat nasi lemak . so nice of him ! when i see the packet of food , i was like O_O ! so much dishes !!?? it was like $2 only? 4 dishes plus rice . its so reasonable . such a big packet lors . plus, its nice ! too bad i'm not a big eater , otherwise i wld haf definately finish it all . hahs !

dar was being annoyed talking to me todae as i wasnt really listening to him or answering his questions . I'M SO SORRY ! he got kinda fed up after that as i kept on asking to repeat his sentence. hahs ! looks like my mind is realli dead todae. oh my ! dats not so like me !! hope this is the last time its gonna happen . i felt so bad !!

went touring around tajong pagar after hafing our lunch . i didnt wanna go back too early. cos once i'm back , i haf to face those stack of papers again ! hahs . let me haf a break for a moment pls ! lalalas ~ . he was mentioning travelling to city hall . however, i was afraid that i may not be back to office on time . so, i decided not to and hang around tp lors . then we went amara hotel to kill time . lols. we had nth better to do . =P .

passed by a travel agency shop and was thinking of travelling overseas. oh god ! i'm dying to travel and i love travelling ! bud i guess , i shld forgot abt it cos i doubt my parents wld allow that though i realli hope they wld think the opposite way.

its 130 pm . there's no whr we cld walked around already . dar sent me back to my workplace and i'm BACK TO WORK ! when i saw the invoice i had to do , i felt so much like sleeping ! lolls . bud it's okay. i'm getting used to it . lalalas ~ i knocked off puntually on time todae . whoosh ! this shows dat i did my work fast . bahahs . budden hearing from jesslyn that tml my work load is gonna be alot as there are one big stack of invoice coming back makes me wan to faint ! =S .

gonna haf family dinner todae as my bro got car tonite !
` xD
there are 3 happy occassions coming up so mom decided to use this day as early celebration.

1 ) congrats to my sis-in-law for passing her exams
2) my chinese bday is coming on thurs
3) my dad's bday

hehs ~

Sunday, January 21, 2007

` trOubLed .

i ve been thinking alot these few days
which made my mind in a whirl now.
i am caught in a middle.
and now,
i ve to make the decision
by finding my route back to whr i wanna be.
A or B ?
i ve to choose.

it's my life !
not you ppl controlling me .
i know all of u care for me and loves me.
sometimes even worried that i may step into the wrong path
becos i'm naive .
but, each person has a limit .
once u reach it,

i just wanna hear some encouragments at times.
all i heard was mostly bad comments.
which lead me to a great disappointment.

im old enough to make my own decisions.
im no longer the gal i used to be.
i ve think differently.
i ve changed .
theres no way dat
i m gonna gib up my own happiness just like dat .
there's simply no way im gonna do it.
now dat i haf straighten up my thoughts ,
no matter how much u all broke my heart ,
my decision wld always be the same .

i thought that i'm strong all along ,
bud im not .
i broke down eventually .
how i wish im at the beach now .

sigh ~

` DISAPPOINTMENT * - dats all i haf to say .

a BIG BIG one dat i'm facing currently.
basically, he's told me this morning that he's unable to make it on Valentine's day this yr due to his camp . my heart sank when i heard it. all i wanna do at that time was being alone and kept silence for a moment . i do nortt noe whether he wld make up for it. sometimes, i jus do nortt understand whether if his job was more impt or me instead ? i do not wanna make any difficulties for him. so, i decided to kept silent and let him make the decision bahs. i'll just wait and see.

thought of making the rings together during v. day . looks like its impossible. =X !
sighhhh ~

okays ! let's nortt talking abt it anymore. went out wid my darling jia en todae to town . walked around far east cos she still owes me my X'MAS pressie. heh heh ! haish ~ . sad to say that i can't find my little handbag i always wanted ! =( . so sad lorrrrs . bud i saw a NICE sandle instead . oOMG ! it was LOVE at first sight man ! hahs. i didnt wanna buy it at first cos my mom told me that OG was hafing BIG sales . sandles there were pretty nice and cheap . i trusted her . never did i though, she CHEATED MY FEELINGS ! even jia en thought that way too. i so regretted nortt buying that lorrs . now, my mind is full of it . i am so in LOVE ..... LOL !

