Monday, October 29, 2007


didnt attend sch todae as i had to stand 5 hrs in the kitchen . mom and dear were worried . i was feeling afraid as well . so i decided to rest at home . went with mom for acupunture at around 2pm .

todae was really painful . it worse than the previous times . he exert alot becos he did both acupunture and rubbing together at the same time . for this time , i teared and perspire . yeahs ! both together . really painful !


i guess i am having phobia of going already . the moment i stepped into the clinic , my heart would just beat fast . i was really scared . not of the needles but the pains that is affectin me .

after acupunture , my leg was in real pain . i cld not even put flat . so mom and i took cab home . waited for michelle to arrive becos i asked her to pass me my books .
THANKS mich !

she came over at 445 . then we took a cab down to buy cake for dear's birthday . its his actual one todae . after buying we went to meet wenting and jaslin . both of them so poor thing, they were perspiring like hell cos they had to rush down as we were planning to surprise dear . they ran from jaslin's place to the mrt station .

once they reached , wenting called aikho pretending to feel anxious and said she fell down on the escalator . she was bleeding badly . so , she needs aikho's help . dear , nic and aikho were together . they walked over . wenting still sat on the floor . act act as if she was in pain . hahas ! can be hollywood actress le larhhs !

when he came ,
TALA ! sang him birthday song . hees ! to think he actually believed it . funny ! dear dear was feeling so surprised . after that , we went to mac to chit chat and ate the cake together as well as passing the present to him .

nic and the sisters bought him lambo model . lucky i didnt buy . i almost wanted to buy that . PHEW ! he was very happy . well, its nice seeing him smile ! =)

i was feeling very tired during that time so i did not really chat much . i had no idea why do i always felt so tired after acupunture ? mayb i used up all my strength ? hmms ~ no idea . left the place at 7 plus and we took a train back .

rahhhhhhs !
my leg is feeling so pain again . a little electric current feeling . i cant really put straight again . im mostly dragging myself where i go ..
T_T .
hope that i wld feel better tml . please get me well .

anyway ,
i had surprised you twice ! hees .
my journey with you will never end .
it will go on and on till the end of time ......

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" Go away ...
Get this pain off me . "

Sunday, October 28, 2007

` feet & ankle HURTS ! ouch !

was having nitemare last nite .. dreaming that i was instructed to kill a baby ? putting him/her to slp or by suffocating it . it gets real scary okays ? imagine a new born child . so adorable and i had to kill it with my own hands ? i was basically force to . as a person who really loves baby so much . how cld i possibly kill it ?


i was screaming and crying in my dream . i really felt terrible . i was actually awoken by my screams . then i realise , PHEW ! it was just a bad dream . it will never be true . my heart was beating fast . i think i woke my mom up too . she shake me a little to wake me up and i shut my eyes again pretending nth happen .

Awwwws .. i was feeling so afraid . so i msged dear to calm me down a little and it HELPS !
XD !
thanks dear dear ..

after that i got off and my bed . i was like OUCH ! my left feet is hurting !
looks like i over exert myself on sat already . i walked too much .
T_T .
then i told myself , im not gonna walk anymore and stay at home to rest .

so geradine was being a good girl todae . she stayed at home and watch her tv .. socalise abit with her family here and there . hahs !
went out for dinner with my uncle and cousins to clarke quey area and ate bak kut teh .

it can somehow fight with balestier one . it taste quite good . i dun mind going there again but i still prefer the one at balestier .
heees !

after dinner , we went to central to walk around the mall . rahhhhs ! my feet hurts and im still walking . i was basically dragging myself .

when i reached home . O_O . i felt so relieved . im not gonna walk anymore becos it really hurts. i was wondering how am i going to stand for the whole day tml during principals of cooking . can i take it ? should i go for it ? or not to go ?

awwwws .
will see how it goes tml . hope im able to .
=) .

gonna go for acupunture tml after school . rahhhhhhhs ! im prepared this time round but im also scared .

" Take away this pain of mine .
I wanna walk well like others do . "

` Special birthday celebration

yeahs ! im back to school already ever since thurs . trying to adapt the school's environment once again . it was pretty hard climbing up and down the stairs but im going to get used to it !

was feeling rather lethargic when i woke up in the morning . head was feeling heavy and my ankle was kinda pain . had no idea what is happening . was surpposed to go for acupunture but i wasnt mentally prepared becos of the pain and i had to use quite a number of strength to endure the pain . it was really painful . so , i did not go in the end and decided to go for it on monday .

i skipped vocal class as im still on hospitalization leave and i wasnt feeling rather well either . at 1pm , i started working on dear dear's present which i had planned since monday .. finalise everything before i enter sentosa with jj and darling .

todae is the day where i am going to hold an advance birthday celebration with my dear dear .
=) ..

ytd , was busy preparing dear dear's cookies and cake at jaslin's house . its my first time baking a cake for someone so i hope it tasted nice though it looks abit ugly larhs ! hahas .

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wanted to design the cake with icing sugar in the beginning but i messed everything up so i did this in the end .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

however , the next day i made it look better by putting M and M s on the cake .
=) ..

spent almost 4 hrs on baking the cakes and cookies .. feeling so tired when i went home .


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alrights ! come back with todae . these are the gifts i prepared for dear dear ..

rose petals from the bouquet dear dear gave me . i took out 3 of them . it has some meaning in it . it meant ..

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the cookie jar ( designed by myself with the help of darling by taping for me using double sided tape. ) :
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wanted to get snoopy for him becos i know he loves it . unfortunately it cant be found so i got pooh bear for him instead :
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his birthday card :
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the cookies in the jar :
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everything kept inside the box :
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once everything has settled , took a cab down with the two of them due to my leg .. then we took the train down to sentosa . was carrying his heavy present all the way to the beach .

walk walk walk till we finally found a place to settle down and discussed everything through once again . digged a hole to hide dear dear's present . wrapped it around with newspaper .
so that it does not get dirty ..

then i quickly walked back to the train station and off to meet dear dear becos he msged me said he was reaching soon .
EHSS ! its really diffcult to bluff him throughout okays ?
=P .

i was a little late and yeahs ! i met him . miss him so much and i felt bad for not being able to be by his side when my classmates were at his hse celebrating his birthday . as a gf of his , i wasnt around .
but i had my reasons too . hees .

alrights , we went to find darling and JJ . was feeling very heartache for the present i had done for him becos he was stepping on it ! the present was covered with sand and he wanted to destroy it somemore becos he had no idea what was it at all . i was feeling so afraid that he might find out so i looked elsewhr instead . i crossed my fingers , praying hard that he wld not find out at all . PHEW ! after that , both of us were feeling awkard becos something was definately wrong with darling and JJ . however , the both of them just wouldnt wan to admit as they were afraid that they may spoil the mood . actually the fact was , the more u kept from us , the more we were worried . but i was glad that things turned out fine not long after .

the sunset :
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darling prepared omelette for dinner . we ate together and i fed my dear dear . hees ! then after that , i brought dear dear out to stroll along the beach while the both of them helped me prepare the surprise for him . when we were abt to reached back , i asked dear to close his eyes . it was time to do the surprise and also to test him how much he trust me . hehs hehs !

i held his hand and looked at him , making sure that he was closing and brought him to darling there . then i passed him to her while i went to take the cake . the lane was filled with candles and i walked along the lane.. bringing the birthday cake to him . finally , i asked him to open his eyes and sang him birthday song .

the birthday cake :
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the candle lane :
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he was seriously touched and speechless . i was really glad that the surprise turned out to be a success ! after which i asked him to find his present . i went together with him to find it.
wahhhs !
my dear dear so smart . he found the present pretty fast . then , he opened it . he was feeling very happy . he hugged me immediately . awwws .

dear dear digging for present :
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toopid camera was temporary out of order as i cant seem to take pictures with .
had to use my hp instead . the place was rather dark so could not really capture much ..

went home at around 1030 . i was feeling rather shagged and my feet hurts as i walked too much todae . despite all the pain , its all worth it . im really glad that he is happy .