guess wad we ate for lunch ? we ate JUNK food ! hahas . its been quite sometime i ate them man . bud i simply love it todae . had shilin seafood tempura and sashimi at market place ( paragon ) . my stomach was actually bloating bud i cant resist eating sashimi . my fav ! yummy ! hahs. while purchasing, jia en was actually asking me..

jia en : " what are you gonna get for jeff during ? "
me : " hmms . i dun even noe whether i shld get smth for him . cos he cldn't make it . "
jia en : " can make up de marhs . "
me : " no idea . see how barhs . "

lolls . basically i was still upset abt it . so i just end off the sentence so that we wld not talk abt this anymore.

met eric around tangs while walking . he hasn't change abit ! still the same old guy . havent been meeting him for a long long time ! lalalas ~ . went cine to find my little bag after that . unfortunately, we still cant find it . looks like i haf no fate in finding that handbag. =( . we saw lotsa of it previously and now there's wasn't any . so, i told jia en , if she happens to see that ! pls buy that immediately. otherwise no more !!

gonna be back to work tml ! it's my 2nd wk . yays ! i am working in fuji xerox currently till 28th feb and basically i love my colleagues . they took care of me and guided me alot . its nortt an easy task to do cos i'm taking over one of my colleague's job as she needs to go for operation . senior office in banking and finance . WAHHHS ! been pretty busy for the past one wk and i hardly get my breaks except lunch tyme ! dar had been complaining that i did not call him during lunch time. sry deariOs !

did mostly billing , checking of emails , giro letters , sending of letters , invoices etc !!
i still haf lotsa and lotsa things yet to learn !

thanx to my colleagues for gibing me encouragments everytime .

won't been blogging as often as b4 as i'll be busy wid my work.

name me :

hahs ` .
` xP .

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

` UNDERSTANDING - that's all i need .

jus an understanding from you .
that's all i need.
issit so hard to get it ?
i know you do care for me .
wid your foul temper ,
sometimes i just do nortt know how to communicate wid you.
it just leads me to a step,
of being afraid of you more .
stop , stopping me from wad im doing.
do not worry,
i'm no longer a kid.
i just wanna be an independent person . .
who falls and picks up on her own .
i know whr's my route .
and i know whr am i going .
just let me carry on ..
and learn from my mistakes if it really happens.
the more you stop me,
the more i wanna do it.
dun force me to become a rebellious gal.
it'll turn out to be a nitemare
i simply do not want this to happen.
so for now ,
i hope you understand wad i mean
and i'm saying the word ,
Oh god !
i'm feeling so heartbroken .
sigh ~
tears dripping down my eyes ... *

Sunday, January 14, 2007





i really enjoyed my bday celebration ytd . it's realli one of my most memorable day in my life ! thanks for all who came to my party at sentosa & also those who gave me those lovely gifts ! =)) .


wad touches me most were presents from my close ones who bought for me . pics shows them ..

chien ru personally bake cookies for me + letter :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my two preciOus gals bought me watch :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

dar bOught my FAV. SUNGLASS :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and many many more * ...

i was seriously being SABO by my frens & dar especially ! TOOPID FELLOW. firstly, i was kana by sand when the two of us were strolling along the beach at nite wid justin, vanessa and shaOmin. actually the three of them were crowding leaving me and shaOmin alone. then, i felt something wasnt right. so i told her to runaway . bud dumb us forgot to bring our slippers along. we were barefooted! if not we cld haf ran back to our resort . so we had no choice bud to hide ! both of us were panting like hell.

then we went to hide one corner as i nd to contact my pri sch frens to check whr r they. dar came out suddenly while i was calling and he scared the hell outta me larhhs. pouring sand on my head. i was like WTH ! my phone got sand also . can't even slide properly liaoos ! hees ~ i wasnt angry cos i knew this wld happened. lolls. he better clean up my phone ! the three of us went back and wanted to return back to resort as it was drizzling. me and shaOmin were like idiots finding the slippers. gundu us didnt know they hide. they put them on a statue ! arghhhhs~

went back to resort . wanted tobathe immediately as i was damn dirty however, jia en occupied waited lorrs . it's going 12midnite and i m officially 18! dar pulled me out to the balcony. and guess wad ? cheryl placed icecream on my face and dar poured water on me. YIKES ! i was dirty like SHIT ! hahs . my eyes got irritated nortt long after guess its due to e sand bahs . went next door after bathing to haf fun wid my pri sch mates. look wad were they doing! hahas. it look kinda obscene . =X !

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

they went off at 1 plus. then all of us returned back to our rooms. initially, we do nortt wanna turnin early. after a while. one by one is feeling very tired . so we decided to turn in !

jess & jia en nana
gen & cheryl
me & dar

thats how we paired when we slp . come to think abt it, its my first time spending my nite wid him. bud i cant get myself to slp ! as u nOe me. i'm realli a light sleeper. i cant slp when there are noises . i heard ppl talking, snoring . which gortt me kinda irritated. hahs ! bud its alrite larhs. afterall, its only a nite ehhs?

around 7 plus, i think dar is soundly aslp that he forgotten that i was sleeping wid him. hahas ! basically he shift himself till i got no place to slp. so i got up & saw nana preparing herself to leave early as she had to attend her church service. i sent her off at 8plus.went back to my room. seeing everyone sounding aslp , i decided not to disturb them and just sit on the bed checking my phone. till my mom press the doorbell.

came to realise that i was hafing fever at that moment . guess i didnt haf my slp at that time. I AM A WEAK GAL ! lolls . insufficient of slp , will lead me to fever. cheryl & jia en left at 10plus as they nd to rush off to work and jess went back home to rest .

dar, gen, me, my little cousins, sa kor, mom, justin and vanessa went to the beach to haf fun . i was playing wid vanessa halfway wid the sand then dar suddenly carried me and dump me into the sea ! my family were like luffing away when they saw me being dump . i was like -_- " . dar was like so happy. hahas ! bud my cousins and mom tppled revenge for me while i was playing wid weilin. hahas . he's full of sand. YEAHHHS ! i gave him that kind of look. =P. this notti babe sure loves water. i was swinging her and she was happily kicking her legs in water .when i stopped to rest , she asked me for more ! hahas. she's nt light too okays ? went back to resort bathe at 12pm as we nd to check out soon.

while waiting for gen to bathe finish , dar was asking me why was i so surprise when i opened his present at jardine step.

i told him, " cos thats the shade i always wanted.i didnt know you wld bought it ! i felt so touched and happy when i saw it ."

he replied : " as long as you are happy, iwill be. "

so sweet of him rite ? ILOVE HIM TO BITS !

once checked out , dad fetched gen and dar to the hf mrt station. when i reached home, my fever came back again. took medication & iwent to slp. supposed to meet gen, jess and sim at town todae. guess i haf to cancel. SORRY BABES !

pictures to share at resort stay..

the three hatties :
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vanessa & me:
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drfeli & me [ my medication for the nite . ((: ] :
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dar dar & me :
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dar's parents bought me cake & dar wrote the wordings [ thank you so much ! ] :
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my family :
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relatives :
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my STC cliques [except dar. hahas ! ] :
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during this part, i was basically stunned when jia en they all were saying " pls stand beside GERADINE.coz u are her bf ! " my family were not surpposed to know that he is my BF ! the truth is out. i was basically afraid of my dad.cos he wasnt surpposed to know. [ only my family understand this situation ] . all i can say is dat. there's nth i can hide now. IM DEAD !