SPECIALLY THANKS TO MY DARLING for helping me out to buy the gifts becos i was on crutches that time .. troubling her going up and down . also , for planning out with me .. preparing his birthday celebration . one last thing , THANK YOU FOR UR DINNER TOO ! muacks ! not to forget , JJ as well for helping out !

Its really a great memorable day ! it was the first time i actually prepared and spent so much for a person ( excluding my family ) . this shows, how much he meant to me .

muacks !

his actual birthday falls on the monday 29 oct but i decided to make it todae becos i wanna make it special and also i wanted to celebrate with him alone as well . this month we had actually gone through quite alot and i know its really tiring for him . so at the same time , i wanna thank him as well .

=) .
i really hope he enjoyed himself .
feeling so shagged for now .. going to turn in soon .

" Special event ..
To a special person in my life . "

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


at 12am midnite . i walked to her . gave her a mini surprise by singing her a birthday song . she smiled at me . i could tell she was rather glad . hees ! smiling away .

my brother , sis-in-law and me shared an ang pao and gave her .
cant tell you the amt . its a SECRET !
hees .

i was so happy ytd becos i finally realise i can walk without crutches anymore . though my leg still hurts a little but im sure its improving alot already ! i had achieved my task !


was feeling rather stress in the afternoon . kept on sighing whole day and i teared becos many things were up in my head . sch stuffs , my health and many many more . i even had nitemare in the morning . only dear knows . i hope it will never come true.

anyway , whatever it is .. im not thinking abt it anymore . just gonna keep telling myself to look ahead and thats what its gonna be .

im returning to sch tml .
hees .
i miss u guys badly larhhs !

but this time , i gonna be real careful becos the sch is not gonna be responsible of any extra injury i have due to my MC . it is not over yet. my classroom level will be on the 2nd lvl except for F & B operations . i will slowly climb up . had to get used to it . otherwise staying at home will really make me go crazy !!


Tomorrow will be a better day .
XD !!

Once again ,
muacks !!

" Look ahead ..
Tomorrow will be a better day . "

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

` ` Caught in the middle ?

i was feeling alright in the morning . in fact , i was rather happy becos my leg has improved ! im able to put my feet flat and i am able to walk to one crutch only .

its a good news isn't it ?

but then , something just spoiled the moment . my mom called my course tutor and they were discussing it about my issue . then , she started discussing with me .. telling me abt it how the way it shld be . at that moment of time , i was feeling rather fed up . i almost lose control of my temper . tears in my eyes . i felt so uncomfortable . rather emotional .

i know the school is worried . i know my mom is worried. in fact , i know everyone is worried abt my condition . i cant climb up the stairs in sch becos the stairs were rather steep especially when using my crutches to do it .

people were concern abt my health but i am more concern abt my school stuffs . i missed so many things and im starting to get worried over it . especially my practicals . i am not so worried abt my theories . im worried more on the practicals becos i dun get to observe , i dun get to try . then how am i gonna catch up and learn ? at least for theory , im able to read through and those that i do not understand , i can either ask my trainers or my frens to help me out .

this sem is not easy and there's simply too much to learn ! i wanna get back to sch fast but my leg is giving me problems . staying at home everyday just make me feel so uneasy . i told my frens or anyone that i had 25 days of MC is like a vacation to me . im enjoying myself but the fact is that i'm basically not ! i felt so uncomfortable staying at home . i thinking more on my school work and at the same time i wanna recover as well . i need to stay at home and rest.

i felt myself being caught in the middle . i dun wanna think so much but yet im feeling this way . i teared becos i just simply cant take it anymore .

i donno what the hell am i thinking . just wanna take this load away from mine . its obstructing me !

planning to celebrate my mom's bday todae . i dun wanna spoil the mood as well . so let's just smile and be happy !
xD .

hopefully by thurs im able to return back ..

" It's really exhausting to go on further ..
But just hang on , it's gonna be over soon . "

Monday, October 22, 2007

`` back to the way we are .

im feeling better already . thank you people for being there for me . mom was mentioning abt my dad again . i was voicing out my feelings.. not entirely but part of it . just felt like tearing again but i held on .

anyway , im back to normal again . its no use hiding yourself in one corner . why not just do it this way . just come out from your shell and look how beautiful life is ? wont that be a better way ? the world is beautiful isnt it ? look ahead of your life instead of stucking yourself in the shell . not coming out . it will end out torturing yourself .

i mayb down . but not to worry, i cooled down pretty fast and see ! im back to myself again . firstly , i dun wanna torture myself . secondly , i dun wan people around me to worry abt me . lastly , i wanna be a happy-go-lucky girl .


jaslin came to my house todae . delivering curry chicken . thats what they did in the kitchen in the morning . hahas ! its nice though .. but too bad i cant eat much becos of my injury . cant take too much spicy food arhs . no cold , no sour , no spicy ! sounds pathetic ehhs ?

you know what ? instead of sher accompanying me , she ended up sleeping on my bed instead . PIG !! only know how to eat , slp , eat , slp .
hahas !
(she's gonna kill me if she read this sentence ) .
=P .

but cant blame her as well becos due to her stomach cramps last nite , she cant really get herself to slp . poor girl ! so , a kind soul like me , decided to let her slp on my beddie .
xD .

left the house at around 730 pm and dad fetched me to see chinese physician with my mom .
very pain arhhhhhhhs ... this time instead of tears , i was perspiring instead .


then we went bukit merah . mom wants to buy some stuffs from NTUC . when we reached the carpark, i wanted to stay there becos my leg was in pain after doing the acupunture and some rubbing on it as well . then my dad keep forcing me to get out from the car as he thought i was being lazy and he wants me to exercise ! but to me , its not me being lazy . i dun mind walking but the fact that it was painful . i was kinda fed up with him arhs .

however , i cooled down after a while later .
why do i always have to give in to him ?

i had no choice but to bear with the pain and walk lo . he went to the bank first to do some account stuffs while me and my mom walked to NTUC . as i cant take it , my mom walked in front and i waited for her outside NTUC . when my dad came , he said i looked like a BEGGAR standing outside and asked me to walk in with him .

OMG !! cant he sound nicer ? must he sound until so unpleasant again ?

anw , the both of us are fine now larhs . nothin wrong . i m bringing things back to normal again . including with my sibling as well . haish ! no choice larhs . you'll always have to give in if u are the youngest . becos why ? most of the elders will think they are always right and the younger ones shld listen to them .

even if u voice out to them how you feel , they will know and change the fact a little then not long after , they will be back to whr they are again .
=( .

i dun wanna think about it anymore . just simply HATE thinking of NEGATIVE stuffs . make my life more miserable only .

i just wanna be myself and go on with my life . hopefully tml will be a better day .
gonna celebrate my mom's bday tomorrow . heees !
2 more days to her birthday !!


unfortunately , there would be a very little chance of me giving that goal i wan to her becos till now , my leg is still pain . but i will not give up . i will perservere till the end ! i wanna get cure fast . i wanna ease her worry . i wanna see her smile . i wanna see everyone smile !!

once i see all these ,
that would the happiest thing i had in my life.

because i have achieve what i want !
and this day is definately gonna come ! not now , not later but soon .

Let's wait and see ..........