my pri sch mates :
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en, samantha jie, me & winnie jie :
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blow my candles :
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cut my cake :
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aunty monica & me :
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weilin & me :
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special messages * :

dearest dar :
thank you for everything u haf done for me during my 18th bday . you gave me the most memorable memory & i wld definately nortt forget this precious day of mine . you touches my heart by buying the shade i always wanted. plus, its also the very first time i spend my nite wid yea . wid you by my side, i felt so warmth and secure .

just wanna tell you dat . no matter how hard the situation that we are facing currently, i hope that our relationship wld nortt fade away and remain strong always . let's fight through the end alrights ?

you are the one who gave me the strength when i'm weak .
you are the one who brighten up my life whenever i'm down .
without you , there wldn't be me .
who i am now .
you changed me my life to a brighter path .

you guided me all the way .
thank you so much .

i love you always dar .
no one cld ever replaced you in my heart .
cos, its locked deep inside & there's no way it wld be let out.

- mwahhhhhhs !

jessica ( marmie ) :
thank you for ur present that you haf bought for me. i love it alot ! however it has some scratches. you never check properly. hees ! sry for nortt spending much time wid you in the resort bud i'm glad that you did enjoy urself yeahhs ?

you silly gal ! why ? why did u tear again ? you cld haf msg me right ? i told you already dat i wont allow you to be left alone. in the middle of the nite i do heard someone crying bud i wasnt sure who was it and i didnt expect that , the person was you . in future , if you are afraid that you wld disturbed my slp during chalet stays , send me a msg whenever you are feeling very down alright ? i wld definately come to you . you know me , i cant slp during chalet stays. so just send me a msg alright ?

i know its realli very hard to forget that toopid jerk . yes, time heals . dun think too much already okays ? always remember that dOtter will always be here for you 24/7 . you promise me that before . =) .

yeahhhhhs ! its the 2nd time we've been staying overnite wid each other already . i am looking forward for more next time. haf fun during ur genting trip ! and also apologies to you that i cldnt meet you in the evening . will replace it when you are back yeahs ? when will you be back btw ?

remember to buy things back yeahhhs ?
im gonna miss you loads loads loads !

jia en darling :
thank you for coming to my bday party regardless how tired you were . plus , the three of you were willing to stay overnite . i realli had great time . darling ! thanks for everything that you haf done yeahhs ? hahas .

you understand me most !
take care of urself okay ?
dun overtire urself during work though i noe you are yearning for money very badly. hees !
bud still, health is more impt hors !

darling gennie :
i hope dat you enjoyed urself in the resort yeahs ? thanks alot for coming darling ! you made me smile always whenever i am wid you . though i noe dat you are feeling abit down on that day bud i just wanna tell you dat, no matter wad happens you will always haf me by urside. i assure you that i wld not abandon you regardless how bad the situation was .

oh ! before i forgot . thanks for your lovely present . i wld find somewhr to hang it yeahs ? its realli beautiful ! =) . also, apologies to you that i cancel the appt during evening. bud promise you that i wld replace it one day yeahs ?

take good care of urself dear .
hope our friendship wld remain strong always !

dr feli :
hey sweetie ! you know wad ? you present for me is realli cute ! I LOVE IT TO BITS MAN ! plus the flower scent is so fragrant. thanks alot dear.

you are realli my medication. you cured me ! i wasnt well in the beginning. bud after meeting you . everything seems alright . plus, we had so much fun running around at beach like some mad women or rather criminals? hahas .

WE HUGGED in the end . ` xD .

its realli a piti that you went hoome when i was bathing. =( .

hope to see you soon !
all the best for ur 'o's !
study hard & jia youssssss ...

chien ru :
my lovely buddy ! thanks for attending my bday party . your cookies & letter for me realli touches my heart. even now, i cld not bare to eat them bud i bet they are gonna be delicious ! heees. will eat them soon ehhhs ?

hope you enjoyed urself in the resort. if i'm not wrong you wld be hafing ur 'A's this yr . just wishing you all the best for everything !
i know you cld do it !

lets meet up soon yeahhhhhhhhhhs ?

TAKE CARE ! (( :