" I am not giving up ,
Never will I do that ! "

Sunday, October 21, 2007

` 2 hurts at one go . how am i surppose to take this ?

in the middle of the last nite .. i just came to find out . the passerby in my tagboard happens to be someone in my family . how did i found out ? becos i was using my brother's laptop and turn out that passerby nickname to be there on my blog's tagboard .

why ?
why must you let me find out ?

its really a great shock and disappointment to me ! now i actually realise how my family actually knows me . now i finally realise though i have a loving family and i love them as much as they do but they do not understand my inner feelings at all .

all along i have been trying my best to be a good daughter . to be someone good in the family . trying my best to change myself for the better . trying my best to socialise and be with them . but never did i expect my family is treating me this way .

yes !
i may not show out . but that doesnt mean i do not care . you guys know i do not even know how to express myself out ! though my page mayb thankful to all my frens , but u do not know much love i care for my mom more than my frens ! its simply countless .

2 hurts at one go .. tell me how am i surppose to take it ? one is my dad and another is my sibling . i love them so much and this is what i get in return .


i am really tired ...
i really felt like fainting ...
i really dunno how to go on anymore ...

days leads by .. i will still live my life with it . whether its wonderful or not . i seem not to have any feelings anymore . since they do not understand me then let it be . but there's one thing for sure , i will still love them as ever . i always treated them as my no.1 and im also sure one day they will understand me more as well . but just that , it takes time .

i had nightmare last nite as well . slept around 4 plus . things seem to be so complicating and it happens to turn out ..that .. why am i dreaming of that jerk i had in my life once again ? why did i dreamt of him again ? im not thinking of him but why is he appearing in my life ? the hurt he gave me will never be forgotten .

one sentence ,

but come to think of it ? why am i bothered by it so much . what for should i care ?
hahas !
mayb im just feeling too hurt .

i feel pains all over me .....
emotionally , physically and mentally .

you know i just thought of something .. as mom's birthday is coming . i wanna set my aim that im gonna stand up once again without clutches. walking normally as other people do on the 24th OCT . and i guess , that would definately make my mom smile . i just wanna see her smile once again . i know she is tired. so i would make the best out of it ! i will set this aim and i will try my best to achieve it . for my mom , im willingly to do anything to make her smile.

=) .



looks like , there's only one person who understands me in my family and thats my mom . sad to hear isnt it ?
hahas !
then let it be ...

was at the balcony last nite to relax myself before i go to sleep . tears just went down repeatedly and i cried my whole heart out . this time is really the time i get real hurt deep inside my heart . when i woke up in the morning , i saw my dad . i dunno . i just dun wanna face him . i cant bring myself to talk to him . and when i saw my bro and sis-in-law coming back from sentosa . tears just rolls again .

im gonna hide myself in the room .. i will not be going out . i cant bring myself to face them . all becos im deeply hurt .

it takes time to recover myself from hurt once again . not now but mayb a few days later . don't worry , i will be fine . nothing will put me down and i'll still stand strong .

" You will never know how much it pains me ,
Once i found out the truth . "

` Hurt deep within me .

some videos to enjoy from ytd nite .
we got teacher , lye shan hao to entertain us a little ..

alrights all those were just some mini entertainments .

went to visit the chinese physician todae . did acupunture and it pains the hell outta me . it was ever the first time i teared in pain during acupunture . never in my life did i suffer so much . it wasnt my first time doing it but just that this time it really hurts !

he was viewing the med which the hosp doc gave me and he said those medication were all painkillers . it doesnt even help my nerves . what i hurt most was 2 points of my nerves . the 4th and 5th one . this fall was really serious . from now , i had to visit him twice a week to do acupunture before he cld really rub my leg to loosen up my nerves . becos if he were to really rub on my back . once he hurt it , thats it ! i would either be paralysed or another serious injury wld happen again .

oh god , BLESS ME !

the feeling of acupunture was like needle poking into my kneel . and he just shake the needle to loosen up my veins . it really hurts becos it just like you yourself getting electricuted.
thats how painful it was .

dad fetched me home..
got myself prepared and waited for my two marias , aikho and jaslin to come to my hse ... then , we took a cab down together to dear's house . nic and mich were there as well . was kinda pissed off with the cab driver's attitude . but seeing him was an old man , i didnt really bother much larhs .

anw , we had dinner and watched movie together . i was feeling rather exhausted becos i gave in all my strength during the acupunture . i cld barely smile . then i finally K.O on dear's shoulder . everything was doing fine till my dad came over to fetch me . he was feeling irritated just becos he cant find dear's home .

yeahs . i know its difficult but must you vent your anger on me ? what wrong have i done ? and must you say those unpleasant stuffs which really hurts me ? i told him i was there just becos i wan him to know so as not to worry too much . i compromise him so much and yet i get this kind of results ? isst fair to me ? no let me put it this way , are you being fair to me ?

after the incident i had last time , i have been trying my best to keep up a good relationship with him . do you know how hard issit to communicate with him ? just becos of one location he cant find , i just have to let him vent anger on me ? why cant he just understand how i felt ?

the reason of me joining my frens was because i just wanna be happy . its not that i am unhappy being with my relatives . i was surppose to go to my aunty house with my parents . it was a last min decision but i chose to be with my frens . why ? becos i wanna relax my mind after going through so much . do you know , its really hard for me to stay strong all this while and i really tried my best to do so . yet , i get tis kind of result !

the rest had to leave at 1130pm . it was late and they had to catch the last train . so i let them go off first . as a result i was left in house waiting for my parents . like that also got wrong mehs ? its not as if we did something dirty wad . you just have to be considerate .. if they waited for me , they had to take cab . then i ask you , dont you think its selfish . asking them to keep me company then in the end they had to take cab home ?

i know .. i know u are worried . i know you do care . but i just need your understanding . if u keep thinking this way then how am i surppose to communicate with you ? i wanted to argue back to you in the vehicle but mom told me not to do so .. in order not to make the situation worse and i dun wanna make things difficult for us as well . its really very exhausting . especially for me and my mom being caught in the middle .

i really hate this ! i really hate this phrase of yours ! it really hurts me from the bottom of my heart . i dun care whether u read this anot . i just wanna say out how much it actally hurts me . if u wanna control .. stopping me to see my frens. GO AHEAD ! then dun blame me from being even more rebellious !


oh ~ and do you know something ? once i heard you are boiling ? i thought i cld cool you down a little by rushing up fast . i even gave up my clutches climbing up the steps despite how much pain am i having . so that i cld reach faster .

my leg really hurts so much now ... im willing to risk my leg regardless how much pain am i having but in the end , i got so much hurt becos of the words you gave me . so this is what i get as a result .


i thought after being discharged from hosp everything wld be back to as normal but never did i thought , problems come after another . tell me , how much more do i have to go through ? im really , truely , freaking exhausted from all these stuffs !

when will i ever lead a normal , peaceful life ?

" Trust is what i need from you ..
Is it so hard to achieve ? "

Saturday, October 20, 2007

` What is going on ?

i have been browsing through my fren's blog . especially my close one or even my best fren . what has been happening when i was away ? why isst when i read it ? things have changed so much ?

what is happening to jessica , my marmie ?
what is happening to junping , my sweetie pie ?
what is happening to jia en , my darling ?

etc etc ..

im not afraid to mention names because i do care for them but what breaks me was .. why are they feeling this way ?

its not that i have neglected them . its not that i have left them all alone . its not that i dun wanna meet them . but the problem is that , so many things have been happening to me . i dun even have time to enjoy myself these days . you know ? its simply hard for me to carrying on though i have been trying so hard to .

i just wanna tell you guys that . please do not break friendships . i dunno whats going on but its really heartbreaking to see all of you like this . i apologise for not being there by you girls side . i know everyone has its own point of view but isnt there this say , forgive and forget ?

think , you girls have been each other for years . you spent good times and bad times together . are u girls willing to give up just like that ? i dunno . i really dunno how you girls think . but if you girls think that this is going to be the way . if this really makes your life easier then so be it . i have nth to say . i respect you girls decisions .

whatever it turns out to be , im always here for you girls . i may not be the best adviser , i may not be there in person but rest assure .. a listening ear is always available for you girls . im really saying this from the bottom of my heart and i really mean it . you girls will never face it alone . i promise i will face it with you all as well .

please stay strong . i dun wanna lose friendships neither do i wanna see breaking up of friendships just like that . it really breaks the hell out of me !

just remember ,
and i really treasure our friendships we had .

anyway , jaslin , dear , nic and aikho came to my hse todae to visit me . we had some fun and jaslin was the chef . will post the video soon when its uploaded . =) . they left around 1130pm .

to passerby who tagged my blog . i dunno who u are and i dun care who u are . i do admit that i have left out mentioning my mom in my blog though its just the word, " family " . though i may not have written it . but you do not know how much i thank her during all these while during my stay in the hosp . i may have written so many thanks to my frens in my blog but all these cant compare how much thanks is to my mom .

she is the best mom i have ever had in my whole life .
words will never be enough to describe how much i love and treasure her .

gonna go to chinses physican tml .
wish me luck on my pain becos its gonna hurt real bad .

" I dunno how much more pain am i going through ,
But I'm just gonna hang on right till the end of time . "

Thursday, October 18, 2007

`` Hospitalised --

i was hospitalised in NUH ever since monday till todae . it leads trauma to everyone . i was basically in huge pain .

alrights , the story goes like this ..
on monday after sch , i came out from the kitchen . it was very greasy becos of the oil so i was being very careful . never did i thought the staircase was wet as well . though i was holding on the the railing , it gave no help to me at all . i slipped and fell . eventually i hurt my backbone . its a definate that i was in huge pain . frens came to me to SOS . the trainer called the ambulance and told me not to sleep becos i was semi-concious. they were afraid that i may fell into coma . in the beginning i thought i was half paralysed becos i felt nothing on my left leg .

not long ambulance came . they helped me . i was tearing in pain . being pushed into ambulance . was surpported by the safety equipments and gave me oxygen mask to breathe . then , i was sent to NUH .

in the A and E , i was injected 4 injections to release the pain . was feeling very giddy and nauseous . did X-ray . was stuck in the observation ward for abt 8 hrs or so . then finally , i was sent to ward .

BIG THANKS to my classmates who followed me all the way with the ambulance and also , the director of shatec as well who stayed all the way till 5 pm to make sure i was fine .

in fact , i wanna thank alot of people who came to visit me . especially to my darling jia en , JJ , adrian , my family and relatives , doris , linda , blue , tutor , my sisters and bungs and as well as my dear dear .

these were the gifts my lovely classmates and relatives actually gave to me ...
each represents one of us by my sisters and bung :
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messages from trainers and classmates ( abt 50 in total ) :
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

fruit basket from my school ( exclude the hellokitty ) :
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

flowers from aunty JO , Cindy Jie and Lawerence Kor :
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

wu gui and hellokitty from my beloved nek nek :
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

guess what ? on tues , it was me and dear dear's 3rd month anniversary and he gave me a mini-surprise . hahas ! and the funny thing was , he got my classmates to help him as well .
hees ~
i HEART him so much becos he touches me loads . im seriously fortunate to have him by my side and most imptly , i have truely found someone who really loves me for who i am .
im being blessed !
muacks !

this was what he gave me ..
a bouquet of roses ( 7 of them . he told me it represent everylasting love ) :
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a cutie penguin :
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hahas. this penguin cld really make me smile becos its simply too adorable . i can make him any shape i want . =) .
im glad that i gave him the best gift in return as i was being strong in recovering and it did not put me down at all .
it all thanks to you guys for giving me moral surpport all these while .


some pics who visited me ...
my dear dear :
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

my beautiful sisters ( whr's my evi ? MIA ) :
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

im better right now . did physio in the afternoon as my left leg is still feel numb . im still unable to walk steadily . doc say fortunately everything is ok . i did scans and all that . no fractures , nothing . it was just muscular sparsm that i hurt thats all . so , it takes a week or 2 to really fully recover . what surprised me was i actually got 25 days MC ! i was like O_O . but not to worry , i will definately be back to sch next week so as not to miss so much lessons .


they were all waiting for me to be back as well .

hees .

right now , i wld have to depend on clutches to make me go on walking . gonna start from scratch . dun worry people . im doing pretty fine . though it hurts but i will bear with the pain .

im in the midst of RECOVERING .
spent 4 days in hosp is really a no joke .
being at home , its still the best after all .


" I will give in all my best ,
To make this a good one . "

Sunday, October 14, 2007


photos on friday at bedok with my nek nek ..
XD .

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

just love eating there .

anyway , frens out there , dun have to worry too much abt me . i'm fine now yeps ? its basically no use being solemn all the time becos u will end up torturing urself . so why not just look on the other brighter side of life ? it wld just made ur life so much beautiful !
agree with me ?

Geradine is gonna be a strong girl and nothing is gonna put her down . she may breaks down for a day but she will be back to normal again the next day .
and thats gonna be my attitude !


been doing housekeeping . keeping myself busy during the weekends . and you know what ? both of my left leg and hand are aching like hell ! hand was becos of the tray carrying .. and leg was becos of my cramp i had on friday .
sheeet !

due to my pain , i had no choice but to cancel my driving lesson at the very last minute .
T_T .

so in the end , i shall be a good girl and do housekeeping at home . packed my cupboards on saturday and nek nek came to help me ! she was my maria. even my mom agrees that too . hahas !

muacks !

look how messy it was ...
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cleared the cupboard :
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sorting out my books :
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managed to clear all my secondary sch books . anybody wants please let me know . im willing to give them away.. though i know syallabus have changeD . but i have some relevant notes to give away and it might help .


as for todae , i cleared my toys cupboard . for goodness sake ! i didnt noe i had so many . was clearing one whole pile of them . hahs ! but some were my fav ones so i kept. found some glow in the dark alphabets and stars i bought last time to design my room's ceiling . so, in order not to waste them , i paste it on my door .

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hehs !
not bad hors ?

i thought i could have a good rest after packing my stuffs . never did i expect my mom ordered me to mop the house ! i was like . WHATTT ?! she knows that my leg was aching like hell . i was basically hoping my way everywhr i go after getting up from the floor and she still wants me to do this .

wahhhhhs !

eventually , i guai guai mop lo . controlling this pain of mine becos she wants me to exercise . what a nice excuse !
blehs !

is actually equals to torturing me than treating me nice .
hohos !

after which , i had a good shower and helped my mom in cooking . hees .
mini-chef geradine !

was feeling so bloated so i went into my room to rest . then my mom came into my room and we started chatting / joking a little . once in a lifetime she was being so mushy to me . i got a shocked of my life okay ? in fact , i was sort of having goosebumps .


mom : thank you geradine . xin ku ni le !
me : ( I kept silent )
mom : please pack your table !!
me : aiya ! wait larhhs . i work for you whole day already lehs .
mom : i also never say now . wahs ! come i give u kiss . muacks ! ( it wasnt real but just sound )
me : O_O ! u dun be mushy to me leh . no use one . hahas !
mom : remember to iron ur shirt also hor . later forget .
me : yea la !!

i felt myself being like a maria todae . doing this and that . though it was tiring but i dun mind doing it once in a while . its pretty nice to do it though . especially when u see the result of your hardwork .

my cupboard i packed with my mom . though its not that perfectly neat . but at least it wasnt as messy as before.

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after resting for awhile , i went to iron my shirt , transfering my showmanship notes to my notebook . at the same time i was memorising the 8 cocktails which is gonna be tested on tues . and im done with it !
whees !

GERADINE is feeling such a good girl todae .
=) .

gonna have cooking tml . making cold sauces . i wonder how am i gonna survive walking around with my aching like this . i shall bear with the pain ! hope the pain will be better tomorrow .
@##$#@@#$$$%$#@ ...

" No Matter How Hard I'm Going Through ,
Nothing Is Gonna Pull Me Down . "